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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/21/05


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Still in his office, Nick jokes with Bridget about their upcoming wedding and how it'd better work out. She is determined that it will work this time. They hug. He remembers Brooke telling him to move on and forget about her because he's having a baby. Bridget sits on his lap as they talk about getting married tonight. Nick jokes about how the vows should include a clause that they always listen to each other. She reminds him about their love-making the other night and how well they connected. She kisses him, but Nick is still thinking about Brooke. Bridget hopes they have that same passion again. She asks him to make love to her again. Nick is uncomfortable because they are at the office, so he tries to squirm out of it. Bridget tries to refocus his attention by throwing herself at him, but then he sees a picture of Brooke. They are getting into it when Nick's secretary walks in, interrupting them. She tells him that Captain Seger is on the phone. Nick insists to Bridget that he has to take the call because that is the one who is going to marry them. She kisses him again and gets off his lap. Nick looks ashamed of himself as he gets himself together. Nick makes the plans with the captain. When he gets off the phone, Bridget starts jumping his bones again, eager to start their honeymoon early. He kisses her and she wants to lock the door. He stops her and asks her if she has some preparations to make, such as getting a dress and other things. She agrees and says she will phone her dad, but instead she phones Brooke.

At Forrester, Dante presents his designs on some models to Eric and Brooke. He explains how they were inspired by his favorite contemporary artists. Eric nods approvingly. Dante shows him some more fabrics that he designed and how well they will hold up, even though they're hand-painted. Eric likes Dante's way of combining fashion and art. Brooke looks at some papers, but she's still thinking about kissing Nick. Eric and Dante can tell she is distracted. Brooke apologizes but swears she was listening to Dante's presentation. Brooke assures Eric that even though she's dating Dante, that won't get in the way of professional decisions. Eric hires Dante, who is honored. Eric tells Dante that he will take him down to production, but first he tells them that he's grateful they are dating, since Bridget is so relieved, but he assures them that they don't have to put on any displays around him. Brooke says that their display of affection should be kept behind closed doors. They all agree that Bridget should be happy. Later, Brooke remembers what Bridget said to her about the passionate lovemaking between her and Nick. Brooke then has a sexy fantasy about Nick walking into her office with his shirt open. They are both wearing all-white. She takes his shirt off and they kiss passionately. Then they make love on her desk. Brooke catches herself and tries to calm down. She is very overcome with emotion and desire. She tells herself to get him out of her head. Dante walks in, so she is grateful to see him. He tells her that Eric gave him a tour. He wants to thank her for his getting the job, so he proposes that they go away for the weekend to Santa Barbara. She tells him that he's sweet, but she can't. He urges her to take a little break; she's not in the mood to celebrate. He doesn't think it's good for her to sit around and drive herself crazy. He suggests that she try to block out whatever's been bothering her. He wonders if it's Bridget or Nick. She tells him it's both of them and that they made love. He asks if she's jealous. She denies it, saying she's concerned. She fills him that Bridget gave her details about making love to Nick; she wonders if Nick's intentions are pure (whatever that means!). Dante reminds her she is doing this for her daughter and that Nick is committed to her. He urges Brooke to stand her ground just a little bit longer. Brooke's expression shows that she's not sure she can do that.

Bridget tells Brooke about the wedding tonight. Brooke is surprised to hear that it's so soon but tells Bridget that it's great news. Bridget says she will tell her the time, so Brooke is even more surprised to hear she's invited. Even though Nick makes gestures to give Bridget the idea that Brooke shouldn't attend, Bridget tells Brooke that she definitely wants her there. Nick looks horrified. Brooke is forced to agree to attend. Nick reminds Bridget that they discussed this and were just going to have the ceremony alone. Bridget asks why he would have a problem with their parents being there. He doesn't answer.

Brooke realizes that Dante knew about the wedding; that's why he wanted to take her out of town. Brooke is determined not to disappoint her daughter again. She says she will have to watch Nick marry Bridget; she has no other choice. Dante looks sympathetic. Brooke's eyes fill with tears.

Later, Bridget is looking for Eric at Forrester, but she finds Dante. He tells her that he got hired today. She hugs him and tells him that she's proud of him. He congratulates her about the wedding and lets her know that he heard it from Nick. She worries that they argued, but he says there was nothing to argue about. He jokes that if Nick were jealous of his making out with Brooke, he would have punched him out. Bridget giggles and wonders if she has Dante's approval. He asks if she needs it, but she determines that she doesn't. He hopes she is more confident than he sounds. She confides that it will tak her some time to be completely confident. He assures her that both Nick and Brooke are committed to her marrying the father of her baby and won't cross the line again. Bridget thanks him and says she doesn't know how she would have gotten along these past few months without him. He knows she will do fine. She tells him that she needs to find Eric so she can get a dress for her wedding. She mentions that she will stop by her mom's office on the way home so she can help her pick it out.

Meanwhile, Nick visits Brooke in her office. He says they have to talk. She tells him that she has to go because he's marrying her daughter tonight. He says he will marry her, and he's committed to being a great father and husband. However, he doesn't want her at the wedding. They argue. Brooke doesn't want to be there to have her heart ripped out, either. He has to stop thinking about her, too, he says vehemently. He doesn't know if he can go through with the wedding if she's there. More tears flow from Brooke's eyes.

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