B&B Thursday Update 8/11/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/11/05


By Wanda
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New day, morning at Big Bear.

Bridget is sleeping on the couch, fully clothed as she jumps out of her sleep; hyperventilating again. She sits up, rubs her eyes; reaches for but turns over a glass of water on nearby table. She seems disgusted; why is she there? But where else was she supposed to go? She pulls the afghan tightly around her, sobs and repeats that Nick is with her mother. She’s jolted when her cell phone rings and she picks it up and sees it is Nick. She lets it ring until it stops and he leaves a message.

Meanwhile at the hospital, the gang is in to see Hope – Thomas, the twins, all giggling and happy. Brooke asks where Bridget is and Nick says he left her a message. She’s probably just home planning a coming-home party for Hope. Oh that means….they all scream - ice cream as the girls tickle Hope. Dr. Sobel comes to tell Hope they will be missing her as she can go home today. He will expect her for a follow-up next week but right now all gold stars. Brooke thanks him and throws a glance Nick’s way. Hope begs to go swimming. Nick shakes his head in disbelief and Brooke looks sheepish. Dr. Sobel says medically there is no reason she can’t, but to be on the safe side, he’d like her to wait until after the follow-up. Hope says she’s not afraid. Nick sits down on the bed and says that’s because she is the bravest little girl he knows. More tickles. Brooke lays her arm on Nicks as they gaze lovingly at each other.

Bridget decides the message might be about Hope so she listens to Nick’s message; that the gang is at the hospital and he spent the night at the hospital with her mom because Hope wouldn’t let him go. Bridget hangs her head in despair. She says, “it was her, it was my mother!” A tear falls as she recalls Nick and her mom and him telling her that nothing bad would ever happen to her again; he meant that with all his heart. She sinks onto the couch, more flashbacks of them at Hope’s bedside, leaning over, touching; clutching each other in happiness. She says he wouldn’t do this to her. She grabs her purse, her shoes on the floor; brushes back her hair with her hands and heads for the door.

Viola, there is Stephanie, saying she saw her car outside, what is she doing here? Bridget asks her the same thing – what is SHE doing here? Stephanie says she just decided to come up and spend some time, and she had no idea she and Nick would be there. If Bridget had called first, Stephanie certainly wouldn’t have come up and ruined their lovely little romantic get-away. Bridget turns back to go inside and Stephanie follows her in. Bridget doesn’t want to talk about why she is there. Stephanie glances at Bridget’s arms and says from the look of things, she was leaving. Bridget says she is not and she’d really like to be alone, so could Stephanie please leave? Stephanie won’t hear of it; she senses something is wrong and she doesn’t think she should leave her there. She asks if something has happened between her and Nick?

The gang leaves; hugs all around while Nick is still charming Hope. Then he turns serious and tells her that she may not remember everything when she got hurt, but it’s his fault that she had to come there. And he wants her to know how sorry he is.

Stephanie tells Bridget that Hope almost drowned and nobody in the family bothered to call her. Bridget asks a rhetorical question – does she blame them? Steph wants to know if her mother will be okay. Bridget says yes, she will be fine. Steph then wants to know why isn’t Bridget at the hospital with her mother? Bridget shoots her a look and gets up. Steph says at a moment like this; her mother shouldn’t be alone. Bridget replies, “alone, as if you give a damn.” Steph surmises that Nick is with her then. Brooke has forgiven him. Bridget pours herself a glass of water and says yeah, she’s forgiven him. Bridget jumps on Stephanie for harping on this. She says it’s really not a big deal; Nick felt guilty; Hope asked him to stay so he spent the night. Steph shrugs and says and Bridget spent the night here? And her fiancée and her mother…..Bridget says she doesn’t need to go there. Steph says they both know the history her mother has with this man; what is she not telling her? Bridget swings on her and tells her she is telling her to shut up; she’s not listening to her anymore. Not after her phony heart attack. She’s NOT manipulating them anymore, especially not her!

Steph emphasizes with her hands – Bridget can be as angry at her as she wants to be. What she has done is NOT important. What is important is that she loves her; she cares about her (and she pokes her in the back with finger); “I know you better than you know yourself. Obviously something is going on. Tell me what’s wrong!”

They see-saw back and forth with little details until Stephanie realizes that the possibility of death brought out the feelings between Nick and her mom; she knows he’s still in love with her. Bridget spits in her face to SHUT UP! She clutches her head. Stephanie calmly tells her she didn’t want to see it before, but she sees it now, doesn’t she? Bridget wipes her nose; straightens her hair back and confesses too calmly that she saw her fiancée and her mother; the way he looked at her and touched her….in a way he’d never looked at her before. She sinks onto the table. Says Hope was there; they weren’t doing anything improper; just looking like a family. ….and she felt like the odd woman out. How else is she supposed to feel thought when the man she is in love with is in love with her mother?

Nick continues that he was supposed to be watching Hope and protecting her and he wasn’t. Brooke tells her she did nothing wrong; it wasn’t her fault. He tells her he looked away and he promises he will never look away again. Hope knows Mommy is sad. Brooke says mommy is not sad; she is grateful to have a little angel in her life. Nick tells her they love her so much; they never want to lose her. Will she forgive him? She says she does. Nick lays down to her level and kisses her and then picks her up and pulls her into his arms and kisses her, promises never to let her down again.

Bridget laments to Steph that Nick promised her that he would always love her and she was stupid enough to believe that. Steph sits down by Bridget and says she knows Nick loves her…..but Bridget finishes, he loves her mother more. Steph tells her make no mistake about it; this is about her mother!. Ridge has rejected her so now she’s starting to make her move on Nick. Bridget gets up and shakes her head, no, her mother has done nothing wrong. Stephanie follows and says she’s seen this before, with Deacon. She didn’t want to believe then that something like this was possible. Stephanie points out it’s Brooke’s pattern; it’s her insecurities. Always thinking there has to be a man, every moment. And the man of the moment right now is Nick.

Bridget jumps up and says it is NOT like that. She knows Steph hates her mom and she’s not going to let her hatred influence her. Her mother would never intentionally hurt her. Stephanie wants to know what’s she talking about – she’s already intentionally hurt her! And now she’s making her moves; she has her sights set on Nick. Bridget fights back – Nick is Brooke’s friend and she needs that right now. Ridge didn’t reject her, he abandoned her. Stephanie warns her if she’s not careful; the same thing is going to happen to her all over again. Bridget spreads her arms wide and says then it is going to be “my fault” Has she ever thought of that, it’s ALWAYS been my fault!.”

If something happens between Nick and her mother; “it’s MY fault. It’s not my mother’s fault; it’s MINE.” (she places her hand across her heart). “I’m the one who gets involved with men who are already in love with my mother. I’m the one who sets myself up time and time again. I’m the one who keeps repeating the pattern. It’s me, not my mom. There’s something just very wrong with me.”

Nicks lays in Hope’s bed, holding her on his lap. She looks back at Nick and asks if Mommy is mad at him. Brooke speaks up and says at first she was, because she’s so precious to her….Nick tells her that Brooke had every right because he did such a bad thing. But, he tells her that Brooke said the same thing Hope had said, that she forgives him…and not everybody could do that….but her mommy was a very special person (all the while he hasn’t taken his eyes off Brooke). Brooke tells her that Uncle Nick didn’t mean for her to get hurt and she knows that. And it’s important to be able to forgive. Out of the blue, Hope says “you love him.” Brooke grins and says they all love Uncle Nick very much. Nick pokes his fingers on both sides of her face and says they all love her very much too. She asks how much? And he grabs her arms and holds them wide to show her how much. She wants to know if it’s all the way around the world? Nick chuckles and says yes, all the way around the world……and back…..and back again (as his eyes lock with Brooke’s).

Bridget repeats something is wrong, but it’s not her mother’s fault. Stephanie stops her in her tracks and points her finger in her face and says yes, it is most definitely her mother’s fault. She knows she has hidden all of that hurt and pain behind that smile. And she had convinced everyone, including herself, that she was capable of forgiving the unforgivable. “Mothers are supposed to protect us; they’re supposed to be our best friends, but that’s not the relationship you have with your mother. Your mother has abused her relationship with you.” Bridget won’t look at Stephanie until now. Bridget says no, no she hasn’t. Stephanie continues that yes she has and Bridget has to face it …she has to deal with it. Her mother has abused her psychologically and emotionally. And like many children who have been abused, she has forgiven the abuser. She grabs her by the arm and turns her around and says that her mother has been pulling this act for so long, she’s pulled her right into it. “You’re abusing yourself. Honey, I think that’s why you are attracted to the men she’s in love with. I think that’s why you have forgiven her, over and over again. You want your mother to love you. If you don’t face this; if you don’t face this truth, I’m really concerned for what’s going to happen to you.” Bridget cries but she’s her mother! And Stephanie says she knows, no one wants to lose their mother. But if it comes down to a choice between her or Bridget’s sanity…..she asks if she wants to be happy. Bridget says of course. Stephanie says then she has to face this and she has to say it. She has to admit that her mother has abused her love for her. Bridget shakes her head and says no, she won’t say that. Stephanie says yes, she will. You know why? Because in her heart she knows that’s the truth. And in her heart, she knows that is the only way she can heal and free herself. “You have to, you HAVE to.” She has to admit it, she has to say it; say what her mother has done to her all these years. Bridges sobs and keep shaking her head no until she breaks down and finally has the courage to say, “my mother has abused my trust (looking now at Stephanie) who finishes, “and you can not allow that to continue, can not accept that anymore.” Bridget sinks down again, clutching her throat. Stephanie sits too while she says she knows Bridget doesn’t want to hear her say this but, she has to see her mother for what and who she really is. And she can not let this continue. She has to say it to herself; she has to admit it; it’s for herself, she has to face it and admit this. (who knew there were so many psychiatrists in this family?)

Agonizingly, Bridget breaks down and says, “damnit, okay, I admit it….. my mother has abused me. She has abused my trust and my love. She has……first with Deacon and now with Nick…and she told me she would never ever do it again. She promised me. Nick promised me.” But she’d seen them, the way they were looking at each other; the way they were holding each other. She clutches her head, “Oh, God, please help me. It’s happening all over again….no, it can’t be happening again. She’s my mother…..she’s my mother! She can’t be doing this again. Please tell me she’s not.”

She sobs and her eyes plead. Stephanie can only stand by helplessly.

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