B&B Thursday Update 9/15/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/15/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation from Wednesday episode:

At the restaurant while Dante dances with Bridget and they keep glancing at the table, Nick holds the ultrasound while Brooke points out his son. “When he’s born, you’ll look at him and see yourself. Everything you ever wanted to be; everything you ever were. I still see that in Bridget.” He comments he sees that in her too. She looks into his eyes and says the two of them will never be. And he will thank her for that when the baby is born. He’ll have no regrets, and he’ll love Bridget completely. Not only for who she is, but for everything she’s given him. He says he does love her that way. Brooke tells him then let go of her. Let the best thing; the right thing happen for all of them.

At Spectra, Thomas and Gaby are unfolding the sofabed in his office and making it ready for bed. And discussing the bright side of Thomas’s dad ordering him to confess to a federal crime. She thinks at least Ridge doesn’t seem to hate her as much as his mom does. He tells her this is crazy, they can’t live there. They are supposed to be starting school. She asks can’t they still. He replies that was the whole point; she can’t give up her scholarship and his parents had already sent in his tuition.

Sally doesn’t knock, just comes on in; acts surprises to see the resident newlyweds. She asks what is going on here, and then spies and holds up Gab’s cute little red teddy.

Gaby apologizes and Sally chuckles and says don’t; she certainly knows how it feels to be tossed out by a Forrester. In fact, she is the resident expert when it comes to that! So until she patches things up, mi casa es su casa! (translation – my house is your house). Thomas puts his arms around Gaby and says he doesn’t know if that’s going to happen. His dad says he has to have the marriage annulled. Gaby pipes they think she’s taking advantage of his son. Sally quips what is wrong with him? Can’t he see past that Roman nose of his? Gaby tells Sally that they think they just got married so she could get her green card. And they’re not completely wrong. That’s how it started, but Thomas chimes in it’s about them now. His dad still wants him to be a college jock and date sorority girls. Sally says she sees; and forget about Gaby….and forget about ‘me’.

Bridget keeps glancing to the table and Dante tells her he loves dancing with someone who doesn’t even know he’s there. She comments she doesn’t think Brooke and Nick are talking about the weather either. He tells her she probably should have told Nick that they were coming. She wonders why he should care if Dante and her mother are together? He grins, maybe Nick thinks he’s a plague on all humanity. She sighs, maybe he just won’t ever be able to see her with anyone else.

Still holding the ultrasound, Nick gulps and says alright. Brooke says she needs to hear him say it. He replies he doesn’t know how to say he doesn’t love her. “That’s not going to change, but I can bury it. Because I did it before, and I can do it again. (uh, pardon me, but didn’t he do one lousy job of it before?) She tells him one day he will wake up and realize, it’s what he wants. He grins and asks is ‘he’ sleeping (showing her the ultrasound) and she smiles and says not all the time, he’ll be kicking in a couple of months. Nick says probably a lot like being at sea. She remarks he knows he’s not alone. He hears Bridget breathing, talking. He’ll hear him at night. Nick contemplates that maybe he wouldn’t have spent his whole life at sea if he had heard his old man at night. She says she is so happy for him, and he replies thanks.

Sally pulls out her reports and tells Thomas she is going to show him how much money he’s made for her. She flashes it to the Los Angeles sales; the West coast regional gross; national gross sales. Thomas is interested in taking a look and she says she thinks she’s made her point. She puts her finger in her mouth, and makes a sizzling Ssssssss sound and touches him and tells him he’s hot! He repeats it, “I’m HOT!” She says the youth market is all about designer labels, and his is the one right now. She’s never seen anything like it. She knows college sounds real exciting right now and it is; all that plagiarism, that alcohol poisoning and a college degree is indispensable if he wants an entry level job that pays absolutely nothing. What is his designer label going to mean in four years when the kids snapping it up now are having babies and pinching pennies? Gaby remarks that Thomas really wants to go to college. Sally quips that people go to college now when they are 50 years old. If he could ride the wave til then, why not? Why not cash in when it’s there for the taking?

Jackie and Eric are having a polite disagreement and she’s ready to leave. He comments Nick and Brooke are just two people who look like they are saying goodbye to each other, that’s all. He says she seems to forget his daughter’s happiness is at stake here. (isn’t HER son’s also?) She wants to know what kind of happiness comes from being kept in the dark? Is Bridget going to be able to forgive him when she realizes that they all smiled and looked the other way when they knew that she was marrying a man that was still in love with her mother? And one word from them; one true word; it could all change. She gets up, but Eric stops her. She glares at Brooke and Nick as he says if she’s going to ruin his daughter’s hopes and her own son’s, then do it on her own time. She politely snaps at him, that this is her own time. He spits that he thought she was with him. He doesn’t need this dinner; he’s had it dozens of times. Sitting across the table from someone who’s fury about incompetence of others to live their lives properly. She declares she does not want to be Stephanie. He remarks he is taking her home.

Dante and Bridget finish dancing and sit back down. She remarks they are awfully quiet all of a sudden. Brooke blames it on just being a little hot in there. Nick holds the ultrasound and asks if it’s okay if he holds onto this? She’s thrilled, yes, of course, it’s theirs. He puts it in his shirt pocket. There’s a pregnant pause (pun intended) and Bridget finally remarks she knows what they can do; go home to the pool for a while. Nick replies it’s late. She says it’s not and besides her mother likes swimming at night. Brooke says she doesn’t really feel like getting wet. Bridget still persists, she doesn’t have to. There’s a breeze and she is sure there is champagne still left over from one of their non-weddings. Nick sloughs off that he’s not that much into champagne; he’s had his fill for the night. She remarks they are supposed to be celebrating, and even Dante pipes in that he’s kind of tired. She grumbles, she’s the pregnant lady, so if she’s not tired, she doesn’t see how any of them can be. She gets up and says she is going to the ladies’ room; and she feels she is going to be saying that a lot in the next few months.

Nick tells them he doesn’t want to sit by the pool, if they don’t mind. Dante adds that he should. Does he know how they look from the dance floor? Bridget was watching them and trust him, it doesn’t look like the two of them have called it quits just yet. Her insecurity has been stirred up again (get ready, this could happen for her entire life!). Brooke mouths, “Oh, my God!” Dante offers to go get the check, leaving Nick and Brooke alone again. He leans in and says he’s done being tested. She tells him he’s coming to the pool! He offers that he will love her daughter; he’ll love their child, and he’ll do everything he promised…..”but don’t ask me to watch him put his hands on you.” Brooke tells him Bridget needs to see this; do it for “me”.

Thomas and Gaby sit on the bed as Sally paces around. He gets up and tells her he appreciates what she’s trying to do, but he doesn’t know how he can change his plans now. But, she says he can. She pulls out a contract and says she has a brand new one for him to look at. He remarks he’s already paid his first year of tuition. And she states that he feels obligated to pay back his father whatever the tightwads of Academia won’t refund? He says that yes, he let his father talk him into putting every dollar she gave him into a trust fund. She springs it on him; this may be where this little signing bonus comes in handy. She hands him a check that he looks at with open mouth!

The foursome step out onto Brooke’s patio/pool area. Bridget remarks that doesn’t she have some new patio furniture? Brooke smiles sweetly and says just a few things, now that she has a man around the house to do the heavy lifting. Nicks says he needs a drink. Bridget says she thinks she’s going to get the champagne, even if she can’t have any; she likes to see it. Brooke walks toward Dante and he asks how does she want to do this. She asks does Bridget really need more convincing? He thinks that’s what she has to see; if Nick is too jealous to be around them. She remarks that she hates doing this to him. She sits down comfortably on one of the chaise lounges. Dante takes off his jacket and tells her perhaps they shouldn’t go through with this; maybe they should just leave, but she thinks that would just make things worse. He plops down beside her. She tells him they came here to reassure Bridget and that’s exactly what they had to do. No matter how much pain it causes any of them. He sees Bridget and Nick coming back and leans in and asks Brooke what should he do now. She says to hold her, stroke her hair. He does and she whispers this is the last time she will ask him to do this for her. But, they have to convince Bridget this is real. She tells him to pretend to kiss her now. He does that too. Bridget spies them and tells Nick she thinks they lost their interest in champagne. Frowning, he says “let’s get out of here.” She says they just got there and he quips he doesn’t think they’ll miss them. She sits and says they will feel badly if they do, come on. (good Lord gal, give it up. Can’t you see Nick wants NO part of this!) Nick stews, he turns his head as Dante continues the kiss, stroking Brooke’s hair. Brooke asks if they are watching. Dante nods yes. Nick paces and Bridget says he doesn’t have to look at the ground; they are all grown-ups. He replies, “are we?” He feels like he’s still in high school. Nick finally sits, but uncomfortably. Bridget continues this is all new for them, but her mother deserves to have someone; doesn’t he think. He replies he didn’t know he had to have an opinion on that subject. Nick is drinking a beer. Bridget says it’s obvious that he doesn’t like Dante, but he does have to admit, they look good together. Don’t they? (she sure seems desperate to get him to admit something). He looks back over his shoulder and glares at her. He also looks at Brooke and Dante still cooing and Bridget watches Nick as he watches the new lovebirds cooing.

Thomas points to the figure and says this is what he could have been making this summer? She says this summer he was an unknown; now he’s not. Gaby states she doesn’t understand the second part of paragraph seven. Sally laughs that for a quiet little thing, she sure gets chatty at the oddest times. She confides in her that she couldn’t cheat her husband if she wanted to. Thorne would tear up the contract and then he’d tear her head off her shoulders. She wanted to know if either of them had a problem with ’this’ as she fans herself with the check. He laughs he didn’t know you could write a number that big on one check.

Sally tells him all those zeros spell freedom. “Go buy yourself a sweet little house on the beach. Get your wife a hot, red convertible to drive to class in. And in a year or two, Ridge and Taylor will see you two are for real and come crawling back to eat their words. Then you will be richer than any bachelor’s degree could ever make you.” He reaches for the check; she stops him, grabs a pen and says, “All you have to do is sign."

Eric and Jackie return to his beach house. She asks if she is being held prisoner? He quips yes, only bread and water for ninety days and all the sand she can eat. She chuckles and wants to know how mad is he at her? He takes off his jacket and tells her to make herself comfortable. He just thought she needed a little protection from herself. She tells him maybe he’s right. Maybe she’s just a fool who never learns. It’s just she thinks when two people are meant for each other like Nick and Brooke…..Eric pours them a brandy and asks, “meant to be what?” She finishes, “to be together.” He asks to do what? She and him have been around long enough to know that ‘meant to be together’ and ‘meant to be happy’ are not necessarily the same thing. She sighs, is that the way it is for Brooke and her son. Yes, it’s true. They have made each other more unhappy than not. Eric confides that he believes Nick and Brooke truly believe what they are doing is the best for everyone. And maybe, just maybe they are.

Nick continues to drink. Brooke keeps asking Dante if they are still there and watching. He replies yes and Nick doesn’t look too happy, maybe they should just stop. She hates what this is doing to him; she doesn’t like this any more than Dante does, but why don't Bridget and Nick just leave? Dante tells her this whole thing might blow up in her face. She confesses she thought they’d just go to dinner, show her they were a couple and she’d be satisfied. But, she guesses Bridget got insecure when she and Nick had their conversation at the table. She says she’s sorry but they have to keep going. They have to prove to Bridget that this is real. She has to know her relationship with Nick is over.

Dante is touching; Nick is glaring as he hears Brooke’s words in his head over and over and over, “let me go, let me go, let me go.” Bridget breaks the silence by asking if he wants to open the champagne. He says sure, why not douse them (Brooke and Dante). He jumps up and again wants to get out of there. He doesn’t need a front row seat for this. She asks is it that hard for him to see her mother with someone else? (yeah, duh?)

He has a very pained look on his face. She gets up and confronts him. She’s serious, she wants him to tell her the truth (be careful what you ask for). “Seeing the two of them together, does it bother you that much? Look at me, Nick. I’m carrying your child. I’m about to marry you. I deserve to know the truth. Is it uncomfortable for you to see my mother with another man? The truth, Nick."

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