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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/19/05


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Continuation of Thursday’s Episode:

At the beach house, Bridget and Nick are wrapped in each other’s tight embrace; only she is sobbing. He tells her now he knows how it feel to be completely happy. And, he wants nothing more than what he’s holding..."you....and my child.". He pulls back and tells her he loves her so much, and "thank you." She says don’t, and slowly gets up off the couch.

At Brooke’s, Stephanie solemnly stands with ‘the gift’ in hand, waiting for Brooke to take the prettily wrapped box. But, Brooke tells her she doesn’t want anything from her, and neither does Bridget. She turns and walks away. Stephanie wants to know how could she know until she’s seen it? Brooke replies she thought it was for Bridget? Stephanie says it is, but only the kind that Brooke can give her. She sits ‘the gift’ and the gift bag down. Brooke asks if it’s for the baby too? Stephanie says yeah, if there still is one! Brooke says she is not going to listen to this…... Bridget would NEVER. Stephanie interrupts and asks can she be so sure? She’d seen her and heard her. Was this the Bridget she’d always known? That sweet daughter; that loving heart…the one good thing this family could always rely on. With arms wide, Brooke says, “and you blame me.” Stephanie replies no as she points a finger; now she finally understands her. She walks closer to confront Brooke. Stephanie tells her that she thinks she had to go through this humiliation and through the same sort of terrible losses that Brooke had suffered to understand that Brooke was a victim too.

Nick stands by Bridget at the window and whispers to her that she can say whatever she wants to. She simply says it’s all been said; she’d done with it. She sits. He asks if she’s seen a doctor and is she alright? She confirms she has. He asks her if she will come back to the boat with him and get some rest. Last night was hard on everyone. She looks at him, one tear glistening on her cheek, and says that wasn’t the reason she asked him to meet her here. He continues that there were some ugly things said and done and there was no taking them back, so whatever reason she had asked him to meet her here….if she was telling them they’d go their separate ways, that’s not what was happening. He digs in his shirt pocket and pulls out her engagement ring and attempts to put it on. She pulls her hand back and asks what is he doing. He replies she never should have taken it off. She argues that he knows why she had to. Sternly, he tells her she was WRONG! She retorts it isn’t HIS decision, and gets up and walks out on the deck. He follows and tells her it IS his decision. She had come to him last night. She needed something, she wanted something, but she wouldn’t let him talk. “So, here’s what we’re gonna do. As soon as the doctor says you’re ok, we weight anchor and we go.” She turns and looks at him as he continues that when they decide, they’d bring their firstborn home and introduce him to the family. They’d do something he never thought he’d do. They’d live in a normal house in a normal neighborhood. They’d have a big yard with a swing set and a couple of good climbing trees and they’d raise their son or daughter. Bridget searches his eyes and asks if he really wants to run away with her….or just run away from her mother?

Stephanie questions Brooke if she loves Bridget and wants to make her happy? Brooks answers, “of course”. Stephanie reports she can make peace for her. Brooke walks off but turns and says she doesn’t have much faith in Stephanie’s advice, but alright, how? Stephanie simply glances at and points to ‘the gift.’ Brooke looks at it with curiosity. Brooke asks what is it? Steph tells her to open it. Brooke asks if it’s something dead? Steph shakes her head no. Alive?, asks Brooke. Steph replies no, but life-giving in the right hands. Brooke walks over and touches the bow, but walks away from it. She says it was absurd. Nothing in a cute little box with a cute little ribbon wrapped around it can be a solution to anything. She says Bridget is with Nick, and that’s all that matters. Steph offers that she is sure he’s making her the promises that he’s made so many times before. She gestures, “it’s all over between the two of you. It’s all in the past.” Brooke answers yes as she nods her head in agreement. Steph finishes she has no doubt he believes that. When was the last time he was here? An hour ago; fifteen minutes? Brooke replies that he was looking for Bridget. When Steph looks at her in disbelief, Brooke throws her hands up and says Steph is blaming her again, and she’s sick of it. Steph mocks that no, no, no, no, it’s nothing she consciously does. It’s just that long line of men at the door. “I mean my husband’s side of the bed wasn’t even cold before he was on his way over here to ask YOU to marry him.” Brooke reminds her that she was as shocked by that as Stephanie was. Stephanie asks why did men see her as they do? Brooke said frankly she wished she knew. With glee, Stephanie tells her men see her as the ultimate sexual refuge. Brooke bobs her head, and says she never pretended to be anything she was not. So what did Stephanie want her to do; slam the door in Nick’s face? Steph replies no, he’d just come back. Brooke remarks that she doesn’t want him to want her or need her for anything. Eyebrow raised, Stephanie tells her, “lucky for you, and for all of us. There’s a way to close that door…….once and for all.” Brooke is intrigued; looks again at ‘the gift.’

Dante is driving the jeep down the dusty beach road. He stops and peeks through his binoculars and spies Bridget and Nick on the deck, and advises her to be strong.

Nick tells Bridget he thinks maybe she is misunderstanding. She asks him to tell her then where she fits into this escape fantasy of his? He says, “fit in? But you’re everything. You’re the reason for all of this.” She rants how hard would it be to lose him again, after having him to herself for a year every hour of the day. He contends that won’t happen. But, she says he always says that. But how she is supposed to believe that when SHE’S always there? She couldn’t be this neurotic person anymore, always wondering where he was or if he was with HER and what he was doing. And, knowing good and well he’d just say ‘oh nothing, stop being so insecure.’ She’d rather be with no one, and put them out of their misery right now. He moves closer behind her and says he’s not going to let her go. Everything is different than a week ago, if she hasn’t noticed. She hangs her head and said she thought so too, at first. He turns her around to face him and cups her face as he says she may never believe what he has to say again, but……”our child; what about that? Can’t you believe that? That’s your blood and mine. I will never let you down again”. She replies that she guesses he just thought he could love her if it was some sort of package deal. She says she’s sorry, it’s not.

Steph proclaims that this isn’t just a question of Bridget’s sanity – she can not lose another man to Brooke! She’s not going to have that baby if she thinks there is the remotest chance that she and Nick will end up raising it. Brooke swears there isn’t; she would NEVER! Steph offers that in Bridget’s mind it’s already happened once before. Deacon’s baby should have been hers, not Brooke’s. She suggests she could tell Nick not to come over and that way they wouldn’t see each other. Steph remarks that did a lot of good with Deacon! Wasn’t she tired of all of this? It was exhausting just watching it? “Damn it, Stephanie, I never meant to hurt Taylor. I never meant to hurt her children.” Arms folded, Stephanie asks, “or me?” Brooke replies not her either, believe it or not. She was just trying to live her life. But this is her daughter they are talking about. She should have seen the pain on her face; the hurt. How did it get to this? She ends by saying maybe it was a mistake for her and Nick to actually admit they still had feelings for each other. Rationally, Stephanie says sometimes the answers are right in front of them. But they all had their blind spots. “You helped me with mine. So I’m here to help you.”

Dante gets out of the jeep and gazes at the beach. He fantasizes an Italian villa on the beach with Bridget running barefooted through the sand clutching a piece of paper proclaiming him going to be a daddy. They both are ecstatic.

Bridget and Nick continue their conversation and he tells her this is all them; he wants them to be together for this child. She tells him she knows what else he wants; he wants to feel like he’s a good person. She’s been thinking a lot about them lately. When they were right, and when they weren’t. She’d been up all night talking it over with Dante. Nick declares Dante would do anything to undermine him. She glares at him, and tells him not to begrudge her a friend. Not after what he and her mother put her through. At least Dante tells her the truth. She goes back into the house, leaving him to follow. Hands on hips, she stops and listens to him as he says that maybe he’d lied to himself because he didn’t know how to say this. But, the truth is, every man that she’d loved before him had left her, betrayed her and treated her like dirt. It all turned bitter for her, but that didn’t happen to him. He and her mother didn’t work out, but it was no one’s fault. She never gave him a reason to stop caring about her. Bridget admits she guesses she didn’t either. Nick says he’s trying to be honest here. He says he’s being honest when he says there is a connection, but not in THAT way. It’s not like that. It has nothing to do with them. She laments that maybe he really believes that, but she grew up with her. “Every man I ever cared about made her the center of their world. My uncles, my father……my own husband. I can’t….I can’t go through that again with you.” He defends that she’s just over-reacting. Look what almost happened to little Hope. For God’s sake, they’d almost lost that little girl. Bridget swings on him and asks him to look at himself. He’s talking about Hope like she’s their daughter together. What does that make Bridget? She tells him this is all so insane and incestuous. What he really wants is a child with her mother, not her. And now he’s FREE to have that.

Nick says he doesn’t want to be free. He’s NOT free. She asks why not? She says she loves him; he knows that. But it was just not enough to hold him. And now it was hurting her so much; she feels like she’s going crazy. “I just need to get rid of it. I don’t care how anymore. So please JUST GO! He’s appalled, “Go? I mean, you can’t tell me you’re carrying my baby and then tell me to walk away.” She clasps her hands in front of her heart and tells him she’s not telling him that; just telling him to walk away. He shakes his head; he doesn’t understand. She cries if he doesn’t go; she will. So fine, she’ll go. He runs after her and grabs her by the shoulders and tells her they can’t turn their back on this. Doesn’t she get that? There’s a child involved! Her jerks her til she lifts her face and looks at him. She stifles her cries with her hand. “I never said that there was, Nick. I never told you there was a child.” A bomb, he’s stunned, and then she runs away.

Stephanie tells Brooke to open the box! Brooke walks toward it and says guess she could go to the Paris office, or Milan for a couple of months. Coldly, Stephanie says it has to be a complete break. Otherwise, Bridget will never trust Nick again. Brooke wonders how she could do that? Steph utters, “so easily, open the box!” (pointing). Brooke says Ridge would never let her take R.J. Steph states that R.J. will be fine, and Ridge will understand. And as a matter of fact, he’ll be grateful; they all will! Brooke looks at her sweetly, and asks if she’d made reservations for her? Steph just as sweetly tells her she doesn’t need reservations. She’d be welcomed anytime. Steph nods again with her eyes to ‘the gift’, never taking her eyes off of it. Brooke looks skeptical but gradually unties the ribbon. Steph reaches into the gift bag and pulls out a pair of white gloves; tells Brooke she can travel light – just what she’s wearing. Brooke looks around and asks why is Stephanie putting gloves on? As normal as if she’s combing her hair, Steph asks what does the color white symbolize to Brooke? At the same time, putting each little finger into it’s proper place and fitting them comfortably. Brooke replies – weddings, Christmas. Steph asks, “purity….innocence?” She holds her white palms up like a mime. Brooke says she doesn’t like the way Steph is acting. She thinks she should leave. Stephanie walks over to the closed box and takes out a gun and places it in her upwards palm. “You’ll be there before you know it. Quick as a bang.”

Crying, Bridget runs out to the water, hyperventilating, putting her hand to her chest. Nick manages to catch up to her, calling her name over and over and physically holding her back as she struggles to get away from him. She says she can’t look at him. She begs him to leave her alone. Then she manages to push him away and tells him to go be with her mother. She climbs over some big rocks, then runs through a cave-like tunnel, light on the other side. Nick runs to follow; finally spots her on the other side. Exhausted, he bends to rest with hands on knees. He faces her and asks – Stephanie said she was pregnant, is she or isn’t she? She says he doesn’t owe her anything. Nick inches closer and says Stephanie said she was there when she took the test. Bridget looks at him and says, “well, that was then. I don’t have what you want anymore.” He holds her closer while she fights to get away and tells him once more, “I don’t have what you want anymore.” The fear, the horror, the puzzlement on his face.

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