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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/10/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Tuesday’s episode:

In Hope’s hospital room, as Peeping Bridget is lurking outside the window looking in, Brooke and Nick are wrapped in each other’s arms as they marvel over the great news that Hope is awakening and seems to be okay.

They both chime in that they are proud of her (Hope) and she’s a strong little girl and she’s just going to keep getting better, and better and better. Nick wipes his eyes, leans on Brooke by the bedside. Their faces touch; he looks like he wants to kiss her. Bridget can’t watch any more; she turns away.

Hector returns to the fire station; in time to shake hands with Tom (the Survivor winner) and tell him he thought he’d be heading back to New York by now. Tom tells Hector he was sorry to hear about the near child drowning and Hector fills him in on the results and that she was a child from a family his daughter worked for. While talking, Hector gets a phone call from Eric and tells Tom he better take it. He shakes his hand again and tells him to have a safe trip.

Eric is with Jackie at Jackie M’s and Eric’s actually been calling for Brooke and Hector tells him she probably has her cell phone turned off. But that he’d just left there and Hope was improving. Eric says Brooke shouldn’t be alone right now and Hector tells him that Nick is there with her. Jackie is also relieved to hear the good news. She puts her hand to her face and her first thought is wonder if Nicky knows; he will be so relieved. She is surprised but pleased when she hears he is with Brooke because she has every right to be utterly furious with him. He should have been paying closer attention and she frowns when she thinks what might have happened. Eric clasps her hand and sits next to her and says this family was due some good news. She agrees; they have all been through such a LOT!. He recounts them – canceling Bridget’s wedding; this thing with Hope….and Stephanie’s deception. She puts her hand on his shoulder and says she is sorry, not about Stephanie and exposing her really deplorable actions, but she is sorry for all the pain it’s caused him. He reaches his finger out and touches her and says Stephanie is the one who owes him an apology, not her. He gets up and says she and Brooke opened his eyes. She takes some blame for storming in and stopping the wedding with her revelation. Eric continues that it was Stephanie’s decision to stop the wedding; probably the only good decision she’s made throughout this whole fiasco. Jackie is once more surprised and says she doesn’t understand. She thought he supported the wedding and said that Nicky and Bridget belonged together. He tells her he should have listened to her, about Nick’s and Brooke’s feelings for each other.

Dr. Sobel is heading for Hope’s room again when he spies Bridget peeking in and asks if she’d like to go in now; he’s sure one of them will be coming out. But she declines and says she’ll wait; she also is sure they will be out in a minute. There are smiles all around as Nick and Brooke tell the doctor that Hope remembers getting her hair caught in the drain and she’d smiled at them. The doctor says that is very encouraging and the preliminary MRI tests show no signs of major brain damage. Seizures were still a major concern and they’d continue to monitor her, especially since they would be reducing her anti-convulsions dosage, but all in all, this was very good news. Nicks shakes the doctor’s hand and thanks him, then turns and grabs Brooke into a tight embrace. Even the doctor seems to sense what is going on and says he will give them some privacy and be back in a minute. Still Peeping Bridget lurks.

Nick continues to hold Brooke and utters that he let her and Hope down; he’s sorry. He strokes her hair. Brooke says Hope is all right; all is all right. Nick goes on, “I almost lost both of you….if that happened, it’d be like taking the breath out of me…I’d be dead inside…I know that now…you and this little girl mean everything to me….and I promise you from this day until the day I die…I will be sure that nothing bad happens to you. I mean that with all my heart.” (as he cups her face). Meanwhile Peeping Bridget is now an eavesdropping Bridget as she has the door slightly ajar so she can hear.

The doctor does a quick exam of Hope and tells Brooke and Nick that at this point, he’s very optimistic of the prognosis. Nick shakes his hands again and tells him he has no idea how many prayers he has answered – thanks! Brooke scoots back to her tiny seat on a stool beside Hope and says she really needs to make some phone calls now that Hope is improving. Nick says he can do that for her so she can stay with Hope; he’ll shove off for a few minutes and be right back. He tells Brooke he doesn’t want her to think of anything else, but this sweet little angel.

Nick walks out and is surprised to see the back of Bridget’s head as she sits in the waiting room. She’s rather somber but asks about Hope. He says she’s doing better and that he was on his way to call her. She tells him Hector told her. He shakes his head and says of all the things he has been through in his life; he doesn’t think he’s ever felt like this before. He starts to tell her what originally happened and it reminds Bridget that he WAS there when it happened. Nicks tells her that her mom was very upset; even asked him to leave the hospital and stay away from her and be nowhere near Hope. So he’d gone to the Chapel and she’d found him down there. He has a smile on his face when he recounts that Hope had asked for him. He says, “tragedies like this just break a family apart.” Bridget counters with, “or brings them together.” He tells her he told her mother he’d make some calls for her, so why didn’t Bridget go in now and he’d see her in a while. He pats her on the arm and gives her more or less a fatherly kiss on the cheek. Obviously with her mind in a haze, she half-way nods.

Jackie asks Eric what was it that made him change his mind? It obviously couldn’t have been anything she said. He said he just didn’t see it before, but now he does, as clear as day. Jackie comments that Brooke has got a hold on him too, “doesn’t she, Eric?” He says Brooke is an incredible woman and she finishes, “and definitely hard to get over.” She asks if he is still in love with her? Eric says this is not about him; but about his daughter. He tells her that Bridget has grown up in Brooke’s shadow, always competing, always wondering if she measures up. And what scares him to death is what might happen if she doesn’t face up to Nick’s feelings about Brooke.

Bridget is practically hyperventilating as she goes and leans on a rack of uniforms/lines and says she can’t keep doing this to herself. She puts her hand on her forehead and repeats he is just being protective; he’s worried about Hope; that’s it; that’s all; that’s all. She knows she is over-reacting….she snaps out of it and grins, she knows she is over-reacting….what she saw was (we see flashbacks of Nick and Brooke hugging by Hope’s bed). She tells herself she saw nothing; there is nothing to see; there is nothing going on. She seems relieved that it was just in her head.

Brooke is stroking Hope’s hair as she drifts off when Nick comes back in. He asks has Bridget been in and is surprised when Brooke says no, but she probably had to go do her rounds. Nick doesn’t think that sounds like her during a family emergency. Brooke tells Nick she would have never been able to forgive herself if Hope hadn’t pulled through. He reminds her that he was the one with the guilt, let’s not forget that. She lets him off by saying it wasn’t all his fault. She walks away and Nick follows and says he was the one who was watching Hope; so for Brooke not to blame herself. But Brooke also goes on that he saved her life by giving her CPR. Brooke says she doesn’t want to asign blame; her little girl is all right, that’s all that really matters. She just wants to get her home and focus on the future. “Can we do that?” He takes her hands and clasps them tightly in his….while gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. Peeping Bridget is once more back looking in. She holds her stomach, walks a few steps, leaning against the corridor wall, eyes brimming with tears, face sweating, repeating that “he loves me, he loves me….……he proposed to me.” (we see flashbacks).

Eric tells Jackie he can’t get out of this Chicago trip but he’s going to ask her to keep an eye out on Bridget for him. He tells her Brooke will be pre-occupied with Hope and God knows he’s not going to ask Stephanie to do it. He says Dante is very close to her, but he doesn’t know him well enough to depend on him. Jackie has doubts because it is her son that is causing all of these problems. Eric denies it saying that the problems between Bridget and her mom were going on long before she and Nick came to Los Angeles. If anybody was to blame, he was. Now she denies that. He goes on that it was he that asked her to forgive her mother for the affair with Deacon. (yeah, Eric, where was your concern for your delicate little flower then?) He should have been more protective of his little girl; instead he let his feelings for Brooke get in the way. Jackie sympathizes that he was just trying to keep his family together. He says no, he just wanted to be sure Brooke was okay. And he thinks that is what her son is doing too. And he’s not thinking how his actions will affect Bridget right now. Jackie says Nick feels guilty about Hope’s accident; he NEEDS to be at the hospital. Eric disagrees, Nick WANTS to be with Brooke. He wants to be her knight in shining armor. “I know the impulse, Jackie, better than you think…..unfortunately, so does Bridget.” He knows if she loses another man to her mother; it might send her right over the edge.

In Hope’s room, she is giggling as Brooke is on one side and Nick on the other, with this big furry toy monkey held up to his face nibbling and playing and making funny noises to Hope. Brooke doesn’t want to overdo it, but Nick thinks it’s good that she is that alert. He asks her to count and she does count to ten. Brooke is ecstatic and Nick rubs her forehead and says that was perfect. He gives her a big kiss while on the other side, Brooke does the same – their faces only inches apart. Peeping Bridget is still looking in; no one has ever seen her. She can barely hold herself up to walk away; she clasps her head in her hands and keep hearing Eric’s voice….then Jackie’s….then flashbacks of Nick telling Brooke he will always love her….still does….and the two of them laying together in Hope’s bed like one big happy family……She sees another flashback, one with Nick proposing to her and telling HER that he will love her forever….forever…..forever…..

She doesn’t want to look but she can’t resist….she takes one last peek…..more flashbacks…..more voices “are you sure?” She clutches her stomach; her head again to drown out the voices…… she’s almost heaving by now.

The program ends with a PSA by Lorenzo Lamas (Hector) and Tom that drowning is the leading cause of accidents for children from 1-4. Learn about important water safety tips for all kids from safekids.org.

You could save a life!

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