B&B Thursday Update 7/14/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/14/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Same day, continuation of yesterday with Stephanie knocking on Ridge’s door at Forresters. She looks around, doesn’t see him but comes on in, shutting the door. She is aided by the claw-foot cane and is about to comfortably sit down when she sees a photo on his desk, picks it up and sees who it is. In disgust, she puts it back down, Ridge and Brooke. She makes her nest but still has her eyeball on the back of the photo. She takes her cane, evil, smirky smile on her lips, aims it like a bulls-eye and plop the frame falls on the floor, the glass into broken pieces. Mission accomplished, satisfied look as she settles back down, peers down at the floor and remarks outloud “janitors, so clumsy sometimes.”

Brooke is still at Jackie’s and they are still discussing Stephanie’s trumped up heart attack; at least that is what Jackie is telling Brooke. Brooke is finding it hard to believe that Dr. MacLain would be involved in that. Jackie continues but why not; he’s the darling of the medical staff, Stephanie’s personal physician, who would question him? He tinkers with a few machines, intercepts a few lab reports, falsifies a few records and tells himself ‘Mark, you do this one questionable thing and I’m sure your career is set for life.’ Who’s it going to hurt? Brooke wonders if she can get him to say those things. Lifting her eyebrows for emphasis, Jackie smiles and says “Stephanie has her means of persuasion and I have mine.”

Steph is looking around the room when Ridge walks in with an assistant with a dress draped over her arm. She greets Steph warmly and says it’s good to see her up and around and Steph remarks back that it’s good to be seen up and around. The doctor told her a little gentle exercise would be good for her. Without even looking at her, rather sarcastically Ridge says he thinks kicking in the pool was what the doctor had in mind. He dismisses the assistant saying it can wait until tomorrow. He seems to be dismissing at least ignoring Steph too and she remarks she knows he’s angry with her. As he puts the dress on the dressmaker form, he says “you got what you wanted, Mother!” She shot back so did he and don’t forget it. He asks really? Did he really?

At the Marone mansion, Dante in trunks and holding a towel walks into the den from the patio/balcony area to find Mass pouring cognac. His dimples and pecs are all in fine shape. Mass says it’s good to see someone using the pool and in part Italian he offers Dante a drink; he declines. Dante is dabbing the towel on his arms drying off as Mass says it costs him a fortune to heat that damned pool….but fortunately he has a fortune.

He says Dante can use it every day if he’d stay….and the tennis courts…and the stables…whatever he wants. Dante says Mass is a great friend, and great host, but this gallery arrangement - if it’s going to work out, he needs studio space. Mass repeats “space - space, that’s all I’ve got is space rattling around in this old house by myself.” Dante turns around and looks at Jackie’s portrait above the lit fireplace and says that he has a feeling that may change at any time.

A quick knock on the door and Nick barrels on in calling Pop. He has his traditional shades on with knapsack over shoulder. Frosty the snowman when he sees Dante, the silence is deafening. He mutters “oh, the sculptor (as he points at him, and pulling the shades down to the end of his nose peering over them, now hands on hips). Looks like you’ve been doing too many push-ups out by the pool…you’re dripping on the rug.” (gotta love these two). Dante returns the favor insincerely – nice to see him too. Nick puts the knapsack/briefcase down and pulls out some papers for Mass but looks at Dante and asks if he actually uses the pool or is this the way he travels? Mass intercedes and says he’s trying to get Dante to stay but at least he’s staying in Los Angeles and has had some meetings with some galleries. Nick makes a smart remark about him being a smooth talker and lying about knowing Taylor and Mass defends Dante by saying he was trying to protect Taylor’s privacy. Nick asks if that’s what it was? Knowing when he’s not wanted, Dante says he’s going to go but Mass again speaks up and says no, don’t dare, Nick knows exactly the way he wants his guests to be treated here. Barreling ahead, Nick hands Mass some papers and says he didn’t like some things about the prices on the new tanker so Mass takes them and says he will review them in his study. Now a drink seems like a good thing and Dante sidesteps Nick and asks if he’d like one as he pours himself one. Nick comments that some life you sculptors have. Nonplussed, Dante hands Nick a smaller towel and says ”here, in case you’re worried about the rug.” Nick smiles and says thanks.

These boys are sizing each other up, one upping each other as Nick says the last time he saw Dante he was catching a flight. Dante quips yeah he missed it. Nick says he knows. Without missing a beat he asks how was lunch with his fiancée. Dante deftly says that he and Bridget had a delightful afternoon…(twisting the knife) “in fact, that’s why I decided to stay.” Nick glares at him, trying to decide what he should do or say next.

Brooke circles around Jackie and tells her to be careful, she needs to decide just how far she will go with this and then draw the line (motioning with her hands). Jackie returns by saying she would do almost anything to expose Stephanie….but not THAT….she wants her husband back. And then she asks Brooke if she can call her say in about three hours, a distraction if she needs rescuing. Brooks says sure and that Jackie will need her digital recorder which she pulls out of her purse and shows her how to operate it. …and now to get Mark to say something….something he can’t unsay. Brooke tells her, “luck never worked before; let’s just hope this time Stephanie finds herself outmatched.”

As Ridge continues with his dressing the dummy and paying no attention to Stephanie, she remarks that he went over to Brooke’s after lambasting her. He says “Mother, go home and recuperate, Brooke will be fine, she doesn’t need any of us.” Stephanie says she doubts she really feels that way. Ridge takes one quick glance at her and says after all these years, she really doesn’t know her at all. He goes on that he told Brooke he handled all of this very poorly; he’d let her (S) play him like a violin and that his feelings for her (B) are as strong as ever. Stephanie nods her head but then he’d gone home to Taylor, hadn’t he? He says he did go home last night and she continues that he weathered it and the worst was over. She got up and came up behind him and said she knew he’d have second thoughts; that’s just the way he was. “Honey, wont you allow yourself to be happy, please?” He tells her that Thomas is due there any minute and he’d like to see him privately. She says good, for him to focus on how full is life really is. Before she leaves, she lingers and says she loves him, always remember that. He lets her leave without looking at her or saying a word in reply.

Ridge walks over toward his desk and spies the broken picture frame on the floor and picks it up, glances at it knowingly. Steph greets Tom offscreen and then he comes into Ridge’s office. He remarks his grandmother is something else; walking around in the best mood in the world…..and apparently Ridge isn’t.

Ridge asks when was Thomas going to tell him about this? – as he slaps a magazine in front of him, one with Thomas’s headshot, “Spectra snags another Forrester.” Thomas gulps.

Ridge takes a phone call from Mass saying something to the effect “what are sons for?“ as Thomas sits in the hot seat. Ridge continues that so grandfather Eric’s suggestion of a design school, was that so far beneath him? Thomas explains that he, Ridge, had been his design school and he didn’t see he’d learn much being there as an intern to deliver coffee, so once Spectra offered him a chance to go with the teen line……

Ridge points his finger at him and says he should have brought his contract to him first. Thomas takes that to mean he was ok with it. Ridge says no, going to work for an office like Sally Specta, a knockoff house, he’d learn bad habits…which he’d just have to unlearn when he comes to work for ‘us’. Thomas squirms but says he was trying to find the right time….Ridge comes around and places his hands on both shoulders and says he figured it was something like that, but the right time to talk to him about anything, was anytime. Ridge continues that he has a lot on his mind, but Thomas was one of those main things. “Understood?” Thomas says he’s sorry. Ridge continues that’s he’s sorry if it looks like he’s been busy with other things and not paying attention because he has……. And looking him eyeball to eyeball asks if there is anything else he’d like to tell him? Thomas plays innocent and asks about what. Ridge hedges and finally says oh, maybe about – Gabi? (oops, another big gulp).

At Jackie’s she is dressed in elegant, black, flowing slacks, satin champagne colored belted jacket/top, has at least a dozen large candles lit, setting the mood with music, soft lighting, the drapes closed, she’d ready! She picks up a picture of she and Mass and says “for you, my dear.” (for the life of me I can’t see where this storyline is headed. Even if she is right and exposes Stephanie, that is not going to endear her anymore to Massimo. And if she is dead wrong, he will end up hating her more. And flirting or whatever she is going to do with another young man, definitely a no-no).

The doorbell chimes and she immediately grabs the recorder, turns it on and places it behind the picture on the table. She greets Mark at the door, all dressed in a suit, and he’s bearing a bottle of fine wine. He remarks he hopes she didn’t go to a lot of trouble. She returns of course not, everyone who lives there in the Towers who caters goes to Marcellos.

She leads Mark to the table and hands him the corkscrew and asks that they sample the ware. And ever so smoothly, guides the conversation to the hospital and his most recent patient, Stephanie, who must have kept him hopping. She invites him to sit down and he pours the wine. Seductively she asks, “hmmmmm, what are you wearing?” He glances down at his suit and then she comments and she leans in “your cologne?” He replies Jabot For Men. She coos it’s so masculine….sooooo masculine. (careful old girl, don’t overdo this!)

She raises her glass and says what shall they toast to – oh, she knows (with finger in air) “to Stephanie Forrester….. and to the man responsible for her health.” Glasses clink and they trade warm glances above the rims.

Dante is pouring himself a refill when Mass joins them again and he says Ridge and Taylor will not take no for an answer. They don’t use the beach house, he can be alone on the beach with plenty of privacy and plenty of room for a studio.

Nick chirps that he’s sure he (D) doesn’t want to start freeloading but Dante says sounds good, he accepts. Mass immediately asks if he will stay for supper and Dante replies if he insists. Mass does insist and says he will tell the cook. He turns and asks Dominick who quips no, "some of us work!" Mass slaps the papers at his (Dominick’s) waist and tilts his head in dismay as he leaves the room. Dante has a frown on his face and turns away. Nick follows and makes a remark that guess he’s Forrester’s problem now. “I’m sure you and his wife will pick up wherever you left off….wherever that was,” he offers. Sipping his drink, Dante gives as good as he gets and replies to give Bridget his best.

Brooke walks in with papers and is surprised to find Stephanie sitting in Eric’s chair. She tells Steph she will find him for her. But before she leaves, she turns and says she is sure Mark would like to see her home in bed. Butter would melt in her mouth, she’s so smooth as she retorts “my heart is stronger than ever, how’s yours?”

Ridge tells Thomas he’s not asking for details. Gabi is a big improvement over Amber, that’s for sure, but he hopes he will take it slower this time. If it’s right, he shouldn’t have to rush it. Thomas hesitates and turns and says he guesses there is one little detail he should know about.

Nick comes over and faces Dante and says as long as he’s known Bridget, he’s never heard his (D) name. Dante says perhaps there is a reason for that. Nicks smiles and asks why doesn’t he tell him what that reason might be. Dante returns the smile and says if Bridget wanted to tell him something, he was sure she would. Still facing each other, Nick offers, “don’t get out of line ‘cause if you do, I’ll have to fix it.” Dante smirks that he’s sounding like that Sailor man when he was a kid, does he eat cans of spinach too? Nick counters just do them a favor and skip on up to Malibu. If the old man feels the need to speak Italian with somebody, then Dante is more than welcome to come back and do chin-ups in the backyard for the neighbors and adds, “until then, stay away from my fiancée.” Dante comes back with, “stay away from her mother.” Nick stops in his tracks and asks what did he say? Dante smiles, “if Bridget is in need of company, whose fault is that?” Mass walks in and asks Dominick if he’s sure he won’t stay for dinner? Nick squares off looking at Dante, sniffs the air, says “no pop”, he doesn’t like the smell of the olive oil tonight. (If he had said anything, Dante would have said, “hhhhhrmp, good riddance.”

Stephanie looks in drawer and pulls out a box of Kleenex and shakes it at Brooke and tells her she doesn’t have to be strong for her; she’s known her too long. Very calmly Brooke says she wonders. Stephanie points her finger and says – wait, is she going to throw insults and incriminations, she probably can say them all herself but she wouldn’t want to spoil her opportunity. She folds her arms across her chest in satisfaction. Brooke warns her she shouldn’t get herself agitated. Stephanie says she’s never been less agitated in her life. Her heart attack was her cure. She points out to Brooke that you just can’t hold things in; she learned that the hard way. Brooke turns to go but Steph wont let up and says she understands that her son came to see her. Brooke must have just been thrilled when she opened up the door and saw him standing there. …and then crushed when he went home to Taylor. Steph stands and states, “Brooke, that is going to happen….every time. Every time he comes to see Hope and the baby….don’t you think the best thing for you….. for YOU ….is to give up the children?

Brooke sighs and takes a deep breath and returns the look. Steph looks closer as she leans closer and asks what is that look in her eye….it’s not defeat, oooooh, oooooh she makes a cute expression with her mouth, it’s that “I’m going to get yoooooooou look.”

Jackie pours Mark more wine as she continues to butter him up praising him for the way he holds people’s lives in his hands. She insinuates that someone with so much influence, so much money and used to getting her way (without mentioning names tho they had been talking about Stephanie and making toasts to her) and he corrects her and says he doesn’t adjust the amount of a patient’s care to their bank balance. She is aghast and says she would never think such a thing. He strikes her as someone – dedicated and he remarks that being a doctor was all he’d ever wanted to be. She coos, “and dedication deserves to be rewarded. I think you know I had an ulterior motive in inviting you here tonight…..I want to know more about you, Mark,......your passions – medically speaking, of course.” And she goes on that she’s thinking of contributing a rather substantial sum to the University Hospital for a new program, perhaps even a new wing if he would be available to chair it. He grins he doesn’t know what to say. She oohs that she’s so impressed with him, his compassion, his skills. He says he’s flattered and she says more, perhaps then he wouldn’t mind her asking…..one slightly little indiscreet question. He says not at all. She goes on about how honest he is; how very honest…most of the people that she deals with are so very, very jaded. “I think I might be able to trust again with you.”

He remarks that he thinks he knows what her question is….and his answer too. She seems pleased and smiles, “then you know it’s about Stephanie Forrester?” He frowns quizzically.

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