B&B Thursday Update 7/21/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/21/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the Love Shack, Bridget is laying in bed sleeping. She seems to have a very happy, contented look on her face. Shirtless Dante is right next to her propped up on his side running his finger up and down her forearm, just content to be next to her. He strokes her hair; she automatically takes his hand and cradles it near her bosom; an obvious very familiar habit with someone else. He kisses her shoulder; he kisses and nuzzles her neck. She sighs Nick's name. He stops and wonders if he smells like beer and cigars? She wakes up, sits upright in panic and wonders, "oh my God, what have we done?"

Massimo unexpectedly shows up at Jackie's penthouse. She's not yet dressed for the day; still in her nightgown and robe but happily ushers him in. Says she was about to make some tea; would he like some. Businesslike, he says he has to go to the office. She realizes this isn't a social call......he gets right to the point. He tells her he has looked into Dr. MacClain's bank account so he wouldn't have to hear anymore of her preposterous accusations against Stephanie. Trying to control her glee, she asks if he found anything? He lectures that a customer's account information is highly confidential and turns away toward the balcony. She continues that she wasn't asking anything other than to know if there had been any strange activity, any exorbitant deposits.......she senses his hesitance and asks "there was, wasn't there?" He turns glumly to face her and says there was apparently a recent transfer. She asks how much and he tells her $1 million dollars. With mouth wide open, both hands pumping she gushes she knew it, Stephanie bribed him! Mass warns her not to get ahead of herself. But Jackie continues like a child with a new toy, she KNEW from the beginning it wasn't a miraculous recovery, it was a scam....she PAID him....she stops when she sees his discerning look but offers surely he still can't have doubts ....it is SOOOOOOO obvious, where would he get a million dollars? Exasperated, he proclaims that money could have come from any number of sources. ...such as....pharmaceutical companies, research......she scoffs and he continues that yes doctors get huge sums of money from medical patents, but she won't hear any more.....she beams, "not from unidentified bank accounts." Mass seems loathe to say it but agrees it is suspect. More than suspect, she claims it is illegal. Stephanie bribed Dr. MacClain! Mass takes her by the shoulders and tells her to listen to him. He doesn't know how MacClain came into all of this money but he does know Stephanie Forrester and he knows a woman of her integrity would NEVER go any of these lengths, certainly not worrying her family the way she did ....just to get Ridge and Taylor together. Jackie stands firm, "but she would do ANYTHING to get rid of Brooke.....and she HAS!" He tells her she is grasping, let it go. But like a dog with a bone, she protests and he repeats, "let it go, Jackie, l-e-t i-t g-o." She does as he looks back at her and heads out the door. She reflects with fire in her eyes, "I can't Massimo, I can't let it go until you see Stephanie for what she REALLY is!"

Stephanie opens her door and is surprised when Nick is standing there asking if Bridget is there and walks on in. She says no; Nick asks was she? She quips has he lost his fiancée? He looks suspiciously around and says she didn't spend the night with him; she wasn't at her mother's, so he just thought......Stephanie asks if he called her cell; he said of course. Stephanie offers well then where was the last place he had seen her? He says she left a note saying she was driving a friend home......Bingo......he brushes past and says he has to go.

Still in bed, Dante is smiling unto a Cheshire cat. Bridget is aghast and asks "they didn't?" and Dante assures her no they hadn't, but would that be so terrible? She gives him that look and he pulls back the covers to expose her still in her jeans, barefooted but her shirt is off and she does only have on a black camisole. He says it was a beautiful night, nonetheless, lying next to her. She replies she should not be here. She springs from the bed and says she should be with Nick; he'd be worried sick about her. She spies her top and puts it on. Dante, looks like in black pajama bottoms, also gets up and says he ought to be.....after what he did to her last night. He reminds her what she found in the bed - her mother cuddling with Nick and Hope. He's sorry that she had to see that but glad that it brought her to him. She straightens her clothes, her hair as he continues that he doesn't have a history with her mother, like some other men. and he just wants to help her with this confusion (help when you are ASKED!). She argues she is not confused and he offers no, not any more, not after last night.

He tilts her chin up and she slowly opens her eyes and he tells her to forget about Nick, forget about this...... come back with him to Rome where they had such a wonderful time, "remember?........ and I promise you, you'll never look back". (gee, he must think his charm is solid gold that after that one night of non-passion, she'd chuck it all to run off with him).

As she sips her tea, Jackie's doorbell rings again and she comments she's a popular girl this morning. It's Stephanie standing there like the Queen she is. She discharges her driver, James, that she will be down shortly. She doesn't wait to be invited in; sashays on in on her cane. Jackie comments that her progress has been nothing less than miraculous and "you look like a million bucks." Stephanie retorts, "and you look like a $10 tart." Nonplussed, Jackie continues that she didn't invite her in to be insulted. Stephanie counters that it isn't HER place to invite her; it isn't her home. Jackie reaches for her tea; I note she did not offer Stephanie any. Jackie says she is still married to Mass but Steph offers not for long. She takes every opportunity to remind him how much more wonderful his life is without HER in it, she leans forward and whispers. Jackie needles, " you, meddle in someone else's marriage....imagine!" Steph says she must be speaking of Brooke, and she and Ridge were never legally married, nor will they ever be. Jackie opines that don't she just love rubbing that in the poor girl's face? Steph remarks she sure has become good friends with Brooke recently and Jackie offers they've ALWAYS been friends but Steph counters with "more like partners in crime." Jackie finds that delightful, what a fascinating choice of words. Hmmmmmmmm. Still standing, never having got comfortable, Stephanie continues while pointing her hand at Jackie that what she found interesting was the last time she saw Brooke, she knew she was up to something. And Jackie says Steph thinks she has something to do with it? Steph says she thinks, "if you wanted to be a genuine friend to her, you'd help her find closure and move on." Jackie snaps her fingers, "easy as that." Steph replies no, it isn't easy....but it is inevitable. Ridge is with Taylor, where he belongs, and where he is going to stay. Jackie points a finger and says that is her opinion to which Steph offers it is everyone's opinion, but Jackie's. She goes on that is why she and Brooke are so very much alike....needy....and selfish...... and the two have ended up alone....cast out from the families that you CLAIM to love. And that is where she hopes she will remain. Jackie sputters they'll see about that. Steph says, "word to the wise...... stay away from my family, my home and my business. I have zero tolerance for sluts and parasites. Jackie smirks.

Bridget hobbles around with only one shoe, looking for the other. Dante follows her into the living room as she sits and slips them on and tells Dante she doesn't need a white knight right now to rescue her. He continues he doesn't want her to be in pain right now. He touches her, again saying sometimes it helps to put a little distance, you know. She rubs her face and says she doesn't want to forget about Nick, she can't....she loves him. He offers that Nick is putting her mother's needs before Bridget's. She gets up; he follows and reminds her that she found them in bed last night; was that not what it seemed? Bridget explains she was very emotional last night. Dante keeps on that she saw them in bed together! Bridget feels she'd just over-reacted (oh, the cold gray light of morning). She joined the fan club by saying Nick was just re-assuring Hope and that's part of the reason she finds him so amazing, the way he was with kids.....Dante laughs and interrupts while saying she should stop making excuses for Nick. He knows she has issues with men who've been with her mother and yet Nick has no problem putting her mother and her daughter first. Bridget turns her head, bites her lip and looks downward. She's almost crying when he says she should be the only one. He takes her hand, despite her amazement and says she is done with this man, and slips her engagement ring off. He says he is rescuing her from her mother's shadow "no more eating on leftovers....(big grin) you can start nibbling on me." She is holding out her hands but he's still not putting the ring back; she proclaims he is so bad and he says yeah but she loves it. He continues, "run away with me, right now."

Apparently nothing is sacred, Nick walks in and without missing a beat says, "get away from my fiancée". Dante looks at the ring and says ex-fiancée, as he flips the ring to Nick (good catch). Nick moves closer and asks Bridget what is she doing here? She jumps up and goes to him saying she slept there, that's all. He replies, "what?" Dante decides to make this a threesome and joins in and says he has some nerve giving her the third degree after what he did last night. Nick looks to Bridget and wants to know what he's talking about? Dante asks if he doesn't have a clue. Nick spouts, "shut up!" He turns to Bridget, taking her by the arm, for more answers. She hangs her head in embarrassment, he tilts it upwards and asks nicely what did she see? She tries to halfway explain, about seeing him and her mom....in bed. (does any of this ring a bell, Nick?) He offers that he was there for Hope. She cries she knows, but she saw the way they were looking at each other......and maybe he didn't even realize it, but.....he shhhhhhs her, shakes his head and takes hers and says this has got to end ...all end NOW. He puts the ring back on her finger, clasps it tight in his hands and says that ring is never coming off her finger again, she get that?

She asks what is he saying? He replies, "I am saying we are going to get married TONIGHT. No more waiting, no more delays. If we had done it, none of this would have ever happened. (softly and still grasping her hands), Bridget, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. My feelings for you haven't changed. And that's coming from a man who's talking from his heart." He mentions her father offered his house for the wedding. ..... well, no buts, nothing was going to get in their way, and NO ONE (looking past her right at Dante). He cups her face and says they aren't going to wait one more second; he's going to make her his wife - tonight! He kisses her while Dante silently fumes.

Jackie stands toe to toe with Steph and asks for point of clarification - which one will she be, the slut or the parasite? Steph grins check both boxes. Only the bell saves them; the phone rings and Jackie is pleasantly surprised and happy to hear from Dr. MacClain at the hospital. Almost like a kid bouncing on her tippytoes, she tells him she has been waiting for his call (Steph overhears this). He remarks it's been one of those days (despite, it's early) and he might not be able to come by afterall. She stops him dead in his tracks that no, he must, she really NEEDS to see him. So much was left unsaid last night. She leaves it with, " just five minutes, don't disappoint me." Steph looks at her amusingly, "another frequent flyer in the airline of luv?" Rubbing it in, Jackie retorts that this one is very, very special. Not to be outdone, Steph says, "aren't they all.....and you really think Mass is going to take you back?" Walking right past her so her hot breath would be on Steph's face, she says not everyone can be as NOBLE as Steph. Literally dying to save her family, CLINGING to life in that hospital bed while Ridge re-newed his vows with Taylor ummmmm. Steph reminds her she will do anything for her husband and children. While Jackie on the otherhand must realize she has truly alienated Massimo with all this philandering and manipulation...and everything she's done hasn't been easy for Nick either. Jackie twirls and points her finger, "listen to me, Nickie is my son, he is my family, and everything I have done in my WHOLE life, I have done for him." Steph says maybe that explains why she has ended up there, in that big old, empty penthouse.....and then she mocks, " oh yeah, I forgot ...this big, old, strong muscle man is coming over......and then there's always your old bosom buddy, Brooke." She taunts that Jackie has a very fulfilling life. Jackie's had enough; she says so, pointing fingers again, "take your stick, get out!" Steph turns and says she was just leaving but remember one thing though, as she turns back to look at Jackie, " you reap what you sow." Gloating, "indeed you do, Stephanie, indeed you do!" (question - just what was the purpose of this visit? They offered no information, just traded barbs).

Back in her home, the phone rings and Stephanie picks it up as she is walking in. It's Nick and she asks if he found Bridget. He says yes, she's fine. He asks if Eric is home and she says not. Nick states that Eric offered his home for the wedding and Steph says then that offer still stands. He asks is she ready to pull a wedding together and seriously she states that yes if the two of them are really determined to move forward. She's surprised when he says tonight but she can take care of everything. One simple word from Nick, " thanks". Bridget stares at him and asks if he is sure? Dimples chimes in when he shouldn't that it's her that needs to be sure. ....he offers that he understands why Nick wants to rush into this wedding; he's hit the jackpot. But she's so young (yet he's trying to get this same young thing to run away with HIM) and she has so many more options. He pleads don't rush things. Nick squelches him by saying consider his invitation lost in the mail. Nick takes Bridget by the shoulders and holds her close and says he screwed up last night....he should have realized.....but he didn't. When he'd proposed to her, all this wedding stuff was just to keep it legal in the eyes of the law, but in his eyes, in his heart....when she accepted his ring, accepted his proposal, that's when they became ONE. She sobs while holding his hands to her mouth as he says he promises never to hurt her again. Nick says, 'let's do it; let's get this wedding over with so we can get on to what we're good at." She half laughs, half cries that sounds perfect and he replies perfect, he promises and they kiss. Dante struts by.....if looks could kill!

Jackie is fetching a vase of water and tells Mark he shouldn't have brought flowers (but you can tell she's liking it) but he says it is his way of apologizing. Hands on hips, he says he doesn't think they should see each other anymore. She spins, "Oh, but we've been having such a lovely time." She holds her forehead and says it's all because of that Stephanie Forrester; Jackie should be apologizing to him; they couldn't lose their friendship over something so trifling, "there is so many more interesting things they could discuss." He nods he has enjoyed her company and she coos let her make it up to him. She points that he said he likes Mexican food and she laughs that so does she.....enchiladas, salsa and...getting hot, really (she's positively giddy, I expected the Mexican hat dance next). He repeats the word HOT (looking right down into her bosom so openly displayed) . She fawns that why doesn't he come tonight and they will have their own private Fiesta. He can bring the tacos and she'll bring the tequila. He finds that hard to resist. Again, saved by the bell, his pager goes off and it's the hospital and he turns to go.

She oohs that why doesn't he leave 'that contraption' at home tonight; she doesn't want ANYTHING to disturb him. (Ok, big boy, how much more obvious can she be?).

Alone, she pulls her robe back over her assets and ties it and says, " ok, Stephanie, you can enjoy your precious family while you still can (we see Stephanie at her home pick up a photo of the family) because when I expose you for the lying hypocrite that you REALLY are, you're the one who will be all alone."

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