B&B Monday Update 7/18/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/18/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same night, continuation of Friday’s episode:

At Jackie’s penthouse, egged on by Jackie, with her handy digital recorder nearby, Mark is confiding that there was plenty of deception in Mrs. Forrester’s hospital room.

At Brooke's manse, the doorbell rings and Bridget gets it. It’s Dante, dressed casually, with a bottle of Chianti. She says it reminds her of a totally different occasion in which two glasses in Rome and she had spilt her entire life story to him. He jokes that today she can have four and see what happens. She doesn’t think so! And besides, she has invited her mother. He grins, trying to be happy and Bridget says yeah her mother is going through a rough time, thought she could use a little break. ….and she was really hoping Nick could join them too. Not so happy with this, he repeats “Nick is coming too?” She says if Nick and Hope ever get back from the dance class. Dante turns and says he’s not sure this dinner is such a good idea. She knows he and Nick didn’t exactly hit it off….and Dante chimes in “my fault, for thinking you deserve a guy that is in love with YOU, not your mother.” Bridget tells him that is exactly why she wants him to stay, so he can see how in love they are with each other. Dryly, he adds they are going to need more wine tonight. She tells him to pour himself a glass; she’s going to go tell Brooke that he’s here.

At the Forrester guest cottage, Ridge has pushed in the door (again, why can’t people LOCK their doors, especially if they need some privacy and are going to get lovely dovey?). Appalled, he bellows “what the hell is going on here?” Straightening his shirt, Thomas quickly jumps up apart from Gaby and says he thinks his dad knows exactly what is going on. Ridge says they need to talk. Thomas wants to know if it can wait. Ridge replies no! Taylor speaks up and tells Thomas they had a visitor today….Ridge finishes…an Immigration officer and according to him “you guys got married at some wedding shack in Las Vegas……..even had a marriage license to show us.”

Thomas says he can explain and Ridge wants to hear it; how they could have done something so foolish. Thomas hesitates and Ridge is outraged and wants to know what he has to say for himself.

Brooke is upstairs sitting on her bed, reflecting when Bridget comes in and wants to know what she’s up to. Brooke says she’s waiting on a phone call from Jackie, who believes the same thing as Brooke does – that Stephanie faked her heart attack. Bridget finds that ridiculous and more especially when Brooke tells her that she had help from one very prominent, young doctor, Dr. Mark MacClain. …and he’s having dinner with Jackie right now….and he’s going to tell her the whole sordid truth about Stephanie’s phony illness.

Mark sits; tells Jackie he can’t say any more about Mrs. Forrester….she’s a very powerful woman. Jackie charms more by saying and yes she is a very persuasive… she pulls you in…. and once she pulls you in, she tells on you; she had destroyed her (J) marriage.

She leans down behind his ear and whispers “she could destroy your career……(as she caresses his shoulder) oh, Mark, you’d feel so much better if you just unburdened yourself.” He says he wishes he could and Jackie retorts it’s not too late. Mark pulls forward and away from Jackie and says bitterly it never should have happened; he shouldn’t have ever been a part of any of this whole mess. Jackie resumes her stroking.

Bridget is indignant that Mark wouldn’t risk his good name and license but Brooke reminds her Stephanie could talk him into it by reminding him of how much she and Eric donate to the hospital every single year with the promise of research and new equipment.

Oh, and had Bridget heard that Dr. MacClain had just moved into those very expensive, very exclusive Century View Towers? Bridget proclaims this is NUTS! She obviously agrees that Stephanie used her illness to influence Ridge to marry Taylor….but……to fake a heart attack! Brooke says yes that would be the most conniving thing she’s ever done “and stupid, and I’m going to make sure she gets the justice she so richly deserves….now the rest is up to Jackie….and getting Mark to talk.”

As Jackie listens intently, Mark stands and says he was the doctor in charge; he could have stopped the ceremony. Jackie says he didn’t, why? Mark explains it meant so much to Ridge; he thought he was saving his mother’s life. Jackie finishes, “but she wasn’t dying was she? Something else was going on.” She pleads with him that he’s such a good, caring, wonderful man and with so many people’s lives that have been devastated by what happened in that room. She circles him like a cat….she knows he knows more than he’s saying…..make it right….(she goes in for the kill) “tell me what really happened.”

Saved by the bell; his pager goes off. It’s the hospital as he puts his hand out and brushes past her saying he must go. All the while she is begging him please don’t go, just one more minute. He leaves without another word and she has to accept defeat and picks up the futile recorder.

Dante is standing in the corner sipping his wine when Mr. Cool (in shades again) Nick walks through the front door holding precious Hope and a book and he’s teaching her the B words with emphasis – BROOKE, BEARS, seeing Dante he says BATH before going to BED. And when Hope asks him to read to her, he says he will at BEDTIME. She spies Dante and asks who he is? He comes forward and says he is a friend of Bridget’s and she must be the BELLISIMO Hope, he’s heard so much about her. Hope says he talks funny. Nick puts her down on the stairs and tells her to take the book and go upstairs. He wants her to read 4 chapters and write a story. Dante smiles and says goodnight or goodbye in Italian. Nick pulls off his shades and with a frown asks what Dante is doing there? He smoothly replies having a glass of wine before dinner. Nick offers, “well drink it fast, I want you outta here.” As he nears toe to toe with Dante, Dante says maybe it was his mistake but he thought this was Brooke’s home, maybe it was his (N). Nick obliges by saying that don’t let the door hit him on the way out. Bridget intervenes just in time and says she invited Dante for dinner. Nick replies that Dante had mentioned that but he didn’t know whether to believe him or not. Dante snarks, “Americans have an idea of the simplistic truth….and the lies.” Nick smiles sweetly at Dante and utters “as a courtesy to Bridget, I’ll let you stay for dinner, but don’t expect to have a good time.” He goes and plants a big one on Bridget’s lips as Dante burns.

Thomas leads a little parade from the bedroom back to dining room and says to chill out, they did nothing wrong. Ridge seems to refute that – they’d married and hadn’t told anyone and had been hiding it ever since. Thomas tries to make him see that she was going to be deported; everything Helen had worked for – gone; everything Gaby had dreamed of – gone. She had just lost her mother and they were going to ship her back off to a country she barely knew. There was only one way out – marriage. Thomas confesses that he knew he should have gone to Ridge first and talked to him about everything ….but Gaby had been re-instated at Larchmont; her scholarship was back; her status was pending; she didn’t have to go anywhere. Ridge turns slowly and looks disappointedly at Gaby with her scared, downcast eyes.

Brooke and Jackie talk on the phone and Brooke wants to know if Mark talked. Jackie reveals that yes, he talked and talked and talked but she didn’t get the silver bullet. She was sure he was ready to divulge that Stephanie Forrester had faked her heart attack when his pager went off. She knew too this was a setback but it wasn’t the end. She knew that Mark likes her and he’ll be back and she’ll get him to spill everything. “and when he does, I promise you that THAT WOMAN who has tried to destroy BOTH of us, will know how it feels to use credibility…. to lose respect….. to lose everything she holds precious….. everything she’s taken from us….then we’ll see how well she does when SHE’s lost everything!”

Thomas lays it on the line and says if Ridge was in this, what would he have done? He counters he would have told his father and remarks that Thomas seems to have all the answers, how could he have missed that one? Ridge finds it incredulous that Thomas has already talked to lawyers but couldn’t find time to talk to his parents. Ridge couldn’t believe that Connor would encourage him to do this. Thomas wipes his face and admits no, he’d said it was illegal but Ridge offers Thomas did it anyway. Gaby finally speaks up and says she shouldn’t have agreed to it; please don’t blame Thomas, blame her. Ridge lashes at her that he blames both of them and she took advantage of Thomas’s good heart. Thomas argues no she didn’t. Ridge also says didn’t seem he had to talk her too much to get her into bed. Taylor intervenes to calm Ridge down as Thomas argues more that nothing has happened yet. Ridge says only because his parents walked in on him! He barks, “dammit, dad, stop treating me like a little kid!” Ridge counters with, “then stop acting like one!” He looks Thomas straight in the eyes and says he is contacting his lawyer, this relationship, marriage is over! Without a word to Taylor or anyone, he walks out the door. Gaby is about to cry.

Bridget pours Nick a glass of wine and offers that she knows they got off onto the wrong foot. Dante is still in the room and Nick replies that actually he (D) put his foot in his mouth. Bridget fawns over Nick, all hands, and says Dante is just a dear friend who is concerned about her but after tonight he’ll see exactly how much they love each other and his concerns will fly right out the window.

Dante walks toward them, “look at me as the man who’s s going to keep you honest, Mr. Marone.” Brooke comes down and Dante greets her with a kiss on the hand and she smiles and says it’s nice to finally meet him. He says she is even more beautiful than he imagined. Nick pipes up they’d better start dinner, he was getting nauseous.

Dante tells Brooke he wasn’t sure he’d be welcome there….she concludes because he helped Taylor get home, but she reveals that he’d been there for Bridget so he’d always be welcome there in her home. Dante is glad she feels that way as he plans on spending as much tine there as Bridget will allow. (my, aren’t we one big, happy, cozy family?)

Jackie holds a framed photograph of her and Massimo as Mark’s words echo in her ears – bank owned by Marone, owned by Marone, owned by Marone. Suddenly she has a brilliant idea and says to have courage, girl, nothing is won without risk.

She is frantic as she calls until Massimo answers and she says it is urgent, can she come over. He agrees. Pacing smugly, she says, “Stephanie, you have been manipulating people’s lives for a very long time….Brooke, Ridge, even Eric…… but this time you have gone too far. I’m on to you, sister, and I’m the one who’s going to bring you down!”

Gaby sits on the bed and Thomas comes to her rescue, puts his arms around her and tries to make it right; that his dad just doesn’t understand that he’s growing up and making his own decisions. He turns back to his mother and asks if this is also what she thinks; this was a stupid decision? She confides that marriage is a sacred bond, a commitment of love and not to be used to circumvent the law. She confides that she does understand; what he did was wrong…..but his heart was in the right place…and she was proud of the man he was becoming …he was kind, compassionate, loving. He hugs and thanks her as Gaby weeps that she is sorry. Taylor holds out her hand to her and Gaby walks into a loving embrace as Taylor says they will figure something out, somehow.

At dinner Dante says he hasn’t been there long enough but he likes L.A., he finds it vibrant, though hard to get around. Bridget volunteers her mother to show him some of the spots…..or she can sit for him as she tells Brooke that he’s an incredible artist. Dante thinks that would be a challenge, to capture her beauty on canvass. Nick utters “oh, God” almost choking on his food. In her pj’s, Hope rushes down to Uncle Nick and wants a story. Brooke says she will put her to bed but Hope reminds her that he promised. Nick says a promise is a promise so he gets up to do so and Brooke adds that she will tuck her in. She excuses herself to Dante and Bridget.

Dante seizes the occasion by saying instead of seeing how much in love they are, all he sees is how devoted Nick is to her mother and this little girl. Bridget defends by saying she can see how an outsider might not grasp the situation but Dante says sometimes an outsider can see more than anyone else. She throws a glare at him but he continues can’t she see how wrapped up this man is in her mother and her children; didn’t they talk about this? Bridget says Nick and her mother are just friends but Dante differs. He doesn’t even like him (D) yet Nick leaves the two of them alone. Bridget seems confused but is adamant that he’s trying to make this into something it’s not. Dante spins her around, “Bridget, maybe you won’t see it; maybe Nick doesn’t see it, but I see it. And what you’re doing is wrong.” She stares back at him, “maybe my mother and my fiancée are close, but they’ve drawn a distinct line and they are not going to cross it.” Yes, she was 100% sure and quite frankly she was a little sick of hearing this from him. But Dr. Freud continues and tells her maybe because it is true. …she needs to get away from this; walk away. This seems like a nice home but it’s not their home. Hope loves Nick; he loves her, this is already a family here. Bridget is going down the wrong path…..to disaster and while she protests, he says he doesn’t want her to be hurt again. To a shocked Bridget, he pleads his case for her to take off the ring; leave it here. Come with him and be happy, be happy for the first time in her life!

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