B&B Tuesday Update 7/26/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/26/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night (a wedding is trying to happen) as yesterday:

Drinks are being passed, guests mingling, some are sitting just waiting for the ceremony to begin. Brooke has answered the door with Stephanie right behind her; shocked to see Jackie and Mark in the doorway and then they step into the foyer.

Jackie tells Stephanie she is looking a little pale. Is she feeling all right? Steph retorts she thought Jackie had sworn off younger men. Jackie says, "I had, but this particular (as she points to Mark) young man, this handsome, young doctor....well he makes my heart go pitter pat (she pats on her own heart)...what about you, does he do anything for YOUR heart? Steph ignores that and says the ceremony is about to begin. Meanwhile, Mark is looking pretty dour but Brooke is smirking away. When Steph makes the remark about the ceremony, Brooke takes Jackie's elbow and ushers her in further. Steph steps in the way and says they can't be serious. Jackie looks hard at her and says, "as serious as a heart attack." Steph glances at Mark and asks what is going on? Jackie acts surprised that she would know him well enough or call him by his first name, but then "after all Mark has done for you." Steph again looks at Mark and asks innocently what has he done? Jackie replies, "and that is the million dollar question."....(silence)......."do not get your knickers in a twist, Mark will tell you everything. In fact, he's going to tell everyone exactly what you did. She's smiling but Steph glares at Mark.

Since the ceremony is not beginning, Mass sidles up to Bridget and Nick and says he thinks he will have a shot at it too - speaking, only fair that the groom's side have equal time. Good naturedly, Nick argues that Steph only made a speech because she helped put this whole thing together but if Mass does, then everyone will want to make a little speech and they'll never get this thing going. Bridget speaks up and says she thinks he should. Mass says he is not going to make a speech; he just wants to say a few words from the heart (as he points there) "about my beloved son and his beautiful bride." He asks for everyone's attention and starts by saying he would like to give tribute to another couple; a couple who have forged a relationship as strong as he has ever seen . A couple who have faced the test of time, good and bad...and they've come through it strongly - Eric and Stephanie. Everyone claps (would have been nice if he had waited until Stephanie could be there by Eric's side, she's nowhere to be seen). Eric looks around quizzically.

Meanwhile, Steph opens the door of the guest cottage and the foursome walk in and she glares at Mark and wants to know what he told them. Instead it comes out of the dummy's mouth (Jackie), "everything". She continues, he told her everything and that it wasn't really that hard to get it out of him, despite the fact he was actually a very decent man. She had begun to get a tiny bit suspicious when he moved into the Tower View Apartments. He was a very good doctor but awfully young to have that kind of income (as she circles Mark and lays her hand on his shoulder).

All the while Stephanie is looking pretty tiresome and bored with this; Brooke always smirking. Jackie continues that she had confirmed that 1 million dollars had been wired into Mark's bank account....a bank owned by Massimo. "Yes, Stephanie, when I needed him the most, my husband came through for me, despite ALL of the poison that you fed him." She goes on further, so that after finding about the payoff (she coyly touches Mark's jacket lapel), it was just a matter of connecting the dots..."and Mark, poor Mark, he was so guilt-ridden, he couldn't wait to confess. " (she cups his chin). She turns squarely to Steph and says she thought she could get away with it, but she was wrong. Jackie knew the truth; Stephanie didn't have that heart attack and she whispers, "I have the proof!" Like the Queen that she is, Stephanie looks askance and doesn't seem worried one little bit.

Eric shakes Mass's hand and thanks him for the kind words. With Dante, Hector, Caitlin, Thorne, Darla, Sally (sitting), Thomas, Ridge and Taylor, the bride and groom standing around, Eric says they have been through some rough times and it wasn't he that held it together. Everything wonderful that happened in their marriage and in their family was because of Stephanie. With his hands pumping, like a rock, he said she had supported him all those years and encouraged him while he was building "our" business. She had sacrificed her needs for her own children and her grandchildren..."there isn't a woman in the world who loves her family more than Stephanie." He shakes his head and mentions how close they came to losing her; he wouldn't know what to do.

With folded arms, Jackie looks at Stephanie and says, "you are in a HEAP of trouble, Stephanie." She fires back, "based on what, Jacqueline?.......loose lips, from someone who is obviously drinking?....and what did you promise him.....anything....... to get him to say what YOU wanted to hear?" She looks at Mark and says firmly let's set the record straight - she had a heart attack, and the records and the tests prove that, so he should tell them. She gets in his face and tells him just to tell the truth because no one is going to believe either of them over him and her. Mark walks away and says this isn't right. Steph continues - she was sick, he treated her, just tell them that. Jackie pipes up that he has. Steph fires, "shut up, Jackie." Jackie says she knows everything, she has it on tape! Stephanie whirls her head around and says she is lying. Jackie pulls out the small recorder and holds it up and asks if she wants to hear the juicy bits or hear the whole sordid confession?

Brooke can't wait to get in on this and she steps forward and asks Stephanie if she can't speak....oh well, (putting her arms around Mark), she'd rather hear it from him anyway. Go ahead, tell them how she had faked her heart attack....it was ALL a manipulation to get her out of the family once and for all.....(she walks toward Stephanie to face her closer)...."Brooke Logan...your worst nightmare....the bane of your existence...the woman you've been trying to intimidate for years......the woman that you blame for anything that went wrong in your family......for corrupting your husband....for corrupting your sons......and you did EVERYTHING to try to prove it".

She continues with video-taping, letters, everything to try to prove what an opportunist Brooke was, "the little slut from the Valley who slept her way through Beverly Hills......but that's not true, it never was....and this time you went too far. " She warns that this time Ridge, Eric, Thorne, even her sweet little Taylor won't ever forgive her. "it's over, Stephanie, you ARE finished!....your reign of terror is finally OVER!"

A face of satisfaction finally, Brooke looks on as Steph walks away and reflects, looks at Brooke, looks at Mark and wallops him across the mouth with her right hand; left one still on the cane, "you, Schmuck."

The music is playing, the drinks still flowing as Eric paces and walks up to Dante and says he seems to have lost his wife. Dante says he saw her by the front door a few minutes ago and Eric guesses she will be back in a minute.

Dante glares at Nick and Bridget but walks friendly and flashes his dimples toward Mass who is talking to Sally. Mass introduces Dante who is visiting from Rome and "our young artist." Dante kisses her hand as she beams and says Viva Italia.

Ridge is watching and tells Taylor that it looks like her friend has a new admirer and she replies that yes, he's quite the charmer. His reply is that need to have him over; he'd like to get to know him better (this after wanting to throw him out of the house the first night they met).

Thomas pours himself some punch as Caitlin walks up and asks if Gaby is ok, she doesn't look it. His eyes wander to where Gaby is and she is all alone, standing almost hidden in the corner. She notices Ridge looking at her and she ducks her head downward. Thomas covers and says she has a lot on her mind....they both do. He excuses himself.

Bridget and Nick nervously pace and she dips her knees and asks him if he thinks there is a problem? Sarcastically he scoffs, what - Stephanie and her mother? What could be wrong; they were probably just out in the garden walking along, reminiscing about old times. She gives him that look and bites her lower lip.

Gaby and Thomas go out on the terrace and he tells her she's the prettiest girl there. Gaby says don't tell the bride....or Caitlin....she knows she is not over him yet. She looks at him the same way Gaby does. Thomas says except that she (Gaby) is his wife. Gaby says she doesn't want his dad to hate her. He's aghast that she would think that. How many times does he have to tell her; he says what he means and she hasn't ruined anything about his life, far from it. He continues that yes, their wedding was impulsive...even tacky..... but he didn't regret marrying her, not for one second. She replies that neither does she. With a tear rolling down her cheek, they kiss.

Brooke intervenes and with venom on her face, Brooke steps between Stephanie and Mark and slaps Stephanie. She shouts that is for lying about her heart attack. Stephanie glares at her for a moment; while Jackie urges Mark to go out the back door. Then Stephanie slaps Brooke and calls her a bitch. She turns to leave but Brooke won't let go.

She grabs her from behind and Steph twirls with her cane in both hands now in defensive position and pushes Brooke away and then takes a strike at her, hitting and knocking over a lamp instead. As Jackie holds onto Brooke and all three glare at each other, Jackie states, "round 2."

Empowered, Brooke moves in slowly and reaches for the cane and points her finger and says, "careful, or you may have another heart attack......everything I have felt through the years....all the abuse....all the pain, the family will finally understand....at last, at long last!" She backs up, triumph on her face, hands clasped, tears flowing, she thanks God. She turns and hugs Jackie and thanks her. Stephanie's eyes also are welling up as she reflects. (I'm guessing her life is flashing before her eyes....or the end as she sees it).

Nick tells Bridget this is ridiculous, he is giving their mothers three more minutes. Dante walks up and tells her she can still change her mind. Nick quips, "why don't you go press some grapes. She is NOT changing her mind." Bridget tries to hush them. Nick kisses her and says he's going to go try and find those women and turns to Dante and tells him to leave her alone.

Jackie finishes by saying, " ladies, as cathartic as this has been, I think we should take it back to the wedding, don't you?.....because I think everyone is going to be interested in what Brooke and I have to say." Steph speaks up and says no; she'd tell them. Brooke looks dumbfounded. Jackie reminds her she can't lie because she has the proof (holding up the recorder again) and she would play it, if it came to that. Steph repeats again simply that she would tell them.

Nick comes through the door, "there you are, what the hell......? (he spies the broken lamp, glass on floor)....looks and with hands in air says he doesn't want to know. He's going to get married and if they want to be a part of it, join them in the house. Steph looks downtrodden; Brooke and Jackie nod heads in smug agreement - they will finally have their day in the sun.

Ridge and Thorne also realize the three ladies are missing and Ridge says maybe it's just a coincidence but Thorne says maybe they are ripping each other's eyes out. Taylor suggests that maybe they should go find them. Just then Nick bounds in, claps his hands and tells the Reverend to get ready. Brooke is the first one through the door, stops and tells Bridget she is sorry to make them wait, but she is better than she's been in a long, long time. Jackie slips in next and sits besides Mass. The last one in as she slowly comes through the door, stops and reflects, looking at all the occupants in her home, Stephanie. Ridge goes to meet her; Eric gets up concerned and all heads turn toward her and eyes are on her.

Bridget walks up to her and asks how she is? She remarks that Steph is trembling; is she sick....is it her heart? Steph says no, it is not her heart. Bridget says she is not going to say her vows until she knows what is going on. Brooke steps forward and says Bridget is right, Steph should speak now. She glances at the crowd and says Stephanie has something to tell everybody.

A loooooooong pause, Stephanie can't quite find the words and finally says she doesn't know quite where to begin. Brooke gladly adds, "just speak from the heart."

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