B&B Friday Update 7/1/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/1/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Lying in her bed, all alone with Brooke looking down on her, Stephanie gasps for air. She motions over at the monitor, seemingly trying to speak to say “turn it on.” Brooke tells her she is supposed to be dying. “What’s the matter? Can’t you breathe?” Stephanie surely must have been more convincing that that when she had the heart attack. Otherwise Ridge would never have believed her.

At the Marone Manse, Nick is still holding the sketch of Taylor when Jackie descends the stairs smiling like the cat that just ate the canary. “Talented young man.” Nick throws the sketch down as she pours tea. She says her opinion may not be the same as his but she thought he agreed. “besides his good looks and charm”……(sounds like we have a meeting of Dante’s fan club).

Nick is mulling over the matter; he thinks it a bit of a coincidence Dante just happened to draw Tayulor’s picture though Jackie says Taylor had been in the news a lot and Nicky adds and another coincidence, he just took off when her name was mentioned. Jack gushes and defends Dante and wants to know why Nicky is suspicious. “the situation; he just took it all too personally.”

Saved by the bell; Nick’s cell phone goes off. He glances at who it is and says, “hello, Bridget, my love.” He immediately has a concerned look as Bridget obviously tells him about Stephanie. Nick asks about Brooke and then tells Bridget he will be right there. Jackie is all ears but Nick only stays long enough to tell her Stephanie’s had a heart attack and he doesn’t know how she is.

At the new love mansion, Taylor and Ridge are going at it hot and heavy, all over each other. Taylor asks him not to stop, “I love you.” He replies he loves her too, Doc, but…….. Taylor guesses it’s Brooke; she might find them like this and he still needs to talk to her. ( Yes, Duh). He nods yes; he assumes she is upstairs and she deserves to hear it from him. They kiss more until she finally says he’d better go now or she might not let him go at all! He takes leave as he pulls his opened shirt back around him. Taylor walks over to a family photograph of she and Ridge and the kids when there is a knock at the door. She barely gets the door open when Dante delivers what must be a quickly rehearsed speech since he can't possibly know who will answer the door “that before you say anything, let me explain – I need to see you one last time.”

Brooke goes on “wow, look at you. You’re actually perspiring. It was quite a performance, Stephanie. I knew you had it in you! You’re really playing this to the hilt, aren’t you? With all of this happening, you’re really going to have a heart attack!…..well, two can play this game” – she sticks her tongue out and fakes panting like a puppy and gasps for air. Stephanie seems out of air and almost dozes off as Brooke tells her to come on, they all know she’s faking!

(What is taking so long? Since Brooke pulled the hose minutes ago.) The monitor beep sounds off as Dr. Mark and orderlies rush in. He yells ventilator as one of the nurses calls Code Blue. Mark asks what’s happened here and Brooke panics and shakes her head. She says she has done nothing; it was an accident. Marks points out the circuit hose is off. He asks for the pulse and increases the vent volumn. He turns to Brooke and says he has to ask her to leave. She swears she hasn’t done anything but Stephanie looks at him and whispers that Brooke tried to kill her. He asks Brooke again to leave – NOW and asks the others to escort her out. She wants to explain. Steph smiles an evil smile.

Just as they are escorting her down the hall with Brooke still explaining she’d done nothing wrong, Nick walks up from behind (in shades) and says he’ll take it from there. They ask who he is and he replies “Detective Jones” (ironic, that was his name previously on General Hospital) as he flashes his wallet maybe all of two seconds. He makes mention if this is the woman who ‘attacked’ the other patient? Cute little thing; he’s going to have to take her into custody. He whisks her away and tells ‘the boys’ to stay and save lives, keep the patients healthy – stay!

Stephanie is made comfortable with monitor back on as Bridget comes to see her and asks how she is? Stephanie replies ok now. Bridget wants to know if her mom has been there as she knows Ridge and Taylor have been. Steph says yes but she was too late. She continues on that Ridge and Taylor renewed their vows, right there by her bed. “Ridge chose Taylor, not your mother”. Bridget looks on in disbelief.

Taylor stands in the doorway, clearly not liking this and wants to know why Dante is there? He says he doesn’t want to upset her and she says she isn’t. Clearly her tone and her body language tells a different story; she is not happy to see him at this moment.

He says if she will let him come in, he’ll explain. He politely walks on in past her. (geeze, without her twitching a muscle, he sure has a way of just inviting himself in on others. Did he ever not consider what he might find there?)

He looks a little apprehensive and she says this is not a good time. He asks if her husband is home and she motions upstairs and he guesses she’d like to join him? She replies they renewed their vows tonight. He does seem happy that they are now husband and wife. This makes it her wedding night and he’s probably the last person she wants to see (tell us more, Dante).

She says it’s been a long and emotional day and he replies in case she has any doubt, he’s very happy for her. He know she’s been wanting this for a long time. Taylor says “it means everything to me.”

Dante: “Consider me gone. Just drop me a line from time to time and let me know how you’re doing. I’m on the way to the airport now….I wish the best for you, Taylor. I’ll never forget you.” He cups her face. Ridge stands sternly behind them in the doorway “and who the hell are you?”

(Oops, Lucy, you got some ‘splaining to do!)

We shift to Brooke’s old house, darkened with all the furniture covered with sheets. Nick opens the door, turns on the lights (been on what for years?) as Brooke looks around dejectedly. Nick follows her further into the room as she takes assessment. He says she didn’t say a word over in the car and he didn’t think he could take any more of this. He needed something from her, some sort of explanation.

She turns to him, contrite and sighs. She was so sure…so sure it was an act. Steph’s way to get her away from Ridge, for all the years….could he blame her? He says he guesses not. But why come here, this house? She could hardly say the words, but continued that Ridge and Taylor had renewed their vows at Stephanie’s bedside. He stood in total amazement as she says "I’ve lost my husband….the man I love…the father of my child, I lost everything". (tears rolling).

Bridget gets up from the foot of Steph’s bed when Stephanie says it was a lovely ceremony. All Bridget can think of is how Ridge could do this to her mom. She wasn’t surprised when Steph says it was the right decision. She’s never made it a secret and Bridget nods that now she’s gotten what she wants and everyone was supposed to go on with their lives. Did her mother know? Yes. Well Bridget was sure Steph was only too happy to tell Brooke when she got there. Steph said yes, she wanted to know. Bridget knew she’d be so devastated. Stephanie half way smirked that was one way of looking at it. Bridget guesses that the two of them had it out and Steph replies yes….Brooke had unplugged the ventilator and tried to kill her. “Your mother has gone a little crazy.” Bridget couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Segue way to Brooke crying as Nick comes up behind her and tells her he’s sorry. She doesn’t know how she feels so……Nick wants to know what Forrester said. She lets him know she didn’t talk to Ridge so Nick wonders how does she know what happened. Stephanie? Now he knows why she pulled out the ventilator. Brooke repeated she was so sure she was faking it. Nick repeats he can’t believe Forrester would do this, turn his back on her and the kids. But Brooke says it was all Taylor and Stephanie, they ganged up on Ridge. Especially Stephanie, that obsessed woman manipulated the whole situation. She used the heart attack to get what she wanted.

Nick is furious; Forrester was a big boy, knew his mother; he knew how she operates. He thinks she and the kids deserve better. Brooke agrees and didn’t think Ridge would ever do this to Hope and little R.J. They deserved a father; one that would wake up in the morning and run into his arms….and if Stephanie hadn’t gotten in the way…..

Nick interrupts, he doesn’t want to hear THAT name again; Stephanie’s name. HE had turned his back on her, he’d chosen Taylor. Nick got in her face and said she had to do some soul-searching and figure out where you go from here.

Dante turns to Ridge and says “this must be your husband. Finally we meet.”

Ridge “I’ll ask you again, who are you?

(Lovely manners there, Ridge).

Taylor puts her hand on Ridge as he approaches. She tells him sweetheart, actually this is Dante. Before she can say more, they greet each other and Dante mentions his being Massimo’s son and Ridge seems surprised that he knows his father, etc. Yes, an old family friend. He wasn’t staying at Massimo’s; he was actually leaving tonight but Mass had told him of Ridge’s good fortune, being re-united with Taylor and he’d wanted to come and wish them well. He turned to leave. Ridge says “not so fast.”

(Me thinks he’s enjoying this inquisition a little too much).

Brooke sits down and Nick does so beside her. Both very somber, he says maybe this isn’t the place to go. But she replies she can’t go home; it isn’t her home anymore. It’s Ridge and Taylor’s and tonight is a new beginning for them. They’re going to live in that house and raise their children together and “they are going to make love in our bed.”

Nick is sick; he shakes his head; he’s heard enough. He tries to say it will be ok. Brooke jumps up; no it is not ok. Stephanie got what she wants – Ridge and Taylor married, happily everafter. “She’s so perfect, how can I ever compete with her?” Nick brushes up against her and says “nobody’s a saint – nobody!”

Dante apologizes; he says he got carried away in explaining his father. Ridge queries on…..so the real reason he came here slipped his mind?….his wife?…… That was the reason he had come….to see Taylor, not him? They tippytoe as Ridge looks back and forth between Taylor and Dante for some explanation. Dante smiles that he’d wanted to meet his wife, she is a living, breathing miracle. That doesn’t quite satisfy Ridge who says that really didn’t answer his question, does it?

All look very uncomfortable as Taylor moves between them and explains that she and Dante have met before. Ridge raises an eyebrow. She continues that it is an incredible story. How so Ridge wants to know. She goes on it had to do with Prince Omar and Dante filled in that Omar wanted Dante to capture Laila’s beauty on canvass and in clay for eternity.

(Prince Omar had saved Taylor (his name for her Laila) when all in the states thought she was dead years ago). Ridge seems to be enjoying this more and more as he exclaims that Dante is an artist? And Omar just wanted something to remember her by. “Why am I just hearing about this now. Why after all the talks we’ve had, you never mentioned Dante? Why do I get the feeling there’s more to this story. What the HELL is going on here, Taylor.”

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