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New day, after Nick thinks Bridget aborted his baby:

In the hotel room, Bridget sits staring at a photograph of she and Nick. We see montages of happier times as Nick sings Soul Reason in background ~ dancing, skiing, looking at the stars in the moonlight, the kiss in the rain, cuddling in bed, him proposing, one of the almost weddings. Dante startles her back to reality, and asks if she is sure she wants to do this? Bridget says yes; Nick deserves to know the truth. Dante reminds her that she too needs to know. She stands and says that she lied to Nick; she told him she aborted their child. She set him up just to see how committed he was to her. Dante says it wasn’t a set up, it was a test. She lashes out that she was wrong; she wasn’t thinking clearly. Dante points out that Nick and Brooke could be together right now. She counters with if they are it was because she devastated him. She practically threw him into her arms.

At Brooke’s, an unshaven Nick shows up. He asks if she’s heard from Bridget as he hasn’t?. She tells him no as she invites him in. She tells him she has left cell messages all last night and today; apologizing and begging her to come home. And she’s been going over it in her mind and she wonders what made Bridget so desperate to abort his baby? He stammers that she was right yesterday. He’s also been thinking about everything all night, thinking some wrong things, but then he was finally honest with himself. He shrugs, “she doesn’t trust us, and she shouldn’t. Because I looked that girl right in the eye and told her we still had feelings for each other”. Brooke moves closer and states that those were feelings they said they were never going to act on. He continues that he had given Bridget his word that he would keep her safe; that he would love her, protect her, and she’d never be alone. And what happens instead? She’s forced to do something that goes against everything she believes in.

At Tridge Mansion, Taylor has invited Thorne over. She mentions Ridge is in heaven, with R.J. and Hope over. He immediately asks about Bridget as he knows Taylor might be asked to counsel her. He thought maybe Taylor might need help in running interference with Stephanie since she obviously hadn’t learned her lesson yet to keep out of other people’s business. She nods, but says that isn’t the reason she wanted to see him. She says she has problems of her own with his brother that she needs sorting out. He says he had a feeling they might be having problems. Is Ridge having second thoughts about leaving Brooke? She says he’s there, but then he’s not. He’s distracted and distant, and she can’t live like that. She needs to know that he’s put Brooke into the past. Thorne asks if she has told Ridge that? She replies that he’s trying to please everyone…and Thorne says pleasing no one. He knows he’s in a tough position. She agrees and says it would be a lot easier if Ridge would just be honest with his feelings. Forget what Brooke wants….or what she wants. Thorne thinks that will be easier said than done. Taylor says it has to be done. They aren’t going to be able to move forward without him realizing exactly what he is feeling. And that’s why she needs his help. She’d like for Thorne to talk to him. Help him sort out his feelings. And Thorne asks, “and report back to you?” No, she says, she would never ask him to do that. Ridge just needs someone to open up to. It isn’t healthy for him to hold all those feelings inside.

Brooke sits by Nick on the coffee table, and tells him not to say that. But he knows Bridget had to be desperate to do that. Brooke tells him they will get Bridget some help; some counseling. And if they are part of the problem, they will do it together. He looks at her and asks if that is going to bring his child back? She says no, but he does have another chance with Bridget. She feels betrayed now, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to forgive him. He’s adamant; that isn’t going to happen. It can’t, she isn’t going to forgive him because he can’t forgive her. He gets up and walks away as Brooke says they love each other. He counters with that love isn’t always enough. You have to have respect and trust, and they’d lost both of those. Brooke gets up and faces him and asks what does that mean; that it’s over? Catherine, upstairs carrying a clothes basket, stops to overhear. Nick says Bridget is her own woman and she doesn’t need a man to complete her. But she does deserve to be happy, and if he can give her that…….Catherine walks away before she hears it all. Nick laughs. He doesn’t know what he was thinking getting into a relationship. They have all fallen apart on him. They’ve all become one catasphophe after another. Has he ever brought any happiness into anyone’s lives; hers, even little Hope’s? Brooke walks to him and says she knows Bridget is hurt right now, but she does believe Bridget still loves him. ….and so does Hope. That sobers him for a moment, and he asks if she is there? Brooke says she and R.J. went to be with Ridge. He thinks that’s good….kids should be with their dad. He sits for a moment then suddenly says he has to go. She slows him down before he gets to the door, and says he shouldn’t be alone right now. He turns, “you know, Brooke, a sailor is never alone when he’s at home. I’m going back to the only lady I really ever understood.” She reminds him that he and Bridget planned a life together. Doesn’t he think he ought to get back on course? He said it was really sort of fitting. They started with a shipwreck….”and that’s how it ends.” He strokes her hair, face, and kisses her on forehead. He gives her one last look before he turns and walks out. She touches her face where he just touched her.

Ridge comes in and welcomes Thorne. Taylor has left them alone. He tells Ridge he saw the girls going out and that Alexandria is always asking to spend more times with her cousins. Ridge says he knows and he’s sorry, he hasn’t been around much lately. Thorne says he knows he’s been busy, so they understand. Ridge says it would probably do him good to spend some time around an uncomplicated family, to remind him what it was like! He pours himself a glass of water and tells Thorne don’t get him wrong. Being with Taylor and the kids is still a miracle to him, but they aren’t his only family. He continues that sometimes when he’s with Thomas and the girls, he thinks about R.J. and Hope. And when he’s with Taylor….Thorne finishes – he thinks about Brooke? Ridge says Brooke has moved on. Thorne replies, “question is, have you?”

Brooke looks at a framed picture of Bridget and reflects. Catherine asks if she is worried? Brooke asks if Bridget has contacted her. Catherine feigns innocence, and asks if there is some reason she needs to find her? She confides in her that Bridget terminated her pregnancy. Catherine can’t believe Bridget would do such a thing. Brooke says not in her right mind, but she isn’t. She thinks something is going to happen between she and Nick. Bridget is wrong, (famous last words) but they can’t convince her of that. And now Nick just wants to give up. He won’t forgive her. Catherine feels badly, but she asks if she can run an errand before she goes to pick the kids up at Ridge’s. Brooke says yes. She sits and sips coffee/tea.

She picks up the paper and reads about a violent deadly storm approaching. She thinks immediately of Nick’s words; he wasn’t talking about going back to the Marlin, but back to the sea. “Oh my God, he’s sailing right into that storm.”

Meanwhile on the Marlin, Nick is readying things despite hearing on the radio that a gale warning is in affect from as far north as San Diego to Los Angeles with all small craft being advised. Nick says, “screw it”. The rains start.

With night upon them, Bridget stares at the rain from the window. Dante tells her that her entire life she’s had no man who was truly devoted to her. That could change right now. He points both arms to himself and says if she’d just open her eyes; she could see that man is standing right here in front of her. They could be happy. Bridget says it wouldn’t be love. She says she is sorry, she is in love with Nick, and she hates lying to him. “God, I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

Thorne tells Ridge that their mother pressured him into marrying Taylor. But he probably still would have done it. Ridge says he can’t answer that. He paces, “I love Taylor, always have, always will. But, Brooke has been a big part of my life too”. The last few years she and the kids have meant everything to him. Back when he wasn’t getting along with Thorne or his dad or anyone else, she saw him through that time. But now he can’t see her through this. (Taylor walks partially into the room and hears from the wings unseen). He just wants her to be happy. It’s kind of strange thinking of her moving on with someone else….some new guy raising Hope and R.J. He knows it’s a real problem for him and for Taylor. She thinks he should leave Brooke behind. He knows he should, but he doesn’t know if he can.

Bridget tells Dante if Nick was in love with her mother, he would have been relieved when she told him she aborted their child. But, he wasn’t, he was horrified; heartbroken. Dante reminds her – for the baby! She confronts him and says Nick never gave up on them. She hurt him because she took it away from him. She can’t do this anymore; she has to tell him the truth. Dante holds out his hands and stops her in her tracks. And asks, what’s the rush? If she’s so sure he’s committed to her, a few more hours isn’t going to make much difference. Just one more night, he pleads. And then she’ll get all the answers she is going to need.

The rain is falling and wind blowing; Nick is batting down the hatches and shutting up the doors, windows as Brooke shows up. The radio is blaring that all small crafts should find anchorage immediately. He wants to know what the hell is she doing there? She confronts him and says she knew it; he’s leaving. He tells her to go home. She says she is not going to let him go. He grits his teeth and says it’s really not her choice. She grabs his arm and pleads with him not to go out in this; not to kill himself. Is that what he wants? He replies maybe. She tells him to stop running away, but he says he’s not doing anyone any good there. She tells him that is not true. He goes on that he’s always brought pain to her and her family. Brooke contends that he’s always been a rock for them. He lashes that her daughter killed their child, that about says it all! Brooke tells him that Bridget was wrong, and that running away won’t fix anything. She asks if he was even going to say goodbye? He gives her a big fat NO, he knew it would be this way; she’d try to stop him.

He finally stops his duties and looks at her as she says that is exactly what she’s going to try to do. He wants to know WHY? “Because you’re the one man who has stood by me.” He returns, “Brooke, I ruined your relationship with your daughter. If I’m gone, maybe she’ll forgive you.” He brushes past her. She tells him if he leaves, she won’t forgive him. He yells that he can’t help Bridget; he can’t even help himself. She grabs his jacket again and tells him to let her help HIM! In his face, she says yes, it’s been tragic for all of them, but does he want to go out there and make it worse by killing himself? He pulls away and shouts why shouldn’t he? Give him one good reason; he lost his child (as he throws the charts aside). Bridget doesn’t love him anymore. If she did, she couldn’t have done what she did.

Brooke cries, “maybe you’re right, Nick, Bridget doesn’t love you anymore. But, damnit, I do. He looks in disbelief as she repeats, “I DO!”

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