B&B Tuesday Update 7/5/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/5/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

It’s the next morning at Tridge Mansion; Ridge is lying in the bed beside a peacefully sleeping Taylor. He seems to be in deep thought. She moves and he says “hello, gorgeous.” Taylor turns and snuggles closer, “good morning to you.” He says it’s amazing and she replies it is waking up next to him in “our own bed, tell me I’m not dreaming”. It’s incredible…..and they’re married. He says yeah, they are. And she coos she is so happy; he says he is too. They kiss.

At Brooke’s house, she greets Nick who is setting up playthings for the kids. He obviously has spent the night, same clothes, stubble. He says he just wanted to make the transition easier. Seems most of the furniture and everything is in place; ready to be lived in. She tells him she is going over to pick up the kids. He is genuinely surprised but concerned and tells her she will have to be strong; hold her head up….it’s going to be hard. Brooke looks him in the eye and says, “I know, but……I just have to DO it…..go over, get the kids, my stuff and get outta there. It’s not my home anymore. Ridge and Taylor said their vows; it’s their home now.”

At the hospital, Dr. Mark tells Stephanie she is making a remarkable recovery (no tubes, no trach, etc.) and she returns the favor by saying he doesn’t know how much better she is feeling….thanks, of course, to her doctor. Right on cue, Sally Spectra is wheeled in and says “Have no fear, Queenie my darling, your angel of mercy is here.” Steph greets her and Sally turns to the young guy who brought her in and flirts outrageously and says for him to leave his number in case she needs for him to pick her up again. She then stands and asks Dr. Mark how the old girl is doing? He replies he’ll let her tell Sally that herself. He leaves and Sally says she looks pretty good for a dame who spent last night on death’s doorstep. Steph says she is improving and Sally says “congratulations, Highness……… after all of these years…..you have finally gotten rid of Brooke Logan.

Logan walks into Tridge Mansion (don’t you wish some people would keep their doors locked?) as she slowly looks around. Bridget spies her as she is bringing the kid’s suitcases and sits them down; they melt into each other’s arms in a big hug. Brooke has tears streaming down her cheeks.

Sally makes herself at home; settles in a chair and pops out the champagne and pours them some bubbly and quips “what’s the matter, Highness, what’s going on? Why no fist-pumping or cartwheels to celebrate…..come on, Brooke Logan is history.” She goes on that Darla and Thorne had told her that Ridge and Taylor had re-newed their vows, right in this very room….but that Steph had been hooked up to a bunch of tubes and wires and machines and could barely breathe. Steph repeats again that she is improving and Sally seems to think that is even more reason to celebrate as she hands her a glass. Steph emphasizes she’d had a heart attack. Sally still offers “oh, come on Highness, just a sip, just enough to wet your whistle.” Steph takes it and says her doctor would NOT approve. Sally mutters good thing he isn’t here then. Sally “here’s to the end of an era” – glasses lifted.

Steph “to my son’s happiness.” – they clink glasses. Sally says she will drink to that! And it was about time that Ridge listened to his mother. Feels good, doesn’t it? Steph says yes to be free; they are all free finally. She continues that Sally knew that Brooke put her in there, drove her right to the edge…..now it was her turn to get her heart broken.

Eric walks in just as they toast gain; he does not like what he sees.

At Brooke’s, Nick is adjusting the roof on a dollhouse as the doorbell rings. He slyly opens the door, almost afraid to open it or look out. Oh, it’s only “Mother”. She’s surprised to see him too and thinks he’s there awfully early. He tells her he slept on the couch.

She repeats it again – he slept on the couch? He holds up his two fingers, one from each hand and says “Brooke is already dealing with one crazy mother; don’t start.” Jackie protesteth too much and says she just wanted to make sure she was alright, was she there? He replies no, she’ll be back in a little while; she’d gone to pick up the kids.

Jackie thought the way he’d answered the door was like he was expecting someone….he says yeah, the police…..he’s surprised they aren’t here by now. Jackie wants to know for what? According to Stephanie, Nick quips, for attempted murder…..Brooke had thought she faked the heart attack, so she’d unhooked the ventilator.

Jackie sits down almost dumbfounded “Oh my word, so Brooke really did think Stephanie’s attack was a ruse?” Nick says it wasn’t really that crazy and Jackie says no, it had crossed her mind too; “ If this was a maneuver, it was absolutely brilliant!”

Bridget holds R.J. with Hope at her feet; Brooke is still standing in the doorway but asks if they are ready, all packed. Bridget tells her that Hope thinks they are going on vacation. Brooke bends to her knees and gently tells Hope they aren’t going on vacation, they are moving….back to the old house, the one with the swing set…..there just wasn’t room enough for everyone right now that Taylor had come back. Uncle Nick will be there, she likes Uncle Nick……..Brooke assures her that her brothers and sisters will visit her and she will get to visit them. Hope asks if Daddy is coming with them?

Brooke can’t answer that; she turns away. Bridget explains to her that Daddy will always love her and he’ll always be her daddy (where is Deacon when you need him?) but he’s staying here. Now she will have two homes. Brooke chimes in it’ll be fine, she’ll see.

Sally knew from the look on Eric’s face, she was in deep you know what? She laughed they were just having a little toast to Stephanie’s recovery but he offers that no they weren’t, they were celebrating Brooke’s misfortune. Sally traded that wasn’t those two things synonymous?

Eric says that is no joke; “it’s this vendetta against Brooke that caused this heart attack and it damned near killed my wife.” Ok, says Sally, she’d better go and Eric agrees; he needs to talk to his wife….alone. Sally and Steph trade knowing glances.

Brooke slowly wanders into The bedroom, looks around….. the unmade rumpled bed….. Taylor’s white satin nightie. Brooke gingerly picks it up but lets it fall immediately. She turns to the dresser, laden with perfumes, lotions (probably hers) and immediately is drawn to the black velvet jewelry box and opens and pulls out the necklace.

She holds it up tenderly and has a flashback of she and Ridge in bed where he tells her he found it in an antique store in Paris – “’more than yesterday, less than tomorrow’…..that’s how much I love you”.

Nick wants his mother to tell him everything. She replies that Stephanie denies it, of course. And he really can not get caught up in this; he needs to FOCUS on Brooke and the children because they need him. Nick stammers that she tricked Forrester into this; into re-newing his vows. That was complete manipulation. She springs to her feet and says that doesn’t matter now; it won’t change anything. Ridge’s married to someone else now and Brooke needs to accept that and so does Nick. He says it’s not that easy.

Jackie says that no one has more sympathy for Brooke than she does but…..the best thing she can do right now, for herself, for her children is put this disappointment behind her. Nick lashes out “Disappointed! For crying out loud, Mother, the woman is devastated! And those kids will be too.” Jackie didn’t realize the kids didn’t know yet. But she goes on to tell Nick that he can give that to those kids right here. Now is not the time to marry Bridget; he’d said himself that Brooke needs him. Ridge had turned his back on that family, “are you going to do the same thing?” Nick jerks his head around; his mother has hit a nerve.

Taylor and Ridge walk into the bedroom and Ridge calls out Brooke’s name. She blankly stares and keeps packing. They ease closer and Taylor says she should have let them know she was here. (fast housekeepers, the bed is now freshly made, it looks like her room again, no trace of Taylor). Brooke wonders why she should let them know; would they help her pack? (The look – I think it’s just about hit Ridge now what he has caused and how insensitive he’s been).

Nick sits down, pulls his hair and chuckles he can’t believe they are back to this again. Jackie corners him – well she was right again. She was right about Ridge and Taylor; she was right about Brooke needing him, why can’t she be right about this? Nick is adamant, “stop it, I don’t want to have this conversation again!” He says he’s there for Brooke and the kids only. This doesn’t have anything to do with him or what he wants; he’s here for them, especially Hope – that little girl has had her life turned upside down, yet again…”now when they walk through that door….I want this house to feel like a home to them….that’s my focus right now, mother, my complete and total focus. So take your warnings and predictions and keep them to yourself (Jackie is sitting ramrod rigid, she knows she deserves this)….I love you, but I WON’T have you interfere.

Stephanie tells Eric that he knows how Sally is. He wonders is Sally to blame? She didn’t put those words in HER mouth. No, but she understands how Brooke has been a thorn (pun intended) in her side. He said he’d heard what she said and she says well that would be a first. How many years had she warned him, Thorne and Ridge that Brooke was bad for this family? So Ridge finally sees her for what she is, a terror. Eric denies it, saying what Ridge saw was her having a heart attack….BEGGING him to do what she wanted; “you used your condition to manipulate your son……there’s never been a day in Brooke’s life when she’s felt more pain.” Steph crooks her neck; she can’t believe what old Eric is laying on her.

Brooke continues to pack her things though Taylor says no one expects her to move out right now. Brooke thinks she should. Taylor tells her they probably need to sit the kids down, discuss it with them, maybe get some counseling….”communication is really important in situations like this.” (meanwhile Ridge is standing there helpless/useless). Brooke stops, turns, woman to woman “Important situations like your impromptu re-marriage? Yeah, I heard that communication loud and clear.”

Ridge stands with his hands on his hips, finally puts his hand out to touch Brooke’s shoulder and calls her Logan. She recoils and tells him not to touch her or call her Logan. How many years have they spent loving each other; everything they’ve been through and now it ends like this? How could he….”how could he do this to us?”

She went on that she told herself she’d be able to do this; look him in the eye and accept his decision, but he had not made up his mind; his mother did! Taylor tries to say he had made his decision but Brooke shouts that one minute they were at the beach house and he’d not said a word and within the next few hours he is saying his vows to Taylor. Ridge says he knows it doesn’t seem fair and she exclaims “My God, you don’t even see it, do you? Your mother is controlling you, Ridge. She has your whole life. And now she is steering you away from me….and from a little girl who loves you so much…and your own son!”

She takes her bag, goes to the door, turns and says “I thought you were a strong person, Ridge, but you couldn’t even stand up to your mother. You weren’t thinking of me, you weren’t thinking of the children, you weren’t even thinking about Taylor. Last night all you wanted…. was to save your mother’s life. So don’t tell me you made your own decision. You didn’t decide anything.…your mother did!

(Pained look for Ridge – could she be right?)

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