B&B Thursday Update 9/8/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/8/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation from Wednesday:

At Brooke’s, around the pool area, she and Dante are dressed for a swim and relaxing around the pool. He excuses himself to go back to the kitchen to find the wine opener. She stops him to thank him for being such a good friend to Bridget. Her cell phone rings and she realizes it’s Nick.

She answers by saying please don’t call her. He states he needs to see her. She tells him they can’t. It’s over; just let it be over. The focus needs to be on Bridget and the baby. He asks, “even if I am in love with you, and you’re in love with me?” She assures him he will be happy and so will she, if they move on. Which is exactly what she is doing, as she speaks. He asks what that means, and she only replies she’ll do what she has to do to assure her daughter’s happiness. Dante returns so she quickly hangs up. He takes off his shirt and then realizes Brooke is sniffling or being very down and asks what’s wrong?

At Marone Enterprises, Eric walks into Nick’s office and says he knows about his feelings for Brooke. She’d told him, and that the feelings were mutual. But, that’s all over now. They’d both decided to bury their feelings. And he wanted to know what they or Nick planned to do? Is it Bridget he wants, or her mother? Was he able to completely commit to his daughter and the baby they share? Because if he’s not, then he’s going to have to tell Bridget the truth.

At Tridge Mansion, Taylor tells Thomas not to leave and do something foolish. He says he can not stay there and have Gaby deported to a country where she knows no one, though Taylor assures him Dunn told her he would have immunity. Taylor suggests that Gaby is a survivor; she’ll do just fine. He tells her he can’t believe this is her talking.

He always thought she had this big, compassionate heart…..he brings his hands to his face and tells her doesn’t she get it? They didn’t sleep together on a whim; they love each other! She points out that if he runs away with Gaby, he’ll be throwing his life away. Don’t get drawn into this; he’s too young. He counters with that Gaby needs him and he needs her. Taylor re-emphasizes that they had an agreement, a trust and Gaby broke that trust. He demands that she not blame Gaby for this. He had walked into her room and he wasn’t going to let his wife pay the price for it. Gaby meekly joins them and he takes her hand and they head toward the door. Taylor follows and shouts, “Thomas, don’t do this!” He opens the door to be confronted by Agent Dunn, just in time. Gaby looks up to Thomas for the answers.

Agent Dunn and two police officers come in. Thomas points his finger at him and tells him what he is doing is wrong. Dunn reminds him that his own mother admitted his marriage was a sham. That’s all that concerns him, and all he needs is an official statement. He takes out his notebook to write. Taylor steps forward and says, “my son, Thomas Forrester married Gabriella Moreno for the sole purpose of obtaining a green card. (Thomas is in the background telling her to stop). And despite my knowledge that this marriage was a sham, I allowed them to live in my house. I lied. It was very wrong, and I’m sorry.” Thomas begs him that he can’t do this. Gaby is his wife and he loves her. Dunn says he’s breaking his heart, kid! Now, if he’ll just step aside, they’ll be taking his wife into custody.

They take her bag, put her hands behind her back as she cries and handcuffs her. She looks at Taylor; Taylor to Thomas, Thomas to Gaby.

Nick faces Eric and tells him he doesn’t want to see his daughter hurt any more than she has been. He doesn’t want to see anybody hurt! Especially this child. But, he’s not a liar and he doesn’t think keeping the truth from her is the right thing to do. Eric says he agrees, so why do it? Nick replies because it’s what Brooke wants. (well, big whoop. Does everyone have to jump through hoops for her?) It has to do with Deacon….the past…she doesn’t want history to repeat itself. Eric chimes in that she wants to give Bridget the reassurance she needs. And apparently Brooke has an idea how to do that. He’d talked to her on his way over and she begged him to give her one more night and not to say anything to Bridget. Nick doesn’t understand. What’s going to happen in one more night?

Brooke apologizes to Dante for being down and says this is the first time she’s been down by the pool since Hope almost drowned. He says he wishes he hadn’t left that day and they would have been watching her the whole time. She says there is no need to go over it now; Hope is fine. But, that is when all the problems began with her and Bridget. He asks if she means her and Nick being together because of Hope’s accident? She confesses it shouldn’t have happened that way. He tells her Bridget did tell him how much it hurt to see her and Nick so close during this time. Tragedy often times has a funny way of bringing true feelings out in the open at a time like this. She agrees, that is what happened here. But, not feelings of love, but of caring and compassion, and that’s what Bridget needs to understand. Dante pries and says she did love Nick once. She admits yes and she will never deny that. But, that was in the past. And in her heart she really believes Nick and Bridget can have a wonderful life together…..with their family. Dante sys he hopes that’s what he wants. She teases she is sure he does; Bridget is a much better woman than she is. But, she wasn’t telling him anything that he didn’t already know, right? He agrees, Bridget is a very special person, but asks Brooke not to sell herself short; she has a lot to offer to a man. She nods and smiles, how sweet he is! He goes on, “besides the obvious, of course.” She plays the little game by asking and what would the obvious be? “Your smile….your beauty….your eyes….quite intoxicating actually.” She giggles that must be the artist speaking. Dimples complies, an artist who happens to be a man. Brooke says, “a very handsome man. I’m sure you’ve never heard that before, right?” He sighs, very uncomfortable as he offers to pour the wine and they can swim later. She tells him sounds intoxicating……and then behind his back, she says “in more ways than one.”

Thomas tells Agent Dunn to arrest him too. He says no such luck; he’d promised his mom. Thomas states he wants no part of his deals. “You take my wife, you take me too.” They escort her to the door and viola, on the other side is a Carmen Gutierrez, Mrs. Thomas Forrester’s legal representation. All are confused since Taylor says she did not call a lawyer. But Mrs. Gutierrez says Mrs. Thomas Forrester did and she greets Gabriela.

Nick asks Eric to help him; too much is at stake here. What’s going on? Eric simply reiterates that Brooke wants one more night. He says he could see if she could reconnect with Ridge. That would ease Bridget’s mind, but that is out of the question. Nick wants to know then, what in the hell is she talking about?

Brooke is sitting and slowly drying off with a towel after a dip in the pool. She coos that was so invigorating. Dante adds that he actually worked up quite a thirst. She coos again that there’s more wine; she’ll pour while he dries off. He tells her she seems very relaxed; it becomes her. She complements him, that it is because of him. He makes it so uncomplicated. He tells her there is no reason it shouldn’t be and thanks her. She pours and then comes and sits by him. She sighs that she wishes she were that way. She seems to have made a mess of her life in so many ways. He tells her he doesn’t see it that way, and she asks how does he see it? He looks her in the eyes and says he sees a beautiful, intelligent, vivacious woman who loves deeply, and hurts deeply, especially when the men in her world disappoint her. She says he’s talking romantically. He clarifies it by saying specifically with the Forrester men. It’s only given her one complication after another, in his humble opinion. She sips her wine and flirts that he thinks it’s time for her to expand her horizons? He says sure, maybe even to the shores of Italy. Where she adds the Chianti flows like water. And he flourishes, “yeah, where lovers sleep until noon.” They toast – to Italy. She asks if he still loves Bridget? He wonders where that comes from? She smiles that she knows he feels more than friendship for her. He confides she never returned his interest; not in that way! Brooke states then that really proves how much she loves Nick if she could resist such a wonderful man like Dante.

Mrs. Gutierrez and Agent Dunn go back and forth in trying to prove the case after finding out the marriage has been consummated and that they love each other very much. It’s the word of a disgruntled mother-in-law over the word of two young people obviously so much in love. She accuses Taylor of having issues with her son to marry a minority. Taylor denies it, but Mrs. Gutierrez says maybe or maybe not. But, that is the way it will play out in court. She turns to Agent Dunn and advises him that a high-profile case such a this based on questionable grounds what it might do for his career. So unless he was rock solid, which she can see that he isn’t, then he might want to take the handcuffs off this young woman right now. He looks at Taylor and says this does complicate things, especially since the marriage has been consummated. Taylor maintains that she’s twisting this into something it’s not. Gaby rebukes Taylor that the marriage is real whether she likes it or not. Thomas pipes up to take off the cuffs. They do with Gaby having a smug look on her face toward Taylor.

Dante tells Brooke most women can’t – resist him. She laughs, “spoken like a true Italian playboy.” He retorts he’s no playboy, but he does appreciate a beautiful woman when he sees one. And she oozes that she appreciates how wonderful he’s been to Bridget….”and to me. Heaven knows, I’m sure you have many better things to do than to sit around here and listen to an old woman babble.” He says she’s not old and she replies older than he is. He retorts age makes no difference in the matters of the heart. She grins that wow, he had an answer for everything. Dante tells her some women find that annoying. She fires back that lucky for him; she’s not one of those women. He takes her glass to go refill it. She asks if he is still considering her offer. And what position would that be?, he asks. A position at Forrester Creations she muses. And what position would she have in mind? She cocks her head and says ah, there are several positions she’d like to try him in. He reveals that just when he thinks she is a saint, she goes and gets naughty. She gets up and walks toward him and asks was she naughty? He says yeah, but he likes it and she replies she does too.

The cell phone rings and she gets it. It’s Nick and he says they need to talk. Where is she? She invents her own conversation at this point, just for Dante’s benefit. Bridget is not there. Nick is confused on his end and says she knows he wasn’t calling for Bridget. And what the hell was Eric doing coming to his office to discuss their relationship? She replies she is sure Bridget would love to celebrate dinner with him and no she doesn’t want to interfere. He and Bridget need some time alone and she has her own set of friends and things to do (looking at Dante); she’ll be fine.

Dante is impressed and tells her she really put him behind her, huh? Brooke replies if he could just convince Bridget of that. She tells him he’s been an angel on her shoulder all this time. She doesn’t know how she can ever thank him. He says free room and board is a hell of a thank you. She says he knows what she means. But, he is not sure he does.

She tells him Bridget needs to realize she’s over Nick and he can reassure her. Dante says he needs proof. Brooks leans in and asks, “how’s this?” and they exchange kisses with closely wrapped bodies.

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