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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/4/05


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Same morning continuation of Wednesday’s episode:

At Brooke's mansion; backyard Jacuzzi; Nick sees Hope’s feet sticking above water with nothing else in sight. He grabs them; pulls but while he can’t see it, her hair is stuck in the grate (drain) at the bottom of Jacuzzi. He jerks but she's not budging so he pulls himself in to release her.

At the Tridge Mansion, Agent Dunn stands with Taylor, Thomas and Gaby. Thomas has his arm affectionately around Gaby as Agent Dunn says so now they are living there with his parents. Is that what they want him to believe? The same parents that didn’t even know they got married? Thomas says actually he blew the surprise before they could tell them. Dunn pulls no punches; he says this is the way it looks to him. Either, he really got caught up in something or this young lady really had a hold on him. Either way, if he married her just to help her get a green card…..Thomas says that’s a serious crime; yeah, he gets that. But that he and Gaby love each other. Dunn says they better because in order for Gabrielle to become legal, they have to stay married for two years….all the while the Immigration Department monitors them to be sure this union isn’t fraudulent. He looks at Taylor and says – of course if his folks want him to do the right thing? And she replies yes, she would like to think that her son was raised in the right way. He slips past and picks up some just put-out photographs and recites some of the history of Helen; almost like one of the family and knows the Forresters would like to help but breaking the law would not do that. He wants to be sure she knows that. She speaks up and says she knows what is at stake. He replies what the kids are doing is illegal. And if she goes along with it; she’s breaking the law too….and there is a whole world of consequences associated with that. He looks her squarely in the eyes and says she has a chance right now to fix this; by telling him the truth. Gaby starts to speak up but Thomas pulls her back. Finally Taylor says – for the record, she believes in telling the truth. She believes in honesty, even if it means some negative consequences. She steps closer to Agent Dunn and says she can see where he might be suspicious, in light of the way she re-acted when he first told them. She was suspicious herself; and upset that he didn’t first tell his mother and father….and she’s still very upset at his choices but…..she could assure him the private little wedding they had in Vegas was legitimate. “Gaby is part of our family now and I really don’t think this is any of the government’s business.” He asks does her husband feel the same way? She replies that he is out of town on business, and if that is all, she will show him to the door. He smiles, sure, as long as it is the door to the newlywed’s bedroom. He wants to be sure her daughter-in-law is all settled in.

Nick has to come to the surface to open a pocketknife that was in his pocket. He goes back down and manages to cut a long strand of hairs that is sucked into the drain and keeping Hope from escaping.

He pulls her up and to the surface and pulls the goggles off of her and cradles her in his arms until he can climb out of the Jacuzzi and lay her gently on the ground. He immediately starts CPR and in between hollers for Brooke or anyone around. Several more times and finally Hope gurgles some water out of her mouth. He tells her good, keep breathing as he grabs the phone and calls 911 for emergency, a near child’s drowning – 200 North Beston Place “hurry, please!”

He scoops her up and takes her inside the living room. We see a lone water wing in the pool and the thermostat dial/control moving when it probably shouldn’t be. Hector and another paramedic are there within minutes and Hope is on a gurney/stretcher as Hector examines her and asks how long she was under water. Nick thinks only a minute or two but he can’t be sure. They put an oxygen mask on her and she starts seizing. Time is of the essence and Hector and pal whisk her away with Nick right behind calling her honey, hang on.

Thomas shows Agent Dunn his room with Taylor telling him he really has no right to be in there. (isn’t she being a little indignant here when they are not telling the entire truth? Let him conduct his little investigation and then leave). Agent Dunn asks Thomas if this is where he and his wife sleep and he nods yes. Dunn turns to Taylor and says then he has every right to inspect it. He searches through drawers and finally finds a bra. Taylor asks if he is satisfied? He remarks, “far from it, but if I prove this marriage is a sham, you’ll all be in a lot of trouble….including you, Doctor. I’ll show myself out.” Taylor closes the door as fast as she can; they smile and Thomas tells her she was awesome. She finds it hard to believe herself. (oh, what a tangled web we weave when…….)

Brooke, holding R.J. walks into the living room with Katherine and they discuss him falling asleep in the car so Katherine offers to put him down for a nap. Brooke says good, she can spend more time with Hope as she gets nervous sometimes when she leaves.

She puts her purse down and walks to the patio door and calls for Hope; that she is home. She isn’t looking in the direction of the water wing which is now on the floor. The siren is blaring and the ambulance racing as Hector and pal work on Hope. Nick is about to panic as he hears medical words; medication, cerebral and he thinks brain damage, etc.

Brooke wanders outside and looks around calling out for Hope; Dante; Nick, anyone. She almost stumbles over something in a puddle of water; she picks it up; it’s Nick’s cell phone. Suddenly a little light bulb goes off and she glances at the pool and see a lone water wing floating.

Thomas tells Taylor he is sorry that he put her in that position. She says he should be because what she just did was definitely against her better judgment. She tells him lying is never good. She looks at Gaby and says she knows her mother wanted her to have a good education, and she wants that for her too, but despite what she just led Agent Dunn to believe, “this is not a real marriage!” She goes on to tell them both she knows they care for each other but she has two impressionable teenage girls living there and she doesn’t want them to get the wrong impression. Absolutely – NO SEX! She didn’t want him to think that was ok in this house. Thomas shoots her one of those, ‘jeeze mother looks.’ Gaby speaks up and says they haven’t and Taylor says good, she wants it to stay that way. As long as they are under her roof; that’s the way she wants it…..and if she gets the slightest hint they are breaking the rules; she will have to leave.

Brooke looks into the pool and we see her reflection as she picks up the water wing; calling Hope’s name in a panic. Meanwhile, the ambulance pulls into the Medical Center. Nick is waltzing right into the room with her until a Doctor pulls him away and asks if he is family. Nick says no, but he was with her when the accident happened.

The doctor says they will do all they can for her and Hector has to literally pull him away. He berates himself with a four year old kid in a spa and he looked away.

Brooke panics as she and Katherine search each room of the house and she says outloud, “Hope, where are you?”

Alone, Gaby tells Thomas if they break the rules – it’s over. He seems amused and comes closer and asks if Taylor is here; is his sisters here? And didn’t they say no public signs of affection. Does she call his bedroom public? She says no; and he thinks that solves their little problem. He kisses her and she returns it.

Brooke is panicking by now with Katherine trying to tell her maybe Dante took them for a ride. Brooke says, he doesn’t even have a car and Nick’s car is still there. Then she looks down and spots the other water wing on the rug; picks it up and says, “oh, my God”.

Nick is pacing but is called to Hope’s room; he runs. He looks in on her tiny little helpless body but it’s breathing more evenly now. He spies the Doctor in the corner and asks how is she. He says she’s stable; no water in the lungs for now but they’ll need to watch her for secondary drowning. Her lungs can become flooded with pulmonary fluid in, much like pneumonia - anywhere from 1-48 hours after they seem to recover. He tells Nick he probably saved her life and that she is breathing good and the oxygen level in her blood is good so she probably won’t go into cardiac arrest. Nicks asks when will she regain consciousness and the Doctor says he can’t be sure; he wishs he could be more definitive.

He needs to know what happened. In agony, Nick fills him in; how he only looked away for a minute. The Doctor tells him he’s going to give him some information; some hard to take. Brain damage is the most common complication in near-drowning victims. Then death and persistent vegetative state are highly likely when the patient arrives comatose. However, early rescue within five minutes of submersion and immediate CPR can make a difference. He was there; got her breathing and she could wake up tomorrow and wonder why she is even there. It’s possible. He had no guarantees, but says she has a lot going for her. Nick walks around to her bedside, sits and covers his face with both hands as he bemoans to Hope how she wanted him to watch her and he took his eyes off for a moment. He starts to sob until the nurse brings in the ct scan and he rushes to the doctor to see the results.

Katherine tries to soothe Brooke as she relays where she found the various pieces of equipment and wonders what happened. The phone rings and Brooke gets it. It’s Nick and she asks where is he? He gulps, at the hospital. And where is Hope? Nick can’t talk.

Brooke repeats, “just tell me my little girl is okay……just tell me Hope is okay…... Just tell me that. That my daughter’s all right”.

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