B&B Tuesday Update 6/28/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/28/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Night At The Hospital:

Eric goes to get Dr. McClain as Ridge, with a very worried look, hovers over Stephanie in the bed. Barely audible, she softly begs him to forgive her as her eyes close. Thorne and Darla are waiting nervously also outside awaiting word. Dr. McClain (Mark) comes in and shoves Ridge aside and attends to Steph. He says her blood pressure is dropping (monitor sounds off); orders atropine and tells Ridge her condition is stabilizing but she’s still in serious condition.

At the Taylor/Brooke/Ridge mansion:

Taylor is glancing at a magazine while Brooks is peering out the window talking aloud to herself. “Where are you, Ridge? You should have been here by now. No matter what Stephanie does, I have to believe you’ll make your own decision.”

The phone rings and Taylor picks it up, surprised it’s Ridge as he tells her something has happened to Stephanie, she’s had a heart attack. Taylor says she will be right there. Brooke grabs the phone from her and pretty much repeats what Taylor said; she’d be right there. Ridge has to break it to her that they were fighting over Brooke when Steph had the attack. To Brooke’s dismay, he says now would not be a good time; only Taylor should come.

Again Mark tells Ridge they have put Steph on a ventilator to assist in her breathing (in the neck so she can still talk). Mark leaves and Ridge takes up his spot beside his mother and tells her she must keep fighting. Taylor is on the way. Only then does Steph open her eyes as that piece of news seems to settle her down.

Café Russe:

Massimo enters and looks around for a table and spots Dante. Quizzingly tilting his head in amazement, he grins and walks over to the bar as he peeks over the shoulder as Dante is sketching….the portrait of Taylor. Massimo walks up and calls Dante’s name who seems surprised as Massimo reintroduces himself. Clearly they have met before as they exchange some Italian endearments. I’d say not great friends as Dante seems surprised and most likely was going to skip out of town without seeing Mass. Mass asks what brings him to Los Angeles?

Bridget returns home and Brooke fills her in on Steph’s health. Naturally Bridget thinks they should go immediately but Brooke tells her she is not allowed to go. Ridge specifically asked her not to; which probably couldn’t please Steph more.

Dante turns the sketchpad over to hide his sketch of Taylor and says he is in town on business but running into Mass is an unexpected pleasure. Mass tells Dante he simply must stay long enough to meet his two sons and hear of the miraculous return of his son’s wife, Taylor. Dante feigns being so busy, he’s not had time to keep up with the newspapers or news. Smiling as he turns over the sketch, Mass adds then maybe he can explain why he’s drawing a picture of Taylor?

Bridget doesn’t understand why Stephanie or Brooke were at the beach house. She only knows they need to get over to the University Hospital fast. But Brooke is skeptical that it is even a heart attack; Stephanie may be faking it. She’s done worse before.

Taylor rushes into Ridge’s arms as Mark says Steph definitely had a small heart attack. Taylor stands by her and lovingly strokes Steph’s hair and announces that she is there. She calmly talks to Steph that she must hold on, don’t give up. Ridge, Eric, Thorne and Darla look on in fear.

Dante tells Mass that he’s an artist and what artist isn’t drawn to a woman clearly this exquisite? Not sure Mass bought that explanation but he tells him she is married to his son. And he tells Dante he wants to catch up. He simply must come to the house later that evening. Before he leaves, he picks up the sketch and says he’d love to give that to his son if Dante didn’t mind. Dante says no, he wouldn’t. Mass thanks him; Dante has gotten her to perfection. He leaves with a somewhat skeptical look on his face.

Back in Steph’s room, they hover around as Steph awakens. Taylor again holds her hand. She tells them she loves them all so much and Thorne repeats they love her too. Ridge chimes in “so much”. Steph says, “Boys, I know I haven’t been the best mother and I know I interfered a lot, but….I just wanted you to be happy…..remember that when I’m gone.”

Eric tells her not to talk like that but she says she is at peace, honestly she is happy and alright. Her family was all together, even if it was at least for this one night like this, Ridge with Taylor together. “ Take care of the children, take care of each other, no matter what happens. I will always remember this moment…I love you for all of eternity.” And she slipps off again, looking very death-like.

Eric moves back from the bedside and approaches the chaplain in the hallway and says he is glad he is there. The chaplain says Steph has her family around, perhaps he’ll come back later. Eric insists he’d like for him to come now and say a prayer.

Ridge has tears in his eyes as he reflects. He kisses Taylor on the back of her hair and then turns and goes after the chaplain. He puts both arms on his shoulder and tells him “I need your help.”

Bridget doesn’t think Brooke is making sense that Steph would fake it. But Brooke repeats she is afraid Steph is using her illness to play on her son for her own selfish reasons. It’s been a very emotional time for Ridge. Just as he is ready to make his decision, she pulls this. Doing this to make him choose the woman she wants him to spend the rest of his life with. She said she loves Ridge; so much; they’d been through every test imaginable and had just come thru it stronger….. Now all of this just hangs in jeopardy. She was convinced Steph had masterminded this but how could she stop all of this before it was too late?

Ridge explains to the chaplain that his mother has given up but he hasn’t. He wouldn’t let her do that. He was asking the chaplain to be a part of something wonderful….a part of something that might mean life and death to his mother.

He goes to Taylor, kisses her and says it’s ok. They are going to make it ok. He then goes to his mother’s bedside and takes her hand, kisses her on the forehead. She smiles a contented smile at him. He tells her he and Taylor are here; just like she always wanted. Not just for the moment, not just for the day or week, but for the rest of their lives. He strokes her hair, lets go of her hand and turns to Taylor. With both hands on her shoulders, he says “I love you, Doc…with all my heart. Never doubt that. Never doubt I feel blessed that God brought you back into my life. I don’t know how these things happen. Maybe God doesn’t intend us to know. But I believe in what he had before you went away and I still believe in it now. The chaplain is here and he’s willing to renew our vows, right here and now…. if you are willing to be my one, my ONLY wife.”

Tears streaming down her face, she cries yes she will be his wife…… today, now and forever. They hug as Stephanie smiles approvingly.

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