B&B Monday Update 8/22/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/22/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation from Friday episode:

As the waves beat against the cliff, Bridget sits watching the water. Nick catches up to her. She stands; he wants to touch her, he can’t. She asks him not to look at her like that. He replies to just tell him she hadn’t done this. She says there is no future for them, doesn’t he know that? He says he doesn’t believe her.

Stephanie holds out the gun in her white-gloved hand. Brooke asks is this her solution; her way to help Bridget? As serious and sane as she can be, Stephanie replies, “yes, we’re sending you away. So it won’t be Paris, but a far, far better place.” Brooke tells her to put it down. That Nick is with Bridget right now telling her all he wants is a life with her. Steph retorts that will be a hard sell. He wants the baby, but she – after losing one husband to Brooke, is going to end that pregnancy before she loses a second man. Brooks says she doesn’t believe her daughter will do that. Steph says it is unthinkable, but they both know she’s thinking bout it. Steph glances at the gun and says it is untraceable. She doesn’t even know if they put a model number on it in those days. But, they could make this work. Sometimes you have to take a life to save a life. Shocked, Brooke asks if Stephanie has decided to kill her? Steph answers, “no, you’re going to kill yourself.”

Meanwhile Dante is still on the beach road, looking through the binoculars and urging Bridget to just tell Nick and get out of there.

Bridget faces Nick and says she can’t bring her child into this. He keeps telling her that it’s not true. She tells him she knows he tried to love her, it wasn’t his fault. He tells her he does love her, but she shouts to stop lying to her; he had admitted last night it was a lie. Did he think she had already forgotten? He tells her she wouldn’t do this to their child. She replies, “you love my mother; MY MOTHER! Why would I want your child?”

He questions where she was when he called. She admits she was at the doctor’s office. He guesses it’s for an abortion. She says he can now go be with her mother, and no one will blame him. He is angry and wants to know when his child died; before or after they talked?

Stephanie asks Brooke is she wants to do the honors? No, she might hurt herself, she wags her finger. And she knows this is a little extreme, but they have to think outside the box. As she loads the gun, she tells Brooke that she brought two bullets in case she missed the first time. Brooke walks closer and tells her that she’s had her little joke. Now, get that thing and get out of there. Steph says she told her there would be some sacrifice involved. “What’s so valuable about your life, anyway?” Incredulous, Brooke replies that her life is valuable to HER! Steph asks why? It’s mostly been rack and ruin; what’s so precious that she’s holding on to? Brooke points out that she’s a mother, and Steph says she is too; one that would DIE for her children, if it came to that. She holds out the gun again, and tells Brooke she said he would do anything for her daughter. And Nick is never going to give up on her. And the last time this happened with Deacon; if justice was to be served, she should have just gone ahead and done it. “Forget justice now, it’s just a matter of simple decency…..a life for a life.” She tells her quick and simple, and she’ll never feel it. Brooke counters with no, Bridget would be destroyed. She’d blame it all on herself. Steph admits that for a while she would, but Nick and she and the baby would help her heal. And then after a while, Bridget will start forgiving her and start loving her again. She walks toward her, picks up Brooke’s hand and puts the gun in it, covers it with both of hers and asks what is she giving up, “think about it, just old age…… isn’t it better to leave this world, still the object of desire from every man you’ve ever known?” She didn’t want to turn into an old something that no one wanted to touch. Brooke looks down at the gun and says maybe everyone would be better off….but what if there really is such a place as Hell? Stephanie whispers, “God will understand”. She slips her hands away, leaving Brooke holding the gun.

Dante’s cell phone rings. It’s Taylor wondering if he’s seen Bridget. He says he knows all about it; she stayed with him last night. Taylor wonders if he knows anything about her pregnancy? She was concerned she would terminate it, and Taylor was afraid she was just re-acting emotionally. Dante tells her it’s too late.

Bridget tells Nick let’s not do this, make it any harder than it has to be. She didn’t do it to hurt him. He wants to know all about it; boy or girl? She shouts she doesn’t have to tell him anything! He doesn’t think it’s fair. He grabs her shoulders and says that she won’t tell him anything, yet he has to account for every minute of his day due to her paranoia….and now she does this! She takes a life and not just any life, but his child’s life and now she’s telling him she has NOTHING to tell him. She tries to break away and looks at him directly, and says now he knows how it feels to love someone and know you can never have them. Stunned, he slowly backs away, chortles that what is she saying? “Are you saying you killed our child to teach me a lesson?!” Guiltily, she holds her head and sobs.

Brooke holds the gun; looks at Steph and asks if she should shoot herself in her head or her heart? Steph replies, “I’d go for the head. That you can find.” Instead Brooke, using both hands to steady, aims the gun at Stephanie and says maybe she’ll call the police and tell them there is a criminally insane woman in her house. Steph shakes her head and says, “self-centered to the end.” Brooke replies, “why, because I wouldn’t commit suicide for you?” Steph moves even closer and says no, so that Bridget’s baby can be born – shoot herself. Go ahead and do it. Brooke stares her down. Steph chuckles and points to herself and says okay, she will make the sacrifice that Brooke is too selfish to make for her own daughter. She stands with arms spread-eagle and says to shoot her! The State of California will not execute her. They will simply put her away for life. That way Bridget and the baby will be safe. Brooke still barreling down the gun says Stephanie should be the one put away; she’s insane. Steph walks closer with teeth gritted and tells her to shoot her or she’ll take the gun and turn it on her. Brooke shouts for her to stay away. Steph goads her, “what’s wrong with you? You’ve been wanting to do this for years! Be mother enough to do it!” Brooke’s hands are shaking.

Taylor admonishes Dante why he didn’t stop this? An abortion isn’t something you do for one night of sleeplessness. He says it was Bridget’s decision; she was committed to this; there’s no turning back now.

Nick says what about him? What about what he wanted? She answers that he didn’t want her. He denies that is true. Then he walks off, head in hands and turns sharply and asks why, that’s what he doesn’t get. Why did she do this? She replies she had a choice and she made it. He chastises her that is no answer. But, she continues that she doesn’t know how to raise a child by a man who was in love with her mother. He shakes his head and says not this time. This time her mother had nothing to do with it. She replies that she has EVERYTHING to do with this. She walks around in a circle and tells him to just go. Go be a father to her children that he already loved so much. Give them his name…….give her his name…..just admit it; that’s what they really want. He stares as she walks away.

Steph squints her evil eyes at Brooke, walks even closer and they play cat and mouse by circling the room. Steph is angry and remarks she can’t take this any more. Every breath Brooke takes is a waste of precious oxygen! “I don’t want to live anymore in a world with you. Shoot me!” Go ahead, damnit, pull that trigger! (as she spread-eagles her arms again). She braces herself, makes a face, Brooke pulls the trigger. Steph’s eyes pop out. But she’s still standing….looks down as Brooke says she’s as crazy as Steph is. Steph looks disappointed as she feels her chest and declares that Brooke can’t even shoot straight. Brooke says well don’t think she wasn’t tempted. And great, how was she going to explain that – a hole in the door? Steph jerks her head around and waves it off; nobody will bat an eye. Everybody that knows her will be bringing guns over there. Brooke offers that no one is as crazy as Steph is with her phony heart attacks and her gift-wrapped suicide box. Someday, someone is going to put her away. Steph starts taking off the gloves and replies that until they do, what are they going to do about Bridget? Brooke says Stephanie isn’t going to do ANYTHING. She is going to go home, take a pill, and sleep this off. Steph wags her finger, “doing nothing is unacceptable.” Brooke tells her that Bridget and Nick will find themselves back to other. Nobody can do that for them. Steph warns her if she is wrong; then that baby’s blood will be on Brooke’s hands. Brooke tells her to go home, and if she sees her on her doorsteps one more time…..she will use that gun. Steph raises both eyebrows and tells her she doesn’t have the guts. But keep the gun as her little present….”and remember it has a bullet in it. ….you may need it.” She lets herself out.

Bridget sits on the cliff as a song plays in her head. We see montages of Nick and Bridget in happier times – the star necklace, the kiss in the rain, then with Dante telling her to open her eyes; Nick and Hope and Brooke in bed, gazing into each other’s eyes, looking at her the way he never looks at Bridget.

Nick comes back and sits beside her and says she doesn’t know this, but he used to lay awake at night and would stare at her sleeping; thinking of all the different ways he could love her. Kind of like a story you couldn’t wait to find the ending. She gave him that, but she took it away. “ I had one day to love that child. When you killed that baby; you killed ME…….you killed US…… and you killed yourself.”

Nick gets up and walks away…. Bridget cries as she watches him cross the beach, the tide covering his footprints. He looks back one last time.

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