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Same non-wedding night, aftermath of Stephanie's confession:

At the Forrester Mansion, Stephanie has just grabbed Ridge's hand, and he tells Thorne of course it was a heart attack; he was in the room with his mother; he saw her. Stephanie says she was driven to the edge and Brooke chimes in, "by me...or so the story goes." Steph elaborates more that she didn't imagine those crushing pains in her chest. Ridge denies anyone is saying she did. Brooke adds, "but it wasn't a heart attack." Thorne asks then what was it? He was in the room....Ridge was, Dad and they all saw the doctor working on her. A cardiologist - Jackie asks Dr. MacClain? Eric says yes, and if anyone should know, he should. Taylor tells them that not every chest pain is a cardiac arrest. Stephanie adds, "she is saying that things are not always as they appear to be." As she walks away, Brooke pipes in that she had some help too. Mass speaks up and says there is the matter of the transferable payment to Dr. MacClain in the amount of.....1 Million Dollars. Everyone looks stunned and Ridge asks, "for what?"


Mass continues that he can not divulge the source; Jackie interrupts and says she must say in Dr. MacClain's defense, she doesn't think that he knew what he was getting into, as she looks straight to Stephanie. Ridge wants to know if they both knew? Jackie says she suspected and his father.....

Mass takes over and looking too at Stephanie says he simply refused to believe she could do this to her family....."our son". Stephanie listens intently, head unbowed, seeing their disappointment. Taylor clutches her head and says, "oh, my God." Darla simply states, "you didn't have a heart attack? Someone paid your doctor to say you did?" Brooke says, "Stephanie did. She paid Dr. MacClain; he admitted everything." Thorne asks why? Taylor steps forward from the group and points her finger at Stephanie with a cracking voice and says she wants her to tell her, "did you fabricate that heart attack?....so that Ridge would honor what he thought was your dying wish?" She continues to lash out, "so that he would choose ME and not Brooke for his wife". Long silence and then Steph simply says yes and pulls off the bandage from her throat. Heads turn, even shake and with satisfaction Brooke looks to Ridge; the entire room is again stunned.

Taylor turns away in disgust; Stephanie follows her and says she, of all people, understands that mental pressures carry to the extreme. Taylor stops and swings around to her and says don't try to appeal to her as a patient, she is NOT her patient. " I don't know WHO you are!" Stephanie says what she did was wrong and if she went too far.....Ridge says loudly, "If?" Stephanie leaves Taylor to address Ridge that surely he could understand what would drive her to that. Nick harrumphs and asks is she really blaming Brooke? Without turning and her back to him she offers that this really isn't any of his concern. He sees it differently and says so; that he sat in her hospital room and accused her of this.

Taylor joins in and lashes again that does she see what she has done; does she UNDERSTAND? All because she did not have faith in her relationship with Ridge. Stephanie says no, no. Taylor continues to shake her head and flails her arms that yes, this is why she did this; why she went to these lengths. She was supposed to believe in her and let things work out the way it was supposed to. Stephanie replies that it did but Taylor shouts no, she manipulated it - "my life, your son's, our children." Stephanie tries to explain - for them to be together and be with her children.

A little calmer, Taylor says the children; yes they were up half the night praying that she'd make it. "What kind of woman would do that to her own family?" She turns away and then runs off out of the room. Jackie is smiling; others with worried looks on their faces. Stephanie turns to Ridge and says she knows she has a lot to make up for. He just holds his hand up to stop her, he obviously doesn't want to hear any more and then he leaves. She then turns back around to Eric but he too avoids her and turns to Bridget. He embraces her and says he's sorry and then slips out of the room.

In the library/study, Taylor asks Ridge what do they do now? She sinks into a seat and asks why does it seem she is always asking that question? Ridge holds out his arms in despair and says he wishes he thought she could be helped but she's lost her grip on reality. All she is doing now is strangling it. Taylor laments that Stephanie was her best friend; her moral compass. What does that say about her? Ridge walks closer and says none of them knew this was a fraud. In a tiny voice, she asks what about them; were they a fraud?

Stephanie stands alone in front of the fireplace as one by one they all file past and walk away from her. Mass goes to Bridget, who's being held by Nick, and he puts his hands on her shoulders and says to listen to him. Remember his offer; she can get married ANYWHERE in the world she wants. Jackie chimes in that she is sorry too.

Stephanie calls out Mass' name and he walks toward her as she says, "our son's happiness is all I was really thinking about." He shakes his head and rebukes this that no, there were a lot of other things to think about. About how a dying person looks....breathes.....and especially cardiac patients, the pain is centered. She says if she went about this the wrong way....he interrupts and asks if for one moment she has said she was sorry for the pain she has caused? She stares but does not answer as he continues that he doesn't understand.....doesn't understand how he could have loved her the way he did.

Taylor tells Ridge she just never thought Stephanie would go this far and he agrees, neither did he. After he realized she used her condition to manipulate him; they were the victims. Taylor says he can't blame himself as none of them saw it coming. He comments that someone else is also a victim....Taylor says Brooke; "the two of you?" She know nothing will ever make it up to her. He agrees he doesn't know how. Slowly she approaches him and asks what would they have done if tonight had never happened? Would they have just gone on, and been happy? Her voice cracks, she is asking him was he happy, did he want to go on? Or if he wanted to be with Brooke, now was the time to let her know.

Brooke puts her hands on Bridget's shoulder and says she is sorry things turned out this way. She was hoping they could put this off until after the wedding. She contemplates, small consolation it seems but walks to Stephanie and says that over all the years of all the things she has called Brooke, she can't think of one word to describe how she feels now. She cries that she idolized her. Steph says she's sorry. Bridget wonders for what, exactly? Steph utters for disappointing her and hurting her, and she will make it up to her if she'd let her. Bridget says, "apologize to my mother". Brooke hears this and turns to them. "You ruined her marriage; you had her turned out of her own home. You always accused her of destroying your family, but the Forrester's seem to be doing just fine.....apologize (long silence, stares) I said apologize." Stephanie slowly shakes her head no. Bridget backs off and emphatically says she does not want to ever be in the same room with her again.

As Steph stares after Bridget, Nick, who has been watching from a distance, walks up arms folded and asks, "would it have killed you?" Slowly, firmly she turns to him and simply says, "yes." Nick leaves her alone.

Only Brooke remains. Steph stares at her then approaches, sauntering up to her and asks if she is pleased with herself? Brooke replies that if no one else had been miserable but Steph, then she would be. She walks on past her. Eric comes down the stairs with two suitcases in hand and deposits them on the floor. She looks shocked and says, "Eric?" and he replies he's leaving this house; he's leaving her.

Taylor tells Ridge she is giving him an out but he asks Doc, not to do this. She remarks that she doesn't want to live with the sense that nothing is hers by right , that it is all ill-gotten gain. The tears are flowing as she looks into his eyes and tells him they can make a commitment that is real. Nothing to stop them, but any promises they made......because she was his mother's choice, not his....she wasn't going to hold him to that.

Brooke looks on as Steph tells Eric, with gulp in her throat, he is angry and he has every right. She is eating crow as she faces him and concedes that they have been a part of each other's lives for more than 40 years. He says he can count. She wants to know if he has fell out of love with her in the course of an hour? It doesn't take him long to say that there are things about her that he will always love. But maybe if she had spent 10% of the energy on their marriage as she did on their son's......he walks off and she follows. She tells him she will do anything; whatever he needs, whatever, she'll do it. He shakes his head that he wants nothing. She pleads that he has to give her another chance; he has to give the family another chance. He says look around, he doesn't see a family; they've all gone; they've abandoned her. Ridge, Thorne, Taylor, they all walked away. She says she never walked away, she never stopped trying; she'd never stopped loving. He says fine, she wins, "you've outlasted me."

Eric says he tried to protect the children from her; he had tried to protect her from the damage she'd caused He'd tried to make up to you for marrying Brooke, but none of it made a damn bit of difference. He walks away and she follows and says she wishes she could forget that he left her for another woman but it was always there. She continues her case that no matter what she does to bring him closer, it always seems to be the wrong thing, "other people make mistakes, why can't I?.........you can't leave me, you promised to love me....you took a vow.... you promised to love me til death us do part......you can NOT go. You can't leave ME!"

Eric says she is right; he made a vow he always intended to keep, to a woman he always intended to love .....and he still loves....mistakes....yes, they both made them and to see her alone right now, he shakes his head, he can't turn his back on her.

Of course she thinks he is speaking of her and she bows her head and thanks him and as she walks closer to touch him, he walks straight past to Brooke and dips her into a kiss. Then looks at her and says she will always have him. As he walks out, Stephanie adds, "all of your dreams are in THIS house." He turns and replies, "everything selected and arranged by such care by YOU." He takes a quick look and say that is why he can't stand it here one moment longer. Her face is frozen in shock.

Bridget is on the terrace alone. Nick comes out and puts his arms around her from behind and kisses. He says he seems to remember this was supposed to be their wedding night. She sighs she is glad it isn't. Well, she doesn't mean it like that but just that she wants to go back to his boat and forget everything that has happened tonight. He says let's go but she says she thinks she heard her dad's car leave; she thinks she will just wait til he gets back. Nick says he will stay too but she tells him she doesn't have to. He kisses her again and says he loves her, wedding band or no wedding band as she sighs and says she loves him too.

That leaves only Stephanie and Brooke as Steph turns and Brooke says it is easier this way; believe it or not. The ladies walk toward each other and Brooke says, "if you're going to lose big, it's better to have it all taken away at once, than inch by inch....I should know."

Ridge walks out and asks Brooke not to go. Steph holds up her hand as to stop him and says nothing can be said that hasn't been said. He asks where's his dad. Steph tries to smile and replies that Eric's gone; "our marriage is over; at least that is what he says. ....you didn't come in here to tell me that yours is over?.....Ridge, if you need to hate me and never to speak to me again..... fine, but do not leave Taylor for Brooke, do not do that!

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