B&B Wednesday Update 8/31/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/31/05


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New day, after Tuesday’s episode:

At Spectra, life is really abuzz today just minutes before the big fashion show, Thomas’ debut. People milling around wall to wall; press releases, reporters, the models dressing, Clarke worrying Darla about a smudge on a dress and Thomas bothering Thorne to see if his designs are really okay. He wants a certain dress to be perfect, to make his mom and dad proud of him. Thorne assures him it is; they will be proud.

Sally summons Thomas over and tells him this is their one big chance – one big stab right into that youth market full of moolah. He peeks behind the curtain at the growing crowd and seems a little anxious. Sally tells him it’s okay; he’s created gangbusters and Clarke chimes in yeah as well. Gaby shows up and also tells him he’s going to be a huge hit. He stops long enough to give her a quick kiss. He pulls her off to the side in pretence of showing her one of the dresses.

Taylor and the twins walk in backstage. Thomas spots them and rushes over to give his mom, Steffie and Phoebe a big hug. Thomas asks immediately if his dad is with them? Taylor tries to be nonchalant in saying no, but she is sure he’s on the way. Thomas tells her he knows things have been tough lately, but maybe if the show goes well, his dad will want to come home with them and have a family celebration. He wouldn’t want to miss that. Again, Taylor shrugs that they will see. She tells him the main thing is that he’s worked hard, he needs to go have fun, enjoy it! He watches as they leave and then tells Gaby maybe today will be a start. His dad will see what he’s missing and come home to them. He just wants the show to work a miracle.

On The Shady Marlin, Nick is on deck untying knots in ropes, with cigar in mouth. He has a flashback of the night before with Brooke literally saving his life by not letting him sail off into the storm. Suddenly there is a “hi sailor”. He turns his head around and it’s Bridget. She mentions the storm last night and then walks close enough to sit beside him. She tells him she knows she made things really, really, hard on him the last couple of days, and that he is still upset with her. She should have never ever let him think she had an abortion…..(long silence)…..she says she knows she has no right to ask his forgiveness, but she has to. “Everything that matters to me depends on it. You….us….our future together….our child….it’s future.” She cries that she is so sorry; everything she put him through. She is so sorry that she ever doubted him, and she will never lose faith in him again. She tells him she loves him; she needs him. She needs him now more than ever.

All this time he has not looked at her once. She gets up and then he does and tells her she shouldn’t be stressed out. She’s pregnant and that wouldn’t be good for her. She meekly replies but if he’s not going to forgive her……He says he didn’t say that. Then he quickly changes the subject by saying she said she hadn’t eaten so why doesn’t he go below and rustle something up? She declines, and says she only came to get her lab coat inside. She goes below. No sooner out of sight, Jackie comes aboard and starts gushing about him and Brooke, until he shhhhh’s her. She thinks Brooke must be below still sleeping but continues in lower voice that she is so happy. Of course, the thing with Bridget having the abortion is a tragedy. Nick states she did not have an abortion. On cue, Bridget walks out and says hello. Jackie is taken aback. Bridget says she does not know what she knows or doesn’t know,….Nick jumps in and says he will bring her up to speed. Bridget says they’ll talk later and Nick agrees. Jackie can’t wait for her to get out of sight before she lands into Nick that what is going on? She’s appalled to find out that Bridget lied about the abortion – why? Nick states, “because she saw me and Brooke together. And because everyone was whispering to her how much I was still in love with her mother and how we are meant to be together, she SNAPPED. Because of YOU and because of STEPHANIE.” And to make sure she wasn’t crazy, and completely out of her mind, she wanted to test his feelings for her mother; that he wouldn’t run back into Brooke’s arms because that’s what all the experts said he’d do. Jackie reminds him if Bridget is insecure, it’s because the feelings are there between him and Brooke. They have always had feelings; the only difference now is that they both realize it.

Thomas drags Gaby to a secure place, kisses her again and tells her that after the show today, he wants to celebrate with her…..alone. She smiles and looks up at him with those big doe eyes as he says he has something special planned. She says she can’t wait and they seal it with a kiss. Enter Ridge as he spots them. Gaby rushes off and Thomas sees his dad, who walks forward and asks if he’s ever been this nervous before? Thomas is happy to see him and hugs him. Ridge is upbeat and tells him it’s not every day that the next generation Forrester gets to blast out of the gate like this. Thomas tells him he’s extremely nervous. Ridge says that is a trait of humility and a trait he might want to hold onto. And as far as his designs, he has nothing to be ashamed of or nervous at all! He cups Thomas’ face and says without a doubt, he has to be his son now. Thomas comments that Taylor is saving him a seat out front and he’d suggested that after the show they go home and celebrate together. Ridge hedges by saying they’ll talk after the show. He tells him again, that he’s a designer, go enjoy!

Taylor looks up to find Ridge standing over her; he asks, “may I?” She beams that she was hoping he would. He takes his seat; it’s not lost on the twins as they whisper maybe this will help them get back together. Mass and Eric take their seats side by side. And the show begins.

Four Chippendale type clad men bring Queen Sally out on one of those Cleopatra type carriers. She has tiara on, sceptor in hand, and if they are ready for some inspiration or some razzle-dazzle or some hot tamales, that’s exactly what they are going to get here today. The hottest new designer is in the house….and his name happens to be THOMAS FORRESTER.

Lots of applause; flashbulbs popping, one hot number after another on the runway while Thomas and Gaby smile approvingly from the wings.

Below on The Marlin, Nick says nothing would have happened between he and Brooke if they’d known Bridget was still pregnant. She laments no matter what, it did happen and the two of them finally found each other. He tells her that Brooke doesn’t want him to say anything to Bridget about their feelings. Jackie can’t believe this, but he says he does mean it. He’s going to do what Brooke asked. He’s going to forget about Brooke and make a life with Bridget and their child. Jackie tells him he can’t pretend this away. What happened with Brooke is real. Nick reemphasizes that he and Bridget are going to have a child together; they are going to make it work. Even though he is in love with Brooke, he loves Bridget. Jackie says it’s NOT the same. He’s an honest man and he will NOT be able to hide his feelings from Bridget or himself. She knows he thinks having this child with Bridget will change everything, but it won’t. She jerks him around and tells him IF he loves Bridget, if he really cares, then he has to be honest and he’s got to tell her the truth and tell her he’s in love with her mother!

The showstopper; all the models come out for one last walk, thunderous applause as Thomas takes his bow. Gaby brings out a spray of flowers for him. He looks out at the smiling faces and spots Ridge with two thumbs up. Ridge tells Taylor he is so proud of Thomas. She says he’d really like to hear that, but what he really wants is for them to be together again. He looks at her and tells her he wants that too. “I want to come back. Put all of this behind us.” She utters one word – counseling? In disgust, he says not that again! She says please. The girls and Thomas look hopeful, but then their smiles turn to frowns as Ridge marches out without another word. Taylor rubs her brow, another try, another lost cause.

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