B&B Thursday Update 6/23/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/23/05


By Glynis 
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie has come to the beach house on the whim that Brooke had cheated and has come up earlier to spend the night with Ridge. She finds that she is right. Brooke stands before her in a shirt with nothing else on underneath. The woman sickens Stephanie. She gets on Brookeís case about giving up her ridiculous attempt at getting Ridge for herself. The woman does not threaten Brooke. She is not afraid. Stephanie denies that she is being a threat. " I am simply helping you. Saving you from looking bad to yourself, your kids and Taylorís kids. I am saving you from yourself."

Nick and Bridget are in Vegas now dressed like Elvis and his groupie. He wears a blue jacket that glimmers a bit too much and she wears a bubble gum pink dress with netting for trim. They are a little tipsy from drinking champagne on the way over to Vegas. The manager of the place stares at them wondering what these two are all about. Nick starts humming ĎHere Comes The BrideÖ" Bridget stops him humming. "Hey that is my song!" Nick agrees with her. She is going to be the bride after all. It is her song! She decides that she needs to practice it before the ceremony. Nick pays attention telling her to do her best with it. Bridget starts humming. "Hmmm. HMM HMM HMmm. Am I any good?" Nick finds that she isnít that bad really, but he wants her to loosen up a bit while she hums. She looks a little stiff. She breathes a heavy sigh. He tells her not to worry about it. She will be fine when the time comes. Brittany is really getting tired after their big long trip. Nick flirts when he offers her a pick-me-up. She pushes him off her laughing. Nick seems to be in an awful hurry to get married. Maybe they should have gone through a drive-through instead. Nick confesses that he just wants to be Bridgetís husband, and that this process of getting married is taking a really long time. "What is taking the couple ahead of us so long?"

Thomas and Gabriella are ready to get married. The minister calls to them to come forward. Music starts, "Here comes the bride" plays in the background as the wedding is started. "Dearly BelovedÖ" Thomas interrupts the minister. He thinks that Gabriella should get to walk down the aisle like any other regular bride. The minister will let her walk, but he informs Thomas that the extra service will cost him. Gabriella suddenly feels silly and says that she doesnít need to walk the aisle. The way that they are getting married is fine with her. The minister can see that this might be something that the couple would like to talk about so he offers the couple a chance to think over what they would like for their decision, while he takes care of the couple that is waiting to get married next.

Thomas turns to Gabriella concerned that this is something that she really wants. Her concern is if he really wants to go through with this. That is what is most important to her.

The minister clears his throat signifying that his time is valuable and that things have to get moving. Thomas turns to him assuring him that they will be ready in just a second.

Gabriella tells Thomas that she worries about him and how he feels about this. To him the story is simply that Gabriella will not be in the country if they donít do this. He reminds her what Connor told them about Gabriella returning to the country if she gets thrown out now. "You might not be able to return for years. That will screw up your schooling and you will not be fulfilling the dream that your mother had for you here in America." Gabriella knows that he is right about what connor told them. So with that said she agrees that they are doing the right thing. So they will be married and only she, Thomas and the minister will know about it. The minister will not be a problem for them. He will tell no one as he canít even remember their names they are sure. He is all business here and nothing else.

Brooke explains to Stephanie that it wasnít fair that Ridge and Taylor got to spend time at the beach house of all places. This place wreaks of Taylor. How can Ridge not think about her even when Brooke is alone with him there? Stephanie finds that defense to be foolishness. Brooke found a way to use sex to get Ridge to pay attention to her and she is exploiting it. She couldnít even wait for the next day to come to seduce the man. "Is this the way that you want your children to remember you? Is this the way that you want to win Ridge over?" Yes it is true that Brooke offers passion as part of her plan to win Ridge over. She doesnít think of what she and Ridge do alone in bed to be just sex. "Even so, is that all you got?" Stephanie questions? Brooke really didnít see herself in that light when she was with Ridge. Stephanie might believe that. "Brooke you know that this is classic behavior for you. When you want to get your way, you use sex to get it. It is so primal for someone to resort to such tricks to get a man. Brooke admits that she wanted to get close to Ridge that night, but that she didnít have to in order to win him over. Stephanie doesnít care what she could have done, the fact is that Brooke did it, and if she had any self-respect left, she would leave the beach house now and return in the morning. Stephanie is really frustrated with Brooke now. She knows that Brooke knows how to behave must better than this.

Nick and Bridget wait patiently. Nick feels that Brittany needs something. "You need a veil, or something."

He looks over to the manager at the chapel to see what she has. "What do you have? Do you have a veil?" The woman looks over at Nick. "We have everything." Nick suddenly gets happy again. He will give Bridget everything that she needs.

Thomas and Gabriella are about to get married. She is upset. She knows that she would be lying by marrying Thomas just to stay in the country. Vows are important. Her mother always believed that. Thomas has no problem with this. "My parents taught me to do the right thing. I am telling you that this is the right thing.

The minister waiting for the couple to start the ceremony clears his throat. Time is money. Thomas and Gabriella see that it is now or never, and so they head to the altar to get married.

Stephanie has seen Brooke act better than she is doing now. Why does she always resort to sex when she is on the losing end of things? She seems to have no confidence in herself. "I have gained an enormous amount of respect for you when it comes to taking care of the family. Is this really how you want us all to think about you? You will never know why Ridge picked you over Taylor if he picks you. What you want from him is love and respect. You would get my respect too. I saw you put your marriage on the line for the good of it. For the principle. I want you to do that again. I want you to step aside. I want you to do that for Ridge and the children." Brooke looks up into Stephanieís face in horror. One moment she is complimenting and the next she is showing that she thinks Brooke is second best.

Nick and Bridget continue to wait for their turn to get married. It has been a while now. The booze is wearing off and they are sobering up. Nick gets the catalogue of things that they can buy for their shotgun wedding. He sees that Bridgetís mood is not that great and he tries to get her excited about the bumper stickers and t-shirts that they could buy for their impromptu wedding. Bridget is getting really tired now and she yawns. Nick flips the pages of the catalogue. Many stars have gotten married in Vegas. They are in good company. Bridget has a memory that suddenly comes back to her. "Me and Deacon got married here". Nick didnít know that. "Deacon? I am not Deacon. I know that this isnít the way that you pictured your wedding. You deserve better." They suddenly sober up.

Nick heads over to the manager of the place who is talking to a man at the slot machines. "It seems that we wonít be getting married tonight. I left my wallet on the jet." The woman smiles up at him. "YeahÖ Right."

Thomas and Gabriella are at the altar now and ready to start. Gabriella has something to say first. "When you proposed, I thought that you were crazy and this isnít how I pictured my wedding. I thought that I would have a big dress surrounded by all my family and friends. My mother told me to wait until I found a man with a generous heart, with integrity and pride. A man that would look out for me. I think that my mom would be so happy that we are together. I know that I am." She rushes into his arms. They suddenly feel right about this. She looks into his eyes. "I am ready to become your wife."

Brooke sees that Stephanie feels the same as ever. "So you want me to step aside. I will not. I want to win." Stephanie knows that she wants to win. "Do you really want to get Ridge this way? Do you want to live your life wondering if he would have picked you anyway? Without the sex? Do you want your children to grow up with the same sort of rumors that Rick and Bridget grew up with?" Brooke is angry now. She denies that what any of what Stephanie is saying. Stephanie offers the truth to Brooke. "Ridge and Taylor are married and I believe that they will stay married, and the truth as I see it, is that if Taylor had never left, you wouldnít be married to Ridge today." Brooke looks up into the womanís eyes hurt by her stinging words.

The minister is ready to proceed. Thomas would like to get Gabriella some flowers for the event. The minister is losing his patience. "If you stop the ceremony again, I will have to charge you for our extended service.

Nick and Bridget realize that marrying in Vegas isnít the way that they should be getting married. "It is going to happen and when it happens I will make this the day that you deserve." Brittany is crying now. "I am sorry. I am sorry. I will never regret marrying you no matter how we do it." Nick agrees. "I donít think that marrying in Vegas is the story that we want to tell our kids. Letís get out of here." They run out.

The minister starts. "Thomas, do you promise to take this woman Gabriella to be your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, richer, poorer, in sickness, in health, forsaking all others, till death do you part?" Thomas pauses a little too long. The minister looks at the lad over the glasses on his nose.

Brooke will leave, but only if Stephanie leaves with her. Stephanie will not leave with her. Brooke is asking for the same love for her children that Stephanie obviously has for Taylorís children. Brooke is desperate. "You and I have a chance to bring the family together. Donít you think that Ridge Jr. deserves to have a chance to grow up with his father?" Stephanie knows that RJ will be fine growing up in a house without his father. "I am telling you now Brooke. I will do what I have to do to get rid of you."

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