B&B Tuesday Update 8/9/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/9/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day continuation of Monday's episode:

At hospital, Brooke is sitting by and leaning over Hope and holding her hands. She is hopeful when Hope’s eyes flutter a little. She continually talks to her; even telling her that Hector is there and he saved her life. Hector reminds her that Nick saved her life.

Meanwhile in the Chapel, Nick is sitting quietly, looking all around, making an attempt to pray. “I don’t know if you’re listening…….but, I hope you hear me. ….I’m not much of a praying man. I don’t like asking for things either…….but I have to live with what I did. Hope shouldn’t have to. (We see a glimpse of the cross on the altar).

In an office at the hospital, Eric knocks on the door and goes on in. He tells Bridget the nurse said she would be in there. He’s so proud of her back at her studies. She puts her hand on his cheek and says she is glad something makes him happy right now. They hug. And she continues as she flips through a medical book that she thought by pursuing her studies, maybe she would have realized Stephanie’s heart attack was phony. Eric doesn’t want her to be bothered with that; she has enough on her plate, not to worry about Stephanie, him or her mother……or her (Bridget) wedding. Eric continues that she’s busy enough around here, no need to rush into that. Bridget says they have been trying to get married for months; she wouldn’t call that rushing. He says she needs to take a breather and put her energies somewhere else. Bridget says she feels her mother has been going through a lot and she needs support from someone.

He segues way that he wants to tell her something before she hears it from someone else. “I’ve proposed to your mother.” Bridget looks up, absolutely wide-eyed in disbelief and even reminds him he’s still married to Stephanie. He replies that not for long. Bridget is thrilled that her mom and dad would be getting back together, but can’t believe it; just a few days ago Brooke was talking about getting back together with Ridge. Eric states that Brooke has given that up. Bridget asks if Brooke said yes? Eric folds his arms and says no, she turned him down. But, whether she wants to admit it or not, Brooke needs a man in her life and he was hoping it would be him, “for her sake…..and for yours.” Bridget says this has nothing to do with her, but Eric offers that it does. He knows what it would do to her if Brooke ended up with Nick.

Brooke tells the doctor that Hope said Ma, but she didn’t open her eyes. She did respond thought, Hector heard it too, and the doctor thinks that is a positive sign. He suggests more tests, an M. R. I., so if there are any changes, they will know exactly what is going on. He says he’d like to examine her again before he takes her back to Radiology. Brooke explains to Hope they are going to check on her and she releases her hand. As the doctor examines Hope, Brooke corners Hector and questions him about what he said before, that Nick saved her life. Brooke says Nick is responsible; he’s the reason Hope is in here. Hector agrees that he never should have taken his eyes off of her, but if Nick didn’t know how to perform CPR on a child, she probably would have died before the ambulance even got there.

Bridget is exasperated and says she thought they had gotten past this. Eric says they can’t move past it until she deals with it. She doesn’t know what they have to deal with; Nick is completely committed to her, and Eric WAS supporting them. He reminds her that his situation with Stephanie sort of changed his perspective. Bridget gives a big sigh. He goes on that as long as he’s being honest about himself and his relationship with Stephanie and his whole commitment to her, he realizes that he has never really gotten over Brooke, “and no man ever really does.” She looks him right in the eye and says Nick did. Eric shakes his head no. She wonders why is he doing this? He tells her he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but she says he’s hurting her now, stirring up her insecurities and making her doubt her fiancée. He shakes it off and says he debated whether to bring this up with her as he knew how she’d react….but, he wants her to face reality here. She throws her hands up and says, “Daddy, I am SO over competing with Brooke!” Eric tells her this isn’t just about her mother…..Hope has a very strong hold on Nick too.

The doctor tells Brooke that Hope’s vitals are stable; she still has some congestion in her lungs but she’s breathing on her own. Right now there main concern is brain damage but there is every indication if there is, it may not be major. Brooke is pleased and the doctor goes to check on Radiology and makes sure everything is set. Brooke takes back up her seat beside Hope and assures her that everything is going to be okay.

Hector tells Hope to hang in there; they are here for her. Hope speaks Nick’s name. Hector sits at the foot of Hope’s bed and tells Brooke that he knows she is angry with Nick…and she had every right to be. He let her play in the spa unattended and she almost drowned. She asks if he’s telling her to let Nick know she’s improving? He says it’s not his place to tell her what to do. But it is in his experience to tell her that in an accident like this, no one feels worse than the person responsible. She considers it, but tells Hector that she asked Nick to leave. Hector says well Nick didn’t leave the hospital; he’s in the Chapel.

Nick is continuing to pray amid sobs and says he can’t fool him; he knows he doesn’t make them like this little Princess. “She’s just so sweet….perfect…..she’s the light of everybody’s world…..and more than anything in this world, I’ll do ANYTHING not to change that.”

We see snippets in his imagination of Hope doing her little Hula dance; his playing the guitar for her, letting her dance on his toes, squirting whipped crème on himself; her running into his arms, him reading her a book, tucking her in bed, giggling and cuddling. Nick breaks down completely; covering his face with his hands, slicking back his hair, and crying out to please bring her back. He’ll do ANYTHING. Brooke opens the door and hears this.

Bridget touches and fidgets with the star necklace that Nick gave her. Eric continues that Nick loves Hope as if she were his own daughter. Bridget reminds Eric that Nick doesn’t have to stop loving Hope just because he marries her. Eric says they were like a family, but Bridget disagrees; Nick never married her mother. He says only because she hadn’t given up on Ridge, but now she has. Bridget exclaims good for her; if she wants to move on with her life without Ridge, she’s excited for her but, it had NOTHING to do with her. And she wasn’t going to let Eric or anyone else make her feel insecure about that. She shouts that she thinks she knows her fiancée a little better than him. Eric shouts back that he thought he knew Stephanie too. Bridget takes a big breath, let’s it out and says, “okay, Dad, I know you’re feeling betrayed and you’re having trouble trusting right now, but you can believe ME…..and I’m telling you – nothing like this is going to happen to me.” He keeps on that it could and it can. And it’s not because Nick doesn’t love her; of course he loves her, but she’s heard him say herself that the happiest time of his life was when he was planning a future with Brooke and helping raise Hope and when they were waiting for the birth of that baby. She says R.J. is Ridge’s son. Eric points his finger at her and says yes, and that is the ONLY reason that Brooke and Nick are not together today. She screams how could he say that? He grabs her by the shoulders and tells her, “listen to me, honey, listen to me. You’ve got to face this. Brooke has spent years of her life pursuing a man who wasn’t committed to her. I can not stand by and let that happen to you.” Bridget grits her teeth, almost screams, closes her ears with both hands, doesn’t want to hear any more. Eric continues while shaking her that yes she is going to listen; he wants to HELP her. She breaks away and says if this is his idea of help, then she doesn’t want it. He grabs her from behind and hugs her tightly as she cries. He tells her she deserves a man who is completely committed to her; she deserves that. Does she really believe that is Nick? She utters yes, but Eric doesn’t believe it. He knows he’s seen it and Bridget too; how committed he is to Brooke and those children. He’s so committed; he’s like a father to them. Bridget says she has dealt with that. Eric says that Nick hasn’t. That’s a bond that is so strong; it can’t be broken. Once more, Bridget breaks away and says to stop it! She glares as she says, “Nick loves ME!”

Brooke walks closer to Nick as he continues to pray that he loves that little girl so much; with all his heart. He’s not even asking for forgiveness; he just doesn’t want her to suffer because of his mistake…or her mother to suffer because of his mistake…..so he was asking to dig down deep and bring that little girl back….”because it’s not her time to go; it’s NOT her time to go!”

Brooke listens intently and hates to intrude, but finally calls his name. He almost jumps out of his skin standing up and turning around and asks if anything has happened. She says Hope is asking for him. His chin quivers as he asks if she is awake? Brooke says her eyes aren’t open yet, but she is improving. The doctors are taking her for more tests and they’ll know soon. He thanks her for telling him. He seems surprised that she is asking for him. Brooke says he should be there when she comes back in her room. He steadies his resolve and states that he wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Bridget and Eric continue their little skirmish. She says he is her father; he’s supposed to support her. He replies that she is making a MISTAKE. She hits back that does he think no man could love her more than he loves her mother? He tells her he hates hurting her this way, but it’s the only way he can protect her. Bridges rails that she doesn’t need his protection….not from her mother!…..or from Nick. Eric says they aren’t going to betray her intentionally; they care too much about her. But her mother doesn’t control the effect she has on the men in her life……the hold she has on them. Bridget smirks that Brooke didn’t have that hold on Ridge. And she’s not going to let Eric poison her relationship with his suspicions and doubts. “I won’t let you do that to my mother. I won’t let you do that to Nick and I sure as Hell won’t let you do that to ME.” He protests but she puts her hand up to stop him; he walks out with her crying.

She wipes her eyes and straightens back her hair. At that moment, Hector comes in and says he has been leaving messages and looking for her. He fills her in on Hope’s accident; that she is now unconscious but in M. R.I. but, she was responding more and holding on. Bridget is devastated; asks questions but is somewhat re-assured by what Hector tells her. She wants to see Hope.

Brooke and Nick return to Hope’s room and Brooke leans over and tells Hope that Uncle Nick is there and she knows she wanted to see him. She moves and lets Nick sit by Hope. He says, “Hi Angel” and that her mother said she is getting better and he’s real glad about that. He tells her he’s been praying for her and then he breaks down as he sobs into her hands that he let her down….in the worst way…..and he’ll never do that again. He vows he will always be there for her…..forever. Hope opens her eyes and Brooke has to point it out to him. Hope even speaks; says something about her hair. Nick reaches for her little hands and says yes, her hair got stuck; it must have been very scary but, she was okay now. She was going to be okay.

Brooke rushes to Hope’s room. Dr. Sobel is on the outside and says she can't go in right now; only two members at a time. She peers through the window and sees the happy reunion. Brooke has her hands on Nick's shoulders and says that her little girl is going to be all right. Nick stands and turns around and tells Brooke again that he is so sorry; his mistakes could have cost her and she's sooooooo sorry. He touches her; she cups his face with her hands and says she forgives him; she forgives him. He cries out as he grabs her and hugs her while thanking her over and over.

He literally has a meltdown in her arms. Bridget sees this, misinterprets and cringes unseen from the other side of the window.

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