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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/26/05


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Same night continuation from Thursday’s episode:

On the Shady Marlin, Brooke and Nick are locked in a passionate embrace with endless kisses. They only stop for deep breaths as Brooke tells Nick she was afraid of being loved by him. She tells him all this time; it should have been him. They devour each other.

At Tridge Mansion, Ridge stands in front of Taylor and says she is giving him an ultimatum? She says she is telling him that she feels like an outsider in her own marriage, and she can’t live like that. It’s like he hasn’t even made a decision. She continues that it’s like he’s living there under duress. She keeps waiting for a phone call expecting him to tell her that he’s moved back in with Brooke. He rationalizes that he’s trying, at least give him credit for that. She doesn’t know why he has to try so hard; she doesn’t. She says she is now beginning to understand Stephanie – that someone would have to force him make his decision because he can’t make it on his own. He wants to know what she’s trying to force him to do now. Exasperated, she tells him she is not trying to force him to do anything. She loves him with all that she is, and she’s desperately trying to save this marriage. She would like to hear that he wanted the same thing, but so far she hasn’t heard that…..and she wasn’t sure she was going to.

In the hotel room, Dante is sketching on a pad at the desk when Bridget emerges from the bathroom brushing her hair. She has a quick flashback of Nick and her on the beach and him asking why did she do this? Dante rises and tells her she’s bringing Nick good news. She still has doubts and asks after what she did to him, will he still think she’s decent? Dante says he’ll still want the child. Bridget isn’t sure he’ll still want her.

Nick and Brooke continue their ‘can’t get enough of each other’ routine and he asks her why couldn’t they see what everybody else had seen except them? She reminds him they wouldn’t allow themselves to see it. He brings up Bridget’s name, and Brooke says he loved her, he was committed to her. He breaks away and says all he wanted to do was make her happy. He didn’t want her to have one moment (holds one finger up) of pain. Brooke says she knows. He swings around and says or Brooke either. She tells him he hasn’t; he couldn’t; he won’t. He grabs her and says she knows that, doesn’t she? She puts her hand over heart and replies, “yes, right here.” He tells her the heart is a fragile thing. As she cups his face, she replies that is why she trusts hers to him. He looks her in the eyes and asks after all that they have been through, why is this happening NOW? Why? She replies she doesn’t know, but she finally sees it for what it really is. Between tears and laughter, she tells him it’s love. He cups her face, and asks her does she really love him? Does she? Breathlessly she tells him yes, she really does love him. He says she doesn’t know what it means for him to hear her say that. “I’ve loved you from the first moment I met you. You’re the love of my life, and I’m not going to let you go this time.“ He kisses her….then adds, “ever!” More kisses.

Bridget wonders if Nick will ever forgive her. The look on his face should have been enough; how could she do that to him? She’d told him she’d had an abortion! Dante folds his hands and reminds her that she saw something between her mother and Nick, and that scared the hell out of her. She’s nervous and keeps rubbing her back, neck. He says she needs to get real about this; they both know it will happen again. She asks if he doesn’t think Catherine was right? He replies he wasn’t saying that. He says Bridget wanted to be satisfied, so be satisfied. She sits as does he. He points out that her mother was Nick’s first love; let her not forget that. And there is some people in this world – once you love them, you’re stuck. The wishes may fade away and the things you say to each can’t mean the same, but “in here (pointing to heart) stays the same. There’s no harm in that; no danger.” He puts one hand on her cheek, and tells her you just learn how not to love them. She holds his hand all knowingly.

Nick and Brooke are still going at it; their lips have to be bruised by now. She whispers she doesn’t want to spend another moment without him in her life. He jokes that he’s not going anywhere. ”God, I love you. I will always love you.” She tells him she has so much love inside of her that she couldn’t give away, and now she can. “Be my hope, be my husband. Let me love you, Nick, forever!” They smother each other in kisses.

Ridge tells Taylor that he’s sorry he’s making her so unhappy. She tells him that is a cop-out. He points out that he just needs some more time. She asks him if he knows how disrespected that makes her feel? She tells him he is the only man she’d ever truly loved, and she just told him he’s hurting her, and he’s asking her to wait it out. He doesn’t understand; why is it okay for her to say what she needs, and not for him? She faces him and asks what are they waiting for; for him to be able to commit to her? He counters they are married; he thinks that is a hell of a commitment. She claims they all heard the words, but they knew how that came about. He answers that he’s been true to those words. She states that commitment is something you get up and make all over again every day. If he still has his identity in being Brooke’s husband, then he can’t do that. If he can’t put the same energy into this relationship as he did in the other, then they are just spinning their wheels. He loses his cool and tells her to stop analyzing him. He’s her husband, not her patient. He walks away and says she’s laying down conditions here, and he doesn’t like it.

Silence…..finally he says he doesn’t want things to be like this; and she replies she doesn’t either. He relents and walks toward her and says he never stopped loving her, even when he thought he’d never see her again. And maybe he is grieving a little for the life he had that she never saw. He covers his face with both hands and asks how could she sympathize? “Grieving can’t be rushed! Losing you taught me that.” She finally looks at him and says, “thank you. At least that’s something to go on.” She nods, “so you do feel forced to be with me again?” He denies this; he didn’t say that. She sighs and states they need somebody to help them through this; somebody who can help them understand each other again. Sarcastically, he asks marriage counseling? Thank you, no thank you, he gets enough of that at home! Hurt, she says then she sees only one other option. For him to pack his things, and leave.

The Shady Marlin’s cabin is sizzling; they need to come up for air; their hands are all over each other. More kisses, squeezing, and Nick asks her how she feels. Brooks smiles and says so incredibly happy. They are brought back to the real world when his cell phone rings. They can see from ID that it is Bridget and he asks Brooke if he should get it? He does. He talks pretty matter of factly. She asks if he is out in the storm? He replies the wind is going through the radio; he’s on the boat. Bridget tells him she needs to see him. He asks why? She says there’s just things she needs to say, but not on the phone. He glances at Brooke. And tells Bridget he has something to say also. Where is she? She answers with Dante. She is more sane now; he’s been taking care of her. Nick thinks that is good. She says she will be right over. Looking at Dante, he looks wistful. Nick tells Brooke that Bridget is coming over. She wants to know what he’s going to say to her. He paces; says he’s not going to hold anything back. Look where that’s gotten them! She wonders if they should do this now. He takes her by the shoulders and says “not us, Brooke, I have to do this…. I have to.” She feels Bridget is still hurting and so was he; it was just too soon. He recounts – or too late, depending on the way she looks at it. He says she knows there’s no going back. That’s not the reason she’s coming there. He knows they aren’t going to find any peace in this mess overnight, but if it was ever going to happen, it had to start now. She cups his face again, and they declare they don’t want to leave each other for one second. Hungrily, they kiss. He tells her they have the rest of their lives together. She finds comfort in repeating that, and then asks him to promise. He promises. He seals it with another passionate kiss.

Ridge is slightly shell-shocked; Taylor wants him to leave? She shrugs and holds her ground, and says she suggested counseling and he didn’t want any part of it. And she had told him she couldn’t live like this. He wants to know if this is payback? She seems insulted – payback? He states he can’t defend putting her and Brooke in competition. That was wrong…and stupid (well, finally, thank you very much, hallelujah!). “There’s no self-help books on this situation, here.” He wipes his brow and tells her he knows she resented being put in the running with someone so beneath her, but now it seems she just wants him to know she’s in a position to reject him. Again, hurt, she says she doesn’t know what to make of that version of her. She thinks these are things a counselor needs to hear. Hands on hips, he says he doesn’t believe that she really wants counseling. He thinks she just wants somebody in the room that thinks the way she does and will take her side and tell him he’s wrong. She offers, “are you leaving something out of this equation like ‘I love you and that you mean the world to me?’” He lashes then why can’t she give him some more space here and be more understanding? And definitely some more time. She counters with because he is her life, not her patient. She can’t be clinically detached from the man she loves…… She can’t finish, but then goes on that she’s starting to lose respect for him….and for herself. She bobs her head and says she knows what she can live with and what she can’t live with. And this she can’t. She offers that if he thinks counseling would give her some home-court advantage, at least he could go and sort through these conflicting feelings he has. He asks go where? And she says just one-on-one counseling; At least that would show he’s commited to changing the situation. Mr. Clueless asks if he’s the one who is damaged and the one who needs to be sent out for repairs? She thinks he is deliberately misunderstanding her. Sarcastically, he wonders what if she doesn’t like the results? What if the degree of repair on him doesn’t suit her? “It might not, you know. Afterall, my father turned out not to be my father. And my wife turned out not to be my wife because my dead wife turned out to be alive.” Taylor is glaring at him like she doesn’t even know this man! He continues, “apparently my mother wrote the book on guilt-tripping her son. I don’t think I need a shrink to tell me I might be a little bit (pinched finger and thumb) damaged!” She closes her eyes, sighs and sniffles when she asks is she losing him? He glares at her and says she just asked him to leave, and now she’s asking him if she’s losing him. Come on! Still sniffling, she says she knows that distance alone is not going to fix everything….but she can’t just keep living here and watching and feeling herself lose him in this house and in her bed. She adds if he needs space or needs time, she wants him to take all he needs. Long silence as he seems to bite his tongue, considering what she’s just said. Then he says he will leave tonight. And does she want to tell the kids together. She utters no, she can’t do that right now. He reaches out to hold her and she throws her arm up to her head, putting distance between them. Says she will tell the kids later. He looks at her and finally does take her face in his hands and kisses her. They part with a hug….a tearful hug on Taylor’s part and a grimace on her face. As he walks off, Ridge swats angrily at the potted tree in hallway.

Captain Nick is staring out the boat’s window, smoking on a cigar when Bridget enters. He turns to look at her and tells her she looks better…..wet….but better. She replies he doesn’t. Philosophically he says a lot has happened. She starts….that she knows there is no excuse what she did to him. He shakes his head and says he doesn’t want to do that….make little prepared speeches that aren’t true. He shoots her a glance and says she thought she had a reason. She tells him she sort of lost her head. He tells her he can take some responsibility in that. He waited too long to tell her that she wasn’t wrong about her mother and him. He says he loved her too much to see it himself. He walks closer to her and says, “it’s important to me that you know that what you thought was going on behind your back never happened!” Looking him squarely in the eye, she says she believes him. And nothing will ever justify what she did to him. With her hand on his neck, she states that she knows she caused him the worst possible pain. He remarks, “so we start fresh. I want a life I’m happy with. And I want you to find that too.” She bites her lip, then a faint smile and says yeah the life inside of her. He shakes his head and says no looking back, what’s done is done. She takes a breath, and shakes her head also and says no she lied to him. He turns from her and says they both said things they didn’t mean. Calmly, she tells him she knows she told him she had an abortion, but she didn’t.

He turns his head to her. She puts both hands on her tummy and says she is still carrying his child. For the first time in days, she’s smiling as she repeats again that she is carrying “our child.” Nick can only look at her up and down in disbelief.

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