B&B Wednesday Update 6/22/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/22/05


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Bridget and Nick are drunk as skunks. They are on the jet taking off. Bridget thanks Nick for what he is doing for them today. He has moved heaven and earth to get out of LA, and they are now out of there. They have been pressured by the familyís burdens, so it is a real treat to run off to do something selfish for themselves for a change. Bridget loves the location that he had chosen for their trip. Napa is a great place to hang out. The mountains are beautiful and the wine is divine! Bridget giggles like a schoolgirl. They have been enjoying the wine, especially the Chardonnay. Bridget really liked that most of all. They seemed to have had every type of wine that is available. Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Pinot! All of them were great! Bridget couldnít decide on what she wanted to drink, so she tried them all several times over. Nick is fine with that. "That is what it is for!" Bridget knows that she is really intoxicated now and she feels a little guilty about that. Nick is fine with her state. That is what wine is for. The trip has given Bridget a break. I have gotten her away from all the nosey parkers back home. Nick isnít sure what she means when she says this. Who might she be talking about? "All of them. JackieÖ StephanieÖ Taylor. She has a nerve telling me how she can see that you want Brooke and love her instead of me." Nick laughs at that. He loves Bridget and only her. Bridget shakes off her insecurities and laughs along with Nick.

Stephanie looks unwell. Taylor is quick to notice. "What is wrong?" Stephanie felt a wave of something go through her, but an aspirin will help. "If really wanted to feel better, I would get rid of Brooke. That is what really gets to me." Stephanie heard the seductress on the phone. She was so smug when she realized that she wasnít going to be dumped just yet. That really got to Stephanie. Taylor is sure that Brookeís behavior was set up to get a reaction from Stephanie and that has clearly happened. Stephanie really shouldnít let this get to her so much.

Catherine enters the room where Stephanie and Brooke are talking. She is sorry to interrupt but Hope really wants to have her dolly with her. She finds it the doll that she is looking for. Stephanie finds it funny that Catherine is putting the child to bed. "Where is Brooke?" Catherine explains that Brooke is not in the house. Taylor was under the impression that Brooke was upstairs when she arrived from the beach house. She didnít think that Brooke had been anywhere else. Stephanie pushes Catherine to give more of an explanation as to where Brooke is. Catherine hasnít got more information than she has offered, except for the fact that she was asked to stay overnight with the kids today. Catherine leaves the room to go to Hope and deliver her doll.

It doesnít take Stephanie and Taylor long to figure out what Brooke has done. She has run off to the beach house to be with Ridge. She isnít even supposed to be out there until the next day. She is trying to take advantage of the situation as usual.

Taylor doesnít understand why Brooke would run ahead and try to get extra time with Ridge. What is she thinking? Stephanie wonít waste time mulling this over. She will get to the beach house and stop whatever Brooke is going to do. She leaves.

Taylor grabs the phone and tries reaching Ridge at the beach house, but no one picks up.

Ridge hears the phone ringing but Brooke will not let him get to it. The sound of the phone brings Ridge back to his senses and he realizes that he canít do this. It really would be cheating and they are being unfair to Taylor by doing this. They all agreed about the way that things were going to work with this situation. Brooke doesnít care about the stupid rules. She is married to Ridge and she wants to be treated as his wife by having him make love to her. She begs him to make love to her. "I need you so bad Ridge. Make love to me now!" She really needs this silly game to stop and to have him just proclaim her the winner of this stupid competition. Ridge tries to make her see reason but Brooke will have none of it. "Ridge we are alone together tonight, and that is the way that it will always be for us."

Nick doesnít understand why Bridget cares what the busybodies say about him and who he really loves. If she knows that he loves her, then that is all that matters isnít it? She knows that he is right. Still, she was going to use her marriage to Nick to bring the families together, but for whatever reason, Bridgetís marriage canít happen. The circumstances havenít been right for them ever since the last time they attempted to get wed. Everyone has advice for them it seems. Bridget would like to do something really outlandish and crazy. Something that will make everyone stand up and take notice. Nick wonders if she really means that. She does. Nick knows that he canít stop Stephanie and the others from meddling but he can stop her from advising on their wedding if they go ahead and get married before she can do anything about it. Bridget sees where Nick is going with this. They could run off and do this thing to get it over with but that would make things more awkward wouldnít it? Bridget agrees that it would. Nick likes that Bridget is on board with his idea. He wants to make her his wife in every way possible. Is she up for this? She is. Nick makes plans. "You go and get the champagne, and I will go and tell the pilot that we are heading in a different direction now."

Stephanieís cell phone rings.

She answers to Taylor who sounds a little frantic. "I tried to call Ridge and no one answers the phone. Stephanie reveals that she was on her way over there anyway. She will talk to Taylor later about this. Taylor wants to know what Stephanie has in mind. "I would kill her but going to jail isnít of interest to me." Taylor wants Stephanie to take it easy. There is a chance that Brooke is not at the beach house, but somewhere else. Stephanie could be getting all worked up over nothing. Stephanie is more than sure that Brooke is over at the beach house whoring it up for Ridge. Brooke has no decency. The man isnít even her husband. Yes, Stephanie knows exactly what is going on over there cause no one knows Brittany better than Stephanie.

Brooke is all over Ridge trying to get him to make love to her. He canít do it. He feels guilty doing this when Taylor is under the impression that the rules are being followed by all. Brooke knows that he wants her, but that not is not the point here. Ridge needs Brooke to do what is right here because he was the one that created the rules for everyone to follow, to that make is extremely wrong to be the one that breaks the rules. Ridge was tempted with Taylor to make love to her but he didnít do that because they were trying to do the right thing for everyone. Brooke is happy to hear that Ridge and Taylor didnít get together, but then again she understands from a different perspective than Ridge thinks she does. She and Taylor both love and want Ridge but Brooke sees her relationship different from Taylorís with Ridge. She and Ridge have been used to sharing an intimate time together. With Taylor that could be a real stretch after all this time. If isnít familiar like it used to be. Ridge tries to make a point, but Brooke will not let him. "Enough talk. Just make love to me like we used to and feel the connection that we share.

Nick gets a really great idea. They have champagne, and so they are all ready for a big adventure. Bridget doesnít understand what he is talking about. He turns to her singing in his best voice, "Viva Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas!" "Vegas?" Bridget asks. What do you mean? Nick is only sorry that he didnít think about this earlier. "Yes! That is what we should have done. We should have thought of this long ago. This way we avoid all the gossip and the chatter from the families. Nick really feels right about this idea, and he knows that Bridget will be happy about it too." Nick knows of a place there. They have a blue tux in the window that Nick would like to have. Behind the tux shop it is a chapel where he and Bridget can get married without all the advice and hoop-la about whether they should get married or not. Bridget has been worrying over the differing opinions in the family over whether she will end up with Nick or not. This is a good way to avoid all that. "This is a special moment Bridget" Nick tells her. "The next time that we make love, I will be a married man." Bridget likes the sound of that. Nick has a request of her. "I would like to make love to the single Bridget just once more. Can I?" Bridget will absolutely do this for him.

Brooke is very tempting to Ridge but he canít do this. He canít cheat on Taylor when she didnít try to cheat on Brooke. Brooke cares nothing about Taylor. She wants this to be about she and Ridge and how much he needs her and not Taylor. Ridge sees that he will have to take himself out of the room for a while so that Brooke can cool down. He offers to go and get them both something to eat. She would love to have some oysters right about now. "You know what that can do for the libido!"

Taylor is worried now about what has been going on with Ridge and Brooke, and where Brooke is. She tried to call him but no one answered. She obeyed the rules, and so she can only hope that Brooke and more importantly Ridge will follow the rules of this part of Ridgeís decision-making process.

The phone rings and Taylor answers thinking that it is Ridge getting back to her. "Ridge?" It isnít Ridge. It is Dantť instead. Taylor is very surprised to here this voice from the past. "She has been taken off guard for a moment hearing that voice. Dantť has just touched base with Taylor to make sure that she is alright. He saw her the other day and thought that she looked fabulous. "I had no idea that you were at the press conference. I didnít see you there." Dantť wanted to see her again and find out how she was doing. He was the one that rescued her, in a sense from Prince Omar. He risked his life for her and they went through a lot to get her home again. When Dantť asks about Taylor and her new life with her family, Taylor just agrees. She couldnít possibly get into what is really going on in her life. She could end up with only the kids and not Ridge but she canít get into that. Dantť will be leaving town soon and he thought that perhaps they could get together and have a short visit face to face. Taylor feels a sense of urgency in staying away from this man. He was wonderful to her but she really canít see how she could make an appointment with him at this time. So much is going on really. "Thanks for everything again, and you take care."

Brooke is alone in the main room of the beach house. She has set the stage and Ridge will be hers for sure when she is finished with him. She heads over to the stereo and puts on some soft music. Next she grabs a bottle of wine and places it on the coffee table alone with two glasses. Now all they will need is dinner, and then after that Ė dessert!

Knock, knock, knock! Brooke turns to look at the door to the beach house and she sees Stephanie standing there. "Damn. What is she doing here?" Stephanie can see that Brooke is considering not opening the door. Well she is not leaving. "Open up the door you hussy!" Brooke is furious. "I will not open the door to you!" It is no good. Stephanie will not leave unless she is let in. Brooke reluctantly opens the door and lets Stephanie in.

Doesn't matter if Brooke let her in or not. Stephanie has a key anyway. Brooke knows that Stephanie is going to lay into her about being at the beach house before she should be but she pounces first anyway. "Just what the hell are you here for?" Stephanie had that same question in mind, but as she looks at the flimsy shirt that Brooke is wearing, knowing that there is nothing under it, she doesnít have to ask any questions. She knows this woman better than she knows herself. It is clear what is going on here.

A newly married couple comes out of a chapel in Vegas! They are laughing and happy together. The manager watches the couple and wishes them a happy life together. The couple turn to one another and declare their love for each other. "This is as good as it gets." The crowd cheers for the happy couple. The wife has other business in mind besides the honeymoon. "Hey! Letís go get our money back!" The couple run off.

Nick and Bridget come into the chapel drunk as skunks. Bridget feels like this is her lucky day. She will be married in a few minutes, and there is nothing that her family or Nickís for that matter can do about it. She and Nick are dressed in Elvis garb, and Nick has to remind her that she shouldnít step on his blue suede shoes.

Nick and Bridget walk over to the manager of the establishment who has been eyeing them ever since they entered the chapel. She can see that they are in love and maybe a little drunk. Nick is the one to do the talking for the two. "Dear Madam. We would like to get married if at all possible." The woman smiles at the happy couple. "Do you have a license?" Nick did get one but now he seems to have misplaced it. He turns to Bridget inquisitively. She has the document that is needed, and she presents it to Nick. Nick in turn hands the license to the manager. Bridget watches his every move. She really does love this man. She asks the manager if she has ever seen a more handsome man than her husband-to-be. The woman ignores her question, but comes back with a statement. "Youíve been drinking." Nick admits that they have been drinking but that was in celebration of their marriage. "We have been through this already, but you see right when we were going to be hitched, my sister-in-law rose from the dead and thenÖ" The manager cuts him off. She doesnít need to hear the whole story. She gets enough stories working in a place like this. She has no trouble marrying these people. She will be glad to arrange it for them. "You are in for a short waiting period. A couple just went in before you showed up, so they will need a few minutes." Nick and Bridget settle in to wait for their turn to come. Waiting is fine. Nick and Bridget will find a way to occupy their time which will be easy since they love being together so much.

Gabriella still has her doubts about marrying Thomas. He sees no options here. It is either marry him, or go back to a country where you know no one, and where you will have to stay for many years before returning to the States. Gabriella canít get deported. She will be isolated and alone. The United States has been her home; she would be like a fish out of water elsewhere. She understands all that, but she canít see herself pulling Thomas into her nightmare. That doesnít seem right somehow. To him it is right and he really wanted to do this for her.

Brooke is furious that Stephanie has pushed her way yet again into her business. "What right do you have to be here anyway?" Stephanie knows that the same question could be asked of Brooke. Stephanie looks at Brooke in disgust. "Look at you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Look at the way that you are dressed. You will do anything to get what you want wonít you?" Brooke right now wants Stephanie to leave. Stephanie will not, but she feels that if Brooke had any self-respect she would get out of the beach house before Ridge returns and finds this ridiculous display that Brooke has set up. Brooke finds the seduction of her husband not to be a ridiculous display. She is just a married woman who wants to be with her husband and will do anything to make that happen. Stephanie knew that Brooke would have made a big show over winning Ridge over, but did she have to cheat and come over before it was time for her to do so, in that ridiculous outfit? Brooke knows that the thought of Brooke making love to Ridge makes her skin crawl, so she offers a little more information than she should. "Oh Stephanie you should have seen it. Just a little while ago we were both in the shower and it was something Stephanie. It is a good thing that you showed up when you did and not earlier. It would have been embarrassing." Stephanie finds that Brookeís bragging over sex just proves that she is a real tramp. Brooke knows that a man loves to get attention. Just because Taylor wouldnít do what Brooke does, doesnít make Brooke a bad person. Not everyone is like the holy Taylor. When it comes down to it, what man wants to be with someone like Taylor anyway? Stephanie sees that Brooke will do whatever Brooke wants to do to get Ridge for herself, and to hell with the rest of the world. Stephanie is concerned for all in her family and she will not let Brooke hurt them by forcing things to go her way. It seems like all that she cares about is getting her hands on Ridge, at any cost. Stephanie canít stand by and let this happen. She will fight for what is right as much as possible.

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