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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/24/05


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[Woo Hoo!!! Cableís back!!! Am I spoiled or what? I thought I was going to DIE without my TV. LOL]


Dante sits alone at a table and orders an espresso from a waitress that is obviously intrigued by this good looking stranger. After she leaves to get his espresso, he picks up a sketch pad and starts to sketch. A little later, the waitress passes by and notices that he hasnít touched his espresso. She asks if there was something wrong with it. She is obviously flirting a little bit with him. He explains that he is Italian and they are pretty picky about their coffee. The waitress is intrigued and asks if he is in town for business or pleasure. Dante hesitates a little bit before telling her that he is just in town to see a friend. He continues to sketch when the waitress goes back to work.

When he is done with his sketching, we see that he has sketched a picture of Taylor.

Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

Taylor wonders around the house worried that she hasnít heard anything from Stephanie yet. She is sure Stephanie would have called if Brooke had been at the beach house. She hears the front door open and goes to see who it is.

She isnít happy to see that it is Brooke, with nothing on but Ridgeís shirt. She figures out that Stephanie busted her at the beach house. She canít believe that Brooke canít even hold to one boundary. Brooke is only half dressed. Brooke tells her that she wouldnít be half dressed if Stephanie hadnít thrown her out of the house. Taylor canít believe that Brooke is really this desperate to sneak out to Malibu and try to seduce Ridge. Brooke doesnít want to hear any more lectures, she heard it already from Stephanie. Taylor tells her that Stephanie has a right to be mad at Brooke, so does she. She isnít mad at Brooke at all though. She tells Brooke that Ridge is trying to make the most important decision of his life, and Brooke has turned it into a game about sex. She thinks that Brooke just made Ridgeís decision a whole lot easier for him. It is so clear what Brooke is up to. Brooke claims that she isnít up to anything. She resents that Taylor calls her desperate just because she wanted to spend some time with her husband. Taylor canít believe that Brooke couldnít even stick to the boundaries that all three of them agreed to. Brooke tells her that she has been very patient with Taylor. She welcomed Taylor into her home, she even moved out of her bedroom so that Taylor wouldnít feel uncomfortable. She will not apologize for wanting to spend time with her husband. She tells Taylor that she is happy that she went to Malibu and she is pretty sure that Ridge is happy too.

Taylor asks if she is telling her that Ridge slept with her. Brooke says that they would have if Stephanie hadnít crashed on them. Taylor lets her know that she doesnít believe Ridge would do that. She knows that he set the rules and he wanted to spend one day with both of them, without sex to confuse the issue. Brooke tells her that she has forgotten that Ridge likes excitement and adventure, and he has always been turned on by women that are secure in their sexuality. Taylor comments that her and Stephanie would probably have a few other words that would describe Brooke and her sexuality. Brooke tells her that it only helps Brooke when Taylor and Stephanie take these pot shots at Brooke, because it makes Ridge want to protect her even more. Taylor still canít believe that Brooke did what she did tonight. Brooke tells her that Ridge can relax with her. She admits that Taylor is perfect, but wonders if that is what Ridge wants, to be married to a saint. Taylor tells her that she never claimed to be a saint. Well, Stephanie sure thinks she is one, that is what she is doing now out in Malibu. Telling Ridge what a saint Taylor is. Taylor tells her that she didnít send Stephanie out there. Maybe not, but Brooke knows that is why Stephanie is there, because of Taylor. Taylor tells her that Stephanie is only trying to protect her son. Brooke tells her that Stephanie is out of control and her meddling is going to backfire on both of them. Taylor asks if Brooke thinks that Stephanie will be able to influence Ridgeís decision. Brooke doesnít think she will in the way that Taylor wants her too. Taylor isnít so sure. Stephanie is the most important woman in Ridgeís life, next to the two of them. Brooke tells her that Stephanie is acting crazy because she knows that there is a good chance that Ridge is going to stay with her. She thinks that Stephanie is finally realizing that nothing is going to come between her and Ridge, not Stephanie, and not even Taylor. With that said, Brooke takes herself up to her room, leaving Taylor to think over what she said.

When the doorbell rings, Taylor is a bit uncomfortable and slightly unhappy to open the door to Dante. He tells her that he knows she told him not to stop by, but he just couldnít leave L.A. without seeing her. Taylor has a very uncomfortable smile on her face.


Gaby tries to snap Thomas out of his thoughts and bring him back to the present. Thomas snaps back and apologizes for hesitating. The minister is starting to lose patience with these two, he has other couples waiting to be married.

Thomas is sure that he wants to do this, just looking at Gaby and hearing the vows made it all seem so real. Gaby again offers him the chance to call it all off, but Thomas is determined to go through with this and answers the minister ĎI doí. The minister takes this opportunity to rush through the rest of the ceremony and asks Gaby the big question. She answers I do also and the minister asks for the rings. Gaby and Thomas are obviously not prepared and donít have rings to exchange. The minister tells them that it doesnít matter and quickly pronounces them man and wife. Thomas is a bit surprised that it is over that quickly. The minister confirms that it is over and that he may kiss his bride. The young lovers exchange a kiss and then sit down to discuss what they have just done. Gaby still has doubts that this was the right thing to do. Thomas tells her it is only until she gets her green card. Gaby feels like they are lying because the minister said Ďuntil death do us partí. Thomas promises her that once she gets her scholarship and they start college, she will see that it was all worth it. The minister tells them both that all he needs is their signature. The two hesitate slightly before signing the papers. Now they are legally married. The minister rushes back to the front desk to get the next couple ready, leaving the doors to the chapel open. Gaby worries that someone will find out. Thomas promises her that no one will find out at all. In the lobby, Nick comes rushing back in looking for Bridgetís purse. He looks around and finally finds it on a seat in the lobby area along with some gloves and a rose.

As he starts to rush back out, he looks into the chapel and sees Thomas and Gaby talking in there. He stops to wonder what is going on. He gets out of sight when he sees Gaby and Thomas are coming out of the chapel. Gaby realizes that she probably looks a mess, and excuses herself to run to freshen up. Thomas orders two roses from the front desk. Nick approaches and offers his rose to Thomas. Thomas is shocked to see Nick there. Nick is just as surprised to see Thomas. He asks if Thomasí parents are there to retie the knot. Thomas tells him that they arenít. Yea, Nick didnít think so. He tells Thomas that he saw Gaby there and asks if Gaby is pregnant. Thomas tells him no, but he canít tell him anything.

Nick wants some answers. Thomas promises to explain later and tells Nick that Gaby will freak out if she sees him. Nick asks when they are going home. Thomas promises that they are going home tonight. Nick tells him to make sure that they do. Thomas asks Nick to promise not to tell anyone that they were there. Nick reluctantly agrees as Thomas runs off to find Gaby before she sees Nick.

Beach House:

Ridge comes in carrying a bag of groceries. He isnít happy to find Brooke gone and Stephanie waiting for him. He tells his mother that she better not have thrown Brooke out of there. Stephanie replies by saying that Brooke wasnít supposed to be here. Ridge tells her that it is she that isnít supposed to be here. Stephanie is very upset and tells Ridge that he has known both of these women his entire adult life. He doesnít need another damn night to make this decision. She begs her son to just take Taylor back and end all of this nonsense. Ridge walks out to the patio to try to get away from Stephanie. Of course, Stephanie follows him out. He tells her that no one is going to tell him who he should be with.

Stephanie doesnít understand why he is making this so difficult. Ridge tries to get his mother to understand that she is making it more difficult with all of her interfering. Stephanie is only trying to help. She knows that he needs an objective point of view. Ridge also knows that he isnít going to get that from Stephanie. Stephanie tells him that all of this is Brookeís fault. Brooke is keeping him and the children from having the happiness they deserve and that just frustrates the hell out of her. Ridge yells at his mother that he is the one that is frustrated here. He came to the beach house to get away from her. He just wants to spend a little time with both women. Stephanie asks what he expects to happen? Does he think he is going to have some kind of epiphany or something? Ridge is fed up and tells his mother that whatever he decides is Ďhis businessí. Stephanie is fine with that, she just wants him to hurry up and decide before Brooke pulls another one of her tricks. Ridge canít stand this arguing with his mother anymore and tells her that the more she attacks Brooke, the more he wants to stand up for her. If she doesnít stop, he guarantees she wonít like who he chooses. He disgustedly walks back into the house. Stephanie follows him and tells him that he just canít help himself from defending Brooke. Ridge tells her that she has provided him plenty of practice. Stephanie tries to get her son to understand that Brooke is always the victim, and Stephanie is always wrong in his eyes. The conversation is getting very heated, with both mother and son raising their voices considerably. Ridge doesnít understand why Stephanie canít just stay out of it and why she is so against Brooke. Stephanie yells that it is because Brooke stole her husband and she is only trying to protect Ridge. Ridge tells her that if she really wanted to do that, she would have accepted Brooke years ago. Stephanie yells that she will never do that.

Stephanie is holding onto the fireplace mantel, and starting to rub her chest a little bit. Ridge doesnít notice this and yells at her that he has had enough of her meddling. He is done with her and her manipulations. He walks away from her as he tells her that her coming here tonight was a mistake and tells her again that he is done with her. Stephanieís pain gets worse and she starts to realize that something is wrong. She clutches her chest and knocks a vase off of the mantle. Ridge turns and realizes that something is wrong. He rushes to his motherís side and asks if she is okay. She tells him that she doesnít believe that he cares. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him that him considering a life with Brooke is what is wrong. If he cared about her at all, he wouldnít even consider a life with Brooke. Ridge is more concerned with his mothers health right now and tries to get her to calm down. Stephanie tells him that Taylor fought so hard to get back to him, she wonders where is gratitude is. Ridge starts to call someone for help, but Stephanie tells him she is fine. Ridge explains that he is very grateful that Taylor is back, but he built a life with Brooke while Taylor was gone. Stephanie tells him that it is a life of scandal. She begs him to not throw away this second chance with Taylor. She clutches her chest again and grimaces with pain. Ridge rushes to her side again and tries to calm her down. Stephanie begs him not to do this to her. Ridge realizes that this means much more to his mother than he realized. He holds her and tells her to hold on and tries to get her to breath. Stephanie grabs him and is doubled over in pain.

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