B&B Wednesday Update 7/20/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/20/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the Love Shack (beach house), same night continuation of yesterday.

We see a long pair of jeaned legs walk upon the porch. It’s Bridget as she silently leans against the door, then walks backward, covering her mouth as tears are coming. She has flashbacks of the happy threesome, family in bed, Brooke, Hope and Nick . Her throat tightens, her chest heaving as she steels herself to go in. Finally she does as Dante, sitting on the couch, looks up from his sketching, surprised to see her. She leans again against the door, barely able to talk or cry, something about them being in bed together and that he was right; she thinks he's in love with her...... Dante immediately comes to her. She leans on the bar; holds her chest; covers her mouth and gasps to speak. He’s been so right, she cries, as he holds her for comfort and she sobs on his broad shoulders.

At Massimo’s, he lets a demure Jackie in the door, while looking at her rather disapprovingly and says that it’s rather late. She gets right to the point and tells him she wouldn’t be there except that it is very important,. She needs him to look into something for her. He asks “a favor?” She says not just for her, the family. He stands face to face, arms folded, exasperated and says he’s listening. She goes on that she was talking to Dr. MacClain and he went on and on about Massimo’s contributions to the hospital; how much he respected him. How Massimo was everywhere, not only the wing at the hospital but the gas station where he filled up his car, even owned his bank. Massimo spoke up and said Beverly Hills Certified National. He walks away, pouring himself a cognac and asks where is this going? She offers that she needs him to look into Dr. MacClain’s bank account to see if there is any large deposits. He stops and says one word “what?” She continues that he owns the bank and putting out her hand to touch his back she remarks that it would be quite simple; he could do it…….but he turns and says quite emphatically he won’t. She argues her case but Massimo is still adamant she is using this as her own personal vendetta. Jackie talks fast – talk to him because he admitted that Stephanie has been very deceptive. She adds that she really does believe that Stephanie PAID him to stage that heart attack. He emphasizes he doesn’t care what she BELIEVES, where’s the proof? She says maybe in Mark's account. She walks toward him and says Mass is the only one that can help her get it.

At Brooke’s manse, Hope is sleeping upstairs in Brooke’s bed flanked by Brooke and Nick. He comments that she is sleeping pretty hard as Brooke strokes her hair. Brooke smiles and nods saying Hope really loves him and he says he loves her too. He adds he wants to help; they both do – he and Bridget. Brooke says she is grateful for that but she doesn’t want to get in the way. (Uh, too late, my dear, you’re firmly implanted right there in the bed with your daughter’s fiancée, innocent or not, don’t go there!). She whispers that they have their own lives to think about and he answers back that just let them worry about that. She looks into his eyes and says forget her and her problems and he adds her problems won’t last forever…but there shouldn’t be any problems with where his head is, no confusion for Bridget.

Bridget continues to pour her heart out to Dante that everyone tried to tell her; why wouldn’t she just listen? She dabs a hanky at her nose as Dante says he’s so sorry. She thinks she just had to see it for herself. There they were; laying there, just like a family; talking, whispering, touching, clearly a connection that only they had. She’s dabbing both eyes with two tissues and saying she was so sure it would be different this time; he’d said it would be. She turns to Dante and asks “what’s wrong with me?” He only offers that she trusted Nick and believed his words. But she counters that Nick knew; he knew what it did to her about Ridge and Deacon and he chose her anyway. For goodness sake, he’d proposed to her….and now THIS; she couldn’t do this again! She dissolves, she can’t do this again!

Massimo sits his drink down and makes it clear to Jackie that he wants nothing to do with this repulsive, smear campaign. She remarks she is only trying to get to the truth and he counters with as if the truth had any value to her! She reminds him how much value does he place on their family as that is what is at stake here. He points his finger in her face and says don’t blame their problems on Stephanie. She goes on that she knows what Stephanie has been saying about her. He is livid that this is the way she wants to disprove it, by making up these ridiculous accusations about Stephanie and her doctor. She follows him across the room and asks him again to look into Dr. MacClain’s bank account. He tells her to stop this. She turns away as he asks does she know how desperate she sounds? She admits she IS desperate – desperate to save her family; desperate to prove to him that she’s not the woman Stephanie says she is. She adds it’s not some petty vendetta; she is fighting for “my life, for OUR life.” She says she knows she has made some really terrible mistakes but she truly believed they can get back what they had……but Stephanie just won’t let that happen. Loud and clear, he says, “Stephanie does not control ME.” Jackie won’t let up, she says that Stephanie controls everyone that she says she cares about - tricking Ridge into re-marrying Taylor; breaking up Brooke’s family, robbing her children of their father. “She’s ruthless and I know you don’t see it, but I do!” Jackie remarks that she is terrified. If Stephanie can do that to her own grandchildren; then their family doesn’t stand a chance.

Brooke follows Nick to the window as he’s looking out. She wants to know if Bridget is confused about his feelings. He states no, there’s nothing to worry about. Still, Brooke says, he’s been spending a lot of time with her (Brooke) and he simply says he thinks she needs his support, a friend on her side. She adds that so does Bridget. He says nothing would make him happier than to marry Bridget. Brooke wonders if Bridget knows that? He hesitates just a bit before saying they certainly have talked it out. Brooke assumes she’s alright then. He turns to her and says he’s not sure Bridget will ever be alright. She’s sensitive to their (Brooke and Nick) past , the fact that they have a past. She’s sensitive to the fact that she knows how he feels about her and Hope….so perhaps Brooke is right, “perhaps I have been spending too much time with you. So if I pull away from you and the kids, it’s for Bridget.” She nods and whispers that Bridget is lucky to have him.

Bridget continues pacing trying to explain this to Dante. He says she can get through this but she doesn’t think he understands. She tells him that she’d told him everything that had happened but not everything that had happened TO her. She tells him she lost all her ability to trust; doubted every decision she made and admitted that ever since she was a little girl, all she really wanted was that kind of love her mom had with Ridge…and that she’d gotten married so young because she thought she’d found it. She was so hopeful and believed in it so much and then he’d left her. So that when the kiss happened with she and Nick in the cabin, she knew she needed to pay attention to the history that he’d had with her mom so they agreed to just be friends. But they couldn’t fight that feeling they had; it was so strong. She added she knew she had to be careful and she was. Wistfully she says that Nick proposed to her and told her she was the only one he ever wanted; no one else….not her mom. She breaks down and says she believed him and these past couple of months she was so happy…..she sobs she is sorry to Dante. She berates herself that she was deluding herself; kidding herself; refusing to listen to anyone; refusing to see anything. She strokes her hair, holds her head and says she refused because she just could not imagine her life without Nick. Dante can’t take it any more; he moves toward her as they slip comfortably into an embrace with her crying how could Nick do this to her? She breaks down in tears.

Massimo explains to Jackie that he knows she feels sorry for Brooke; so does he, but…….she interrupts by mentioning Stephanie’s prejudices and he counters what about HER prejudices. Is that what was fueling all her accusations? She argues if he is so sure she is wrong about Stephanie, why not prove it…….unless, of course, he thinks she is right. (ah, a seed of doubt). So, what would be wrong about peeking into the Doctor’s bank account? He walks away but not before he looks her in the face and says “and now who’s being manipulative?” She follows and makes this grand gesture that for the sake of her marriage and the sake of their family, she needs him to know what his DEAR friend, Stephanie, is up to. Again he stares her down and says, “Stephanie is not the one who is ruining our relationship. You have done a fine job of that, all by yourself.” Softly she says the proof is there, just look at the Doctor’s account. He takes one last long look and says he’d appreciate if she would show herself out.

Brooke stands looking at Nick and says she hurt her daughter and she may have forgiven her for her mistakes but she never expected her to forget. He shakes his head and says that was all in the past; water under the bridge (yeah, like Bridge Over Troubled Waters). But Brooke comments that Bridget still thinks about it, every time she gets close to a man; makes a commitment….and she regrets that. Nick asks her not to blame herself; blame his mother. Brooke says she will never do anything to interfere; he has her word on that. He says she has his too. She adds she wants him to just concentrate on themselves, get the wedding together, “just take care of my daughter, ok?” He braces himself, straightens up, chin high and smiles and says he will, she has his word. They smile in agreement; locking all four hands now he says he wants to start a life with Bridget but doesn’t want to leave her and the kids in a lurch and she denies that he will be; they’ll be fine. She glances over her shoulder at the sleeping Hope and tells him that thanks to him she had found her strength to maintain her dignity to stand up to Ridge. He thinks ‘that man’ owes her and her family more than just an apology and Brooke goes on that she owes Nick more than she can say. She knows he may not always be around as much but he’ll always have a special place in their hearts.

The scene shifts to a dejected Dante with Bridget now wrapped in some afghan lamenting how incredibly stupid she is. He tells her differently; it was her intelligence that drew him to her. Yes, there were pretty girls; she was one of them, but her intellect set her apart… her compassion; her curiosity, her integrity; he’d never met anyone like her. And that he’d never wanted anyone as much as he wants her. Wide-eyed, she listens as he tells her that when they were in Rome; he’d fell for her. He moves closer to where she is sitting on the couch and touches her leg and says that he fell in love with her, but she’d come back home and he thought things would be ok …but she was here with the same disappointment. …another man who was in love with her mother….another man who was letting her down…..He says it kills him, it hurts him to see her like this as he would NEVER ever treat her like this. She bites her lip; she’s drinking it all in. Dante leans closer to her face and tells her she needs a man who loves HER, for who she is. He cups her ear and says a man who hasn’t had any history with her mother but just loves ‘YOU’. Still cupping her ear and neck, they lose themselves in each other’s eyes and he tenderly says, “let me love you.” She doesn’t pull away when they kiss.

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