B&B Monday Update 9/12/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/12/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New day at Brooke’s mansion:

Eric comes to see Brooke and throws his hands in the air and says he doesn’t know what she was up to yesterday and he doesn’t want to know, but he’s finished with this. He demands that she tell Bridget the truth about her and Nick. She interrupts that he said he wouldn’t tell her. He says he hasn’t, but Bridget senses there is more going on. She conveys there is NOTHING going on. He takes her shoulders and says she can not possibly repress her feelings for Nick as strong as they are, and Nick can’t repress his either. Bridget is not stupid; she’s going to pick up on something. She counters with no she won’t, she’s seen to that! Eric now wants to know what’s she’s up to? She starts to tell him; she was with another man. He scoffs that for God’s sake, another man is not going to solve this! She fills him in – they laughed, they talked, drank wine, they kissed. “Brooke, romancing another man is not going to convince your daughter that you’re over Nick. Have you lost your mind?” She tells him no; she knows exactly what she’s doing.

At Insomnia, Dante is daydreaming about the previous day with Brooke, especially the kiss. Bridget interrupts his thoughts as she sits down. He asks how she is and then how’s things with Nick. She replies not as good as she had hoped. He seems to be very busy; she feels maybe avoiding her. And she can’t help but still think there is something still there between Nick and her mom. Dante admits that perhaps he can give her a little reassurance there. He laughs big and tells her she is not going to believe this.

At Tridge Manse, Hector is repairing the security system on the front door as Taylor watches. She tells him she called the alarm company, but they couldn’t send anyone until tomorrow, so she didn’t know who else to call. He mentions Ridge and she has to admit he isn’t living there at the moment. He says he’s sorry and then back to the system. It looks to be a short and it shut down even the smoke detectors. She doesn’t find that surprising since everything else in this house has gone haywire. He says he’ll get it up and running for her; he needs to check the circuit breakers and he leaves the room. Ridge flies through the door. Taylor thanks him for coming; she needs to talk to him about Thomas and Gaby. He tells her as soon as he got her message, he wanted to come shake some sense into him alright. He tells her thank God, she got to them before they consummated this fake marriage of theirs. He picks up their photograph off the table and says he still doesn’t trust ‘that girl’ and they have to get her out of the house before she lures Thomas into bed……again! She looks at him nervously when she says they already have – Thomas and Gaby had sex.

He gives her a look and wants to know what she means – they had sex? She tells him to go ahead and say ‘I told you so.’ He says that won’t be a valuable thing to do right now, and pulls out his cell phone. They did it her way, now they are going to do it his way! She asks why, as she has already called Agent Dunn. She fills him in that she gave an official statement that this marriage was a sham. Dunn had Gaby in handcuffs and was about to take her into custody when Gaby’s attorney showed up. Who had explained to them all that since the marriage had been consummated and because they say they love each other, in the eyes of the law that makes it real. He’s beside himself as Taylor says they have no legal recourse because they are both eighteen. Ridge complains that Thomas has turned himself into a pretzel to help Gaby and she runs and gets a lawyer. Where is he? He calls upstairs for him until Taylor tells him he isn’t here. He left with Gaby. He was so angry. She’s so sorry. Perhaps when he cools off ……and she had believed Gaby when she promised her…..she just did not see this happening. He gives her one of those superior, ‘next time listen to me’ looks.

Eric tells Brooke her little scheme that she dreamed up isn’t going to work. It will only make matters worse. She strolls off and asks what does he want her to do? Tell Bridget she is in love with the father of her child and he’s in love with her too? Eric replies yes, at least that’s the truth! She says she won’t; she can’t. It’s over between Nick and herself. He sweeps his hands and says “just like that?” and she replies yes, just like that. For her daughter, she can do anything.

Dante fills Bridget in on his extremely interesting afternoon with this beautiful woman…..named Brooke. She’s aghast as he tells her of the amazing time they had together; the last thing he expected. He points his finger at her and says they spent a lot of time talking about her. Brooke cares a lot about Bridget and thinks she and Nick will have a wonderful life together. Brooke doesn’t want to be with Bridget’s fiancée; she wants to get on with her life. Bridget’s also surprised that Brooke kissed him. Dante says just because she never fell for him doesn’t mean other women don’t find him attractive. She assures him that is not what she was saying. She jumps up and says she has to go, she’ll talk to him later.

Eric tells Brooke he knows how much she loves their daughter, he’s not questioning that. But he wants her to face reality here. She can’t just forget about Nick because she says she will. He sits on the coffee table (everyone’s fave spot it seems). No matter how many young Italian men she kisses or that kisses her. Her feelings for Nick aren't just going to go away, nor his feelings for her. He tells her that Nick lost his heart to her, and he doesn’t think he is capable of pretending that he hasn’t. She sighs that when Nick realizes that she’s not coming back and that she’s moved on, he will be able to commit to Bridget and his child completely. He argues that she can do that? Just decide? She replies, “yes, I’ve made up my mind; my decision, and I can’t change it. Our daughter’s happiness depends on it.” Bridget walks in and says she was just with Dante. What’s going on?

Ridge asks where Thomas is? Taylor admits she’s called his cell; his friends; she doesn’t know where he is. But, she is sure when he has a little time……. Ridge scorns her – she is sure? Is that like she was so sure Thomas and his bride would obey the rules and not sleep together? She turns away and admits she made some mistakes. He piles on by saying yes she had made mistakes. Their son’s life was in a complete mess right now because she wouldn’t even consider what he had to say. She denies it and he goes on that yes, she invited Gaby there to stay without even consulting him first. She reminds him that he wasn’t there. He wonders why she couldn’t have waited until he was there? She looks him in the eyes and says she did the best she could under very difficult circumstances. He snides again that oh, when she threw him out, was that the best she could do? She offers that she did not throw him out; only asked him to go to counseling. And he spits, “or else?” She tells him she was fighting for a life with him. She wanted this marriage to work but she was tired of going to bed at night and him creeping in thinking about his ex-wife. “I won’t live like that. I deserve better!”

Bridget asks Eric for some private time with Brooke. But, Brooke counters that it’s okay, Eric knows all about Dante. She was just telling him. Bridget laughs, then it’s true. Brooke says it’s the last thing she expected, and Bridget says that’s exactly what Dante said too. One minute they were at the office talking, and the next at the pool……kissing. She shrugs sheepishly.

Ridge wants to know if she’s going to blame this on Brooke now? Taylor counters no, and she doesn’t want to even talk about Brooke. She wants Brooke out of their lives. He snaps his fingers and sarcastically says, “yeah you want it all to happen right now, don’t you?” She claims that is not fair. She gave him all the time he needed and he was the one who wanted to re-new their wedding vows. He says yeah, that’s right. He CHOSE to be with her and Thomas and the girls. And the minute he made that choice; she came up with all these different rules. “How are those rules working out for you now, huh?” He adds insult to injury by asking is Thomas in college? Phoebe and Steffy spending more quality time with Mom and Dad? How’s it all working out for her? Hector is returning and about to walk in when he hears the bickering. Taylor tells Ridge to please stop it. She lashes out that if he is trying to get her to say it is her fault; okay she will. It IS her fault, but can’t they just stop trying to find someone to blame here, and just fix it? He shrugs, “how, by talking it to death in therapy?” She continues that she wants a family that functions and communicates with each other honestly. He bellows at her that he WAS honest; in that he needed her support and understanding. And he was honest when he told her how painful it was for him to lose R.J. and Hope. And how betrayed he felt by his own mother. And that he wanted Gaby out of this house because he doesn’t trust her! He stares at her and says he jumped through hoops for her, but she never heard him because she really never listened to him. She thinks because she’s a shrink with all these degrees that she has the answer to everything! “The truth is you don’t know squat about what this family needs and you definitely do not know squat what I need.” Hector steps out and tells him that is enough. Ridge wants to know what in the hell is he doing there? Hector tells him that his circuit breaker overloaded, and he thinks it might be a good time for him to take a walk, cool off. Ridge grins all over himself; yeah, he’s going to take a walk alright. He’s going to find their son and try to solve this fiasco. She pleads with him when he finds Thomas to tell him that she loves him. He snaps that sure, that’ll make everything just fine.

Then one last jab. “Dammit Doc, come on! I moved Brooke and Hope and R.J. out of here so we could be a family together and look what the hell it’s turned into.”

He throws his hands to his face and starts to say, he wishes…….She finishes it, he wishes he had stayed with Brooke and her children? He throws his hands up again and just walks off. (shame on you, Ridge. At least admit it or deny it?) She follows him with her eyes to the door, already in tears as Hector looks on.

Bridget tells her mother she is shocked. Brooke says no more than she is. But, sometimes when you’re least looking for it, wonderful things happen. Brooke even says Dante is a refreshing change from the other men in her life. Eric chimes in and Brooke offers that even he approved. But, even if he didn’t, she was moving on. She points out that Bridget and Nick have all these wonderful journeys ahead of her, and she wants the same. And she remarks that she’s not looking for a big romance….or her destiny, but something uncomplicated for a change. Dante made her laugh and she felt free. And she hadn’t felt that in a long time; being serious and having to work at a relationship. But, if Bridget was uncomfortable with her dating Dante, then she wouldn’t. Bridget stammers and hopes she’s not doing it because……then says nevermind. If she’s happy, and she does seem happy, then it’s all good. Brooke stands up and puts her hands on Bridget’s shoulders and tells her she and Nick are going to get married and have a beautiful baby girl or boy…..and Bridget continues that she and Dante, well who knows! They both hug and Brooke tells Bridget she is going to have such a wonderful life from now on. She promises. Bridget says she believes her.

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