B&B Monday Update 7/4/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/4/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital; Jackie peaks thru the blinds and sees the Chief of Staff and Dr. McClain with Stephanie and decides to go on in. With just a drop of false cheer, Stephanie quips “Jackie, how nice….come on in.” Jackie butters up the COS and he says it’s just a courtesy call. They like to think all the patients receive the same high quality care but when someone has been as good to University Hospital as Mrs. Forrester and herself, they want to be doubly sure. Looking at Dr. McClain she says our friend’s wayward heart is in his charge. He replies that her own determination is the best medicine. They bid their adieu. As soon as they leave, Jackie says “Good show, Stephanie!”

At Brooke’s place she paces and tells Nick she never had a chance. They just let her think she did. Outclassed is what she was; how dumb she was not to see it. Taylor doesn’t just act superior; she is!

Nick wasn’t having any of this and says “hey, I hear your pain but I’m pretty sick of listening to this. She got the nod for whatever reason but I don’t buy this crap of Mother Theresa and Miss Universe wrapped up into one.” And it was pretty easy being a model woman when no one knew what you’d been up to for a couple of years.

At the Tridge Mansion (Ridge/Taylor/Brooke), Dante tells Ridge nothing like putting his wife on the spot (when last we looked, Ridge was demanding answers from Taylor of how she knew Dante). He looks at him and says that is not what he’s doing; he’s only trying to get the WHOLE story from someone he trusts.

Taylor begins……...after being asleep in a place for a very long time, imagine finding yourself in a place and everyone is telling you it’s home…… and they are calling you by a name they say is yours…..but you know it’s not true…….this man, this artist, he sees something, he sees that something is not right….those moments she spent with Dante while he painted her portrait actually became very precious to her. She wasn’t allowed out of the palace and Prince Omar insisted her name was Princess Leyla. She was afraid of him….all she knew was that she had a family, children and this man helped her escape.

She turns to Dante, while Ridge looks from one face to the other, and offers that she apologizes for being rude to him tonight and then to Ridge for not telling him, but what they had gone through was so secret….and smiling “he was my ally, my only friend.”

Ridge hedges and says ok, he’s heard enough.

Jackie gushes, lets out a big sigh and says “Genius! Clasping her hands across chest, continues “and here I am rushing around with a SLINGSHOT, trying essentially to accomplish the same thing for my son….and you come along with a SMART BOMB! (pointing fingers at her). She reaches toward the monitor and Steph growls “what are you suggesting?….and don’t touch my heart monitor!” Jackie replies “well, it looks like your heart is jumping for joy at the moment, as well it should be.”

Exasperated, Steph tells her it’s late and she’s not feeling well but Jackie continues she bets those machines are programmable so that alarms go off, etc. if you….well, I don’t know….. just hold your breath? Steph remarks how ridiculous she sounds but Jackie says Dr. McClain would know how to do that. Steph reminds her that Dr. McClain is a man of integrity. Over-exaggerating, Jackie says “Oh, I know….. but you know what…… haven’t you noticed (as she takes a seat to explain more) that people of high integrity also have a very high standard for things like sports cars, race horses……oh Stephanie, Stephanie….we’ve never been the best of friends but tonight, I’m telling you……you have pole-vaulted me to the top of your fan club.”

Steph rolls her eyes and in polite disgust tells her if she could just stop being delighted with her own cleverness…and look at her…."does this look like an act?”

Jackie shrinks back and opines that please no, no, don’t tell her that she actually GAVE herself a heart attack? So she could give Ridge a death-bed guilt trip…..”your secret is safe with me…. What a mother won’t do!” Steph rolls them eyes again.

Ridge holds out his hand and shakes Dante’s and says thank you for what he did for his family. Dante tells him that strangely enough, he already knows one Forrester – Bridget which surprises even Taylor. Dante says that in Europe it is bad form (huh?) to discuss one woman to another and it was before he met her and by time he made the connection there wasn’t time; just time for Taylor to think of her family.

He says he must catch his plane and Taylor comes forward and takes both of his hands in hers and thanks him for ‘everything’ and he replies that it was his pleasure.

Ridge lets out a sigh, “My God, what you’ve been through” as he pulls her to him, caressing her hair.

Jackie can’t take a hint. The Runner-Up Queen of Meddling laments to the Queen of Meddling lying in the bed that Ridge is with Taylor where he belongs…and that leaves Nick to find happiness with the right woman…oh, they will have to agree to disagree on Brooke. Steph reminds her there are at least two obstacles and Jackie agrees….there is Bridget, a nice girl, but that’s exactly what she is, a GIRL! Nick needs someone more schooled in the ways of the world (maybe like his mother?) and what was the second one? Steph sucks more air and says well definitely Brooke will be more schooled by time she gets out of prison.

Jackie is shocked; she can’t press charges; they will have to determine just how close to death she really was. Steph adds well it really doesn’t matter to her where the hell she is, prison or not……and Jackie says she was with Nick and it didn’t sound like he was leaving her side any time soon.

Steph shakes her head and says some things never change. “That woman never reaches for a tissue to dry a tear, she always reaches for a man.”

Nick asks Brooke what they need to do to make this place livable. She answers that all the boxes are in the basement and upstairs; she was thinking of selling them. He offers that they should hold off for a while. They both fold up sheets that have been over the furniture. She says Ridge went too far tonight; they said their vows.

Nick faces her and says (antimated) “You know what I think we ought to get out of mothballs – YOU! Where is that woman? That tell-it-like-it-is woman. Through all the things you’ve been through, you’ve always had a handle on who you are”. She says she will just do what she’s always had to do and he replies good, how about making this a home for her kids because if she loses this, they aren’t going to understand why. Did she understand that? It wasn’t Stephanie; it wasn’t Taylor….yes, Brooke cries she understands. “ It’s not because Stephanie and Taylor are too strong; it’s because Ridge is too weak”. (thank you very much, she finally sees the light). “ Is that what he wants to hear?” He pulls back and softly says “it’s a good start”. Tears streaming, she cries “I am trying so hard not to hate him….is that alright with you?” He nods and answers “that’s just fine but don’t expect the same promise from me.”

Ridge enters the living room and Taylor comments that he wasn’t upstairs with Brooke very long. He only has time to tell her that she wasn’t even there; the phone rings. It’s Stephanie and she hopes she is not interrupting anything (well, it IS their wedding night) and Ridge wants to know what’s she still doing up? She says Brooke was there and it hadn’t gone well; let’s leave it at that. Ridge says that Brooke knows about tonight? Yes. And it occurred to Steph that she hadn’t thanked him for saving her life and for what he’d done for saving each other. She had gotten her strength back….and she knew she could go on…… so she just wanted to say goodnight, she knew it was their wedding night and she hoped it was really, really romantic. He tells her just to get a good night’s rest.

Taylor realizes Brooke knows and says she is going to bed but she understands that Ridge needs to find Brooke and explain to her and she is sure Brooke won’t make herself too hard to find.

Ridge calls Brooke’s cell phone; she is still busy unpacking so Nick picks up. Ridge wants to know where Brooke is. Nick says “she’s with me right now…..and I’m taking good care of her.” Ridge says “of course, of course you are, Nick.” He then wants to know where she is, where is he calling? Sarcastically, Nick replies “50 guesses”. Ridge “just put Brooke on the damn phone.” Nick looks to Brooke who shakes her head no and then tells Ridge she doesn’t want to speak with him. “But thanks for you concern, Forrester. You made your bed; now sleep in it, if you can!”

He hangs up and tells Brooke he knows that couldn’t have been easy. She says it’s too late for explanations and he replies “good girl.”

Taylor walks into the bedroom, Brooke’s bedroom, lamps glowing, flowers out, bed freshly made (at least I hope they changed the sheets) with a nightgown draped over her arm. Brooke’s bed, Brooke’s man, her perfume still lingering……

She looks around and picks up a box with the necklace that Ridge gave Brooke with an inscription on it (more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow). Ridge interrupts, saying he’d given that to Brooke a long time ago (not that long ago, it was after his sick relationship with Bridget which, by the way, Taylor still does not know about). She apologizes and he says it’s ok. He’d tried to call Brooke but Nick answered and wouldn’t tell him where they were, probably on the boat. She wouldn’t talk to him; she wasn’t going to make this easy.

Taylor says she was only looking for a place to put these things. He says she should bring her things here; it is her room, again. (yuk, and double yuk) “it’s ours”. As she opens the bureau drawer, the first thing she spies is Brooke’s red/black teddy as she touches it but quickly lays it back down. She turns to leave as he grasps her arm and asks her not to go. She says she only wants it to be right. (then why oh why with a jet at their disposal, a huge house with other bedrooms, a hotel, anything, that they can’t get out of there and wait for Brooke to get her possessions and not fondle her undies?) Ridge tells he loves her; that much he’s knows is right.

He kisses her; Brooke unpacks family photos and displays them; Ridge and Taylor are on the bed making love; Brooke dusts off more photos, drops one of wedding, breaks the glass; Taylor and Ridge still making love (he’s still got that darn Brooke wedding ring on); Brooke is on floor picking up the broken pieces, crying with tears streaming down face; she hurls the photo into the fireplace; finally Taylor is peacefully asleep; Ridge is lying beside her, staring off in space, montage of them in bed, Brooke crying and Stephanie smiling.

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