B&B Tuesday Update 8/30/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/30/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Amanda

Same night continuation of Monday episode:

At Brooke’s she is plopped down on the coffee table, just devastated at what Bridget is telling her – she didn’t have the abortion afterall. It was all a silly little test. She sums it up as she gets up, “so you still have the baby? But you told Nick….you let us think…..” Again, Bridget reports it was all a horrible mistake, but if her mother could just forgive her. She looks at Nick and implores that they can just move on. She half cries and laughs that she and Nick are having a baby. Clearly she wants her mom to be happy for her. But, Brooke can’t even look at her. Finally she does glance at Bridget; then to Nick, Nick to Brooke, back to Bridget, Bridget to her mother (my eyes are crossed).

At Spectra, the place is abuzz with activity readying for a fashion show. Sally proclaims this is going to be a real lallapalooza, she can feel it in her bones. Clarke jokes that is just her bursitis acting up. Thorne chimes in that Thomas has done a great job. Gaby shows up with a couple of bags in hand with refreshment. Thomas gives her a kiss. Sally remarks that young newlyweds, makes her feel all warm and mushy inside. After a few moments, Thorne tells everyone to get back to work. They had a lot to do before tomorrow. Sally remarks and she thought she was supposed to be the slavedriver!

At the Forrester beach house, Eric pours a drink of water for Jackie who laments she still can not believe that he’s moved out…..and how is Stephanie taking it? He tells her that Stephanie is the least of his worries right now. She says he sounded upset on the phone; what’s new? He tells her he has some news; some tragic news. Bridget has had an abortion. Shocked because she didn’t even know Bridget was pregnant, she wonders why she would do such a thing. She loves Nicky, so she wouldn’t abort his baby. Eric offers that apparently she realized what Jackie had been saying all along; that Nick is in love with her mother.

Brooke lashes at Bridget that she lied, about Nick’s baby. How could she? And Bridget keeps apologizing, that she is sorry. Brooke is her mother and she loves her very much. And she of all people should understand how Bridget feels paranoid about her and the man she loves. She brings up Deacon. Brooke says she thought that was behind them. Bridget admits only because she forgave her! And she brings up the thing with Nick and Hope; how she might tie that back to Deacon as well. She cries that Brooke was her anchor, her soulmate, but this time she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t go through that pain again and she couldn’t explain why daddy doesn’t love mommy anymore, but grandma instead. She looks from one to the other to get them to understand that this might push her over the edge. She knows she did something incredibly stupid, and she shouldn’t have done it, but she did it to protect her baby. But, they’d both came through for her. She was not controlled by her fears anymore. She doesn’t want to have those insecurities and she’s through with that dark place. She tells them she is okay. Turning to Nick, she goes to him and puts her arms around his neck and calls him baby, and that if he will just tell her she still loves her, nothing has to change. His eyes look up over her head to rivet to Brooke (why can’t Bridget see or sense this?). He hesitates, but tells her things HAVE changed. More than she realizes.

Clarke physically separates the love-birds and tells Gaby that Boy Wonder has his first show here, so hands off. He gives her one last kiss and takes off.

Jackie is aghast; how could Bridget do this? She knows Nicky would have stood by her. He would have NEVER let her get rid of that child; no matter how he feels about Brooke! Eric agrees that she probably knows that now. But, at the time she made the only decision she could make. She wanted to give Nick and her mother the freedom to be together. Which is what he assumes they are doing right now; planning a future together. Eric tells Jackie that he spoke with Brooke earlier, and that she says Nick is the guy she has been searching for all her life. He tells her he’s been through this before. And listening to Brooke pour her heart out about Nick, he doesn’t think he’s ever heard her so in love before.

Bridget questions Nick; what has changed? It’s only been a couple of days and nothing changes that fast. Nicks says Bridget saw something between him and her mother, but they should have told her the truth sooner. She pleads that it doesn’t matter; she understand things so much clearer now. He says he doesn’t think so. She keeps apologizing; she wasn’t thinking straight, but thank God it turned out okay. It could have been so much worse. Brooke turns away and says she doesn’t see how it could get much worse. Bridget points out that getting rid of the baby; wouldn’t that have been worse? Brooke says of course. Again, Bridget apologizes for acting impulsively, being incredibly selfish and very immature, but she was expecting them to both be a little more understanding. Maybe she was too naïve. She wishes they’d just yell at her; tell her they are furious, but do something, and not just stand there and look at her like that! “Was what I did that unforgivable?”

Nick finally steps forward and says she made a decision. She said and did things that made him take a look at his life. “And I’ve made a decision too. Your mother and I have both made some decisions.” (good grief, does he have to draw her a picture?)

Jackie tells Eric that at one time she thought Nick and Brooke were made for each other….and any other time she would be elated, but now….. poor Bridget. Eric stares at a photograph of Bridget on his mantle and remarks that Bridget made a choice that he still doesn’t understand, and now she’s going to have to watch the man she loves makes a life with her own mother.

Bridget asks Nick again, what kind of decision? Is he going to hate her forever. She justifies that she had a meltdown; she wasn’t thinking correctly; she has hormones running through her body. She’s not saying it wasn’t her fault; she knows it was. But why can’t he understand how desperate she was? She pleads with them that she needs both of them; she loves both of them. This has happened before, but this time she’s carrying a child and that makes it all so much different. She keeps apologizing; she sees how absurb it is now. They would never betray her; she sees that! (Better go get your eyes checked, Bridget!) She cries why can’t they understand her? She can’t eat or sleep for thinking of all the pain she has caused them. Suddenly she grabs her stomach. Brooke is concerned and tells her she needs to rest and urges her to go upstairs. She goes, and stops midway up the stairs and turns and apologizes again, and says she loves them…..both. Brooke and Nick slowly turn their heads and look at each other briefly before Brooke then averts his gaze.

Darla comments to Gaby that Gaby is really proud of Thomas, isn’t she? Gaby stammers that it is so hard….living under the same roof….and she’s never been with a man before and she really wants to be with Thomas. Darla says she understands, but that would be going against Taylor, wouldn’t it? Gaby agrees and that would be bad; she had stood up for her against her husband. Darla confides in Gaby that to believe her, she doesn’t want to make an enemy of Taylor.

Jackie follows Eric to the patio area and tells him this must be so hard on him. He agrees, he just lost his grandchild; they both did. She agrees, it is hard to see their children struggle with life. She puts her hands on Eric’s shoulder and says she has to believe that Bridget is better off finding this out now. He wouldn’t want her to find this out when married to a man who loved someone else. Nick tried, but Bridget will be hurt that much more if he stays with her. Eric reflects and nods in agreement. But, Brooke had always said that Ridge was her destiny, and now it’d Nick. Jackie says she’s always known it. From the beginning, that they were meant to be together. Just the timing was never right, but maybe now it was. Maybe now they’ll both find the happiness they deserve.

Brooke and Nick walk out onto the terrace/patio and she comments that she doesn’t know what to feel. Bridget is still pregnant and on the one hand, she’s happy that the baby is still alive…..”my God, you’re going to be a father. But you were going to tell her about us?” Nick strongly suggests that they pledged their love to each other; their lives, Bridget HAS to know! But Brooke lashes that the very thing that frightened Bridget and she couldn’t live with, now has happened? He asks her what can he do? She backs away and says they can’t be together; Bridget is carrying HIS child. He professes that he’d never turn his back on Bridget and the baby, but he also can’t turn his back “on us.” Everything had gotten very complicated, but the one thing he knew was they had to get this out in the open. Brooke disagrees and says no. Bridget begged for their forgiveness, and that’s exactly what they were going to do. “You’re going to forgive her. You’re going to marry her and make her happy.” Nick interjects that even though he was in love with Brooke and she was in love with him? Brooke looks at him and says that Bridget is her daughter and she’s hurt her too much in the past and she’s not going to do it again. He grabs her and says he doesn’t want to hurt Bridget either, but they can’t just pretend. Brooke says yes they can. And they will. For the child’s sake, for Bridget’s sake. She puts her hands on his face and says he loves her daughter; he can do this. He shakes his head and tells her not to ask him that. She continues, just marry her, be a good husband, a good father; give her the happiness she deserves. All the while with Nick shaking his head no. He wants to know what they deserve…..he can’t do this.

With tears in her eyes, still holding his face, she tells him to look at the baby and he will realize he can do so much more than he thinks he ever could. “It has to be this way, Nick. It has to be this way!” They bury themselves in each others eyes, their hands entwined, and he pulls her to him and kisses her forehead; she’s breaking up in tears.

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