B&B Wednesday Update 9/7/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/7/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New day at Forrester Creations:

Brooke is at her desk and Eric chastises her that does she really think she and Nick can just forget what happened between the two of them. She’d already admitted to him that Nick was the man she’d been searching for her entire life. She assures him the only important thing here is that Bridget never finds out. He bellows that if Nick is still in love with her, then their daughter has a right to know that. Brooke answers back that she is not going to let Nick act on those feelings. He counters with she will sense and know those feelings are there. And the fact that she is carrying Nick’s child; all the more reason for her to know now before it’s too late. Eric is worried that if Bridget marries Nick and then finds out……Brooke assures him she is not going to let that happen. She is not going to hurt her daughter again. Or have her feel insecure for one more moment. Eric looks at her intently and asks “what about Nick? Can he say the same thing?” She turns, she doesn’t want to entertain these thoughts as he reminds her she can make all the resolutions she wants, but if Nick can’t convince Bridget that things are the same as before…..and given the feelings he has for Brooke and her for him…..Tears welling, she scoffs that she knows their feelings, and they are gone. Eric barks they aren’t and she knows it. “You know that better than anyone!”

Dante knocks on the door and comes on in. He sees Eric and excuses himself that he’ll come back later. But, Eric tells him it’s okay, they are finished. Dante approaches Brooke and tells her that seemed a bit too intense to just be about business. He guesses that it’s about Bridget, isn’t it? She replies just two parents that are concerned about their daughter. He tells her if she’s so concerned about Bridget, then maybe she should stay away from Nick. She gives him one of those ‘I can’t believe you said that’ looks.

Eric goes back to his office and finds Bridget waiting there; pouring herself a drink of water. He kisses her and asks how she’s doing. She admits she looks tired because she didn’t sleep well; tossing and turning, a little worrying. He says he knows she was supposed to talk to her mother last night and he thought she’d be a little more reassured this morning. Bridget says she thought so too, but she’d walked in and found her with Nick again. And they’d gotten into a speech about them not having to explain to her about being alone every single time she walks into that house. She shrugs maybe she just needs to go buy a book on pregnancy and hormones; she just feels out of sleep and out of whack. He cares enough to ask her what is it? She asks if everything is alright? Is she missing something?

Thomas is at the dining room table for breakfast. He wants to see Phoebe but sees only Steffie instead. Taylor walks in as he is having a flashback to last night with Phoebe finding the condom wrapper and confronting him about it. Taylor tells him she is still very upset about last night and the three of them will sit down and discuss it after breakfast, but not in front of his sisters. “The last thing I want is for those girls to find out what almost happened between you and Gaby last night.“

Gaby is still in her bedroom, all smiles preening at her dressing table. Phoebe walks in and Gaby gushes isn’t it a beautiful morning? Phoebe snidely remarks as she bats her eyes, “let me guess, you feel like a new woman?….. I mean after a good night’s rest.” Gaby tries to ignore that and changes subjects that she was sorry she couldn’t help her with her trig homework last night. Would she like her to take a look at it now? Sweetly, Phoebe says no, she’s always been so sweet and helpful around there. Gaby says it’s the least she could do after all her family has done for her. Phoebe agrees, they have, and now it’s her turn. Gaby wonders what? Phoebe stands over her as she says if she truly appreciates what her family has done for her, then she’d realize her being there is causing a LOT of problems in her parent’s marriage, and she’d do something about it. Gaby asks about what? Phoebe sits on the bed and asks doesn’t she have cousins in Phoenix? She knows she has never met them, but she thinks now would be a good time to remedy that. Gaby hesitates but tells her she can’t change her plans now, she’s about to start college. Phoebe glibly asks if it’s all about college? Gaby says no, she’s really happy there. Phoebe replies, “and your happiness is more important than my parent’s marriage?” Gaby says no, she never said that. But, she and Thomas have grown very close. Phoebe chuckles and says that’s one way of putting it. Before she can say more, word from downstairs that breakfast is ready. She walks up to Gaby and smiles, “Phoenix. You should really go!” As she walks out, the smile becomes a frown. Gaby is left contemplating this strange confrontation.

As they all start to converge on the dining room; Thomas catches Phoebe and tries to say they need to talk, but she brushes past him remarking on all this yummy food. Gaby pulls him aside and tells him that Phoebe asked her to leave. She wants her to go to Phoenix. He whispers that Phoebe found out about last night. Gaby is aghast, how could she? He stammers and tries to explain what Phoebe found. All the others join in, so they go to the table. Phoebe is sitting at the head of the table. Thomas leans over and whispers something in her ear; probably that he wants to see her immediately after breakfast. Steffie brings in a huge platter with a heaping of scrambled eggs and ham. Taylor pours fresh orange juice from the crystal pitcher. Phoebe can’t wait to beam that Gaby has made a decision; she’s moving to Phoenix. Thomas pipes up that that is NOT true. Phoebe keeps on, “isn’t that right, Gaby?” Taylor asks too if that is correct? First she looks at Taylor, then to Phoebe and replies non-defiantly, “no, Mrs. Forrester, I’m staying here. And I’ll say it again (as she touches her heart); I’m really sorry if I’ve caused problems for you and Mr. Forrester.”

Phoebe snarks, “you should be. You’re the reason Dad moved out.” Thomas calls her on this. Taylor tries to smooth things by saying it’s complicated. Phoebe continues that Gaby moved in and Dad moved out. What’s complicated about that? Calmly, Taylor says she has talked to her about this. Phoebe snits that she also talked to Gaby and Thomas about the ground rules about their marriage. Thomas begs her to just let this go! She counters what is he going to do, break her arm? She wants her mother to know what’s going on. She stares him down as she says they may be married, but that doesn’t mean they can sleep together. Taylor pipes in that they are not! The couple look uneasy. Like the dirty, little, whimpering, snooty, immature girl that she is, if she thinks this is breakfast conversation, Phoebe drags out the condom wrapper from her pocket and plunks it down hard on the table in front of Taylor and wants to know why she found that outside Thomas’ room last night. Thomas hangs his head; Gaby stares back at Taylor.

Bridget tells Eric she knows Nick and her mom were just talking…..about her betraying him for lying about the abortion and she knows her mom is hurt and disappointed too. He offers she wasn’t out to hurt them, but Bridget says she did. And just because she did, two wrongs don’t make a right. Frustrated, she admits she doesn’t expect immediate forgiveness, but how many times is she going to walk into that house and find them alone together? Eric gets up and moves toward her and states that her mother is one of only a few people that knows what she did, so it’s only natural that Nick would turn to her. She asks then if he thinks she has nothing to worry about? She knows Nick has not totally forgiven her. Eric knows the truth, so he LIES as he adds that if Nick loves her, he will forgive her. She continues that she just wants them to be happy. She wants this baby; she wants to know for this baby that his mother and father will be there for him. Again, Eric knows he’s treading on dangerous ground but tells Bridget she should settle for nothing less. She says she won’t! Both Nick and her mom have assured her that NOTHING is going on and she’s choosing to believe them. (uh, Eric could tell her otherwise and not let her make decisions based on false facts). He’s silent and she finally asks him to talk to her. Why is it that she feels he is hiding something from her?

Brooke tells Dante that nothing is going on between her and Nick (oh, but it was as late as last night). Dante says for Bridget’s sake, he hopes that is true. She reminds him that they even passed the test. He counters that it must have been very difficult for them….meaning that if it had gone on a little longer, the outcome might have been a little different. He pointblank asks – how close did she come to making love with Nick? She tells him how dare he say that! How dare he insinuate. He replies he is not insinuating to which she states he is involving himself into something that is none of his business! He tells her he cares about her daughter. So she wonders if that excuses him, for going along with Bridget’s plan? Letting Nick think his baby had been ABORTED! He points his finger at her and then back to himself and tells her it was she and Nick that drove Bridget to that, not him. “You think Bridget likes to be in competition with her own mother?” She looks him squarely in the eyes and says she loves her daughter and she’d rather die than hurt her again. He concludes that he’s not the one that needs reassurance; it’s Bridget that does. He confides that he was there the night Bridget found them together, and her heart was in shreds. And it scares him to think of what might happen if she ever had to go through that kind of pain again. A single tear rolls down Brooke’s face.

Thomas slams his glass down on the table and tells Pheebs, “nice work, really good.” She proclaims innocence, of what? It was his, not hers! Thomas angrily rises; so does Taylor; then Steffie. Taylor tells the girls to both go up to their room. Phoebe glares as she walks off. Still standing, Taylor bears down on him and spits that he had SEX when she specifically told him not to? He flaps his arms and condones it by saying they used a condom. “Oh, and that makes it alright?” Demurly, Gaby chimes in that they are married, and they are in love. Taylor shouts back to just stop it. She lied for them; she went against her better judgment; does Gaby get that? She lied for them. Thomas tries to get her to listen, but she points her finger and says no. She looks right at Gaby and tells her that Thomas made a huge sacrifice for her, and she couldn’t honor one thing she asked of her? Ridge was right, but she didn’t listen. She thought Gaby would respect what she had to say. But then she turns around and does this! What does that say about her? Thomas points his finger now and tells his Mom do NOT blame this on Gaby. Taylor shouts, “NOT ONE MORE WORD.” She walks away (by the way, no one ate a bite of food).

She picks up the phone and Thomas asks her what she’s going to do? She replies something she should have done a long time ago. She asks for the number of the Citizenship and Immigration Services. Thomas throws his hands up as Gaby pleads for her not to do this. Taylor is on hold but tells Gaby, “Tell Detective Dunn this marriage is a sham? Oh, yes I can!” Gaby holds her face in her hands.

Bridget tells Eric she knows he’s been talking a lot to her mom lately. What is it? Does she just need professional help to deal with her insecurities? He tells her she is one of the most sane people in this family. She offers that’s a little scary (Amen to that). She offers that Dante doesn’t think she gave Nick and her mom enough time to act on their feelings; what does he think? He suggests they sit down. He tells her that Stephanie tells him that before she found out she was pregnant, she was prepared to walk away from Nick. Because she knew in her heart that Nick was in love with her mother. She questions, “so just because I am pregnant with this child, that shouldn’t change. Is that what you’re saying?” Before he can answer, her cell phone rings and it’s the hospital and she has to go. He takes her by the shoulders and tells her she is a bright young woman. She’s intuitive. Keep her eyes open, and come to him with ANYTHING. (Eric, just have some backbone and tell her the truth already!) She seems undecided, but they profess their love for each other and a hug.

Dante tells Brooke that perhaps he has overstepped a little, but she proclaims that no, he hasn’t. She realizes he cares about Bridget very much. She does too and that’s why they shouldn’t be arguing, but trying to find a way to help her. Dante nods and says the perfect way to start is – the truth! Reluctantly Brooke says the truth is that she and Nick did share something, but that is all in the past and it’s never going to happen again. And, as Bridget’s friend, maybe he could help convince her of that. He replies that if he was convinced of this himself, he’d tell her right now. But, he could only do that with a clear conscious. (me thinks little lightbulbs are going off in Brooke’s head).

Thomas bounds over to tell Taylor to hang up the phone and they’d talk. She tells him time for talking is over; he proved that last night. He says they are in love; they did nothing wrong. She says he broke the rule; the one rule she had. Thomas threatens if she talks to Dunn, Gaby will be deported and they’ll go to jail. Standing firm, Taylor tells Agent Dunn that she lied about her son and Gabriella. Gabriella was living at her house, but she was not a member of this family. This marriage was a fraud and it was from the beginning. Dunn says he will be right over. Thomas is livid and can’t believe Taylor did that. She remarks she can’t believe he deceived her either. She looks at Gaby and tells her don’t say she didn’t warn her. Gaby cries softly.

Dante gets a phone call from a gallery owner so he feels he needs to take it. Brooke’s phone also rings and it’s Eric telling her that Bridget just left his office. Brooke frantically wants to know if he told her the truth and he replies no.

They differ in that Bridget needs to know the truth, but Brooke offers that the truth is Bridget is having a child together and are going to be very, very happy. She says she is very committed to this, so for him to please say anything he can to put Bridget’s mind at ease about this. He argues that how could he, how could anyone say something now? It was going to take more than words. Dante was about the only person she was with nowadays and he didn’t know how she’d convince him. He offers again that he has to tell Bridget what is going on. She begs him not to. At least give her until tomorrow, she’s begging him. He can’t see how one night can make a difference. Quietly she tells him she has an idea how to convince Bridget that Nick is out of her life. He wants to know how; what is she going to do? She only assures him that by tomorrow Bridget will have the reassurance she needs. Just give her one more day.

Hanging up, she says aloud, “I need to convince Bridget that I am moving on with my life and you’re going to help me, Dante. It’s the only way.” He hangs up too and apologizes for having to be away. She says it’s okay; it gave her time to figure out what to do. He asks for what? She replies to figure out how to move on with her life. She needs a break; need to clear her mind. She asks how does he do that? He smiles – sunshine, fresh air, Chianti. She prods, “maybe some good company to go along with that?” She relies on what she always does and turns on the old Brooke sexy charm, puts her hands on his shoulders and asks how he would like to spend the afternoon with her; just the two of them? Soaking up some sunshine with an incredibly handsome man. She thinks that is exactly what she needs right now! She smiles; he’s in her web.

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