B&B Monday Update 9/19/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/19/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Next morning after Friday’s episode:

At Tridge Manor, Taylor half-way sarcastically tells Ridge that first he moves out, then Thomas didn’t come home last night….makes a girl wonder why she came back in the first place. He knows she doesn’t mean that, and she says she doesn’t It’s just that’s he not there and the girls don’t deserve this. He offers that he doesn’t want to be away from her or the family. He doesn’t even know how this happened so fast. One minute they’re a family and so happy and then…….She jumps on it that when she came back, that’s when the problems began. She points to herself and says that Thomas moved out because of her. She really does think things were better when Ridge was handling things without her. He assures her that he and Thomas tangled plenty when she was gone; there was Amber! He didn’t know what to do about her. There were times he wished she was there to ask her advice. She says she is now. He puts his arm around her back as she tells him she is afraid Thomas may have turned his back on them for good.

At Spectra, Gaby and Thomas are kissing but she is a little dejected because of her he's sleeping on a pull-out couch at Spectra. She knows how important his family is to him and she never wanted him to be separated from them. He thinks it’s stupid, they are married and they shouldn’t have to be sleeping at Spectra just because of his parents. He thinks they should sign Sally’s contract; cash the bonus check and get a place of their own. Maybe that was the only way to win. But, she tells him that this isn’t a game. And even if it were, taking Sally’s; offer may be the losing move.

Sally shows the group her sales figures and spouts that Tommy boy has found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Clarke tells Thorne that Thomas is a bonafied miracle. Thorne puts a pall on the room by stating that Ridge and Taylor were expecting Thomas to go to college in a few weeks. Sally counters that with being able to spend cash on a Ferrari just might inspire some independent thought on Thomas’s part. And besides, she had heard Prince Ridge barking at Thomas, just the way he used to do at Thorne; not exactly the lovely-dovey dad of days of yore! She shows Thorne the contract, iron clad but more than fair, and a nice little signing bonus. He and Darla take notice as Sally continues that she has already stressed the importance of real life dollars and cents over the false promises of a college education to Mr. Over-the-Night Sensation, but that kid has a suspicious side. She points that if he is to stay on at Spectra, he needs to hear from Thorne, his trusted uncle.

Right on cue, Thomas with Gaby in tow, walk in. Thorne looks at Darla and offers Thomas a congratulatory hug. He stands before him and tells Thomas that not even his dad posted figures like this. Thomas thanks him. Thorne tells him he has a gift, makes helping easy. Thorne also comments that he can’t deny it; he’d like to see him stay on, he’d be a great asset to the team, but with all that was happening to his mother and dad….Thomas can dig; it’d be like walking away from his family. Thorne wants him to be very sure because once he made this decision, there was no going back.

Sally states a little time apart is good for the soul. But, Gaby offers that if he signs the contract, he’ll be saying no to college. Clarke holds up the check and says, “and hello to a much higher education.” And Sally proffers one that does not take money from his pocket, but adds money to his pockets. Darla even offers that the Forresters wanted him dating other girls too. Gaby walks over to him and tells him he needs to be sure. His parents, his family may be what he’s giving up. Sally announces that “defending those who wish to deport you is a habit you might want to let go of, honey…...now, we all have our reasons for wanting to hold onto this sweet little tush over here, but I believe my reason is the only one that is intended to keep the two of you together and dump more money in your lap than the lottery.” Gaby reminds him they are still his parents. He offers but they won’t accept her as the woman he loves.

Ridge sits while Taylor paces and looks out the window, saying that Gaby blatantly broke the one rule she made and she wonders if she really was that wrong to come down on her so hard. Ridge states that he thinks they both made Gaby out to be the bad guy in all of this, but she had turned down all that money that Stephanie offered her after Helen died. And that was before she hooked up with Thomas. Taylor says she can appreciate that, but she was still married to her son so the jury was still out as far as she is concerned. Ridge says so the question is whether Thomas should be committed to a marriage at eighteen years old? She says absolutely no. Ridge continues that he’s a good kid though, and just trying to help someone out and despite what he did, they should be proud of him for that.

Taylor says she is, but how do you convince him that good deeds only go so far? Ridge reminds him that now that Thomas has had a little success, Sally is going to milk him for everything’s he’s got. She says there doesn’t seem to be a solution, but he thinks he may have an idea that might fix all of this. She wants him to tell her, but he says she will have to trust him; something he has to do first. She asks about themselves. Was there a fix for them? He takes and cups her hands and asks if that is what she wants, and she replies yes. He states he will do anything and she utters that one nasty word again – counseling. Exasperated, he replies anything, but counseling. The two of them were going to put this family back together, the two of them, they’d do it. He hugs her.

Not long afterwards, Hector rings the doorbell. Says he’s stopping by just to be sure the security system is all up and running okay. She invites him in and he asks how she is. She remarks things have gone from bad to worse. Not only has Ridge moved out but as long as Gaby is not welcome, Thomas won’t come back either. Hector is sorry to hear that. But sometimes life puts a lot of landmines out there for them to step on. And for all that she has been through, he can’t imagine anyone handling it better. And he spreads his arms and says she has help. She sighs and thanks him. He tells her that he had a feeling she might be sitting around there, alone, and down and from personal experience, he could tell her that wasn’t a very good thing to do. She admits she had been feeling pretty alone. He offers that well who knows, maybe someone would show up on her doorstep one day and invite her out to coffee. She shrugs and says you never know. He tells her she is a beautiful woman and she shouldn’t be alone. Maybe Ridge can’t see that, but he could.

Thomas picks up the contract with Clarke saying he’s sorry but Ridge will never accept Gaby as long as he’s paying the bills. Thorne puts his arm around Darla’s waist and tells Thomas he knows what he’s going through as there was a time Darla wasn’t accepted either. Thomas wants to be optimistic and says if they accepted Darla, then maybe they will accept Gaby too. Sally tells him she IS already accepted at Spectra. Just sign the contract and they’ll do it – sign for a minimum of five years more with an option for three following that. He asks if they really believe he has what it takes? Thorne tells him sales reports don’t lie. And Clarke adds that if he designs it, they’ll buy it. Thomas wonders if it’s just a trend. Sally states that trends make millions. King Eric Forrester DREAMS of trends and Thomas finds himself sitting smack dab on top of one, so just grab the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride! They all look at each other and Thomas to Gaby and she says whatever he decides, she will support him.

He is about to sign when Ridge walks in saying looks like he came just in time. Sally tells him that looks can be deceiving but looks like Thomas already made up his mind. Why doesn’t he make it final and just go ahead and sign and then he can pay back Pop all that college tuition right now, and add a little interest if he wants. Ridge asks him not to sign it. He has a proposition for him; one that may be the only one they can agree on. He tells Thomas he knows they have had their differences and that he wants to be treated like a man. Sally interrupts that pluuuuuuuuuuuze, the suspense is killing her, just lay it out on the table. Ridge points to them and says they settle this with him and Gaby……on the runway. He lays it out; they each do a full line of designs, and a little while later they verify the orders. The winner will be determined by the amount of sales. Thomas wants to know what happens if he wins. Ridge states that if Thomas wins he can sign on here with Spectra and he can keep Gaby as his wife. Thomas shrugs that he can do that now. Ridge tells him there would be a difference. Gaby would be accepted into the family. Sally stands and asks what if Ridge wins? Looking him in the eye, he tells him that Thomas will go to college and annul his marriage to Gaby. He’s aghast, that would mean she would be deported. Ridge states that is the ONLY way he can truly get what he wants. He says no, that would be too big a risk. He turns and grabs the pen, but Gaby stops him and soothes him that if he wins, he’ll be reunited with his family and that’s what he wants. He tells her it’s too big a risk, but she tells him he won’t lose. Sally speaks up but Ridge tells her Thomas is a grown man, he can make his own decisions. She relents fine, but if it’s going to be David vs Goliath, she thinks David ought to have a negotiating partner. Ridge says that’s okay with him. She continues that despite Tommy boy’s huge success, he’s still nothing more but a kid, a rookie, a punk and he might not be able to match some of Ridge’s strengths. He says then he’ll tie one hand behind his back. She retorts let her do it for him. A full line of design, but nothing that girls in school uniforms wouldn’t break their piggy banks for and rush out and buy. They are talking teen line and she offers, “take it or leave it.” He grins, looks at Thomas and says fine by him. Thomas looks to them for support and asks can he win? Sally holds up the check again and says if the size of that doesn’t say yes, then she doesn’t know what does. He zeroes in on Gaby and she nods yes. He turns and tell his dad that he’s on and they shake. Ridge has a smug look on his face.

Taylor tells Hector she really is touched but Ridge was here earlier and they discussed everything. Even though they still had issues, if there was a way to get Thomas back home and keep the family together, she felt they were working toward that direction. He walks toward her and says he understands, and he just wants the best for her. He says the offer for coffee still stands. They could walk around and check out some office space for when she goes back to work. She’s excited, she meant to tell him, she contacted her old partners and she’s going back to work tomorrow. He thinks that’s great; it’ll be good for her. He thanks him for being her friend, to which he replies you couldn’t have too many of those. She says and with a little luck she’ll have her husband and her son back as well.

Thomas paces as he grabs his head. But, Gaby reminds him this is a way for them to make it happen; finally be accepted by his family. She gives him a pep talk, he can do this! But, he wonders what was he thinking. He’s afraid he will choke. She says he won’t. He wants to know if she believes in him that much? She pumps him again that he’s so handsome, strong, noble, she’s never met anyone like him. He’s like a knight from the round table. He grunts yeah, Sir Thomas, The Foolish. She won’t let him say that…..and when he wins this thing, his family will see how much she loves him, how much she believes in him and trusts him. She cups his face and tells him he can do anything…..anything….he will beat Ridge. They tenderly embrace.

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