B&B Monday Update 7/25/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/25/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night, continuation of Friday's program:

At the Forrester guest cottage, Bridget doesn't have her wedding dress on yet but she is readying for it when Nick, all in white, pops in. She cautions it's bad luck but he says only if you're superstitious and he's not. He comments on how good she looks and she echoes he doesn't look so shabby himself. He holds her by both arms and kisses her. And then continues....unless she has more dead relatives that are going to show up. She assures him she doesn't. And with Stephanie in charge, NOTHING is going to spoil their big day.

Eric is talking to Sally who is sitting on the sofa and Stephanie walks over with cane and is actually cordial to Sally. She says she sees Sally is enjoying herself. Sally calls Stephanie Highness and says she is extremely honored to be there. And then throws in a little barb that it shouldn't come as any big surprise since BOTH Thorne and Thomas are working for her now. Eric shuts that down by making her promise no talk of business tonight.

Taylor, Ridge and the twins walk in and Stephanie excuses herself to go greet them. Ridge calls her Mother, she calls him Darling, and then she hugs the girls and tells them how happy she is they are all there together. Taylor quips she was at Nick and Bridget's first wedding (non-wedding) too and Steph quips yes.......... in the bushes. As they are still hugging, Stephanie first, then the entire group sees Brooke walk in the door. Stephanie tells them the ceremony won't start for a while as they enter more into the room and Stephanie walks toward Brooke and quizzically comments that she is still here? Brooke says it is her daughter's wedding to which Stephanie replies Brooke is not welcome there. Brooke retorts that she can't control everything, though she thinks she can. But she is about to find out just how wrong she is. A look crosses Stephanie's face, as in 'what the heck could she be talking about?'

Nick enters the room and spies Brooke and heads straight to her and says glad she is here. She looks past his shoulder to see the happy family, Ridge, Taylor, Thorne and Darla. Brooke comments that at least someone is glad. He remarks that he and Bridget are glad she is here. He then spots Mass and Dante enter and excuses himself. Massimo tells Dante to go ahead as he does something else. Nick is non too pleased to see Dante and heads toward him though Dante brushes right past. Nick asks his Dad how that weasel worked his way onto the guest list. Mass chuckles and sloughs it off as Dante and Bridget are friends so he thought it'd be nice if he met her family. Mass says he didn't see Jackie's car outside; is she here yet?

At Jackie's, she is making big Margaritas and serves Mark while he snacks, lively music playing in background. Her phone rings and she sees it is Brooke and tells Mark she must take this and slips away a bit to talk. They exchange information quickly. Jackie is pleased to hear that Brooke is at the wedding and Stephanie not too happy about it. Brooke asks about Jackie and the Doctor and Jackie replies she is making progress but he hasn't confessed anything yet.

She hangs up and feigns a saddened moment which Mark asks about and she tells him it's her son's wedding and she's not invited; it's at Stephanie's house. She sobs that Stephanie is using her like with Brooke when she used her illness to force Ridge to re-new his vows with Taylor. And now she's using her son's wedding to get between her and Massimo. Mark wants to know if Mr. Marone would let Stephanie do that and Jackie replies he couldn't stop her. Mark sympathizes by saying if he doesn't, then he didn't deserve Jackie. He states she needs to forget about Massimo and move on.....and let him help her. He puts his finger under her chin and tilts it and kisses her. Her eyes bug out (guess she wasn't expecting to be on this end of the seduction).

The guests are mingling; Dante is chatting with Taylor as Nick spots them and I am sure his mind is wandering to what they are talking about, how well they know each other. Ridge spots them too and walks over. Caitlin is alone on the sofa; Thomas and Gaby are standing with her cuddling in his arms; Hector and Thorne are in background; Sally and Darla are on another sofa and Mass is entertaining the twins. Brooke walks further into the room and stops and gives a jealous look at Taylor and Ridge.

Stephanie takes center stage and says the bride is still getting dressed so she thought she'd take the occasion to thank everyone for coming....at such short notice. She points to Eric and says the father of the bride is especially happy to have Bridget married here in "our home". And for her, it was a celebration of families - (pointing to Nick) "the new one that Bridget and Nick are starting and we hope the journey together is long and happy.....and to our family (hands outstretched to Ridge and Taylor) it's sort of a rejuvenation. My son, Ridge, has been re-united with his beautiful wife, Taylor, the true love of his life." She doesn't move a muscle but darts a look at Brooke when she says this and Brooke receives the comment and stares back.

She continues that over the years the family has had their ups and downs and (sigh) hopefully those days are over. She says they are welcoming a new member of the family today - Nick (who's beaming) ....a fresh start for him and Bridget....for all of them really.....she hopes they will all have a happy and healthy future to look forward to. Mass leads in the applause. Brooke looks on and says outloud, "watch out, Stephanie, your future may not be as happy as you think."

Stephanie tells Eric she assumes Nick and the minister are ready but he states that Jackie is not there yet. Steph informs him she wasn't invited. Eric returns but she's the mother of the groom. Again Stephanie, who wears the pants in the family, says they can't allow their lives to be disrupted by someone who doesn't support this family and have their best interest at heart.

Jackie breaks away from Mark's sudden kiss and wipes her lips; wants to know what he's doing? He says he couldn't stop it; she's soooooooo beautiful....and intoxicating....and that accent. She goes over to the bar with her hand up and says that's it, no more tequila for him. He follows and says he knows he's coming on strong but he wasn't certain the first time he came to dinner. But he's been there twice now....and he feels something.....and the way she's been looking at him and worrying about him. She stops him and confesses that she has been thinking about him (takes his hands off her) but not in the way he thinks. She chastises him that she is not looking for a fling, Doctor! What she does want is something much, much more. Eye to eye, she says what she wants from him is to know who deposited in his bank account - one million dollars?

Brooke seeks out Taylor sitting alone. When Brooke mentions Jackie is not there, Taylor does say she hopes Brooke knows she does not encourage that sort of behavior. Brooke says no, just that she benefited from it. Taylor says she knows she is upset but Brooke says not nearly as much as she will be when she finds out what her friend did to get her back with Ridge. Stephanie can't hear but she notices this exchange and as Brooke walks off, she walks over to Taylor and they both are clueless what it was all about.

Eric is pouring drinks and Ridge comes up and asks if he has seen Thomas. Eric quips to try Sally; he is probably socializing with his new boss. Ridge turns and sees Brooke and says hi to her. Ridge asks about the kids and she says she didn't bring them. She didn't want them to be as uncomfortable as she is. He comments that he misses them and she says they miss him too. He says he'd love to see them, with a beg in his eye. She replies maybe next week. Before he leaves, she says she was wrong to blame all of this on him. The truth was that he was as much a victim of this as she was. He comments that she is talking in riddles, what does that mean? She tells him he she doesn't want to say anymore now; until she has iron-clad proof but he will know it all before the evening is up.

Stephanie notices the intimacy and tells Taylor she better do something to stop that; Brooke is up to something. Taylor scoffs it couldn't happen, seduce him right here at her own daughter's wedding? Stephanie tilts her head and wants to know if they are talking about the same woman? Taylor says she doesn't know why she should be worried about Ridge.....unless....Stephanie has some reason to doubt his commitment to her. Stephanie gives up, for now all she will worry about is Bridget and the commitment Nick is giving to her!

Mark pretends innocence; he doesn't know what Jackie is talking about. She continues that it is about the million dollars from a Swiss bank account. He's shocked, of course, that she's been looking into his bank account. She utters she's been looking into his business with Stephanie Forrester; she paid him, didn't she? Marks tells her that invasion of privacy is a crime. She fires back, "so is fraud, Mark, like the one you and Stephanie perpetrated against her family." He throws up his hands and denies again what she is talking about. She follows and says ok they can do this one of two ways. One, he can tell her exactly how he helped Stephanie and she will do her best to help protect him and his reputation. ...or two, she can just keep digging and she will get to the truth, "and you'll go down with her." She implores him not to let Stephanie ruin his life the way she had hers and Brooke's. She goes on, "don't be another one of her victims. We cam stop her. We have to stop her! Stephanie Forrester's reign of terror has to end."

Nick puts his arm around Thomas and asks if he has any advice for his Uncle Nick, one groom to another? Thomas says spare him the lecture, he's heard it as Nick slaps him on the back.

Bridget enters the room as all ooh and aah. Nick can't take his eyes off his bride. Stephanie tells the Reverend Daniels it's time to begin but Bridget thinks they should wait on Jackie. Brooke slyly comments she doesn't think Jackie will be coming; she has an urgent Doctor's appointment tonight. With that remark, again Stephanie looks stunned and her eyes follow Brooke out of the room.

She immediately goes to the study and calls Mark on his cell phone, which he has in his hand by now. He glances down and Jackie guesses it is Stephanie and orders him NOT to answer it. He obeys. Stephanie leaves a message. She's beside herself that he's not available; how does the hospital ever reach him in an emergency? She reminds him what they've talked about; not to talk to ANYONE.

Jackie tells Mark it's too late to deny it. A little more digging and she's going to know the whole story....every sordid details....the young, greedy doctor......He interrupts and says it wasn't like that so she lets him explain. He says he didn't know. She is skeptical that he couldn't know something was wrong. He continues, he didn't know what would happen. Stephanie came into the hospital, her blood pressure was elevated, her heart rate....it could have been palpitations, angina...Jackie says "but not a heart attack?" And he replies no. Jackie reminds him that he said she did but Mark explains it all happened so fast. She was a huge donor to the hospital; they depended on her and when she asked, he didn't see the harm. He says he didn't ask for money; he didn't think anybody would get hurt. Jackie puts words in his mouth that Stephanie paid him to keep him quiet. He continues that she was grateful for saving her family....and the money just showed up in his account. Jackie tells him he may have saved her family but he'd destroyed Brooke's. He pleads he didn't know she would use her condition to manipulate Ridge.

Jackie walks closer to him, "say it Mark, say Stephanie staged her heart attack - and you helped her". He says yes, he helped her. She implores again for him to say all of it. He looks at her seriously and says, "Stephanie Forrester paid me one million dollars to help her fake her heart attack." Hardly able to contain herself, she reaches and pulls the small digital recorder from the nearby flowers. As she clutches it and holds it in the air in front of his face, she says, "we've got her!", as Mark looks like his goose is cooked!

Brooke is talking with Bridget and Nick and when she leaves, Nick asks if Brooke is ok. Bridget says yeah, she was just trying to make the best of a bad situation. He loves the way she's speaking of their wedding day. He pulls him to her and kisses her; Dante with Caitlin on his arm, looks disapprovingly at this. Stephanie comments she thought the kiss was at the end of the ceremony. Nick says he's guilty, he just couldn't wait. Perhaps they should get started then. He calls everyone to attention and reiterates what Stephanie said; he'd like to thank everyone and a special thanks to Stephanie and Eric for letting them use their lovely home...at such last minute notice. Bridget stands with Stephanie and puts her arm around her. Stephanie is beaming too and makes notice of Bridget's friend, Dante, and is surprised Bridget has never mentioned him to her....he's what you'd call a real hottie. Bridget turns her eyes to Dante who is turning and staring right into hers too from across the room. Hers dart away to Nick who is motioning her to come to him. He remarks to the group that he originally wanted to get married on the boat; she says nooooooo, absolutely not. And he remarks it's funny, he has a feeling he's going to be hearing that for many years to come. She places her head lovingly on his shoulder. Sally pipes in, "don't worry, Nick, every smart husband knows how to answer his wife with a few special words every time she speaks." He wants to know what and she continues, "anything you say."

The doorbell rings and Brooke slips away from Hector to answer it with Stephanie looking worried close behind. She grabs Jackie's arm and practically drags her inside wanting to know if Mark admitted he helped Stephanie stage her heart attack? Stephanie calls out Jacqueline's name and asks why is she there; she wants her to leave.

Jackie says with glee that she can't leave now; she's brought a guest. She looks back, crooks her finger toward the door that means 'come hither' and in walks a sheepish Mark, again much to Stephanie's dismay. Jackie almost can not slap the grin off of her face.

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