B&B Wednesday Update 9/21/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/21/05


Written By Suzanne
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Brooke and Megan confer about her day's appointments as they walk into Brooke's office. Designer Micah arrives and is scolded by Brooke for being late. He jokes that her expression will give her wrinkles as he ushers in some models to show off Forrester's latest cruise line fashions. He describes a romantic scene of a woman on a yacht with a handsome sea captain during a storm. As he talks, Brooke flashes back to telling Nick that she wants to be with him. They kiss while a storm rages outside. Later, Megan phones Bridget to ask for some figures. Brooke looks at a picture on her desk of Bridget and Nick, then she puts it in her desk drawer. Bridget walks in just as she's doing that, asking if she's busy. Brooke confesses that she's swamped with a bunch of work and meetings, but she makes time to chat with Bridget. Brooke offers her some water, but she declines as she sits. Bridget tells her that they had a really good time the other night. She had been worried about Nick being jealous or something. Bridget seems hesitant to continue, but Brooke urges her to continue and not feel uncomfortable sharing with her. They both agree to be close again. Bridget tells Brooke about how Nick was very passionate with her after they went back to his boat. She thinks he was taking her like he wanted her to know that she was really his. Brooke stays silent as Bridget goes into more detail about how romantic it was and how he took her to places she never thought she could go. Brooke tells Bridget that she's happy for her, but you can tell she's just saying the words because she has to. Bridget also tells her that Nick said he will never go out searching for someone again, that he had found what he always wanted and had come out of the darkness. Brooke is stoic as Bridget smiles warmly. They are interrupted by Megan, who reminds Brooke that accounting needs the numbers. Bridget goes on a bit more about her and Nick, and how the baby has brought them closer together. Brooke tells Bridget that she will have a wonderful life with Nick and how much she deserves it. They hug. After Bridget leaves, Brooke sits on her office couch, looking lonely. Tears fall down her cheeks as she thinks again about Nick, then Bridget's words about Nick echo in her ears. There is a musical montage with scenes of Nick with Brooke.

In his office, Nick's secretary interrupts him to sign some papers. He has been thinking about Brooke, too. She tells him that he has a visitor. He thinks it's a Captain Seger, but Dante walks in, instead. Nick tells Dante that he doesn't have anything to say to him, but Dante insists on talking to him. Nick puts his hourglass timer up to give Dante two minutes to speak his mind. Dante notes that Brooke is a pretty amazing woman who loves her daughter. He could tell that it wasn't easy for Nick the other night to keep it together for Bridget's sake. He wonders how long Nick can keep his true feelings for Brooke from resurfacing. Nick tells him that he is marrying Bridget tonight on his boat. Dante makes sarcastic comments about Nick's use of the phrase "getting it over with", but Nick reminds him that this is the third time he's been down this road. Dante makes another comment about Brooke, which makes Nick look annoyed. Dante doubts that Nick is really committed to Bridget, since he feels so strongly for Brooke. Nick tells Dante that he is committed to both Bridget and their child. He also tells Dante to stay out of his business, as well as stay away from Brooke. Dante wonders why he cares about who Brooke dates, if he's so committed. Nick gets in Dante's face and tells him again to stay away from Brooke, but Dante just smiles knowingly. Later, Nick is still thinking about Brooke when Bridget arrives. She jokes about nautical terms and they flirt. She sits on the couch with him and they kiss. She both agree that last night was amazing. He is surprised to hear that she told her mom about it. She thinks that Brooke appreciated it because they are growing closer again. Bridget is happy that her life is so complete. Nick corrects her, saying it's not complete yet. He tells her that a captain friend is coming there tonight to marry them. She wonders if it's because of the baby, but he tells her that if he's going to be the best father in the world, they have to be married. She smiles and asks if he's asking her to marry him. He jokes that it's certainly not the first time. She says she wants it to be special just like the first time, so she hands him her ring. He asks her formally to marry him, and she does, with a kiss and a hug. Tears fall down her face. She is glad all the bad stuff is behind them and that they're never going back there again. He agrees, "Never again".

Taylor moves into her old offices. Her secretary muses apologetically that they had another associate in the office for 5 years who just moved out. She explains that he tried not to change anything. Taylor is unconcerned. Just then, Hector walks in with a plant, saying he doesn't have an appointment. Taylor is welcomed back by the woman with a hug, who then leaves. Taylor tells Taylor that she's glad to be back and just needs some patients to get started. He observes that she seems to be the type of person who likes to help others, and she agrees that they have saving lives in common. There is an awkward moment when he hands her the flowers in an embarrassed way, and she is clearly touched. Ridge walks in just then and wonders what's going on. Hector says hello and says he's just there to wish her luck. Ridge is put out that everyone else except him knew that she was going back to work. He chides her for not telling their children where she was going. She claims she just made the decision, but he just points out that she made another decision without considering her family. Hector advises Ridge to go easy on her, but Ridge doesn't want his input. Taylor thanks Hector, and he leaves. Ridge asks Taylor again what's going on. She says it will be good for her, and all of them, for her to go back to work. She notes that it seems like she just left the place, but he points out that she did leave for years and can't expect to just pick up where she left off. She understands that. He reminds her that she wanted to work on their marriage and spend more time with the kids. She points out that the girls are in school during the day and Thomas has moved out. Ridge informs her that he and Thomas are going to have a runway fashion contest. If he wins, Thomas will end his marriage and quit Spectra. Ridge is confident he will win, but Taylor still wants to know what Ridge agreed to. Ridge admits they will have to accept Gabi into the family if Thomas wins. Taylor can't believe that Ridge made this deal that puts their son's entire future at risk. She wonders what kind of message it sends to Thomas as well. They argue about it. Ridge tells her that he had to act because Thomas had talked about not going back to college, since Sally offered him an extension on his contract, due to his show being so successful. He asks Taylor what she thinks she would do in Thomas' situation. Taylor still worries about the competition, but he is a little hurt that she doesn't think he can beat Thomas, who is untrained and inexperienced. Taylor declares that she will never welcome Gabi into the family.

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