B&B Thursday Update 6/30/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/30/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke has just rushed into Stephanie’s hospital room and is standing over Steph and says “Dammit, Stephanie, answer me. I know Ridge is with Taylor. Where did they go?”

Stephanie utters that it was so beautiful. What asks Brooke. Stephanie replies softly “The flowers, so pure, so life-affirming. I don’t think I’ve ever been more peaceful in my life.” Brooke looks around in wonderment, soaking it all in.

Jackie welcomes Nickeeeeeeeee with a kiss at the door of the Marone manse and beams that she is so glad to see him and what has he been up to? He says oh just an ordinary night; a little trip around the world on the jet. He comes in and greets Mass as well, says he didn’t expect to find him there. Mass is holding the sketch of Taylor but puts it aside and says actually he invited his mother there tonight (aren’t they back together and her living there, apparently not?) because a handsome young man is going to pay them a visit and they all know how she revels in such a thing. She smiles that she can’t wait. Nick takes a fine cigar from the humidor and sniffs it before putting it in his mouth..

Mass offers Dominic a brandy but he declines saying one buzz a night is enough. He notices the sketch and picks it up, asking who did this? Mass tells him that he is the youngest son of a very old family in Italy. He just met hi again this afternoon at Café Russe while he was finishing this sketch. Nick says he is quite good. Jackie adds there is an intimacy about it. Mass says that he’s an artist and sculptor…….Nick seems interested and mentions this man knows Taylor? Mass says no, he claims not; he’d done that based on the photographs in the newspaper.

The doorbell rings and Jackie perks up as Mass says “try not to droooooool, darling.” He greets Dante at the door with Jackie close behind. Nick steps out onto the patio/courtyard with sketch in hand, still looking at it quizzically.

Ridge and Taylor return home and he puts the key in the front door and slowly walks in. Taylor asks him to wait. He turns around and asks if everything is ok. She says “perfect. I’ve been home all this time and now it feels like I’m really home.” He tells her she is! And he kisses her (doesn’t seem to be worrying that Brooke might suddenly see them). But when he pulls away, Taylor senses that he might be thinking of Brooke. He picks up and looks at a photograph of him and Brooke and family and says she is going to be devastated. Taylor says she knows; no one wants to see her suffer. They’ll handle it the best way they can. She knew it had been difficult for him but he’d made a decision….they’d re-newed their vows so they should just focus on what they have together. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him……(seems plain as day that Ridge is still wearing his Brooke wedding ring).

Thomas walks into the room as they embrace and seems surprised but asks if this means…….Taylor replies yes, they had re-newed their vows in the hospital. They discuss Stephanie’s heart attack but that she will be ok. Thomas hugs them, says he loves them and is happy they are a family once again; he knew they wouldn’t let him down.

Brooks is still quizzing Stephanie “where is Ridge. I want to know, right now!” Matter of factly, Stephanie says, “you know my children are all grown up, but they still need their mother……to guide them.” Brooke says Ridge doesn’t need her guidance but Steph differs that yes he does; he’s still her little boy.

Brooke can’t stand it anymore; she moves around from the side of the bed to the foot saying she doesn’t know what kind of drugs Steph is on, nor does she care, she just wants to know where her husband is. Where is Ridge?

Stephanie takes great pride in saying it is all over. Brooke says “Oh My God, Ridge chose Taylor?” Stephanie gloats “do you think I’d be smiling if he’d chosen you?”

Jackie gushes to Dante that Mass tells her he is an artist, a sculptor and a painter….perhaps he’d like to paint her. He glances at the prominent portrait above the mantle and says it looks like her beauty has already been captured. To which she replies "that old thing?” And Mass chimes in that it is there to cover a crack in the wall. Dante says he would love to but he’s not going to be there long enough for a sitting to do her justice.

Nick walks in and mentions the sketch as being a labor of love. Dante agrees, “all my heart is a labor of love.” Mass introduces him to Dante as one of his sons, the confirmed bachelor….at least as far as they knew until the lovely Bridget stole his heart away.

Dante asks “Bridget Forrester?” And Nick asks if Dante knows her. Dante confirms and Nick wants to know “how?”

Mass speaks up that when Bridget went to Copenhagen, he had arranged for Dante to show her the sights of Rome. (yeah, let’s see what else he might have shown her?) Dante tells Nick he is a very lucky man, he considers her a dear friend of his. Nick seems genuine when he says he will tell her hello for him (I can tell his heart is breaking)….unless he already has. Dante confesses that no, he’s been on such a crazy trip, he hasn’t had time to say hello to anyone. Dripping with friendly sarcasm, Nick states, “what a shame, not enough time to say hello to a dear friend.”

Mass takes Dante by the shoulders and says he is very much looking forward to him meeting his other son, Ridge and his lovely wife, Taylor….as Dante sees the sketch. Jackie chimes in that their situation is a very complicated matter at the moment as he now actually has two wives. Dante says “so I’ve read. An angel such as this; a man would be a fool not to have her.”

Nick is pouring himself a brandy now, still smoking his cigar and seriously mulling over the matter.

Taylor picks up another family photograph while Ridge says it’s been a long day…..sorta hint, hint……. Thomas says they can’t go to bed now. Ridge says they aren’t – he (Thomas) is! Like a ton of bricks hit him, he smiles and says “Oh, I get that….it’s time for some action.” He tells them he loves them and Ridge points out that’s HER son as Thomas gets lost. Taylor turns and puts her arms around Ridge and says “well, you heard him …..time for some action,” as they go back to kissing.

Brooke continues her harangue that Stephanie is lying . She points her finger at her that Ridge hadn’t made any decision. She was just trying to get to her the way she always did. Steph retaliated that Brooke was in denial like she always was….she glances at the flowers….the white flowers, Darla had brought those for Taylor, not for Stephanie……Stephanie sucked in some deep air and said the ceremony was right there, as she patted the table by her bedside….Brooke says she doesn’t believe her while Stephanie continues that she’s never seen two people more in love. (she’s laying it on thick here). Brooke cries no but Stephanie continues that yes, yes, they renewed their vows and Brooke…..”you are the loser!”

Brooke turns away and Stephanie says “ah, yes, here comes the faucets. Turn ‘em on. Here they come again as always. But no knight in shining armor…. is going to come back to rescue you, not this time.. It’s all history……and so are you.” Brooke sternly says, “Ridge chose no one tonight, Stephanie. This was YOUR night……YOURS…..you faked this heart attack to get Ridge to do what you wanted. Now maybe you fooled them but you certainly didn’t fool me."

Stephanie's eyes are bright and shiny now as she beams her baby blues at Brooke, with that satisfied smile on her face. Brooke leans closer and vows that she will NOT let Stephanie get away with this; she is going to put a stop to her once and for all. Stephanie raises both eyebrows as if in oh, yeah? Was Brooke threatening her?

Brooke continues that Steph played her own son; on his goodness and his love for her…….and how she could just lay there and take such joy tonight, what she did to her own grandchild….she is tearing this family apart.

Steph comes back that she will raise R.J. but Brooke says to hell she will. Stephanie will never go near him again. She always claims to be the loving mother and protector of the Forrester family but none of this had anything to do with family or decency. This was about HER getting what SHE wanted.

Again gloating, Stephanie says she got what she wanted tonight. He chose Taylor. “My son loves me more than he loves you.”

Nick thinks that is a very strong opinion for Dante, considering he hasn’t met Taylor. Mass is disappointed that Dante is going back so soon. Dante says his car is outside waiting to take him now and they part. Dante gives his congratulations to Nick while Jackie is absolutely beaming in his presence.

Taylor and Ridge are in each other’s arms on the balcony; all over each other. She says she spent so many nights thinking of this moment; believing in her heart, never stop loving him. They melt into each other’s arms with sexy kisses. Until he pulls away and she begs him not to stop, she waited too long, “I can’t wait another second.”

Brooke says so this is what this is really about “you’re wanting your son. Ever since I met you, I sensed some strange connection between you and Ridge. You’re obsessed with him, Stephanie…. And that’s why you didn’t like him with me because he was able to be himself and free from you…..and you couldn’t stand that as you have to have ALL the control……..that’s why Taylor is not a threat to you because she’s an extension of YOU.

Stephanie’s hand is slowly trying to reach a cord, the button, a phone, something probably to call someone as Brooke jerks the phone out of her hand and Brooke replies to HELL she will, that she will give it back and she throws it to the floor.

Now Stephanie cowering in fear, Brooke continues as she stalks around the bed that Stephanie couldn’t do it her old way, browbeating, ranting and raving so now she has to resort to this. Brooks claps her hands, “Bravo, Bravo, Stephanie. Performance of a lifetime and you have your whole family (as she outstretches her arms) strung up on strings like little puppets ready to take every command from you.” She mocks further with her hand across her heart as she plays Ridge and Taylor’s part in their re-newal of vows…..only they didn’t know it, that Steph was pulling the strings. But she knew, she saw behind her curtain. Stephanie lied. She mocked Stephanie crying to Ridge about the big one, “help me, Ridge, help me.”

Stephanie denies she was faking it but Brooke just shouts for her to stop it….and this hospital. She has donated so much money to this hospital, they should re-name it Saint Stephanie’s…and doctors, her being one of the biggest donors, of course he wanted to help her….a monitor, a ventilator….every prop you can imagine that she needed just to fool Ridge into thinking she was at death’s door… just so he would commit himself to Taylor. Well it worked…..by God, it worked……only until she goes and tells Ridge herself…..no, she isn’t going to do that…..she starts shaking her very hard, pulling on equipment as Stephanie tries to fight her off, begging her to stop.

Determined, Brooke pushes back her hair and says there is another way to prove it…..she glances at the monitor and slowly reaches for as Stephanie follows her hand….pulls out the tube from the machine, her life support as Stephanie cries no! Holding the evidence in her hands, she leans over as Stephanie cowers with a startled look on her face. Brooke tells her “ just in case you do die…… know this……I’m going to go by your graveside every day and put flowers there….oh for God’s sake, Stephanie, DIE….just prove me wrong and DIE!"

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