B&B Monday Update 8/1/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/1/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Brooke's mansion; same night continuation: Brooke sits on the couch with Ridge on the coffee table in front of her. She's clasping all their hands together and saying he has cut his mother out of his life so nothing, not even Stephanie can keep them apart now. With a hopeful look, she hugs him.

At the Forrester Mansion; Stephanie is standing before the roaring fire in fireplace and looking around the room, reflecting that she has lost everything. She hears Ridge's voice that he's no longer her son; he's cutting the cancer out of his life, FOREVER, FOREVER, FOREVER. FOREVER, FOREVER. She winces and pours herself some champagne, she drinks the glass in one gulp. She keeps repeating her husband, her son, she's lost them all. Everyone's gone and all she wanted to do was protect them; she guesses she didn't do a very good job of that. She pours another and wonders, "God, why?"

At The Tridge Mansion, Thomas enters the room as Taylor is dabbing her eyes. She asks if his dad is home and he says no; he's been trying to call him. He thinks she's upset about his grandmother but Taylor tells her his grandmother didn't have a heart attack. She'd staged it. Taylor tells him that Stephanie wanted her and his father to be together so badly that she was willing to do anything to make that happen.

Brooke continues she knows this is not an easy decision for him. She says they have two children here and three with Taylor and she knows he doesn't want to put the children through any more; neither does she. But they are old enough to know you can't base a commitment on a lie. Ridge mutters Thomas and the girls were so excited when they'd renewed their vows. Brooke reminds him that it wasn't his choice; Stephanie had orchestrated the whole thing.

Ridge reminds her that he said the words. She asks if he would he have made the same decision if he knew Steph wasn't dying? They were at the beach house the night she had her attack; spending time together and getting closer than they'd been in a long time and Stephanie knew that. She knew what way he was leaning; she sensed that. Ridge comments that everything after she collapsed that night seems like a blur. Brooke sympathizes that he wasn't thinking straight, but he is now. He can look at this now with his own heart and his own mind; "your own eyes, no deceptions."

She asks him to tell her what's in his heart. Is he ready to put the last few months behind them? All the pain, the misunderstandings. Is he ready? And if he is, they need to make a commitment to themselves....and their family. "I'm ready to do that; are you? Is your future with me and our family? Please tell me that it is."

Gaby comes into the room while Steph is sitting dejectedly on the couch, with drink in hand. Steph doesn't even hear her when she calls out her name. She asks if the minister came back and finished the ceremony. Steph says no; Gaby says she's sorry and Steph laughs and says not as sorry as she is. She wishes the whole evening had never happened. Gaby tells her it's not a total loss; they can save the flowers until tomorrow and call everyone back. Steph shakes her head and says no, no one is coming back. No one is ever coming back.......not tomorrow....not next week....not ever!

Thomas is shocked when he hears his grandmother's heart attack was all an act. Taylor say she can't explain it; it was indefensible to put this family through another crisis; it was incredibly cruel; especially to his father. He says they must find him; he must be furious. Taylor cries the last time she saw him he was with Brooke.

Brooke is trying to coax the words out of Ridge's mouth. She wants him to say it; that his future is with her. That is the way he feels, isn't it? He looks but says nothing. She continues; the most important question of their lives and he's just standing there. He finally asks why is she putting him on the spot right now? (maybe because this moment is back to square one and it's taking him months??). He says it's a complicated situation, more now then ever. But she disagrees, it was complicated when his mother was involved but now it's simple, he either wants to be with her or not. What does he want; or does he even know? He retorts that's it's been a very emotional day and he doesn't feel like doing this right now.

She sinks down on the couch and says, "Oh My God, you can't do it. You can't make a commitment." He sits too and says he hasn't said one way or the other. She says that's the problem; he always does it and she always lets him, over and over again. She jumps up and tells him she has done it to herself again. Pinned all her hopes and dreams on him, their destiny, their future. He tells her he's not saying he doesn't want her, he does. Then she begs for him to make a commitment to her; their family must be #1 priority with him. Long silence as she sees it isn't.........maybe it's never been. And she doesn't want him calling her Logan any more; she's NOT his Logan anymore. She's second choice and my God she can't believe she has done this again; wasted her life with him. She stalks off and all he can do is follow with his eyes.

Steph looks at Gaby and says her family left her, " my husband is gone and is not coming back. I've ruined their lives. I ruined yours too; theirs and mine." Gaby denies it but Steph says, "yes, yes, yes, yes. Just ask them, they'll tell you. They hate me." She finishes her drink and asks Gaby for another. Get her something to drink too and they'll celebrate......"we'll celebrate the end of my life as I know it." Gaby doesn't want to but Steph urges her to do so.

Thomas is furious that Steph manipulated them into taking their vows. Then he wonders if his dad will change his mind and choose Brooke. Ridge tells Brooke that she doesn't mean that. That he doesn't understand why they have to get into this tonight. Brooke says she didn't need an explanation, she just needed an answer and she got one. He denies it, that he hadn't given her a definitive answer but she realizes he probably never will. She says both of their eyes were opened tonight. She says she is through deluding herself and she was through being humiliated by him and his mother. She was going to have that life she wanted; on her own terms....without him. Ridge just stands and looks at her as if she just said she was going to get an ice cream cone.

Gaby brings Steph a glass of water. Steph realizes it's not champagne but does take it. She stands; she was so proud once to be called Mrs. Forrester. And so proud of her family. All she wanted was to protect them; guide them; she thought she could be her family's compass. They trusted her; they always trusted her and thought they could trust her integrity. And..... she's thrown that all way; she wasted that. She ponders a long time with furrowed brow, " I chased my family away......I don't know why." She asks Gaby to leave, go ahead, she wanted her to go. Gaby hesitates until Steph says, "go on, I want you to go, go, go on." Alone, she throws the glass in the fireplace. and sinks back down into a chair. She gives a deep breath as she holds her head and shakes it, fighting back tears.

Taylor tells Thomas she gave Ridge a chance to change his mind and he didn't. Thomas knows his dad has to be furious. But Taylor says their vows were real and he's going to honor them. He'll come home where he knows he belongs. They hug.

Ridge tells Brooke it's not over; he'll always be a part of her life. She rails that yeah good old Logan will always come back, like a doormat. He denies it; this is crazy. She says what is crazy is that she has chased after a man all these years who hasn't respected her. She's fought so hard to get his family's approval; approval she'd never got.
He admits he was wrong, he hadn't protected her from his damn mother like he said he would. He wasn't rejecting her; she said no, she was rejecting him. He says she doesn't know what she's saying. She tells him she does; she just can't believe she's waited this long before she sees it. She continues that she was too scared; too scared to realize she was chasing a fantasy. He turns and says that's not true. She tells him to prove it; prove it right now. Another long silence and she tells him, "you can't, you never have." And then she says that he didn't have to make a decision; she was. A decision that was the best for her and her children. He tells her she's not hearing him and she says no, he wasn't hearing her. She was finally taking control of her life. She was not going to be defined by how he and his mother sees her. "If I want to be respected; I have to respect myself. My days of being insecure are finally over."

She takes off her rings slowly. She says, "I never thought I'd say this but I deserve better than you, Ridge. I'm going to have a man who loves me and can commit to me, completely, and that man isn't you." She takes his left hand and lays the rings inside them and folds his fingers around them. He clasps them, then opens, with pain on his face.

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