B&B Wednesday Update 7/13/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/13/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Unfortunately today just after the beginning, there is about a three minute pre-emption due to the space shuttle launch update. Just so happens at a very ‘sticky spot’. Use your imagination!

New day aboard the Shady Marlin with Capt’n Nick and Bridget She is wearing one of his long sleeved shirts scuttling from reading the paper (slightly bored) to a few feet to the kitchen making pancakes. He’s on the bed with pajama bottoms only, rifling through newspapers talking business on the phone and interrupted by another from his dad, Mass.

Bridget takes the pancakes from the griddle; pours more batter on, grabs the syrup bottle; opens it with her teeth and puts the pancakes in front of Nick, who mouths a thank you. She shakes the bottle in front of him and he nods yes. Instead of putting it on the pancakes though, she lets it drizzle down his bare back and chest. He’s flustered to say the least; she starts licking it off and he makes excuse to Mass that some things are more 'sticky' than others and he’ll have to call him back. Bridget follows the trail down his chest with her tongue; he tells Mass he will get those papers to him later in day, as he says bye an octave higher.

At Stephanie’s, Thorne pours orange juice as he and his mother sit on the couch with Darla in chair nearby. Stephanie is dressed in her pantsuit with an aluminum claw-foot cane in front of her and they are all joking about so many people wanting to take care of her. Steph remarks that the only time people get fussed over is when they are dying or getting married ----- and she’s not doing either one. Thorne says they just wanted to be sure she was alright and she says she is and pats him on the leg.

There is a knock at the door and Darla gets it. Steph says whoever is there obviously taking their turn to fuss over her is waiting outside the door. She gets up leaning on the cane just as Mass comes in and says he came to pay his respects to the Queen of the Ball. Thorne remarks she is all his as they prepare to leave. Thorne and Darla kiss her goodbye and Mass walks over and puts his hands on her shoulders and says she is such a lucky woman, having such a loving family. She leans closer and whispers in confidence “oh, Massimo, if I had known that having a heart attack would attach them to my hip, I wouldn’t have had it.” He says, as they sit, he was afraid they were going to lose her but she replies no time soon. He says that is what he came to hear and she continues that he was her inspiration. She had thought about him and how hard he had fought to come back. Now she needed him to talk to Ridge….convince him he’d done the right thing.


Nick and Bridget are in bed, sheets discreetly upon them and they must be discussing marriage that probably she has brought up as she says she just wants to be sure it’s the right time for him.

Miss Brooke has shown up at Jackie’s and they are sitting on the couch with Jackie saying they share so many traits, “we’re loving, we’re caring, we’re full of passion….. there is one unfortunate thing we share….” Brooke finishes that – “Stephanie”. Jackie continues that she’s seen Stephanie spread her rumors and lies about Brooke to people she loves…..and Brooke says and now she’s doing it to you? Sarcastically Jackie says that Steph has made it her life mission to make sure she and Massimo never reconcile. ….”as if she could ever possibly understand what we share.” But she knew Brooke understood because she’d lived all these years with her ABUSE….that feeling that nothing she could do would ever be good enough in her eyes. They were branded; they were wearing their big SCARLET letters…..and there was Steph pointing her big hypocritical finger at them. She looks right at Brooke and says “it has got to end!”. Brooke agrees; every time she finally thinks she’s got the upper hand, Steph still wins. Jackie gloats that can change but Brooke doesn’t see how. Jackie lets her know that she has more on Stephanie than Brooke thinks. She questions why when Stephanie could have her behind bars right now, and she wasn’t, why?

Jackie goes on that Brooke suspected she was faking a heart attack but Brooke says that was BEFORE she almost died. Jackie continues but she hadn’t and that was because she’d given another award-winning performance that fooled even Brooke. “Brooke, I am utterly convinced that she staged the whole thing!” Brooke finds that hard to believe; a brilliant doctor, up and coming like Mark MacLain, has too much to lose. Jackie reminds her that history is replete with examples of people who have too much to lose who lose everything. All it takes is money. …dangling like a ripe fruit….shown enough of it and even the most honest of souls would indulge….and Stephanie would pay a King’s ransom to make sure her precious Ridge did exactly what she thought was best for him. Brooke was still skeptical how Stephanie could pull off a deception like that over an entire hospital. But Jackie counters it’s only one doctor – a young, highly respected doctor with medical school bills hanging over his head and who just happens to be her newest neighbor here at Century View Towers . Brooke is surprised that he could afford to live there. “Fascinating, don’t you think?”, offers Jackie.  The doorbell rings and Jackie cautions she is not expecting anyone but the doctor. She grabs Brooke to hide somewhere out of sight and she looks through the peep-hole. She is appalled that it is Dr. MacLain; she twirls and quickly unbuttons her top button, stretches the blouse down and across as far as she can to give him a display of her assets.

Eyes on each other, they face as she coyly bats her lashes and purrs “Doctor, you’re early.”

Bridget worms the conversation around to how busy Nick’s work is keeping him and how important her mom and the kids are to him, how they are his most important responsibilities right now. She knows how he feels about them. Nonplussed, he says but they’re family, “they’re our family, we’re in this together….so maybe they do need to be the priority right now, at least for a little while, especially Hope, but don’t think for one second that you aren’t number one in my heart… don’t think that.”

They kiss and then he wonders what is going on with all these questions; this is very unlike the Bridget he knows…..this insecurity…he knows she’s been talking to Stephanie or his mother, one of them. Very matter of factly, she says no, she’d just had lunch lately with a friend and he got her to thinking of a few things. Nick asks, “he who?” She replies Dante Damiano; she knew the two of them had met. He answers yeah, the liar. And then says, ” Bridget, this artist or sculptor or whatever he is may be qualified to show you around Rome but he has no place in making judgments on our relationship”, and then he hops out of bed.

Bridget follows, holding the syrup bottle and putting it back in kitchen. She says she and Dante were close and when he found out she was involved with Nick, it was just a red flag. Nick counters with he had mentioned Taylor and Dante lied and that was kind of a red flag for him. And he thought he was leaving town. Preteniously, she says “well, he’s decided to stay.” He mocks, “oh, he’s decided to stay….and why has he decided to stay? We both know, don’t we?….can’t you just hear him now?” as he goes into his best Italian imitation is some grotesque way, “Bridget, I can not leave L.A. before I sculpt your body….but before I sculpt your body….I must know the scope of your body”, as he lunges from behind and bear hugs her to the bed, pinning her down. She giggles and says ok, she got it. He continues that her perfume is verrrrry strong as he kisses her, then spits that it very nice. (probably the syrup).

Mark stands at the door and says he realizes Jackie said dinner….and she interjects it is barely past lunch. He concludes that the hospital was a little slow, so she finishes “so here you are….delicious.” Brooke is eavesdropping nearby as he calls Jackie Mrs. Marone. She corrects him to call her Jacqueline or even Jackie and he quips he’s Mark…..she says yes he is. He goes on that things at the hospital have been a little stressful lately plus moving into his new place, perhaps they could do this another night. She says no a little too quickly, then says what she meant was that she had been so looking forward to this; he couldn’t cancel. He inquires about Mr. Marone and she delicately puts it they are separated “he lives his life….and I live mine.” Up to now, his eyes have strictly been on hers, but now she gently takes her hand and runs it from the collar down the v of her blouse, as his eyes definitely follow. She coos, "please, you can’t disappoint me.” Her hand lingers in the middle of her cleavage as does his eyes and he quickly gulps and comes back to reality. He comments innocently, “ a man has to eat.” She’s got him hooked, “yes a man certainly does.” They agree on 6 o’clock, cocktail hour. His eyes brighten as he says he will see her then. She closes the door, gives a puff, straightens her blouse and faces Brooke who wonders what she’s up to? She straightens her spine and says she is going to find out exactly what shenanigans went on at that hospital. And if Mark confirms what they think, that Stephanie faked that heart attack….then Massimo, Ridge, everyone is going to see her for what she really is - a fanged werewolf!

Massimo confides to Steph that he can’t say he hasn’t tried to forget Jackie, but it’s easier said than done. She follows him from the patio balcony and says she wants him to put himself first this time; his wants, his needs. She wants him to find someone who deserves him. He laughs that she’s the only one who comes close and she’s married. She offers, “the way Eric feels about me these days….be careful what you wish for.” She turned serious as she puts her hand on the back of his jacket and says if he let’s Jackie back in his life, he’ll only open himself up for disappointment and more heartache. She finishes, “I won’t have that. I won’t stand by. I love you too much.” He lovingly touches her on the cheek.

Brooke continues if Mark was involved, he would never reveal that. It would be bad for his career and he’d lose his license. But Jackie mentions his Century View Apartment and she was sure Stephanie paid him just enough to ease his troubles. And just how long would it be before Stephanie made another contribution to the hospital based on Dr. MacLain’s ‘very good care’? The man would be a hero, not just to Stephanie but to the hospital. His star is one that is only going to rise…….and just think of all those functions he’s going to be able to host in his brand new apartment….he’s going to be the toast of L.A. She states, “Ridge did CHOOSE, but he didn’t CHOOSE Taylor….he didn’t CHOOSE you; he chose his mother because that is who he felt he had to make happy…..and I think Massimo is going to do the same.”

She picks up the phone and dials Steph’s just as Mass is leaving. Steph answers. Of course she doesn’t know that Jackie has her on the speaker phone or that Brooke is there listening. Jackie remarks that she was just calling to make sure she got home safe and sound and Steph repeats is she sure that’s what she wants. Jackie says maybe she doesn’t want her to answer that. She quickly segues way to that was quite a number she pulled on Brooke; doubt she even saw it coming. Steph says she thinks Brooke now understands that she has no part in Ridge’s life. And perhaps Jackie and Brooke don’t understand and appreciate the men of the caliber of Ridge and Mass but Taylor does…and she also makes Ridge appreciate and understand what he’s capable of accomplishing in his life; that’s why he chose her. She finally states “and that is exactly why eventually Mass will turn you out.” Jackie finishes “back to the gutter to wallow with Brooke? Steph continues with, “birds of a feather. Goodbye, Jackie.”

Jackie glares at Brooke, “you heard her, she’s practically salivating at the thought of just ripping apart yet another family….we have to STOP her, Brooke. We have to expose her, Brooke, for what she really is. She is a woman who can rationalize doing ANYTHING as long as it gets HER what SHE really wants. She’s EVIL and I am going to prove it…..but I need your help.”

She holds out her hand; Brooke hesitates but then smiles and shakes it. Jackie concludes, “if Stephanie faked a heart attack….then this is the beginning of the end for Stephanie Forrester.”

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