B&B Tuesday Update 6/21/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/21/05


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Brooke is on the phone with Ridge while Stephanie and Eric listen. Stephanie holds a smug look on her face, sure that Ridge is going to reject Brooke and stop her from coming to spend time with him up at the beach house. She waits. Eric on the other hand feels that Brooke deserves as much of a chance at keeping her marriage as Taylor does, and he only hopes for a fair fight. He is sickened by Stephanie’s clear hatred for Brooke and preference for Taylor. Ridge still wants Brooke to come out to the beach house to be with him, but he though that he should caution her about something first. He only wanted to warn her to be careful driving out the next day as the roads are slick from the bad weather. The thunder booms as he talks to her. The lightening brightens up the sky behind him through the window. She smiles happy that he sounds like he wants to see her and that he cares what happens to her. That doesn’t sound like someone that doesn’t want to see or be with his wife.

Brooke hangs up and turns smiling to her in-laws who are behind her listening to her call. The call wasn’t ominous and horrible at all. Ridge sounded find to her. Just like always. Ridge wants to see her just as she has hoped. Stephanie is clearly upset that Ridge didn’t tell Brooke to get lost. The fact that he doesn’t want her to have an accident doesn’t mean anything to her. Stephanie feels that Ridge will deliver the boom while Brooke is up there. Brooke feels differently.

Up at the beach house, Ridge looks out at the storm The trees are being blown from side to side.

Taylor appears dressed to leave. Ridge is sad. He walks to her and takes her face in his hands. They share a kiss. She doesn’t want to leave him but her time is up. Rules are rule and she wouldn’t want to be the one to break them. They continue kissing. He doesn’t want to let her go. Taylor heads to the window. She offers to warn Brooke about the storm but Ridge has already done that. Taylor wouldn’t want Brooke to go careening off into the ocean. She jokes that would be bad. Ridge smiles at her. " That would be very bad." Taylor and Ridge both wish that the day didn’t have to end. Taylor could stay like this forever. She tears herself away from him and goes to her bags and coat. He comes to her again. He just wants to drink her in. She nourishes him intellectually, spiritually. He kisses her again passionately. He loves everything about her. Those are just some of the many things that he loves about her. She allows him fall on her to the couch and they kiss some more. She can’t resist the man so why try?

Brooke asks Eric if she can leave early to get ready to be with Ridge the next day. Stephanie smirks that she is only spending the day with Ridge and shouldn’t need to make much preparation. Stephanie is sure that whatever Brooke plans to do will not work better than the time that Ridge spent with Taylor. Brooke plans on being the woman that Ridge fell in love with. She is going to remind Ridge of the life that they have shared and the children that they had. Stephanie feels that this conniving type of person is just what Ridge doesn’t need in his life. Brooke sees that Stephanie and Taylor have had their turn, and now it is going to be Brooke’s turn. Brooke leaves the office.

Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke is up to something. She knows when that woman is getting ready to use sex as a weapon against a man. Eric has nothing more to say to Stephanie about this matter. He has made his position clear to her. He wants her to stay out of it.

Once out of the office, Brooke turns and smiles before continuing. So far, so good. Now it is her turn to win Ridge over.

At the beach house, Ridge and Taylor are still lying on the couch kissing. He is clearly getting carried away with the moment and he climbs on to his wife. She doesn’t want to stop. She would like nothing but to make love with him but there are ground rules. He is to spend an innocent day with Taylor and then an innocent day with Brooke. Taylor will wait another day for her man. She knows that Ridge can’t say what he will do at the end of all this. She will always be there for him for the end of their lives. He will always be there for her as well. Always. They hug. She gets her things together and heads to the door. She opens the door and leaves the house. Ridge follows her out and kisses her again for the last time perhaps. He watches as Taylor walks off into the darkness to her car.

Stephanie hates that Eric always takes Brooke’s side. He is only staying out of things with Ridge and his women. Eric sees that Stephanie isn’t eating or sleeping. She isn’t fine even though she feels that she might be. Eric is worried about Stephanie. She feels the tragedy is Ridge picking Brooke, but the tragedy will be Stephanie not being able to let go of this issue and hurting herself. Stephanie says that she is trying to protect her family. She is swimming with a shark now. A blonde one. She will not let Brooke win this battle. Eric remarks that Stephanie never was like this. He hates it when Stephanie is like this. He heads to the door and leaves the office and Stephanie in it.

Stephanie picks up the phone and dials.

Ridge hears the phone ringing and answers to his mother. He was just looking out the window. He tells how Taylor just left. He tells that Taylor’s visit went well. Stephanie is pleased to hear this. She feels that Ridge should just take Taylor and stop this competition now. Ridge knows where his mother is going with this. He stops her dead in her tracks. This is going to be his decision. "Did you hear me mother? My decision!"

Taylor walks up to the front of the house all wet. She enters.

The twins are waiting for her. ‘How did things go with dad?" Taylor tells that things went well with Ridge. Really well. The twins worry anyway. They know that Ridge is going to spend the day now with Brooke and that is not fair. Taylor understands this and she tries to make her twins see things straight too. She knows that Ridge has a difficult decision to make. She believes in him and she wants the twins to believe in him too.

Ridge is alone in the beach house. He sees his wallet and goes to it pulling out a picture of Brooke. He then pulls out a picture of Taylor. "Two incredible women who look so different and are both so special. I can only be with one of them." He puts the pictures back in his wallet and leaves the bedroom.

Outside the beach house, Brooke has arrived. She looks in the windows and sees no one there. She then gets out her keys and enters the beach house. She hears someone running the shower. "Taking a shower huh?"

In the bathroom off the master bedroom, Ridge has entered the shower and has the water on to have a shower before bed. He has no idea that he is not alone in the beach house.

Brooke goes into the bedroom and is closer to the shower that she hears running. "Poor guy. Taking a shower all by himself. You need some help huh? You need me to make things a little bit easier." Brooke smiles to herself as she thinks about the night ahead and the bumpy ride that she has planned for Ridge in order to tip the scales in her direction. She will surely be chosen as the rightful Mrs. Forester after this.

In the mansion, Taylor tells her girls to go up and get ready for bed. She will come up later and give them a back rub. The girls walk off.

Stephanie comes over to see Taylor. She asks about Brooke and where she is. Taylor assumes that Brooke is upstairs. Taylor isn’t really sure. Stephanie wonders. She has a feeling that Brooke is up to something.

Brooke is in the beach house and she removes all her clothes.

In the shower the water continues to run, but the lights go off. Ridge thinks that there is a power outage and is about to get out of the shower when the curtain parts.

Brooke is standing there naked. She says that she wants them to conserve water and she steps into the shower with him. He is not entirely happy with her for doing this. She knows that she shouldn’t be there until the next day. Fair is fair. She is totally naked and Ridge makes a note of that. She ignores him reprimanding her for breaking the rules. She feels that she is his wife and should be there. She grabs the soap and drops it on the floor of the shower. "Oops! I’ll get that." Brooke stoops before Ridge, and his face contorts due to whatever she is doing to him down there while getting the soap. She stands up again and faces him. She is being a very bad girl, and Ridge threatens to punish her for that. They are facing each other again and now they are kissing. She has broken his barriers down just like she knew she could.

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