B&B Tuesday Update 9/13/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/13/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Monday’s program:

At Insomnia Café, Dante sits at his table again with flashbacks of The Kiss the day before with Brooke. This spurs him to call Brooke on his cell phone to ask her out on a real date. No answer, so he leaves a message.

At Marone Industries, Jackie (dressed elegantly for a date) tells Nicky that he can’t possibly let this happen. He says Brooke won’t see him. She knows this isn’t going to work because he loves Brooke and Brooke can’t expect him to bury his feelings. A passion like his doesn’t just disappear. Nick retorts that she is going to make Bridget think it has.

At Brooke’s manse, Brooke and Bridget are standing hugging one another with Bridget saying she still can’t believe – her mother and Dante! Bridget is surprised, but very happy for her mother and hopes her mother is too. Brooke says she is, if Bridget is. She knows she has caused Bridget so much pain lately, she didn’t want her to be upset about this. Bridget says again, she thinks it’s great and looks to her dad for support. Eric stands up and says her mother never ceases to amaze him. Bridget laughs and says, “wow, you’re dating Dante.” Brooke smiles and says it’s early, they are still just getting to know each other. Bridget hugs her mother again and says Dante is amazing and she thinks she will fall in love with him.

Eric announces that he thinks he will leave and let them talk. He has dinner plans. He puts his hands on Bridget’s shoulders and tells her he is so relieved that she is feeling better. They hug as Eric throws a few knowing glances at Brooke. Mission accomplished!

Bridget digs through her purse as she had meant to show both of them something, but instead it’s just Brooke now. She has the baby’s ultrasound. She had only gone in for an exam and found out she’s a little further along than expected (I saw the term 10 weeks written on it), so the doctor wanted to take the ultrasound, even if Nick wasn’t there. She hopes he won’t be upset. They hug and Bridget is so excited, a baby growing inside of her, healthy, everything alright. Brooke tells her that she and Nick need to go out and celebrate. Bridget agrees, but……..she thinks Brooke should come…..her and Dante (wrong, girl. You need these two like another hole in your head!).

At Tridge Mansion, Hector puts his friendly hands on Taylor’s shoulders. She says she is sorry he had to hear that (Ridge’s outburst). He says she has nothing to be sorry for. Ridge was completely out of line. She shrugs, well she did ask Ridge to be honest with his feelings. Hector assures her that Ridge is just angry; he doesn’t really wish he had chosen Brooke. She shakes her head and says Ridge blames her, and maybe he should. And if she had just listened to him, Thomas wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in. He tells her not to let Ridge make her feel guilty; she did what she thought was right at the time. He doesn’t know how to fix the problem himself, so he makes it Taylor’s fault. He says he saw him do the same thing to Brooke and urges her not to let him do it to her.

Brooke does want to go to dinner, but at same time doesn’t want to intrude. Bridget wonders if she thinks it would be rushing things with Dante? Brooke says she didn’t think Nick and Dante got along. Bridget offers that she thought it was just because Nick thought Dante was a little interested in her at the moment (ya think?). But, now that the two of them were dating, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Brooke says she doesn’t want to do anything to spoil her evening. Bridget insists, she wants her there! It was taking her a while for her and Nick to get back on track; why couldn’t they all just sit down and put the craziness behind them? “Please, it would mean a lot to me, if you and Dante would join us.”

Nick tells Jackie that Brooke sounded strange on the phone. She wanted to erase Bridget’s fears about Brooke and him. Jackie scoffs that short of giving the poor girl amnesia, she doesn’t think that’s possible. Jackie muses there is possibly one way, but no, Brooke wouldn’t do that now. She has R.J. and Hope to think about. But, another man in her life……..well, if Bridget were to see Brooke with another man, it would definitely make her feel better. He finds this incredulous.

On cue, Bridget walks in and apologizes for barging on in. She goes straight to Nick and kisses him and calls him honey. She tells him she has the most incredible surprise for him.

Hector tells Taylor he’s sorry; he shouldn’t be passing judgment. But, she reminds him that he’s not wrong. Having to share her husband with Brooke for a day was degrading, but at the time she was just grateful to have any time alone with him. He mixes words – grateful – how about tragic? A beautiful, intelligent woman like herself in a situation like that; even Brooke……sounds like she was still putting up with it. She tells him that once Ridge re-newed his vows, she thought he was committed to her. But Hector counters it wasn’t exactly his strong suit. She says she wants to trust him, but Hector comments that it won’t be easy; Ridge working side by side with Brooke every day. Tears welling up, she replies that no, it won’t be easy. The paranoia, constant worrying, she promised herself she would never be that woman again. He tells her that’s because that is not who she really is. She continues that she used to think she was a really good mother; a really good judge of character. He tells her she is all of that, and more. “You’re a gifted psychiatrist who needs to remember what makes her special. Not different than Brooke, but what makes you – you.” He suggests that maybe she needs to go back to work; start up her practice again. Write a book? She’d been given a second chance at life; did she really want to waste it sitting around here waiting for Ridge? She’s drinking all of this in, pondering.

Dante goes back to Brooke’s who meets him in the living room. She says she got his message and she’d love to go out with him; how about tonight? He is hesitant since it would be hard to get a reservation. She replies not because Bridget has taken care of everything. Dante knows it wasn’t Nick’s idea; he’ll be upset when he sees them together. Brooke wonders why should he; he’s committed to her daughter? And Dante follows that she’s moving on with him. At least that is what she wants Bridget to think. Now all the cards are going to be on the table. He tells her she can’t be in a relationship with him or any other man. She’s still in love with Nick! Innocently, she says she thought they were having a good time together. He grins and says she was using him. And that kiss, he almost fell for it – the power of Brooke Logan. He points his finger at her good-naturedly and says he knows what she’s trying to do and he won’t be a part of this. He cares about Bridget too much to play games with her. He’s going to tell her.

Brooke grabs his arm and asks him to wait. She says if he cares about Bridge that much, please, it would help her….. Okay, the kiss was not sincere, but her commitment to her daughter is. Bridget thinks she is interested in him, and if Nick sees them, he’ll think that too. He’s in love with Bridget, committed to her but stuck in the past, as is Bridget. She needs to send them both a clear message tonight. They need to see a happy woman moving on with her life and she can’t do this on her own! She pleads with him to go to dinner with her tonight. “Help me save my daughter’s marriage. It’s the only way. If they see me moving on with my life, they will move on with theirs.”

Jackie says she is really late for a dinner appointment so she’d better go. Bridget approaches her and tells her she’d really like to spend some more time with her before the baby comes. Jackie hugs her and says she’d like that too, and offers her congratulations. She looks directly at Nick and says, ”see, Nicky. You don’t have to be so overprotective of a strong, young woman like Bridget. She can handle almost anything.”

When Jackie leaves, Bridget is amused. What was all of that about? Nick says she will have to tell him; she’s the one making plans with Jackie. She makes noises about the two of them not getting along that great lately. She knows there is still tension between them and she understands about him being upset for her lying to him. She wants him to know that as far as she is concerned, any insecurity she ever had about him and her mother is just gone! He proclaims, then she’s not worried anymore? She assures him that as of today, no she’s not. She’s made a choice that she doesn’t want to worry about anything. She hands him the ultrasound. He comes from behind the desk and holds her and asks how is she doing since he knew she’d been under a lot of stress and pressure. She looks at him tenderly and hugs him. With a sigh and a yeah, she was fine, she says it’s been so long since she could say that. And she wants to keep the feeling going, tonight, if he’s up to it. She’s mysterious – but a celebration, of sorts. She’s made all the arrangements and he doesn’t even have to change; he’s just fine the way he is. She hopes he will be as happy about this as she is.

Taylor thanks Hector for fixing her alarm and says she doesn’t know which she is more grateful for – the alarm or the great advice he gave her about her relationship with Ridge. He apologizes and she tells him no, don’t. He says it’s just that he can understand what it’s like to compare your self-worth against someone else’s gold-plated yardstick. She asks, “what is that saying? Physican, heal thyself!” he says she will. She offers that she’s spent so much time trying to figure out what Ridge wanted, she hasn’t figured out what she wants! She admits when she came back home, she could see herself going back to work. She knew she wanted to work on her marriage first and she would have some guilt about hanging her shingle out again some day. He asks if it was because of Ridge? She thinks for a moment then relays that she knew she would feel guilty about charging people for good advice when there was handsome, young firemen, like himself, handing it out for free. And then she thanks him for reminding her that Ridge’s opinion is not all that matters in her life.

At Cafe Russe, Jackie sips on her martini and then asks Eric what he’s being so mysterious about? He fills her in that they both have been concerned about Brooke’s denying her feelings for Nick. Well, Brooke may have found a way to reassure Bridget. It isn’t what he would have recommended, but it does seem to have eased Bridget’s mind. He looks behind her and her head follows. She sees Brooke walk in with Dante. She is aghast as Eric mentions what better way for Brooke to prove that she’s moved on with her life. Her first words is that she knows Nick isn’t going to be happy about this. Dante and Brooke are seated and handed a menu. Frowning, he comments that he’s not sure he can go through with this. She replies that for Bridget’s sake, they have to. He wants to know doesn’t Bridget deserve the truth? She’s telling him the truth; she’s committed to a life without Nick. He probes. She loves Nick. Is she willing to give up the man she loves that she’s been searching for her entire life? She replies that yes, if it gives Bridget the life she deserves, then it’s worth it. Brooke tells him he’s known Bridget a while now. He knows what she’s put her through; the kind of pain she’s caused her, and she won’t let that happen that again.

Bridget and Nick enter and the maitre de tells them their table is ready, and the other couple already there. Nick is surprised “what other couple?” As they approach the table, he spies Dante kissing Brooke’s hand. He points and asks what in the hell is HE doing here? Dante rises and thanks them for the invitation and asks them to please join them. It is Dante who pulls out Bridget’s chair for her to be seated. Nick can only glare at Brooke and shoot daggers at her, while she has that satisfied smile.

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