B&B Friday Update 7/15/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/15/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Continuation of yesterday’s program – Jackie and young Dr. Mark are sitting on the couch with her digital recorder hidden away behind a nearby picture frame recording their every word.

He asks what does Mrs. Forrester have to do with her funding proposal? She quickly explains nothing but it was his expertise with her that got her to thinking. Mark starts to call her Mrs. Marone then changes it to Jackie and remarks that she knows he can’t discuss a patient with her. She quips, “Well I wasn’t asking for Stephanie’s blood count.” So serious, he asks what sort of relationship did Jackie think he had with her? (S) He continues that he doesn’t know what sort of thing she is proposing here, but maybe he should go and he gets up to do so. She gently grabs him by the arm and says, “no, no…don’t.” Quick thinking, she continues, “obviously, I owe you an explanation.”

Gaby opens the door to the Forrester guest house and invites Thomas in. She’s dressed in a sexy little green with lace top and jeans, all smiles. He’s surprised to see a beautifully set table and wonders if it’s someone’s birthday and she replies no but it is a celebration of some sort. She shows him an envelope and proudly beams that she’s the newest member of the freshman class of Larchmont College. He congratulates her. She says she knows the Immigration Officer really worried her too but now that she’s re-applied for citizenship and her status was pending, she was re-instated. Nervously she adds that was the whole point of getting married, right? He stands speechless and she finally asks if he’s happy. He says for her, of course. But not for having to tell her something that she probably won’t like. Wide-eyed, she listens as he says he thinks he’s steered her wrong from the beginning.

Meanwhile, at Ridge’s office he and Taylor are going at it all lovely dovey, his hands all over her, kissing. She’s asking if he’s almost done and he says yes; what’s for dinner…. and lets her know that oh by the way, Thomas won’t be home. She queries if their meeting went well and very seriously he replies he disowned him. She nods like she understands and he says he told Thomas if he wants to work in the gutter with Sally Spectra then he can go sleep there too. She continues in the same vein that maybe they can give him a blanket but they must take his cell phone back. During this display of public affection and latest kiss, the door has been open and there comes a knock. The Immigration Officer walks in and asks if they are Mr. & Mrs. Forrester and what a stroke of luck to find them both in.

He introduces himself as Phillip Dunn from Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. He says this is about their son…..actually daughter-in-law. They both look stunned as Taylor says they don’t have a married son. He remarks, “Oh, yes…you do.”

Still in Eric’s office, Stephanie confronts Brooke while she’s leaning heavily with both hands on her claw-foot cane. She wants to know why Brooke is so plunky? She knows she hates her and that she’s miserable because Ridge is happy with Taylor and she leans in and whispers over her shoulder “and you’re here all alone, which is just as I said you’d end up . (arm in air for emphasis). Are you giving me all the credit?”

She continues that she’ll take it, how about that? All this time, Brooke has been very silent, looking downward, seemingly waiting for this barrage to end. She replies that at the moment she is just thinking about Stephanie’s health. Stephanie scoffs, “pleeeeeze, honey, my heart took the hit, not my I.Q. What you’d really like is for me just to keel over dead right here. What’d you say to me in the hospital, ‘die, Stephanie, die.’” Brooke retorts that she could hardly say that now….to a sick old woman with a cane.

Jackie has some damage to undo as she feigns humiliation that she is so confused; and so needy right now. She says that Mark saw for himself how things stand between she and her husband. He sits down and says yeah he knows, he wanted to punch him. He explains he puts Marone gas in his car, the hospital has a Marone wing, even his bank is owned by Marone Industries…and guys like him don’t punch men like Massimo Marone…….and they don’t have intimate dinners with their wives. Perhaps he had misunderstood when Jackie had brought up Mrs. Forrester’s name. She oozes charm as she says that was just because of their long history. He surely didn’t think she’d ask something unethical of him. And she offers more wine…….looking, lingering a little too long into his eyes…… "if you are staying.” He assures her if all she wants is her general condition, he can assure her that she’s on her way to a full recovery. She gives a quick glance at the recorder and urges, “even after such a close brush with death?” He says this is supposed to be good news and she utters that it is for Stephanie’s friends, for her husband but not for her.

Ridge questions Mr. Dunn if he has his Thomas Forrester and Phillip pulls out more papers and says yes this Thomas is enrolled at Larchmont College and works for Spectra Couture. Taylor seems to think someone must have stolen Thomas’s social security number but Mr. Dunn asks if they’d recognize his signature; marriage license is public record.

They scrutinize it, seeing it is Gaby and it was a Vegas wedding. Dunn adds “yeah, in and out, maybe some fries with your vows……and of course, a green card.” Ridge contends that Gaby is not illegal and Mr. Dunn says no, technically not since June 24. Ridge goes on that her mother worked for his family for many years. Mr. Dunn says it is not his policy to discuss Immigration Policy, just to enforce it and he wants them to know that immigration-marriage fraud is a serious crime. Taylor thinks fraud is a really harsh word; she knows the kids are very attached, close. Dunn says, “if the shoe fits.”

Thomas tells Gaby he blames himself for not thinking this through. He didn’t realize they’d be investigated and living under a microscope for two years. She agrees, it started off scary and got even scarier. He reveals he almost told his dad today but that his mom had shown up and he realized it wouldn’t be fair. He says it’s not just his thing; he’d like to tell his parents but he needs to know it’s alright with her.

Hand on hip, stiffening her back in amazement, Stephanie wonders why this sudden and touching concern for her health? And the last time they were at the hospital, Brooke had tried to kill her. Brooke hits back that she could have even charged her with attempted manslaughter, “you still can.” Stephanie wonders if that is why she is acting like a little church mouse. Brooks asks why hasn’t she? Stephanie answers quickly that well the law never protected her family from her before. No one ever lifted a finger but her. She had to do it all by herself. Brooke states that Stephanie is very proud of that, isn’t she? Steph replies it took her a long time – years…..years… “but you are the dream we’re waking up from and now we can get on with the happy chore of forgetting you.” (chin in air). Brooke quietly gives her permission to go ahead and gloat, “revel in your triumph, however short-lived it may be.” Head askew, eyebrows raised, Steph asks if Brooke is threatening her…..again?

Jackie takes the blame on herself that he knows the ugly truth about her now; how she could wish another woman ill. She reveals there was a time when she cared what Stephanie though because of her relationship, her closeness to Massimo. She actually thought they could be friends; what a mistake that was. She whispers that Stephanie found out Jackie’s weaknesses, her secrets and used them against her with unimaginable cruelty. And she nods her head that Stephanie will turn him against her too if she gets the chance. He issues that he makes up my mind about people. She sits back down next to him and explains this is oh so reckless of her, so reckless, he saved Stephanie’s life. He was a person of character and Stephanie held him in such high regard, “I just could not bear to have you become one of Stephanie’s victims. Not you; not ever!” (her smug look tells me she thinks she’s doing great pulling this off).

Steph studies Brooke and asks if she has some sort of plan? Brooke simply says she has two children to raise. That’s what she plans to do. Stephanie inquires if she intends to use them to yank Ridge’s chain? Brooke gives back no, that’s Stephanie’s specialty. Stephanie sucks in her breath and looks at her squarely and says Ridge is not coming back to her because with Taylor he is remembering what marriage really should be, not just a perpetual state of emergency.

Megan knocks on the door and apologizes for interrupting but that Eric says he is ready to go home when she is. Looking at Brooke, Steph says nothing to keep her here. As she leaves, Brooke picks up the cane Steph has left behind.

Jackie and Mark are eating; she nudges the recorder deep inside her napkin, asking him how he likes the lamb. He exclaims it’s one of his favorites and Jackie coos that when not dining alone, it’s hers too. They are about to discuss Mrs. Forrester again when the phone rings and she tells him to hold his thought. It’s Brooke though Jackie pretends it’s Marcello and so good of him to check up on them. Brooke tells her she couldn’t call until now but guess who was at the office – Stephanie and there was no heart in heart attack, it was all attack on her. 100% fake. She’d been hobbling around on a cane and had forgotten to take it with her. Jackie has her back to Mark and she pours her wine back into the bottle. Brooke says Jackie should have heard her gloating; she had almost got her to say too much…..how was things going with Mark? Still pretending to be talking with Marcello, Jackie nicely complains about the meat; to the point that Mark turns around and says it seems ok to him. Brooke takes the hint and says she’ll go; call her if she needs help. Jackie sits back down at the table and pours them more wine. Mark wastes no time in getting the conversation back to how Mrs. Forrester turned on Jackie. (geeze, Louise, who’s conning who here?) He says he doesn’t want to pry but she’s wealthy, influential and he would think she could stand her ground, if anyone could. Jackie moaned that so did she until Stephanie destroyed her marriage.

Thomas wipes his mouth with his napkin and says they promised not to talk about it until after dinner; now it was after dinner. Gaby hedges nervously and says she thinks telling his parents is another one of his brilliant ideas. She can’t take all this lying all the time; getting red every time someone mentions getting married. “I’d rather them think I’m a tramp, and know I’m not than have them think I’m sweet and innocent and know I’m a liar.” Thomas is impressed and says sometimes he forgets how amazing she is. She replies that she might make a lousy wife but she thinks she could make a pretty good girlfriend. He grins that yes, yes that’s what he needs. He wants his girlfriend back. He smiles as he gets up, she too, and takes her hand and they melt into a sweet kiss.

The passion builds and he asks if it’s ok. She returns the kisses while pulling/guiding him back to the bed. He’s been afraid to touch her for fear that now that she’s his wife, she’ll feel it is her duty. She says she was afraid to even put her hand on his; that he would think it was gratitude. He’s wanting her; she’s wanting him as they loosen clothes. Just kissing and wrapping their legs around each other, when Ridge and Taylor burst in and says “Thomas, get off of her!”

Jackie continues that she makes Stephanie’s work so easy for her. Massimo can be so driven and remote and she (J) has her needs and he finishes her sentence that they weren’t being met. She jumps up and shrugs she doesn’t know what the use is; why she is dredging this up again; Massimo is just not attracted to her anymore. She doesn’t think he ever really was. He says he finds that hard to believe and she replies he doesn’t have to say that. He goes on that she is a very beautiful woman. It’s been killing him to say that and any man who couldn’t be satisfied with her……..Jackie divulges that there’s only one woman in Massimo’s eyes….and that is Stephanie Forrester. “I’m telling you she’s everything I’m not, and she won’t let me, or anyone else, forget it”. She shakes her head and simpers, “oh, Mark, I was so weak, there was an indiscretion…. a younger man.” Mark is sympathetic “these things happen.” With her head held high, Jackie concedes not to Stephanie they don’t; she’s uprightness herself. She has no tolerance for frailty and her idea of integrity is to shout the truth from the highest hill for the world to hear and she doesn’t care who gets hurt. (she’s flailing arms for emphasis) Mark remarks that she’s not such a pillar of virtue; she’s done things she wouldn’t want people to know. Jackie half way closes her eyes as they dart in anticipation; she asks what kinds of things?

Stephanie comes back into the office and tells Brooke look what she made her do; forget the cane. Brooke says yes she wondered when she was going to miss it; she was going to drop it by her house. Stephanie remarks for her not ever to do that. “if I drop a kidney on the way out, just put it in the mail.” On the way out, Steph turns and says she knows what Brooke is doing – holding back the tears – cheating her out of her moment. Pointing finger the entire time, she says, “but make no mistake about it. It is my moment and my victory. I said I would do whatever it took.” Brooke says and she did; she never ceases to amaze her; what she’s capable of and nobody ever sees it. Steph quips “you know what they say. What doesn’t kill you, strengthens you.”

Brooke returns, you know what I say? What doesn’t kill you makes it easier to bring you down next time.”

Mark claims he shouldn’t say any more. Jackie guesses it’s something medical, some dreadful disease, but he denies it. Jackie is really laying it on thick, almost like the Perils of Pauline as she asks why can’t he tell her….if only she could stop feeling like dirt under the heels of that woman’s perfections. Deadly serious, he says perfection doesn’t exist. They’d all done things they are ashamed of…or should be…including Stephanie Forrester….including himself. Jackie says she can’t bear to hear him talk like that….he’s so young. He says it was a month ago. She tightened the noose by oozing of all the good he did every day; the crises he deals with; the pain he lessens. He mustn’t feel so responsible if an itsy bitsy wrong judgment just slips in amongst those right ones. He goes on that when a family is gathered around a patient’s bed, he’s responsible. If there is a misconception, he’s the one who needs to correct it.

She zeroes in closer, “Stephanie’s bed?” He returns, “there was a deception going on in that room, a manipulation, and I was part of it.”

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