B&B Tuesday Update 7/19/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/19/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night continuation from yesterday:

In the Tridge Mansion bedroom, Taylor is in peignoir sipping tea with Ridge still pitching his hissy fit about how stupid Thomas was thinking he could get away with this immigration fraud. His 18 year-old son married! Taylor agrees to a point but thinks Thomas’ heart was in the right place and he wasn’t trying to trick anyone. He clearly made a mistake and should have come to them to discuss it but she really felt he was only trying to help Gaby. He’d just gone about it the wrong way but his intentions were good.

Gaby and Thomas continue their frantic discussion; she knows his father is furious with them and she should have talked him out of this back then. Thomas says she couldn’t have. Gaby is sure Ridge is going to have the marriage annulled. She flings her arms and says she will not come between him and his parents and he says she won’t and he won’t let her get deported. She reminds him they got caught. He tells her not to give up; they’ll figure something out. She tells him he should stop; he’s only making things harder, as she jumps up away from him. He follows and asks her to explain but she can’t….or won’t. She keeps walking further away but he pursues until she finally says she could not be upset with him because……she is falling in love with him. He has a stunned but somewhat surprised, happy look on his face.

At Brooke’s, with Brooke and Nick upstairs putting Hope to bed, Bridget turns to Dante and says he can’t be serious. He is; come away with him, tonight, right now. She is incredulous that he wants her to just forget everything; her fiancée, their plans. Dante states that Nick will not make her happy. He would. She scoffs that you Italians can be very dramatic.

Almost fighting back tears, she turns away, folds her arms and gives a deep sigh as Dante says he is only being realistic and he wishes she would be too. She again repeats that he is asking her to run away with him. Dante asks where is her fiancée right now? Bridget answers upstairs. Dante replies yes, with her mother. They see-saw back and forth as she tries to explain they are just upstairs putting Hope to bed; she is going through a hard time right now. Dante says so is her mother. Dante still feels that if Nick is committed to her, he should be there with her. Some little part of that might have soaked in; Bridget says it’s late, they should really call it a night. She reaches for her purse but Dante says he will call a cab to take him to her family’s beach house. This is news to her that he is staying there, but she offers to give him a ride. She grabs a pen and paper and leaves a note while telling Dante that he is a wonderful man, but…..she is in love with Nick and he’s in love with her…..not her mother. Dante follows her out the door without a word.

Upstairs, Nick is sitting on the bed with Hope in his arms reading about a pirate and a mermaid princess. Brooke is sitting nearby. He finishes the book “happily ever after” and Hope clamors for more though Nick tells her that is the end of the book, there is no more. She still wants more so he makes a bargain that if she’ll go to bed, he’ll come back tomorrow and tell her what happened to the pirate and the princess. He looks knowingly at Brooke, who gives a hearty ok with her face, and he tucks Hope in. First her legs are straight in the air and her fuzzy pink slippers have to come off. They say goodnight and Brooke lays her hand on Nick’s shoulder, smiles and mouths thanks. He tells Hope to settle down but then easing off behind Brooke, he sticks his tongue out and puts his hands in his ears and makes a goofy face. Hope giggles and Brooke senses the love and devotion between them, this man and her child. Nick takes one last backward glance and slips out.

At the beach house, Dante looks like he’s moved in entirely with his paintings everywhere. He’s continuing in the same vein that she deserves so much better than this and Bridget is asking him to please stop it. He wishes he could; he wishes he could take this pain away from her. But he says she doesn’t want to listen to him; she doesn’t want to see it but she can; he knows she’s much more intelligent than this. (I guess he is clairvoyant because she has NEVER mentioned being in pain).

She throws him a glare and he points out first Deacon, then Ridge and now Nick. Bridget denies that not Nick. She repeats again she is getting a little sick of hearing this from him; from everyone. Nick is NOT in love with her mother. Her father was saying it, her future mother-in-law, even Taylor. It seems everyone felt they knew her relationship better than she did. (hey, Bridget, newsflash, where there’s smoke, there’s fire). Dante tries to point out maybe she is too close; they can see more than she. Or is it she just can’t hold a candle to her mother? That’s what she’s hearing….and she’s getting a little tired of it.

Nick bounds down the stairs calling Bridget’s name; doesn’t find her, sees the note where she says she will catch up with him later. He pulls out his cell phone to call and say no need to come back there, just meet him at the Marlin. Brooke’s voice looms, he discovers it’s from the baby monitor on table. He can hear Hope’s little voice in background. Brooke relays that Hope is very upset; could he come back upstairs for a minute. He replies yes and heads that way immediately.

Gaby wrings her hands and can’t believe she just said that. She knows this is not a real marriage and once she gets the green card, they will go back to their regular lives. Thomas stands there speechless and she says he doesn’t have to say anything but she just couldn’t hide it anymore. He walks toward her and says he is glad she didn’t…..husbands and wives shouldn’t keep things from each other. They have a tender moment where he pulls her hair back a little and tells her she is so beautiful and she admits he makes her feel that way……so special.

He says she is, special to him and they seal this with a kiss. She beams that when she was making him dinner, she was all excited, felt like a real newlywed, picturing her husband coming home and how great it would be. She knew it was crazy but she’d never ever met anyone like him. And the more time she spent with him, the more time she wishes this marriage didn’t have to end.

Ridge continues that it’s not Thomas’s intentions he is worried about. Taylor says don’t go there! Ridge know Thomas may seem mature; all grown up but when it comes to women…… he thinks Gaby may have manipulated this whole situation. Taylor has a happy face on and doesn’t think this at all; why doesn’t Ridge just stop worrying and deal with it. He grumbles that look they were all living under the same roof and this goes and happens with Thomas; what’s it going to be like with R.J.? How’s he going to know what’s going on when he’s not even living in the same house?

Dante tells Bridget he wants her to open her eyes. She gets louder as she says she does have them open. Does he really think she would put herself in a position to be in love with another man who was still in love with her mother? Knowing that she could possibly lose him? She goes on….Nick was in love with her mother….and obviously he still cares about her but…..she re-emphasizes he is completely committed to her (Bridget). She says she sees it every single time he looks at her; he loves her. “all of his passion; all of his desire is just for me.” She turns and walks out leaving Dante with this defeated resolve.

Brooke is on the bed holding Hope who’s afraid of a monster - first in the closet, then she says he’s in her bed. Nick joins them and tells her there is no monster; asks Brooke if this has happened before. She says a few times, never this bad. Brooke relays that Hope doesn't want to be alone. Hope wants to go to Mommy’s bed. And since Daddy isn't here, and there is lots of room, she wants Nick to stay. Nick has the answer to this solution. Monsters can’t hide from him as he kisses her on the cheek. She can lie down in Mommy’s bed and he will lay on one side and Mommy on the other and later he’ll go get rid of the monsters. And he looks at Brooke and says he’ll stay. (Bridget would probably agree to this but is anyone thinking of her feelings right now?)

Thomas sits with Gaby on the bed and says they have only hit a snag in this. First they need to deal with his parents and then the Immigration Office, just stay focused. And he’s given her his word. Maybe the promise wasn’t the same as most newlyweds but it was still a promise. He claims, “ besides when things are meant to be, they somehow work themselves out. You hold onto that….and I will too.” She embraces him tightly.

In Brooke’s bed, Nick and Brooke are curled up with sleeping Hope in the middle with Brooke saying he didn’t have to stay…..but he whispers that he had to throw the monster out. Hope is under the covers; Brooke and Nick are just laying on top with Brooke stroking Hope’s hair. She then tells Nick maybe he should go down and tell Bridget but he tells her that she took ‘what’s-his-name’ home.

He continues to ask if this has happened before and she says yes but not quite like this; Hope really is missing Ridge; he let them down. She never thought he would but he did. Nick reminds her she'll get through the night; the worst is over and Brooke gives him credit for that. He says he is only glad he happened to be there and a pretty good monster killer….and she adds also a pretty good storyteller. He whispers well don’t tell Hope; most people think he's just full of hot air!

Bridget approaches the doorway, partially open. She can see them, this tender moment, they can’t seer her. Nick whispers the two of them are a pretty good audience and Brooke replies that he’s been a lifesaver for her and the kids. He calls it payback. He lays his hand on hers and says “for all the happy times you’ve given me, some of the best times in my life......and Hope, I love her more than I can say.” They lean toward Hope, their heads touching, watching out over this little Angel. As he mentions love, Bridget shrinks away with her hand over her mouth.

(Surely everyone’s warnings are finally hitting a raw nerve now).

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