B&B Monday Update 6/20/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/20/05


By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Taylor and Ridge laugh while at the beach top. They have been frolicking and Ridge got her all wet, ruining her top. He had been trying to convince her to go skinny-dipping with him, but she didnít want to get arrested for being naked on the beach. Ridge only smiles saying that no one would have noticed them. Taylor knows that is not the truth. An elderly couple saw them together and just about had a heart attack at the sight of them carrying on at the beach. Ridge notice that Taylor is shaking. She is cold now from standing around in wet clothes. He rubs her arms to warm her up. They should change so that they donít catch their deaths from the cold. Taylor feels that it would be fitting for them to warm up and then sit together over a bottle of wine. Ridge loves that idea. They will get to know each other better which was the original plan for this get together when Ridge came up with the idea.

Thomas is on his knees before Gabriella, and she doesnít understand why. He explains to her that he is proposing marriage to her. He cares for her but this is more of a move to help her to stay in the country. Her papers are not in order, and she has a date upon which she is expected to leave the country. The only way to beat that is to find someone to marry, and Thomas has decided that he will be the one to do this for her. The marriage will only be on paper, although he cares for her anyway. Gabriella is skeptical. She doesnít want to seem like she is taking advantage. Thomas remembers that Connor advised Gabriella that she needed a green card, and that at the present time, she wouldnít be able to stay in the country until she met certain requirement. The idea is appealing to Gabriella, but she feels that Thomas really doesnít want to marry her. She doesnít think that this is a very good idea. Thomas is still on his knees and Gabriella begs him to get up. There has to be some other way for her, although she canít think of what that would entail. Gabriella could get sent out of the country, but she would probably stay out for many years until she could return. That would jeopardize her education most of all and Thomas doesnít want to see that happen to her when he could help.

Brooke is deep in thought. She remembers the song Unforgettable playing. Ridge was talking to her and referring to her as Mrs. Forester. It is times like these when she realizes that Ridge has to love her most of all. Meagan breaks Brookeís train of thought. She sees that Brooke has a lot on her mind. "Sorry to interrupt." Brooke tells her that is fine. Meagan notices that Ridge isnít in the office yet. "Isnít Ridge coming into the office?" She is told that Ridge is at the beach house with Taylor. It is something that Ridge felt that he had to do before picking the woman that he will stay with forever. Brooke does her best not to be hurt by this, but she worries still that there is a part of Ridge that is with Taylor and always will be. Meagan can see that her friend is in pain over this waiting period. She assures Brooke that he will in fact pick her. Brooke is thankful to hear this. She needs all the support and encouragement that she can get from friends and family. Meagan relaxes when she hears what Ridge is up to with Taylor at the beach house. She hopes that Brooke will get the same type of consideration from Ridge before picking which woman he will stay with. Brooke is going to get the same time with Ridge. It is a day for each woman to be with him. Meagan changes the subject. She has been alerted that Stephanie will not be keeping her appointments today as she will be away from the office and spending time with Ridge at the beach house. Brooke doesnít like the sound of that. Stephanie has proven herself to be a formidable foe, and she is one of the stronger players in this game. She will do anything within her power to make sure that Ridge ends up picking Taylor instead of Brooke. Brooke finds that Stephanie making her way over to the beach house to further influence Ridge in Taylorís direction to be an unfair move, and one that will undoubtedly give Taylor an edge. Brooke didnít even have a chance to spend her time with Ridge yet. The odds are slowly getting increasingly stacked against Brooke. She will just have to put her faith in Ridge who she knows loves her and has professed his love many times over. Stephanie unexpectedly shows up at the office. She is smug and Brooke worries about what she could have witnessed up at the beach house. Stephanie smiles saying that she only stopped by for a minute on her way back from the beach house. Every fiber of Brookeís being urges her to ask what went on at the beach house, but she takes a more defensive stance by demanding to know what Stephanie is doing by interfering this way. She has to be up to something. She knows that she should stay out of this but she canít help meddling, and pushing for things to turn out her way. Brooke knows that she is up something but what?

Gabriella believes in marriage. Her mother always taught her that when two people got together it was forever and that marriage shouldnít be entered into lightly. When she says those words, she will mean them. Thomas understands her beliefs, but sees that Gabriella doesnít have the luxury of time to work this thing out. She has to stay in the country and go to school. Those are the priorities. He sees nothing wrong with her getting this requirement fulfilled to stay in the country. To him, committing to her isnít a big deal at all. What Thomas is proposing is a marriage in name only. They would do it just to get the paper that is needed, and then Gabriella could go on and pursue things that she wants as if she were single. Thomas makes no bones about this. He doesn't romanticize it. It is just a procedure that will allow her to be free to stay in the country loner. Marriage is sacred, but this will not be a church wedding with all frills, it will be a civil ceremony. In and out, ad it will be over with. That seems a small price to pay to stay in the country. If there were another way that this could be done, then Thomas would help Gabriella do it, but as it stands there is no other way. The marriage is the easiest way to get Gabriella to stay. She worries that they would be breaking the law, but Thomas sees that as trivial in this instance. Her mother worked her back bone off to make things happen for her daughter, and Thomas knows that she wouldnít be upset if Gabriella continued trying her hardest to make it in this world, even if it took a little white lie.

Meagan can see that things are going to get hot between Stephanie and Brooke, so with the professionalism that she has always shown, she excuses herself and gets back to her desk. Brooke turns on Stephanie now with an accusatory tone. "You couldnít have stayed out of this could you?" Stephanie does as Stephanie pleases. That has been the way that it has always been. Stephanie defends her actions saying that she felt that it was important that Ridge know where she stood on the issue of which wife he should choose at the end of it all. Brooke has not doubt that Stephanie pushed for Taylor to be the one that her son picked to spend his life with. Stephanie has made it clear all along that this is her greatest wish. In her eyes, Brooke could never hold a candle to the Taylor. Taylor has always been Stephanieís favorite over the years. Stephanie would gladly die trying to bring Taylor back into the family where she was years ago before she was thought to be dead. What is most frightening here is that Stephanie admits to willing to die for her cause. It is that important to her. She will do whatever it takes to get Brooke out of the family. Brooke has been the slut that has ruined the men in particular in her family, her husband included. Stephanie sees Brooke as a devil that has to be stopped in her tracks. Brooke sees that Stephanie is doing something horribly wrong here. Why canít she see it? The reason that Stephanie feels that her actions are justified is because she feels that she is doing the right thing. What did she do anyway? Tell her son what she thinks is the right thing to do? What is wrong with that? That is a motherís duty in her eyes. Brooke shouldnít really complain about Stephanieís action. Every time that Stephanie does what Stephanie does, someone recognizes it for the malicious action that it is and Brooke reads that as another point in her favor in someoneís eyes. Maybe she should just let Stephanie run with this. Stephanie cares nothing for Brookeís method of deciding whether she will win Ridge or not. In her eyes, Brooke couldnít ever beat Taylor at this game. Taylor is the woman that Brooke will never be. Stephanie sees that and she tells Brooke that she should wise up and see that too.

Ridge and Taylor sit on the couch together being silent and just enjoying each otherís company again. There is a storm brewing outside. They donít care. He holds her hand as they sit and think about what it was like not being together all these years. Ridge had a hard time thinking that he wouldnít ever see his Ďdocí ever again. He would sometimes pretend that she was there when she wasnít. At times he would leave the bathroom light on, and he could believe again for a moment that she was in there brushing her hair, or brushing her teeth. It was comforting to have those simple memories. As they sit together now, and he stares into her eyes, he still wonders if he is back to where he was with Taylor years ago, or if maybe he is in heaven with her. To her, anywhere with him is heaven.

Brooke can't believe her ears. She sees now what Eric had been telling her about Stephanie and the way that she has been acting. Eric has been sickened by Stephanieís pushing and shoving to make the family the way that she wants it. Stephanie is surprised to hear that Eric has spoken of her this way. She feels that Brooke is just making all this up. Brooke assures her that the information that she has came from Eric himself. He is sick of Stephanieís meddling. She isnít the woman that he married and knew for all these years. Stephanie feels that Brooke is making huge assumptions about things that she knows nothing about. Brooke hasnít done that. She was told of Stephanieís obsessions and how he hates them. If Stephanie was surprised about hearing this she didnít show it. She accuses Brooke of making judgements about anotherís marriage while accusing someone for making judgements of her won. Stephanie feels that if Eric said anything like Brooke thinks he did, he only did so because Brooke pushed him to do it. She probably cried on Ericís shoulder and urged Eric to say the things that she isnít really sure he said. Brooke has a way with men, and she knows that Eric isnít always strong enough to withstand the wiles of Brooke. Brooke defends her behavior. She says that the men that listen to her do so because they care about her and really know her. She has a relationship with Eric but that is because she has earned his trust and he feels for her. Stephanie laughs at Brooke. She knows that Brooke has spread her legs for just about everyone, and everyone that she does this for falls for her little tricks. She knows Brooke. This woman is the same little tramp from the Valley that Stephanie met all those years ago. She hasnít changed and Stephanie will not be fooled by her. Eric enters the room. He canít believe what he is hearing. Stephanie is out of her tree and getting more and more unmanageable. "Get out of here!" Stephanie confidently turns to Brooke. "You heard him. Get out." Eric assures Stephanie that he was talking to her and not to Brooke. Stephanie tilts her head towards him surprised at what he is telling her but not showing it. Eric has had enough. He has warned Stephanie over and over that her meddling will not be tolerated. He canít stand it anymore.

Ridge is with Taylor. He stares out over the patio at the gray skies. There is going to be a heavy storm coming soon. He thinks aloud about the women in his life and how one of them will be hurt no matter what he does. It seems a little unfair. Taylor pushes him to tell her what he is thinking. Even now, she is concerned about his welfare and what this decision is doing to him. She will love him no matter what. She is aware that he has a heavy decision before him. Her only concern is his happiness and what it is doing to him to have to choose. She doesn't care. She will love him no matter what. All she can do to ease his plight is to let him know that she loves him unconditionally and will continue to do so no matter what the choice is that he makes.

Gabriella confides in Thomas that she knows that her mother is watching her even now. It is a heavy feeling when she knows that she is making life-changing decisions all the time now for herself. Thomas is aware of the way that Helen loved her daughter. He knows that Helen would want the best for her daughter even if it meant breaking the law for a brief moment to ensure that Gabriella had a better life. Gabriellaís concern is that the Forresters wouldnít be happy that Gabriella seemed to take advantage of Thomas by marrying him. What would that make her look like in their eyes? She couldnít ever do that to them. Thomas tells Gabriella that there would be no need for his family to know that he had married Gabriella. That would complicate things. He believes though that if the family knew what he did, they would understand. Gabriella is like one of the family anyway. They would want to protect her too. Thomas sees no harm in this. He is interested in dating her anyway. They could still carry on as they have been, and none would be the wiser. Gabriella sees another scenario creeping up. What if Thomas met someone else that he wanted to date and he was saddled with a wife? He couldnít just walk away from her. This marriage would be a commitment of sorts for him at that point. Thomas feels that the sacrifice on his part would be worth it. If it means keeping her in the country, then to him it would be worth it. Gabriella thinks back to her motherís dream for what her daughter would become. She canít let that die. Thomas knows that Helen couldnít rest with her daughter having to scrounge and scrap to make a living as she did in her life. This would be a way to get Helenís dream to come true. Gabriella would like her mother to have her daughterís dream come true, but Gabriella worries that her mother might not like the method that Gabriella would be taking to get the dream. Thomas finds that all to be water under the bridge. This is easy for him to commit to. He likes Gabriella, so marrying her for a noble reason isnít a stretch for him. He can do it. He has no reservations. Thomas has a plan in mind. His family thinks that he is staying with a friend tonight. He can easily take Gabriella with him and get married somewhere without his family having any idea of what he is doing. They would return home as if nothing happened. What could be simpler that that? Gabriella wants to make sure that Thomas is fine with this. He is. He has no qualms about doing this. Gabriella slowly smiles at him. ĎThank youí.

Ridge had this idea to be alone with Taylor to make a connection. They seem to be doing that. Taylor knows that trusting in each other comes from trusting each other. That is what they are doing. Ridge is finding the answers, but admits that he doesnít know if he has them to give. Taylor sees that Ridge is struggling with this. He is not trying to make the best decision for himself, but for everyone. That is the unselfish part of him that Taylor loves. She urges him to do the right thing, whatever that is. Taylor is so encouraging. Ridge really needs that. She is wonderful to be around. Ridge sees that the has missed her a great deal, and now he isnít sure that he can live without her. He has missed her. Taylor leaves to take care of something. She leaves Ridge on the patio of the beach house looking out into the clouds. Thunder rocks.

Stephanie canít believe her ears. Eric is asking her to leave. He is very angry and she can see that. He tells her that her meddling has caused tremendous hurt and he will not tolerate that anymore. Stephanie feels that Eric knows her and should know that she wouldnít ever stand by and watch things fall apart with Ridge and Taylor. He had to expect that she would try to fix things. He didnít. He thought that she would rise above it all and stay out of it. Well, she couldnít do that. She is not happy that it seems that Eric seems to be siding with Brooke getting her husband back. Eric will not fall into that trap. He will not take sides. This is what Eric believes that Stephanie should be doing as well. She knew that he would say that. That has been what he has been saying all along. Eric is spent. He canít deal with much more of this. He orders Stephanie to leave the office. Stephanie sees that she is the only one in the room that can see straight. She tells Brooke and Eric that she was with Ridge and Taylor and she saw the chemistry between them. She says that she knows that Ridge is going to pick Taylor to be with, and there isnít anything that Brooke and Eric can do about this. Brooke reminds Stephanie that she hasnít had time with Ridge yet, and that could make all the difference here. Stephanie finds that comical. She knows that Ridge is with Taylor and that he will not leave Taylor now after losing her for Brooke. To her, the writing is on the wall. Stephanie even takes it a step further. She says that she wouldnít be surprised if Ridge called and told her to forget about coming out to the beach house to spend time with him as planned. She feels that Ridge is so into Taylor that he will not want to miss even a second with her for Brooke. At that moment, Brookeís cellular phone rings. She answers to Ridge. She is glad to hear from him. To Brooke, Ridge calling at this moment is a blessing. It makes her feel that Stephanie hasnít got all the cards after all. Brooke listens to what Ridge has to tell her. Brooke hears Ridge telling her that he would like to discuss her coming out to the beach house as planned. It is Brookeís turn to be with Ridge and share some quality time before his decision. Brooke listens some more. "You still want me to come out there donít you?" In the background, Stephanie is smiling to herself. She has gambled and she seems to be winning.

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