B&B Wednesday Update 8/3/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/3/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Brooke's Mansion, continuation of Tuesday's episode:

Brooke is sitting knee to knee with Eric and he's holding her hands in his and says, "marry you?" in an amusing way. He asks if that sounds crazy to her? He says he is surprised at himself for saying it, but they were happy when they were married and he swears they can be happy like that again. And he'd make it his mission to put a smile on that beautiful face of hers......and the face of the children....if she'd let him. Will she let him?

Mr. Cool (Nick in shades, shorts) is in an agitated state as he and Bridget walk out around the pool. He's discussing Stephanie and what she'd done and he just doesn't get it! He gestures this borders on crazy; bribing a doctor with a million dollars. Bridget partly defends by saying Stephanie was desperate but Nick continues that Mark took the cash. Bridget says he gave it back (that was awfully quick since this revelation was only last night). And that he knows what a huge mistake he's made.

Nick rails does that mean all is forgiven? She stammers no, but....and....he says then don't expect him to feel sorry for either one of them and he asks just how many times can they keep piecing this wedding back together? She asks what happened to finding the silver lining? He jerks around and says there isn't one; he's had it with her family. "Getting married shouldn't be this hard." She shoots him a look.

Thomas walks gingerly into his room carrying Gaby's suitcase with her close behind, begging him to give it back to her. He throws the bag on the bed while she says she's going to Phoenix; she has cousins there she can stay with. And he reminds her angrily that she's never even met any of them and what can they do for her? They'd be harboring a fugitive. She sits on the bed and says look what she'd done to him and his parents; she's taken too much from him. He sits on the other side and smiles that she is giving more than she's taking. She smiles and he continues that she has no idea how much that smile means to him. He unzips the bag and she asks what is he doing.

He replies, "you're my wife and you're moving in with me." He takes some clothes and goes to put them in a drawer.

Ridge stands looking blankly at Taylor, "you want me to leave?" She turns away. He continues, "Doc, this is our home." She replies that no, no it's not.

Not until she knows with all her heart that she has him completely, she can't live like this. She says she knows he loves her; she's not questioning that love....but the fact is.... he is still vulnerable to Brooke, especially now that she has been so hurt by his mother. Taylor says she feels like she has to share her husband with another woman. She finishes, "and as long as there are three people in this marriage, I can NOT be a part of it."

Brooke tells Eric it would be easy for her to place herself in his hands right now because he's always been there for her; supporting her, defending her and she loves him for that. He utters, "the best times in my life have been with you." She looks him in the eye and says she will always cherish their friendship, "always cherish you." He sees the answer coming and says, "but you can't marry me?" She tells him he's re-acting to what Stephanie did and he replies, "you think?" With tears welling up, he says she feels things so deeply and she loves so completely and he so much needs a taste of that in his life. She tells him that will happen; it will. He deserves to be loved; to be cherished and appreciated. She tells him right now she needs to make it by herself; to stand up on her own; "I'm through depending on men for my happiness."

Nick sits but continues that he likes to think of himself as patient as the next guy, but they had tried to get married twice now. She interjects more like three if you count Vegas. He tells her, "Stephanie is to blame; Taylor is to blame; who's not to blame?" She sits beside him and puts her hand on his knee and says she wants to get married as much as he does, but she can't pretend that her family is not going through this crazy trauma. He jumps up and says he's sorry, but he doesn't give a damn about her family. They're the ones who's pulling them apart. "It's got to stop; it's driving me crazy; it's got to stop NOW." (as he points for emphasis).

As he turns around to say that, he notices Dante and Hope at the other end of the pool just sitting down on the edge. Nick pulls off his sunshades in disbelief. He asks Bridget what's HE doing here? Very non-chalantly she replies that he's staying there now. Nick, "here? Since when?" She looks apologetically and says since she invited him to.

Brooke gets up and Eric follows and says he's impressed, that she wants to be her own person; to have her own purpose in life, he's impressed (he really must be, he says the word three times). He says he will be disppointed, but he is impressed. She is glad he understands and she still needs to be close to him. He says that will never change....but if it is purpose in her life she needs, then look no farther than Forrester Creations........"I want you more involved in the business. You've been in the background far too long; I want you working beside me. I want you running the company with me...as co-CEO. What'd say?" Her eyebrows raise as she smiles and turns. (yeah, this makes perfect sense and will be just ducky with Ridge there too).

She shrugs and giggles, "co-CEO", she doesn't know what to say. Eric says he will take yes as an answer. She comments they will be a team again and he says yes, they'd probably see more of each other than if they were married. He moves toward her, puts his hands on her shoulders, ever hopeful he says he wants her back in his life again. They will spend a lot of time together and in the end, who knows, she might end up proposing to him! He asks again, what does she say? She cups his face and says he is a wonderful man....she'll do it. He says, "good, consider it done....... partner. " She repeats, "partner". They hug.

Ridge stands and says when they re-newed their vows, he meant it. Taylor says then start acting like it. That he needed to realize what they had together. He asks, "forget about what Brooke and I had?" (well, yeah, duh! You can't have two marriages). She's sympathetic and says she knows he will always share something special with Brooke.....because of their son, but they have children too. And he has been a wonderful father to ALL of them, but she needs to know that she has him completely, with all his heart.......so that's why she thinks he needs to take this time when he goes to New York (boy did this come out of the blue) for the fashion forum, he needed to think about their life together.

While he's pondering, she says she's already packed his bag and called a car for him (hey, he just got back into the house after being gone all night!)

He finally finds his tongue and says he can't go right now. Not with this mess that Thomas is in. The marriage has to be annulled NOW. This is not the right choice for him; not that he doesn't care for Gaby and knows what Thomas is trying to do for her, but he just can't go based on all the stuff that is happening to them right now. Taylor says for him to please, don't worry about it. She will handle everything with Thomas but he still needed to do this "for us. It's important to us..... I need this too, Ridge. And maybe when you come back, we can have the life we were meant to have." Without any more adieu, she goes and retrieves the pull-on bag just by the alcove. She senses his hesitation as he blows air out of his lungs and says for him to please not make this any harder than it is already.

He says her name and hugs her briefly, then pulls away. She tells him that she loves him and he says he loves her too, cupping her face, then takes the bags and walks out the door. Only one backward glance as he seems resolved in what he must do. Taylor holds her forehead, probably to stifle a headache coming on and cries.

Nick finds it hard to believe that she invited Dante to live there. She counters that if he'd just take a minute to get to know him........plus her dad needs the beach house right now. He flips well hasn't Da Vinci ever heard of a hotel.... or that country called Italy? She tries to smooth it that he's exhibiting here right now. Nick counters with no, he's here because of his old man's rich friends. "there's no way he's staying here, no way!" She thinks that should be up to her mother. Nick offers that he thinks her mother is very vulnerable right now. He grits his teeth as he looks over at Dante and Hope and says he doesn't like that. And besides, Dante badmouths Nick to her. She denies it, but Nick repeats it again that yes he does. She says she wouldn't stand for that. She warns him that Dante is her friend and she'd appreciate it if he'd just BE NICE! He tries to stiffen his upper lip as she says she has to leave to go check with Dr. Bricker on her internship, will he be all right? They will finish their conversation later.

Brooke walks out and Nick and Bridget go to greet her. Hope wants her to swim and Brooke says she will just as soon as she picks up her brother. He's at a play date. Dante assures her that he's got it covered. Nick speaks up and says he's got it covered. Dante says, "see, two men want to be with Hope. Such is her fate." Nick repeats again he has it handled and she thanks him. She leaves strict instructions that if Hope goes in the Jacuzzi, that the temperature should be like bath water, and water wings are not the same as life jackets, etc. He says again he's got it handled. Bridget tells her she will walk out with her and she kisses Nick while Dante glares disapprovingly. He and Nick exchange glances; almost like sizing each other up for a duel.

Thomas starts putting family photos out and Gaby know his dad will freak. She thinks he needs to talk to his family. He says there is no time; Agent Dunn is coming now. She is frantic, but he says his mom will convince Dunn they have a fighting chance.

Taylor hears this and wants to know details. She stares with open mouth when he says Dunn is on his way over and they need her to convince him that Gaby is living there and that their marriage is real.

Nick helps Hope with her equipment and shoots daggers at Dante and asks what he is doing here? He answers back that he's living there; didn't Bridget tell him?

Nick gets her waterwings on and her goggles and puts her in the Jacuzzi and tells her to be careful as it's slippery down there. All the while, smiling at Hope and saying he will watch, but still throwing darts Dante's way. She puts her face in the water while Nick beams. He glances at Dante across the pool and asks again why is he there? Would it have anything to do with what the Forrester's are worth? Dante says he knows what Bridget is worth; he's not sure Nick does! He snarls, "hey, I don't defend myself to liars!"

Hope goes down for another time smiling, and comes up saying it was 5 seconds. Nick praises his pretty little mermaid. Hope says she is going down longer this time. Nick stands and tells Dante, "you're a piece of work, you know that? The way you sell yourself to my old man's friends. And the dialogue to my fiancée. You're a troublemaker.......you want to cause trouble.... for Bridget and me." Dante flashes the dimples and says yeah he would see it that way. But Nick says he can't deny it, can he? Meanwhile we still see Hope above water; then disappearing a little below.

Dante says Nick is the one in denial; another man with a thing for Bridget's mother. Nick emphatically tells him that Brooke is a friend of his; only a friend. Dante counters that Bridget is a friend of his so Nick can watch out for his friends and he will protect his.

Hope comes up again and asks Nick if he saw that? Unfortunately thought he tells her he is right there watching; his eyes never stray from Dante's glaring back across the Jacuzzi.

Taylor says no, absolutely not, that is out of the question. But Thomas says if Agent Dunn doesn't believe Gaby lives there, she will be deported. She says she appreciate his commitment to Gaby, as much as he wants to help her....and they all do....he can't just decide this is the way life is, the way it should be. Life doesn't work like that. He says yes it does, if it's right, he will fight for it. She throws out her hands and asks just exactly what did he want her to say to Agent Dunn? He replies to just tell him she had her questions too, but now you know it's real and that she supports it. Wide-eyed, she says, "in other words, you want me to lie?........ I don't lie.... I don't do that......ever, you know how I feel about that." He counters that if bending the truth is helping Helen's (Gaby's dead mother) dreams for Gaby comes true, then they have to do it.

Taylor shakes her head; the doorbell rings. It's Agent Dunn and he's glad everyone is there. they walk on into the room. Thomas puts his arms around Gaby and says of course, he and his wife live there. Agent Dunn looks at Taylor and says, "really, is that true?, Mrs. Forrester."

Nick glances at Hope, trying to smile but glares at Dante that none of this is any of his business. Dante smarts that just how many times has he tried to get married?....and he's still not married. Maybe he should listen to that little voice in his head that is screaming that he's still in love with Brooke and her children. And he doesn't want Bridget to get hurt again. Nick retorts that maybe if he'd stay away from her, she won't be.

Hope goes down again, deeper this time and her waterwings come off, floating on top of the water. She's at the bottom, her feet poking upward. We see her hair sucked into the drain on the bottom.

Dante tells Nick that he's not going anywhere....unless Brooke wants him to, and she doesn't. He'll be back in a bit....gotta burn some steam.

Nicks turns around and looks over at the pool with only Hope's little feet pointing skyward as he yells her name in horror.

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