B&B Tuesday Update 9/6/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/6/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Amanda

Same night continuation of Friday’s episode (none on Monday):

At Brooke’s, Nick and Brooke are seated at the bottom of the stairs locked in a passionate embrace and smothering each other with hot kisses. He tells her he can’t let her go; he won’t let her go. Amid deep breaths, she says they can’t do this; still they grope.

The twins are in their rooms at the Forrester Mansion. Phoebe is studying while Steffie is re-wrapping her tennis racket. Steffie suggests Phoebe ask Gaby some trig question. It’s clear from the way she talks that Phoebe doesn’t want Gaby there and maybe even blames her for their dad not being there.

In Gaby’s room, she and Thomas are lying in bed, intertwined in each other’s arms with a satisfied look on both faces. He asks if she is sorry and she replies no. She has tears in her eyes and explains them of happiness; she is so glad she waited and that he was her first. She thanks him for being her beautiful husband and making her cry. They kiss.

Bridget is in her car stuck in traffic. She’s talking to Eric on her cell phone and asking him to wish her well with her mom. Talking to herself and the baby, she tells him he will never have to drive; he’ll just get around in a boat! We see several flashbacks of happier times with Nick singing Soul Reason.

Brooke suddenly puts the brakes on and pulls away and jumps up and tells Nick to just go, go and never come back here unless he is with her daughter. He states that will never work, but she replies yes it will. He asks what happens to them; “what about us?” She lashes out that they had their chance. Equally, he lashes that no, their chance was NOW! Crying, she looks in his eyes and reminds him that he’s going to marry her daughter….she was carrying his child…..and that’s all Brooke sees in him now.

Phoebe goes to Thomas’ room to ask him a question. When there is no answer to her knock, she lets herself in and finds an empty bed and room. She looks around skeptically.

Gaby and Thomas cuddle as they discuss their marriage. He feels they married for the best reason of all in that she was going to be gone and he suddenly realized he couldn’t stand that. And all this time she’s been thanking him, he should be thanking her. For saving him from that lame excuse of a life. They exchange more kisses.

Nick joins Brooke and tells her he knows she thinks she is doing the right thing. She says frantically it is what she can live with. He wonders – can she? Considering what is going on between them and knowing what they know now. She grabs him by the shoulders and says, “don’t you see, Nick. I am going to lose one of you, and it can’t be Bridget. Not again.” He asks if that is what she wants for her daughter? Living the life with a man who’d rather be with her? Brooke tells him but he loves Bridget. He says yes, but something has changed – something BIG! Brooke continues that he has a connection with her that can’t be broken in that child. She cries that Bridget needs him. He shouts, “and you say this is something you can live with. What if I can’t?…… what if I can’t?…...everything I want is standing right in front of me, and you’re asking me to walk away!……maybe I’m too honest, huh? Maybe I’m too selfish. But, I’ve looked for you my whole life and I see no reason to be quiet about it anymore.”

Gaby puts her short nightgown back on and Thomas gets up and reveals he feels like shouting out the window; even jumping out the window! He feels like he could fly. She laughs, bends down and picks up his boxer shorts and says before that, perhaps he’d need to put these on. He slips them on as he suggests they set the alarm for four and maybe he could stay a while. Wrong – Phoebe knocks on the door. They scamper to grab his clothes and hide Thomas in the bathroom while she takes her time to answer the door. Phoebe gives her no chance; she barges on in and starts in on her question. Well, she had checked Thomas’ but he wasn’t there. Gaby offers that perhaps he was raiding the ice cream in the frij. And that her brain was so fuzzy right now and she wasn’t feeling well; could this wait until tomorrow? Phoebe leaves on a not-so-happy note. Gaby summons Thomas out of the bathroom and reluctantly tells him she thinks he should go to his room. He’d like to stay and sleep in her bed. She picks up an empty condom wrapper on floor and tells him he’d better take that. He stuffs it in the pocket of pants he is holding in his arms. They kiss several times, before he leaves, as she tells him this has been the most special night of her life.

Brooke tells Nick he can’t tell Bridget. But he counters that he wants to feel like an honest man. She tells him he can’t do this to Bridget; she won’t let him. He remarks that they both love her daughter, but Brooke treats her as a child, he doesn’t. She lays it out for him; Bridget lied about having an abortion. Doesn’t that tell him how fragile she is? He counters with she is asking her to lie to Bridget and he won’t do it! She remarks that telling her that he loved her was no lie; he’d said so himself. Has it ever occurred to her that her daughter may not want to feel like a runner-up to the man she marries, Nick asks? She comes closer and says whatever he says to her is not going to make her change her mind. It will only destroy Bridget and any chance at a family that he has always dreamed of. He tells her they can have that now – “you and me.” She lashes, “stop it Nick, this is life. You don’t get everything you want! If you get a piece of it, you count yourself lucky, and you don’t ask for more.” The only choice he gets is to whether to make himself miserable and everybody else around him because he can’t have it all!

More calmy, Nick walks around and nods his head. He asks Brooke to help him with this picture. What does he do when he sees her? What does he do when he’s around her and wants her? She says she swears to God she will – get Hope and R.J. and get out of town. And, he can hate her, if it makes it easier. He moves closer, in her face, and utters, “easier is not what you’re making it.”

Bridget slips in and is happy to see that they both are there together. Brooke offers up the excuse that Nick came by to see Bridget. But, Nick quickly claims that no he didn’t, he came to see Brooke.

Thomas sneaks back into his room and throws his stuff down. Then suddenly remembers the wrapper and searches for it, nowhere to be found. Pheebs is heading for his room when she stumbles upon the wrapper and picks it up. “Ice cream, huh? Yeah, right,” she sniffs with a disgusted look on her face.

With a big old grin that she can’t slap off her face; Gaby looks longingly out the window before getting into bed. She touches the pillow lovingly where their faces have been moments before and buries her head into the pillow.

Thomas is still searching for the wrapper in his pants when Phoebe knocks on door but doesn’t wait and comes on it. She asks what is he looking for? He’s gruff with her and tells her to learn to knock. She says she did so then he says well learn to be ignored. He’s short with her about paying attention in class when she asks for help with a question. And tells her he’s trying to get ready for bed. She accuses him of not having time for anything anymore…..except for Gaby! He tells her to grow up; there isn’t always going to be someone there to take care of the hard stuff for her. She lashes that might be easy for him to say since he is being taken care of. He doesn’t get what that means. She pulls out the condom wrapper from her book and says she paid attention in Health. He grabs for it and she denies him. He wants it now but she says no, he broke the rules. As they dicker, she asks what would he say to her bringing his all her trig assignments for a year? He lunges again and she states touch her and she’ll yell for Mom. He backs off but snipes at her to get this through her pea-brain. This is not about giggling in the girl’s room about who’s fat and who’s cute. This is somebody’s life. Does she wants to put Gaby out on the streets so she will be deported? Pheebs exclaims that Gaby doesn’t belong here. She’s not their problem. He counters with has all those diet drinks warped Pheebs brain? They have known or known about Gaby all their lives, and besides they are married so they have every right to do what they just did, which isn’t any of her damn business (ah, but contraire, mom wouldn’t approve). She claims it does. Guess who hasn’t been here since Gaby has been? Thomas says their dad left because their mom kicked him to the curb; Gaby had nothing to do with that. She remarks that’s when they started fighting, so let’s see whose side Mom takes now. He’s aghast as she backs away and leaves, saying that she only came to talk to him. He didn’t have to be so mean.

Bridget approaches Nick and her mom and tells them they are a family now and they don’t have to be pretending they just ran into each other or that one is going to leave….for fear that she is going to go ballistic. She continues that she realizes they have other things to talk about that has nothing to do with her although right now she guesses it did. Nick confirms that yes, it did. And she realizes the damage (by the silence and the looks on their faces) that has been done can not be undone here overnight. Brooke says because of the lie she told; she needs to be patient with Nick. She looks at Nick and says she knows how badly she hurt him. And when it comes to love, sometimes that is all you can feel is the hurt. “That’s what happened to me. I needed to know that my mother and the father of my child had many other reasons to not be together other than just me. So I removed myself from the situation completely, in the most excruciating way possible. And, I am very, very sorry. So just tell me how can we put this behind us?” Nick looks at Brooke, then walks closer to Bridget and tells her not to think for one minute that he’s not happy about the baby. She tells him she knows, but he has to be wondering how he can ever trust someone again that did to him what she did to him. He shakes his head and says no, he understands her motives. He even feels partly responsible. Brooke jumps in and says she feels they need some time alone together to prepare for the baby and for all the experiences they are going to experience in the next few months. Bridget agrees and that is the way they always pictured it. Nick hesitates, but agrees. She asks if he can still give her that time or has she completely ruined everything? Again, he shakes his head and advises her not to do this to herself. She tells him she will make it up to him. If he will just give her that chance. “Do you still want to be with me, and give me that chance?” He chickens out on his earlier threat to Brooke by telling Bridget they’ll see how it goes.

She asks if they can go home? He fakes a half smile. She hugs her mom and tells her she loves her. Brooke replies, ”I love you too, honey…..more than you’ll ever know.” She’s looking at Nick over Bridget’s shoulder; he’s glaring back at her.

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