B&B Wednesday Update 6/29/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/29/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

It’s still night at the R/T/B mansion. Brooke is saying to Bridget that Ridge is supposed to be making the biggest decision of his life tonight (wasn’t it supposed to be tomorrow night AFTER Brooke spent her assigned day at the beach house?) but Bridget defends and says that doesn’t mean Steph is planning something (faking her attack). Brooke is sure that it is. “ This is her big opportunity; this is her grand plan to get rid of me. Only Ridge doesn’t know it.”

At the hospital, Ridge and Taylor are still in each other’s arms. She seems incredulous that he’s asking her to repeat their wedding vows but, of course, she wishes to do so. Their hands are all over each other. Taylor says "You're making a committeemen to me?" He replies " to our family, Doc." She "for the rest of our lives? "He "Yeah."

Steph looks on and whispers “Thorne, best man?” He looks at Ridge and speaks up and says “if this is what you want, big brother, you have a best man”….and looking at Darla for a yes…"and a matron of honor”. Darla looks to Steph for approval, which she gives. This jerks Eric out of his fog and he turns to Steph and tells her this may all be too much for her. Steph reaches for Ridge’s hand and tells him she loves him and he bends to her bedside and tells her that he loves her too. They are all there for her. ……….Jeeze, grab the hankies, this may be too much of a sugar shock.

Bridget tells Brooke that Taylor wouldn’t manipulate them and she is a psychiatrist; she’d see through any of Steph’s machinations in a heartbeat. And then she reminds Brooke that ‘dad’ is there. He’d stop Ridge from doing anything foolish. This pleases Brooke as she obviously thinks of Eric as her ally.

Eric pulls Ridge aside and asks if he knows what he is doing? Ridge says of course. Then Eric says well explain it to him. Ridge explains that his mother might be dying in there; something had to be done, a decision had to be made. Eric said but Ridge didn’t make the decision; his mother did. He knew he was scared and wanted to make things right with his mother but.....Steph was manipulating him. She had him right where she wanted him; Eric could see it in her eyes. He asked if Ridge had spoken to Brooke yet, to tell her that he was not going to honor his commitment to her….to Hope…..to R.J. Cupping Ridge’s face, as if to shake some sense into him, Eric said he knew how much Ridge loved his mother….so did he, but please don’t make this decision to save her life…..don’t do that.

Darla told Thorne they should go get some flowers and make the room more festive (is that allowed in ICU?). They leave as Taylor stays but Steph asks her to get Ridge.

Brooke tells Bridget that Steph is pulling off the biggest power play of her life, right from her hospital bed. Bridget tells her she must have more faith in Ridge. Brooke snaps that was before his mother was at death’s door. Steph’s goal was to get rid of her and out of Ridge’s life forever. Brooke can only imagine what is happening right now.

Eric begs Ridge to go back in there and tell Steph he has changed his mind, he needs more time. Taylor spots them and asks if anything is wrong; what was that about? Eric leaves and reminds Ridge to think about what he has said. Ridge asks about his mother and Taylor says she sees how much this would mean to Steph but this is about the rest of their lives, not about his mother…… He draws her nearer and strokes her hair and says he knows what he is doing; he is sure of this.

Eric goes back into Steph’s room and she asks about Taylor. Eric tells her they are about to re-commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives; they deserve a little time together.

The bedside phone rings and it is Brooke, relieved that Eric answers. She wants to know what the hell is going on over there? Eric only tells her that Steph had a heart attack but assures Brooke that Steph is going to be fine. Brooke begs him to tell her what is going on. Between him talking to Brooke and Steph in the background asking who it is and asking him to hang up; Eric finally does. Immediately afterwards, he calls Brooke back from another phone and tells her “get here as fast as you can. Just get here!”

Steph then asks Eric to go get Taylor and Ridge and bring them back in, which he does. Steph calls the nurses’ station “no more phone calls.”

Ridge is in silent reflection, thinking back on his and Brooke’s weddings (several), feeling her tummy before birth, her giving birth and says “I’m so sorry, Logan”. Taylor catches up and asks if he is “ready?” He tells her she looks so beautiful and holding out his hands for both of hers, he ushers her into Steph’s room.

Brooke calls and asks for Steph’s room but is told no more phone calls under any circumstances.

All (Thorne, Darla, Eric, Ridge and Taylor) are gathered in the room as the minister asks to begin.

Frustrated, Brooks begs Ridge to wait for her, she’s coming! She’s driving alone in a terrible thunderstorm; the one that was supposed to hit Malibu.

Taylor begins her vows and clasps Ridge’s hand. Eric glances nervously at the door. Taylor says from the first time the proposed to her in Saint Thomas, she knew they’d be together. And everything about their life was already a reflection of how much they loved each other…… their beautiful family; their children, a living proof of how much they loved each other. And she wanted him to know that her devotion had not diminished one bit over the years and that her heart became more connected to his with every beat. Nothing could come between the love they shared…”not even death.”

The minister has to ask Ridge to begin. He hesitates as Eric once more looks toward the door in defeat. Finally Ridge clasps Taylor’s hands in front of him and begins that no man could be more blessed than he. He thought he had lost her only for her to return to him, it was beyond anything he could comprehend…….”to our family, to our children, we are reunited…..everyone has been healed by your miraculous return, Doc….. I will forever love you. I just hope you will remember that.” With tears streaming down Taylor’s face, he seemed to be having a hard time continuing. “I just hope you continue to know that I deserve to have such an incredible, loving, beautiful wife as you.”. The minister said it gave him great joy to pronounce them man and wife…..again…as everyone laughed as they kissed. Taylor has tears; Steph closes her eyes and smiles; Thorne shakes his head and Darla clasps her hands and even claps.

Brooke runs, pushing her way past people and frantically asks directions to Steph’s room and is told it’s 442. As she makes her way around, it is all dark and the room is empty except for Steph…… (this is only seconds after the ceremony so they sure know how to clear a room in a hurry. And should Steph be left all alone?). Brooke slowly walks in and it takes Steph a moment but she suddenly jerks her head out of her rest/sleep and spies Brooke. Not missing a beat she says “visiting hours are over.” Brooke insists on knowing “where’s Ridge?” I know he was here with Taylor. Where is my husband?”

Steph turns her head with a certain satisfaction, leaving Brooke with just a worried look on her face.

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