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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/12/05


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Same day continuation from Thursday’s episode:

At Brooke’s Mansion; Hope leads the way as she enters the house with Brooke and Nick. She’s carrying her stuffed monkey from the hospital and another favorite animal. They are met by Catherine coming down the stairs with R.J. Hope challenges ‘Uncle Nick’ to a race across the room and he has to run scoop her up and tells her no running or racing. She should listen to her mother and the doctor. Her mother was a very smart lady and if he had listened to her, Hope wouldn’t have had to go to the hospital. Hope tells him she is okay; he saved her life. He strokes her hair and says he knows; he’s grateful. He then kisses her on the forehead. He swings her around and sits on a chair and tells her that there’s an old saying that if you save somebody’s life, you have to be buddies forever. She asks if that means he has to read her a story every night? He chuckles, kisses her on the forehead again and says that is exactly what it means; finishes with a big hug. Catherine comes forward and tells Hope they should go upstairs and say hello to Teddy Bear; he missed her very much. Brooke tells her she will be up in a minute. She gives her a couple of kisses and assures her “Nick too”, when Hope asks.

Brooke kids Nick that he knows he’s going to be on bed-time story detail for the rest of the month? He scrunches his nose and mouth and says after what he let happen, that’s the least he can do. Brooke leans over and says, “Nick, Hope’s forgiven you; I’ve forgiven you. Don’t you think it’s time you forgive yourself? He shoots her a guilty look; stands and changes subject by wondering why Bridget isn’t there waiting for them. He thought she would be. Brooke says she thought he left her a message. He comments that he did and told her to call him, but she hadn’t. Brooke feels she is probably just overwhelmed, what with the new internship and all. Nick doesn’t think that sounds right. When Brooke asks what does, he says they have been spending a lot of time together. Brooke corrects him by saying they haven’t been spending time together, but with Hope. He tells her that he knows that and she knows that, but she was outside the room, at the hospital and she didn’t come in. Brooke replies that she can’t be upset; Hope needed them.

Nick asks if he can stick around for a while. He thought he’d put together some sort of special dinner for Bridget when she got home. Brooke asks if it’s chicken wings and beer? He chuckles, makes a face and says no, something a little more upscale. She tells him Marta can probably help him or he can always order from Café Russe. He shrugs yes Café Russe, “but of course.”….and it’s so good to see her smile again; real good. She looks at him, words don’t come…..then she tells him she is going up to tell Hope he’ll be right up. His eyes follow her all the way up the stairs.

At the Big Bear Cabin, Stephanie is standing, holding Bridget in her arms and rubbing her back. Bridget pulls away and grabs a tissue as she says what if they had gotten married; she can’t deal with this? Stephanie tells her she can ….and she will. Because now she sees her mother for who she is. She’d put her through a lot of heartache. Bridget says she doesn’t want to see the worst in her; she really doesn’t. Stephanie puts her hands on the back of Bridget’s shoulders and says that is because that is the kind of person she is. She wants to always look for the good in people. Bridget cries that her mother doesn’t realize what she’s doing. Stephanie follows her around the room and says yes, she does know what she’s doing. Bridget leans on a chair and holds her stomach. Stephanie asks if she’s okay? Bridget coughs, sinks in a chair and says she’s just really tired. All of this is not her mother’s fault. Stephanie sits too and warns her not to make excuses for her mother; stop defending her. Bridget confesses she’s not defending her. She’s seen it time and time again; how men fall for her mother. They are drawn to her and she should have known better. Stephanie shakes her head and admonishes Bridget not to take this anger she has for her mother and turn this against herself. This was NOT her fault. Bridget buries her head in her hand/tissue, then stands and tells Stephanie how can she say that. There are millions of men out there, and she had to find the one man who was already in love with her mother…it’s weird….it’s pathetic. She wipes her nose. Stephanie points her hand at her and tells her, “you said enough is enough. Now you have to mean it.” She had to love herself enough to walk away from this kind of pain. And that meant walking away from Nick. “Look, let your mother have him. If that’s what he wants, then they deserve one another”. Steph does a fine job of cheerleading by gritting her teeth and tells Bridget she deserves so much better. “You deserve some WONDERFUL man who’s going to make YOU the center of HIS world. Some man who doesn’t even know your mother exists. It’s not Nick.“ She rubs her on the back and tells her this is her life…….she has to pick herself up and move on. Get on with her own life…..without Nick. Bridget walks off, holding her head, sobbing a quiet no.

Brooke has changed clothes and descends the stairs. Nick has romantic music on; fire blazing, an intimate little table set and he’s lighting more candles. Brooke says it’s beautiful. And he looks up and says all he needs is Bridget. Brooke seems surprised there has been no word. He asks if Hope is all settled in? She comes closer and replies that Hope has her book all picked out. Nick bug-eyes and says guess he’d better get up there. Brooke asks why doesn’t he wait for Bridget; Hope will be up for a while. Nick points both hands upstairs and says he doesn’t want to disappoint her. Brooke says he couldn’t….if Hope didn’t have him wrapped around her little finger before…….she smiles; Nick laughs and says well he always had a thing for beautiful blondes with attitude. Brooke tells him Hope loves him so much. Nick states that he would walk through fire for that little girl………and her mom! Brooke smiles and says, “I know….I’ve always known.” He goes on, in a whisper that he never knew how much the two of them meant to him “until I almost lost you. Now I realize……..” He doesn’t finish and she asks him to.

Arms folded, Bridget asks Stephanie if she’s asking her to give up Nick? Stephanie tells her that is the only way she can get on with her own life. Bridget tells her she doesn’t want to get on with her life without Nick. Steph acknowledges she realizes that, of course; Bridget’s in love with him. And in his own way, she thinks he loves her too. But she can’t marry him. Not knowing what she knows; she’d never have a moment of peace. She looks her in the eyes and says she is asking her to give up the man she loves. The ONLY person in her WHOLE life that she has ever felt really safe with! Stephanie sympathizes but goes on that just think what she said a minute ago…..if they’d gotten married….or gotten pregnant – thank God that hadn’t happened! Bridget sniffles more; wipes her nose and says they had discussed it; planned a family and future together. Steph tries to be upbeat and says Bridget has a chance here; a chance for herself…a chance for a decent life and she can’t allow her mother or Nick or anyone to hurt her this way. She could not let this happen again. Bridget looks at her skeptically, but seems to know she’s right.

Face to face, Nick tells Brooke that he guesses he just thanks his lucky stars that she and Hope are still in his life. She tells him she is so sorry that she was so angry with him. But, he replies that she had every right to be. She comments that he’d never been anything but good and kind to them…..(they find themselves holding both hands in each other’s hands, clasping tightly) and she’d be lost without him. He’d promised to be there for her and he always had been, no matter what. She couldn’t tell him how much that meant to her. When Ridge walked out of her life…out of her children’s life, she didn’t know if she’d have the strength to go on. Nick says “but, you did.” “Because you wouldn’t let me give up”, she replies. She says she wasn’t sure at first, but he was so right, she owed him so much….she owed him her life. He caresses her face.

Bridget sits down on the hearth and says she doesn’t know that she can do this….she doesn’t know that she wants to do this. Steph tells her that’s because it seems so unfair; she always the one who has to make the sacrifices. But, she can’t spend her life with someone who can’t love her completely….that can’t be with her the way he should because he has feelings for her mother. That’s not going to change and Bridget simply must let go. That’s the only thing she can do now. Sobbing, Bridget slowly rises and walks over and picks up a photograph of she and Nick, skiing in happier times. She holds it to her heart; sobbing more; she slowly puts it down and turns the photo face downward…..it seems to signify it’s over. Tears are streaming down her face. Stephanie sighs; she is taking no pleasure in this.

Nick says that works both ways; she’s certainly been there for him too. Brooke whispers that’s what friends do; be there for each other; to support each other when they need it the most. Nicks looks longingly into her eyes and asks if she knows what the most important thing that friends do for each other? He goes on, they tell each other truth. And he thinks she’s hiding. He whispers that she hides when she’s scared….and sad….and lonely. Searching into his eyes, she replies yes. He tells her that she’s confident in that big old world out there, but he knows how she feels when she’s alone. She sits down before the blazing fire. So does he. Faces close, not quite touching, he asks does she want to be happy? Simply, she says yes. He whispers, “then you will. You will find that special someone, or he will find you. And when that happens; when you look into his eyes, and when he kisses you, you’ll know it’s right. And you will have your happiness.” (you just wanna say, kiss her already!)

Bridget continues her meltdown, “It’s over; I can’t believe it’s over. I love him so much. He’s just…..he’s everything to me. When I think of a life without him, I don’t even want a life. Stephanie says she doesn’t know if he’ll ever admit it to himself or not, but he’ll never let Brooke go. She’ll make sure of that. Bridget asks but what if she is wrong? Steph asks if she thinks his mother is wrong? She was the first one who’d seen it. She’d tried to tell her; she’d told her. She takes her by the shoulders and faces her, “sweetheart, when your mother gets her hooks into someone, it’s forever. That’s why you have to let go now.” Bridget breaks away and says she’s making her sound like a monster….she’s NOT a monster. Steph tells her she needs to believe that for any number of reasons. But the truth is, Nick was never hers from the start. Bridget cries but he wanted to be; he tried to be! Steph adds fuel to the fire by saying but things have changed. Her mother understands….. Ridge is NOT going to leave his wife. Her mother has to be with someone. She’s not a woman that can be alone. And she sees the opportunity with Nick; they can have a family again. Painfully, Bridget asks what is she going to have? She looks to Stephanie. Steph moves closer and says she will have her father; her family. “Your brother; me, if you want.” Expressing herself with her hands, she continues, “most importantly, you are going to have yourself.” That this was her chance to start a happy, healthy life for herself. Before she did anything else, she was going to have to go home and tell Nick. Bridget almost heaves and turns away and says that she’s going to be sick. Stephanie ushers her to the couch and urges her to lay down. She turns to go to kitchen, probably to bring Bridget some water; suddenly turns and comes back and with concern asks her if she could be pregnant?

Eyes wide as saucers, Bridget has a blank, deer-caught-in-the-headlight look.

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