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Same night continuation from Wednesday episode:

On the Shady Marlin, as rain continues heavily, Nick and Brooke stand face to face and he asks her to repeat what she just said. Almost as surprised, she repeats, “I love you. I always have.”

Thomas is sketching at a desk in his room at Tridge Mansion, throwing gobs of wadded up paper on the floor. Gaby knocks on the door to come in to get a few things. He tells her she shouldn’t have to knock; afterall, she is his wife. But she stammers what if he might be naked? He smiles and says ooooh, he liked the sound of that, they should try it sometime. She reminds him his parents would kill her. But he rebuffs that what with everything going on in his house, they could just about get away with anything. He tells her he doesn’t see his parents worrying too much about their marriage when it doesn’t look like their own is going to make it.

With Taylor overhearing in the wings of the house, Thorne tells Ridge he knows he can’t be married to Taylor and still have feelings for Brooke. Arms folded, Ridge tells him he can’t not be in love with Brooke, just like that! It’s not like a switch that he can just reach out and turn off. Thorne lays it out straight – Ridge has no choice. If what he just told him is true, and he still loves Brooke, then he has to have a talk with Taylor. Ridge wonders and tell her what? Thorne says – the truth! “The truth – what? That Brooke is unforgettable? Taylor closes her eyes and cringes.

In the hotel room, Bridget tells Dante she doesn’t want to wait any longer; she told Nick she’d killed their child. She laments more on what she’s done. Dante tries to explain it was a test, but she offers no, it was cruelty, that’s what it was. He goes on that she had to know because right now Nick and Brooke are free to act out their feelings with each other. She keeps repeating that it was wrong. She sits and spills to Dante that she loves Nick; she doesn’t want him to suffer. He sits beside her and says she will know the truth, and very soon. Right on cue, Catherine knocks and Dante lets her in.

Brooke speaks to Nick from the heart and tells him, “maybe Bridget’s love for you has died, but mine hasn’t. It never will.” She cups his face, but just as quickly he jerks her hands away and holds her wrists. He’s staring in disbelief. He grits his teeth and says he knows what she’s doing and why she’s saying this, to keep him from leaving. She cries no, she isn’t. He abruptly leaves her and answers the radio from the Harbor Master. He gives his location and heading, but the HM gives him a negative on that; all small crafts are to be anchored. When he gets nowhere, he shuts off communication and looks back at Brooke. He gruffly tells her to get off the boat. He pushes her around, opens the door to the cabin but she pushes back and tells him she will not let him go out there and kill himself.

Gaby asks if things are really that bad between his mom and dad, and wonders if it’s because of her. He says lots of tension, but not because of her – because of Brooke, Dad, everything! Gaby understands that because they share a son, it will be hard for Ridge to just forget Brooke. He will be a part of their lives forever. Thomas doesn’t think his mom deserves anything that his dad is putting her through right now. Maybe he doesn’t even realize it yet, but he’s pushing her to a place…..he just hopes he comes to his senses before it’s too late.

Ridge utters again that he loves Taylor, as much as he ever had, but his mother manipulated the situation. She used the situation to get what she wanted. He doesn’t want to hurt Taylor. Thorne finishes the sentence, but he’s also in love with Brooke, and he doesn’t know what to do about it. But, he couldn’t expect Taylor to sit around and be patient, put everything on hold while he goes back and forth (Amen to that!). Thorne says Taylor deserves better than this. Ridge retorts doesn’t he think he knows that? Thorne tells him, then act like it. “She’s not going to sit around and wait. No matter how hard it is; no matter how much it hurts, you have to talk to her. You have to be honest about your feelings for Brooke.” Ridge wants to know how; how does he do that? Taylor emerges from behind the potted plant and tells them, looking at Ridge, that she’s already heard enough.

Nick holds onto Brooke but tells her to get off the boat NOW! He shakes her loose as she repeats she loves him; it’s true. He tells her to stop saying that. He angrily tells her doesn’t she get it? He can’t stay here; keep ruining people’s lives. He’s brought nothing but pain to her and her daughter. She refutes it; he’s brought caring and love. He shouts, “love, huh? Then I guess love isn’t enough, is it? My love! Look what’s it’s done. What it’s driven Bridget to do! because I promised her I wouldn’t be like the other men in her life.” He shoves her again and tells her to get off the boat, but she shoves back and pins him against a bench and says she will not let him do this!

She’s not going to let it end this way. He tells her it’s already ended. He’s lost his child.

Thomas tells Gaby with all that is going on, he can’t even concentrate on his designs for the Fashion Show – his big debut. She thinks his designs are amazing, and it’s not about luck, but about talent. She puts her arms around his neck and tells him he has a special gift and his parents will be there for him and so proud. He wants his parents to be there, together, he always assumed they would be. She says she’s there for him and though it’s a marriage in name only, she’s feeling like a part of this family. He kisses her.

Ridge stands like a wounded deer. Thorne finally says he’s going to go, if either of them need anything….Ridge shakes his head and tells Taylor he’s sorry. He really didn’t mean for her to hear it like that. She said she knew it was only natural that he’d want to spare her feelings. He tells her he couldn’t express it, because he could barely face it himself. Taylor nods her head and says Brooke is unforgettable in his mind. He comes to her and asks how can he just stop loving someone? Someone he shared a life with? A child. How can he just forget her? Taylor holds both hands out and says that she never asked him to. She would be a fool to think he could. She tears up and tells him they re-newed their vows, and she told him what she needs. And two people who are married can not have divided feelings and from the sound of things, he does.

Catherine tells Bridget and Dante that she found Nick and Brooke in each other’s arms, but in comfort, to console her, it didn’t lead to anything else. They were in real pain. And he had come by today and had told her mom that Bridget wanted nothing to do with him. That she didn’t need him. Bridget feels badly; that isn’t true. Catherine reinforces that Nick loves her, but he feels helpless. Bridget says she has ruined everything. Catherine says no, not if she tells him the baby is still alive. If she does that, there’s a real chance that everything will be fine. She and the baby and Nick will be fine. Bridget drinks it in with a look of hope on her face.

Nick is devastated that he’s lost his child; the woman he loved. He never thought he’d feel this way again, losing a child….and a family. Brooke reaches out to him again and touches him on the shoulder. He jerks away and says he feels like a damn fool. He paces; he says he wasn’t meant to be a father; he doesn’t want to be a father. He does mean it; he doesn’t want it anymore…a family. He takes her hands and demands what he wants is to be left alone. Left alone and her off this boat. To forget him; forget knowing him and to get off the boat NOW! He physically fights with her, pushing, shoving until he falls backwards. She leans down and expounds that he was the only man she could ever count on. Calmer now, he tells her then he’s sorry for her. She reminds him that he made a vow to her – to her and her children that he would always be there for her. When Ridge turned his back on her, Nick was there for her, for Hope and for R.J. She lifts his head and cries that they need him now….she needs him now…..she can’t lose him now. She pleads with him not to leave her now, “I need you, Nick….I need you!”

Ridge tells Taylor that he knows he needs to leave Brooke behind and commit to her. But, he can’t lie to Doc and he thinks about Brooke and the family they have together. He asks her to understand and be patient. She listens and says she has been patient. She walks away, but explains that she came back here because she wanted to be with him and she wanted their life back. And she gave him the time he needed to make his decision. She explains that the fact that she ever had to deal with him choosing between Brooke and herself was bad enough. But she was trusting that he would feel what she felt; that they were meant for each other. But here they are, and it’s like he’s having to make the choice all over again! She flays her arms, hands and says she can’t deal with it again, it’s unacceptable. He steps closer, but she doesn’t want to hear any explanation. She’s heard enough, she doesn’t think he’s heard her. She cries that the worst part is that she and kids were living there in the house, thinking he wanted them there; the choice had already been made. He asks for a little more time, but she refuses, no more time. “No, I’m done, I can’t do it anymore. I won’t do it anymore.”

Dante lets Catherine out; Bridget stares out the window at the rain. He tells her he’s really happy for her; not that it isn’t bittersweet for him. She thanks him for being her friend. He replies, “always.” She tells him she doesn’t know what she’d have done without him. He says that Nick is a very lucky man. She hopes Nick will forgive her for all she has put him through. She should have trusted him, both of them, and now she knows. They didn’t act on their feelings; thank God this ridiculous test is over. She says she never should have done it.

Brooke cups Nick’s face and says she should have seen it before. Why couldn’t she see it before? She was so certain, so committed to a man that she couldn’t see past him. She was struggling to make a life with him, but not once had she ever stopped to ask herself if she had to try so hard, why was she doing it? Did he ever really love her; did he ever really make her happy? She gets up and holds her hands up and says she just went along with it, like some big master plan. And it wasn’t until now, right now that it’s all starting to make sense. Maybe she wasn’t meant to be with Ridge afterall. Maybe he’s not her destiny. It’s been someone else! And Bridget knew that; she saw that before they did. Nick exclaims that it’s her daughter. Brooke says she knows; that is why she had to deny her feelings for him. She had no other choice. But, when she was with him together at the hospital, and later at her house, she felt a man that she was more in tune with than any man, ever…..and Bridget saw that. She fought it and wouldn’t allow herself. Nick gets up and faces her and says they both fought it. She cries because he was engaged to her daughter, and she wasn’t going to cross that line until the day she died. Nick holds her and tells Brooke they denied their feelings for each other, to spare Bridget. And to spare the child, but it didn’t work out. No one was spared; not Bridget, not the child.

She agrees, it was a tragedy that never should have happened. But out of that tragedy came light and clarity, “and the man I’m supposed to be with. It’s YOU….. it’s YOU…… not Ridge, but YOU. It’s YOU, Nick, it’s YOU. She cups his face and though it may be raining outside, it’s getting pretty warm in the cabin as desire builds and they melt into a kiss and more kisses.

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