B&B Thursday Update 7/7/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/7/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Continuation from yesterday at Tridge Mansion; Ridge is sitting with head in hands, the room is spinning, words reverberating over and over “was it worth it, losing your son, losing you son, losing your son?”

He spies a teddy bear lying under an end table, picks it up only to turn and see Hope holding out a book wanting Daddy to read her a story. As he walks to her to pick her up, she vanishes. He turns and sees Brooke with R.J. taking his first steps, reaches to pick him up and he too vanishes in thin air. With a very pained look on his face, he utters “I love you; I never meant for this to happen”.

Brooke and children walk up to her house and Hope says she does remember this. As they walk inside, Bridget right behind, she wonders who did all of this – the room full of playthings.

Nick pops out from behind the large dollhouse, asking Hope to come there as she rushes and calls his name. He picks her up and says he was wishing for someone else to be there to play so he wouldn’t have to play dolls ‘awone’. Brooke mouths a thank you as she slides past to the couch. Bridget remarks to Nick this is all so incredible; he is so good to her family. He says “ah, I like you guys.” She lovingly touches his cheek…..she glances at Brooke and the kids on the couch and asks Nick if he can stay there with them a little bit….she wants to go talk to Ridge. Nick seems surprised and asks if she is sure she wants to do that; yeah she does. He gives her a big kiss before he sends her on the way and then turns to brace himself for what remains to be done.

He sits down beside Hope and says he wants to be introduced to every part of her family (in dollhouse). He picks up a yellow-haired doll and says that is her; and the other pretty yellow-haired one is mommy….and this good looking one is him, Uncle Nick, but Hope replies no, that’s Daddy, he doesn’t live with them anymore….so Nick puts him in another room in the dollhouse watching TV.

Thomas is working with two models at Spectra when Gabi comes in and wants to know if he’s busy. He dismisses the girls and says this is just something she is going to have to deal with, her husband working with good-looking models.

She quickly closes the door and admonishes him to stop, not even in jest to mention them being married. He says Nick isn’t the only one who knows…..now the Immigration Department does too; he called them that morning and got the ball rolling on her application. She didn’t quite understand the ‘other steps’ he mentions before the Green Card could happen. He says he hopes he didn’t overstep but he knows how important this is to her. She’s quiet, then says “thank you, thank you so much” as she wraps him in her arms.

Ridge puts the bear down on the couch just as Bridget comes blasting through the door (if you don’t want visitors and choose to be alone in your grief, lock the door!) He asks if she has come back for R.J.’s bear ……(and no, I don’t think that is the kind of bear she’s looking for). She says no, she’s come back to tell him how angry she is at what he’d done to her mother.

Gabi profusely thanks Thomas and he teases that she can repay him by letting him copy her papers at college. Nope, well she might want to re-consider that, he quips, as he’s just helped her solve her insurmountable problems. She doesn’t want to joke; they had said vows and lied to the government…..just then a knock on the door. Phillip Dunn, Immigration Man walks in and asks if he is Thomas Forrester.

Bridget rails at Ridge; how could he do this to his own son….she doesn’t have a clue how he’s feeling though he protests he’s not happy about this either. She points her finger “the Ridge Forrester I knew would have NEVER done this.” He goes on and on how Taylor’s miracle meant so much to him but he never meant to hurt Brooke. It nearly killed him……Bridget throws back it killed HIM? He’d made it impossible for Brooke to stay there when he’d re-married Taylor.

He tries to explain; he’s a man possessed, he grab his head in despair and says he doesn’t know what to do. More calmly now, she asks him what did he think was going to happen? He only says he wasn’t prepared for this. She points out that he didn’t make any of these decisions; he let his mother do it for him. He said if he had chosen Brooke, he’d feel just as badly about Taylor. Bridget follows him about the room and says he wasn’t even thinking about his children or their future. His only thought going through his head was about Stephanie; how he could help her.

Nick continues to hold and smooze Hope and he thinks he smells something in the kitchen prepared by Katherine….perhaps cookies! He cajoles Hope into going and bringing him back a few – maybe 5….. or 10. Brooke asks how he got Katherine there and he says he just wanted things to continue as normal as possible. Forrester has made her suffer; he’s made the kids suffer; he hopes he feels that pain ten-fold every day of his life! The same goes for his mother.

Immigration man asks again if he is Thomas Forrester; yes and this is his wife, Gabriella, Gabi. IM mentions this is a coincidence? That they married as her immigration status ran out….and in Vegas… she would be placed on probation until 90 days before their second anniversary……. He scares Gabi a little by announcing that in the meantime it’s his job to determine if they married for love….or the Green Card? Gabi offers they hadn’t done anything wrong; she didn’t even know she wasn’t legal until her mother died. IM asks if that was before or after she fell in love with Thomas….”the truth? Mrs. Forrester.”

Bridget says Stephanie used her heart attack to choreograph this whole thing. And even after the attack, she was still able to get him and Taylor together. He couldn’t or he wouldn’t see what she was doing! Ridge counters that she was dying! Bridget is also adamant “but she didn’t, did she? For God’s sake, Ridge, open your eyes and see what is happening around you….what your mother is doing! You’d better change your mind before it is too late.” She mentions visitation rights and reminds him he has a small window of opportunity here before her mother moves on with her life and her children’s lives “and she will, unless you do something.” He asks where Brooke is. She replies “at her house….with Nick.” Ridge snarks “oh yeah, go figure.” Bridget stares at him and says don’t dare bring him into this; he’s there to support Mom…..losing him was like a death to her. Ridge doesn’t miss a beat, “the last time she thought he had died, Nick slept with her". Bridget shakes her head and says don’t do this but Ridge continues if she wants Nick, keep him away from Brooke. Looking him in the eye, she squares “Nick is in love with ME; I’m the most important person in his life.” Ridge said all he was saying was to watch him; watch him like a hawk; that’s all he was saying. She stares in disbelief.

Nick is continuing to say no matter how all of this came down; Forrester is a grown man and they make their own decisions. He turned his back on those kids and this is as pathetic as it gets! She says she and Ridge have had to say goodbye before but this is as worse as it gets; saying goodbye to her son’s father.

She sits and they talk and she says she is not going to look back (fists pumping). She is not going to subject herself or her kids to any more of this turmoil. He sits on table in front of her and cheerleads “good girl; keep your head up; you show him how strong you are”, but she admits she feels so empty inside (tears flowing); like something died inside of her. He reaches and they cling to each other.

IM needs more answers; such as Gabi didn’t know she was illegal? Thomas speaks up and says no, that’s not exactly true. IM prefers that Gabi talks so Thomas steps beside her as IM continues to ask does Thomas love her? Thomas peers into Gabi’s eyes and says “how could anyone not love her?” He takes his briefcase and leaves saying he will be in touch.

Gabi panics and says she doesn’t want to get Thomas in trouble but he says he got them into this; he’ll get them out.

Brook clings to Nick and says her whole world was Ridge; her whole world revolved around him. Nick springs out of her arms but remains seated in front of her and says “and now it doesn’t and that’s gotta just scare the hell out of you but”….. there is a better life out there for Brooke; believe him, there was, not filled with this heartache and this drama that the Forrester family has given her…that Forrester himself along with his mother….now she WANTED that, didn’t she? She wanted that for her children? She replies of course. But the children need their father. Nick blasts but what kind of father? Forrester put HIS children first; not her children. He put his children’s happiness first. Is that the kind of love that Hope and R.J. deserve? She slowly leans back on the couch and Nick takes a place beside her, knee to knee. Nick continues “he hurt you; he hurt you worse than he ever could….but you survived”. He yanks her by the arm, she’s paying close attention, “but now you gotta focus on your kids. You got to be strong every step of the way. Bridget and I will be there every step of the way for you…. you’re going to be surrounded by people who love you…..people who support you….people that want the best for you….people that won’t abandon you….people that will make sure you don’t ever get hurt again.

Oops, guess Bridget should have stayed away a little longer. As Nick reaches for Brooke again, with his hands on her face, Bridget opens the door, see her mother and Nick closer than this, steps back out as Ridge’s words sound over and over in her mind about watching Nick like a hawk….as she starts to weep with Nick’s words right before her “I made a vow to you a long time ago; I’d be there for you no matter what. You and Hope and R.J. are the most important things in my life now.”

(I didn’t hear Bridget’s name mentioned at all).

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