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New day, next morning from Wednesday’s episode:

Nick is driving around in his car; reflecting on what Bridget said about giving away everything he’s ever given her. EVERYTHING. He keeps repeating – she wouldn’t! He picks up his cell phone and leaves her a message; for her to call him, please. He just wants to know she’s okay.

At Tridge Mansion, Ridge sits with Palm Pilot in hand as Taylor walks in. She asks if he’s checking his e-mail and he says yeah, plus news, stock market reports, etc. She’s amazed how many things changed while she was gone. He looks at her and asks is she talking about them? He gets up; let’s out a big breath of air and asks does she want to know where things stand between them? (yeah, duh, that would be nice after all this time). With hesitation, she replies that she knows his life didn’t stop while she was gone. He’d married Brooke, had a son….but she needed to know when he was with her that his thoughts didn’t drift over to Brooke. That his priority was their children; what came first to his mind was their marriage. She misses what they used to share. The closeness….the way he used to look at her like she was the only woman in the world. He smiles and she moves closer. She misses lying in his arms at night, and there is no where else she’d rather be. And she still feels the same way, but she doesn’t know if he does. She adds and that scares her….and it should scare him too.

At Brooke’s house, she’s picking up blanket as Nick comes back in and she’s frantic if he found Bridget. She claims she’s left a dozen messages on Bridget’s cell phone. He doesn’t know what to do; she took off too quickly last night. He says he’s called the hospitals, everywhere he can think of. Brooke paces and says she can’t believe this is happening; she’s putting her through this all over again. He comes up behind her and tells her she has to keep in control; if she loses it…….she answers that it’s been out of control since Bridget walked in here last night. She came to tell him she was pregnant….with his child. That should have been the happiest moment of his life, but instead…… He glances at a photo of him and Bridget and repeats that she said she wants to get rid of everything he’s ever given her.

At some L.A. hotel, Bridget, still in same clothes, holds her tummy and a towel to her face. Dante asks if it’s morning sickness? She says maybe; or her just being sick because her fiancée has feelings for her mother! Dante tells her Nick called while she was in the bathroom….must’ve been ten times. She says it could be a hundred and it wouldn’t change what she had to do. He wonders if she doesn’t want to wait and talk to Nick first. She replies Nick’s mother was right, and look at this mess she’s in now. She rubs her tummy….and bringing an innocent child into it. It’s still a difficult decision to make, he declares. She slaps the towel against her hip and lashes out of course it’s difficult. But she doesn’t know what else to do…..it’s the only thing she can do. He pulls her to him and hugs her and tells her he’s going to be there with her through all of this. Dante tells her that Dr. Daniels also called while she was in bathroom and she can see her this morning. Bridget is surprised that it’s so soon. He says normally she couldn’t but for her, she will. He asks if she’s had second thoughts and she says no, just that Nick will be furious. Dante states that it’s better for him to be angry than for her to wonder the rest of her life if this man loves her or not. She sobs, “or he’s staying with me just because of the child?” He strokes her hair and tells her the doctor is waiting, they should go. She wipes her eyes as he steers her toward her purse, etc.

Ridge asks what does that mean – he should be scared? He knows that she seems to be comparing their marriage to the way it used to be. She’s not seeing this as it is, but as it was. She tells him she sees a man who’s torn between two women and two families. ….and that is no longer acceptable. He asks if she is giving him an ultimatum. She says she shouldn’t have to ….she knows he loves R.J., she knows he loves Hope, and she has accepted that he will always have feelings for Brooke. But, she’s told him what she needs and all she needs to know if he’s able to give it to her.

Doorbell rings and she pleads with him not to get it. He gives her a glance and when it rings twice, she relents. He gets it. It’s Stephanie. Rudely, he asks, “what do you want, Mother?” She waltzes on in and looks straight at Taylor and says she’s looking for Bridget; has she seen or heard from her? No one knows where she spent last night. Ridge offers that she’s a grown woman and she didn’t have to report her every move……”certainly not to you!” Steph replies she didn’t come here to argue and when Taylor asks if she’s in trouble, Steph tells her Bridget's pregnant. Both are taken aback and Taylor asks is that a problem? Steph seems surprised and says yes, if Nick is still in love with Brooke.

Dante attends to Bridget at the doctor’s office. Tells her she will be next. She sees a very pregnant lady come in with her husband. Her mind flashes to Brooke and Nick declaring their feelings for each other. She gets a tissue out of her purse and wipes her eyes. Her cell rings and Dante talks her into going ahead and answering it. She can’t avoid Nick forever. Nick is surprised and says he’s been worried sick about her. In a monotone, she tells him she is fine. He asks where she is, but she says it doesn’t matter. He blurts out that he knows about the baby…and that what matters is that they see each other. He knows she is upset with him and her mother, but they have a lot to work through. She says she has to go; she can’t talk right now. He continues that last night when she left, she said some things that scared him. He begs her to tell him where she is….and please don’t hang up. But she does anyway. The nurse comes to get her and Dante tells her that Bridget will be there in a minute. Bridget says she doesn’t know if she can do this or not. He states she can change her mind, but hearing more from Brooke and Nick denying everything probably won’t change anything.

Ridge questions how Stephanie knows all of this and she fills him in that she was at Big Bear with Bridget unexpectedly and they talked. She got the results of the pregnancy test and went back to L.A. all excited. Only to walk in on Nick and Brooke in an inappropriate situation. Ridge calls Nick a jerk and says he told them he was still in love with Brooke! Taylor smarts off, “not that Brooke didn’t encourage it, I’m sure.” Stephanie tells them Bridget also threw a fit at Brooke’s house and threw things around and took off and no one has heard from her since. Ridge offers to go find her. Steph asks Taylor if she will offer her professional help? Taylor shrugs that yes, in any way she needs her….but Stephanie needs to stay out of this. Steph starts to walk out and Taylor asks where is she going? She turns and says, “I’m going to go look Satan in the eye…..and then teach her a lesson.”

Brooke, still frantic, asks a pacing Nick how Bridget is. She needs to talk to her, so much she needs to say. He says she sounded distant, but at least she picked up the phone, that was a good sign. Nick feels responsible; he drove her to it; he doesn’t want her to do something crazy. Brooke says they never meant to hurt her. But he says they did, by not facing their feelings for each other and she saw it. Brooke says now that it is out in the open; has he thought about what he’s going to say to her? He replies, “I’m going to tell her the truth. And the truth is she’s carrying my child; that’s my life!” She nods that he’s going to be a wonderful father. He calls her name and starts to say something, but she tells him his focus is on Bridget now; he’s going to have his own family. He likes that. He grins that he’s going to be a dad.

Bridget comes back into the waiting room and nods positive. Dante goes toward her and she leans forward and cries on his shoulder. Later, Dante parks his vehicle and he and Bridget get out. She can’t believe this is happening. He warns her that she doesn’t have to talk to Nick today; to get some rest first. But, she gets her cell phone and calls Nick. Again in his car; she asks him to meet her at her Dad’s beach house. He says he will be there as quickly as he can. Dimples tells her to tell Nick; he will be waiting for her when she’s through.

The doorbell rings at Brooke's and she rushes to the door. It’s Stephanie and luckily Brooke is blocking the doorway. Steph asks if she’s going to invite her in? Brooke doesn’t hesitate and says a quick no and quickly tries to slam the door. Steph barrels on in anyway and says, “welcoming as ever.” She’s carrying a small gift bag in hand. Steph asks if Nick has found Bridget. Brooke relishes in telling her they are together right now, so everything is fine. Steph nods and agrees; she believes she is going to be right for once. She then asks if Brooke is alone? Brooke replies her grandson isn’t there. She had Catherine take all the kids to the park so they wouldn’t see how worried she was. Stephanie says well she has every right to be worried. Bridget is in a lot of pain, once again…..inflicted on her once again by Brooke! Brooke tells her to stop it. Steph waves her hand and apologizes; she did not come here to argue…..she holds up the bag….she came here to help her daughter. Brooke is amazed; a present. Is that what Bridget needs right now? Steph looks inside and says yes, she thinks that will make all her problems go away. Brooke looks sternly and says she doesn’t know what Steph is up to, but she’d Bridget’s mother and she will help her. She’d do anything for her. Steph says of course she will; she’s glad to hear her say that. She pulls out a small box all neatly wrapped, bowed and hands it to Brooke.

At the beach house, Bridget has changed clothes and settles down on the couch with an afghan on her. She pulls out a photo of her and Nick from her wallet and reflects on things. She touches the photo to her lips. Suddenly Nick stands in the doorway interrupting her thoughts. She wants to smile; she wants to be hopeful. He tells her he almost went crazy thinking about her all night. He sits, and moves closer, holds her closer by the neck and says they are going to get through this –“you….me……our child. Our child….Bridget, our child.” She doesn’t speak as he pulls her to him, sobbing on his shoulder.

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