B&B Monday Update 6/27/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/27/05


By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Love Shack/Beach House

Ridge cradles his mother (Stephanie) to his chest; she with this awful pained look/choke/mouth agape on her face.

Thomas and Gabi return to her room and he chides her that he didn't get to carry her across the threshold. He senses she is upset but she denies it.

He says good, it's way too soon for them to be having marital problems. Gabi is ultra serious though and can't believe she let him do this for her (eloping and marrying). He kept vowing it was what her mother would have wanted; he had initiated this like a pesky telephone solicitor; Gabi was not to blame. She would never hear him complain; it's what he wanted. She repeated that he had saved her
life. Thomas said he wasn't that chivalrous; he really didn't want her to be deported. He said his dad was a smart guy and he'd said marriage was more than emotions; it was a life decision. "we made a life decision --- for you--- and it was the right one."

Dimples/Dante stood at Taylor's door at the mansion. Taylor looked uneasy and he felt it since she had asked him not to come. He handed her a big manila envelope and she asked what it was. He only thrust it upon her, walking past her into the room as they stood face to face.

He even mentioned coming by and seeing Steffie, how much a good first impression he made if she hadn't mentioned it. He said he just couldn't leave without seeing her first; was there some reason he couldn't meet her husband? She replied that he wasn't there but Brooke was. Dante was surprised that 'the other woman" would be there but Taylor remarked that she lived there. Dante was highly surprised that Ridge hadn't yet made up his mind.

Hector in uniform, calling from the fire station, calls Brooke (in pretty pink satin robe) and said he caught the press conference on TV and she couldn't let the reporters get to her, they were insects. She wasn't short of friends to which she replied she also wasn't short of people who wanted to drown her in the bathtub either. And she couldn't worry about insects when there was T-Rex (clearly Stephanie) bearing down on her.

Meanwhile, T-Rex is lying back in a chair while Ridge rushes in with two aspirins and water and tells her to take them. Dutifully she does and says she always said Brooke would be the death of her. He tells her to relax, sit back while he goes gets the car and brings it around and he'll take her to the hospital.

Eric is working late in his office, sleeves rolled up and is astounded when Ridge calls and tells him he thinks mother has had a heart attack. They are on their way to hospital. She requests that it be Dr. McClain.

Thomas and Gabi sit but don't touch their wedding feast - sandwiches -as he tells her first thing in the morning they will call Mr. Davidson and get the Green Card going, remaining confidential. Only problem, one person does know, Uncle Nick. He was in Vegas but not to worry, once Thomas explains, what happened in Vegas will stay in Vegas. And by the way, why was Nick in Vegas? Perhaps he has reasons he doesn't want to explain either.

Thomas says "no ring, no frills, just a piece of paper" but they should do something special, even if no one else knows.

Taylor shows Dante outside and she tells him she will never forget him or being grateful. He said he only wants her to be happy but he's still amazed that Ridge hasn't made up his mind yet. She said she was not unhappy and things were moving along, maybe even tonight...and she was sorry but he couldn't stay here. He was a perfect gentleman and smiled and said he'd say goodnight. Taylor looked apprehensive as they parted and she walked back in. Brooke rounded the corner and Taylor jumped as Brooke asked who was that?

Thomas kept glancing at the daybed as they both acknowledged the nervousness of their first awkward moment as a married couple. He wasn't hungry but she tried to get him to stay.

Brooke literally snatched the envelope out of Taylor's hands, assuming it was a messenger from the office. She said Thomas was pushing his curfew but then that was what 18 year olds do.

Taylor tried to smooth things by saying they'd said some harsh things to each other but she really appreciated what Brooke had done for the girls and Thomas; they both wanted what was best for the kids. Brooke wondered where Ridge was, why wasn't he home by now? And how could they figure things out, she didn't have a Plan B when they didn't even know what Ridge's plans were. Brooke said it was easy for Taylor to be poised as she had an 800 pound gorilla fighting her battles for her and she was probably over there right now telling Ridge all about her sins...what good would that do now since they'd been plastered all over every headline..but Taylor, on the other hand was 'a saint', so she had no secrets. No denial here but Taylor looked uncomfortable.

Stephanie is being wheeled into the hospital with both Thorne and Darla hovering around with Dr. Mark McClain in attendance and examining her. Eric takes Stephanie's hand as she tells both he and Ridge not to worry about her. Clearly Ridge is very concerned and feeling guilty for his part in this.

Thomas and Gabi snuggle on the couch as they think back on their wedding vows and Thomas says there will never be a time he wouldn't want the best for her. She coos that he always knows the right things to say. They share a sweet kiss but he cuts it short and says he'd better go. He takes her by the hand and leads her to the door and says sheepishly, "goodnight, wife" and she "goodnight, husband." She definitely has a lovesick look on her face as she closes and leans against the door.

Brooke paces while Taylor thumbs through a handy magazine. Both know they should go to bed, but can't. Both wonder where Ridge is. Finally Brooke says Taylor is just dying to know if it worked, isn't she? Whatever Stephanie did or said. Taylor gives back, what is it with Brooke, why must she always have this absolute feeling of being conspired against? Brooke says well she hasn't exactly called her off, has she? Taylor remarks that Stephanie is Stephanie and Taylor isn't in the habit of maneuvering people like chess pieces. And Stephanie was going to say what she wanted and Ridge wouldn't change his mind based on who argued the loudest (oh yeah?) Brooke replied that "no, but if a rabid dog got his teeth in my leg, the person with the tranquilizer gun would look better and better to me". She said they could be civilized, intimately but with her (Stephanie)...there was no winning an argument; if she'd only disappear.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Darla and Thorne talk, concerned as the lab tests will be back soon. Stephanie waves to them through the opened blinds. She tries to get Ridge to go to Taylor... and not Brooke. Eric urges them not to get started again. Stephanie says she knows he loves her (Stephanie), she loves him too. He argues that sometimes she drives him nuts, like for the 15th time, but he does love her.

The monitor goes off as they bustle about; she begs them not to leave until she says this. She takes Ridge's hand, "You belong with Taylor, I don't want to stay here if you choose Brooke. It'll break my heart! Another pained expression clouds her face ( but could the Queen of Meddling be faking?)

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