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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/17/05


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Ridge & Brooke/Taylorís house:

Steffy, Phoebe, Taylor and Jack share breakfast in the front room around the coffee table. (Do they ever eat at a dinning room table?) The girls notice Jack staring at Taylor and tell him to go ahead and say what he is thinking. Jack just canít believe that his beautiful daughter is there. Taylor worries that she may have bags under her eyes. Jack apologizes for keeping her up all night. The girls both laugh and tell him that is exactly how they felt the first night she was home. Jack hugs his daughter again and still canít believe that she is there. The girls tell Jack that he will have to let her go for a while because she is going to the beach house to spend the day with their dad. Taylor and the girls clear the dishes and take them to the kitchen. Taylor returns telling Jack that the girls kicked her out of the kitchen. Jack comments on what wonderful young women the girls have turned out to be. Taylor mentions how long she was in a coma, upsetting Jack a little bit. She apologizes for bringing it up. They talk about her Ďdateí with her husband. Jack is obviously not happy about it. He knows that Brooke will also be spending a day with his daughterís husband. Taylor admits that she didnít tell the children about Brookeís day with Ridge because she didnít want to upset them.

Jack thinks Brooke should just pack up her things and move out. Taylor tells him that Brookeís things include R.J. and Hope. She tells him that Ridge is in a very difficult situation right now. Jack is just sorry that she has to go through all of this, after all that she has already been through. He thinks that it is obvious that Ridge still loves her as much as he always has. Taylor tells him that she needs to go and get ready for her day at the beach. She makes sure that he will be okay spending the day with the girls. He assures her that their day is already mapped out for them. Taylor runs off to get ready as Jack thinks about all that his daughter has gone through.

After Taylor has left, the doorbell rings and Phoebe runs to answer it. Dante asks if she is Phoebe or Steffy. Phoebe asks if they have met before. Jack comes to the door to see who is there. Dante explains that he is an old friend of Taylorís and heard that she was back. Phoebe explains that her mother is out with her father for the day and probably wonít be back until tomorrow. Dante comments that she is where she should be, with her husband. Jack asks if he would like to leave a message. Dante tells him there is no message and leaves.

Guest house:

Thomas comes in looking for Gaby. She is running around almost in a panic, throwing her clothes and belongings into suitcases. Thomas wants to know what is going on. Gaby explains that she has to get out of there. She is thankful to Stephanie for giving her a job, but now that she knows that she is an illegal alien, she doesnít want Stephanie to get into trouble.

Thomas tries to calm her down, but she is too upset. She canít believe that she had her whole future ahead of her yesterday. Thomas tells her that she isnít going anywhere. Gaby reminds him that the lawyer told them that there is nothing they can do. She has to go back to her own country and apply for citizenship. Thomas tells her she isnít going anywhere. Gaby tells him that she doesnít have a choice, what kind of future would she have if she stayed here. Thomas tells her that she is going to have the kind of future that her mother wanted for her. He is going to help her make that happen. He tells her to dry her tears and unpack her bags. He is going to make sure that both of their dreams come true. Gaby is confused and asks him what his dream is. He tells her that ever since he found out they were going to be going to the same college, he has dreamed of what it would be like for both of them. Eric has told him that the college years are the best years of their lives. He doesnít want to go through those years without Gaby. Gaby thinks he is so sweet, but he has to face the facts. There is nothing they can do. Thomas tells her that actually, there is something they can do. Gaby doesnít understand what Thomas is saying, she knows what the lawyer told them. Thomas tells her that there is a way that she can stay in the U.S., but the lawyer didnít want to mention it because it isnít exactly legal. Gaby tells him that there is no reason to even bring it up then. Thomas tells her that he brings it up because he doesnít want to see her lose her dreams. He just wonít let that happen.

Gaby is shocked when Thomas kneels on one knee and asks her to marry him.

Beach house:

Ridge is on the phone with his father discussing his decision to spend time with both Brooke and Taylor. When someone knocks at the door, Ridge thinks it is Taylor and gets off the phone and rushes to the door. He isnít happy to see that it is his mother instead. She asks him what the hell he is thinking, bringing Taylor and Brooke here.

Ridge is not at all happy to see his mother, he wants to know what she is thinking barging in here like this. She tells him that someone has to talk some sense into him. Ridge tells her that he hasnít made his decision yet, that is why he wants to reconnect with both women. Stephanie starts in on her regular mantra, praising Taylor and putting Brooke down. Ridge listens for a short time to his mother, but finally has enough. He yells at her to stop. He refuses to listen to her praise Taylor at Brookeís expense. Stephanie reminds him of the love that he and Taylor share, and the children. Ridge counters that Brooke is also the mother of his youngest child. Stephanie is like a bull dog and wonít back down. She wants Ridge to spend this time reconnecting with Taylor, but then he must call Brooke and tell her not to come there. He shouldnít be putting either one of these women through this.

He needs to just tell Brooke that he is staying with Taylor. Ridge tells her to get it through her head, he needs to spend time with both women. Stephanie tells him that this isnít a reality show where he gets to choose, it isnít a contest. Taylor has always brought out the best in him, he needs to spend the rest of his life with her. Ridge tells her that she is over simplifying things. Stephanie doesnít think so. He will never love Brooke the way he loves Taylor. She admits that Brooke was there for him when they thought Taylor had died, but she was only a bandage to help him mask the pain. She again tells him that he needs to spend time with Taylor, but he needs to end it there. Taylor arrives and is surprised to see Stephanie there. Stephanie tells her that she has said what she came to say and will be leaving. She reminds them that today is the first day of the rest of their lives and wishes them well before leaving.

Taylor doesnít have to guess why Stephanie was there. Ridge tells her that his mother is upset and thinks he is a fool for asking Brooke up there also. Ridge tells her that he is truly sorry that he is hurting her. She tells him that she understands why he has to do this. Taylor kisses him. He asks if that is her way of helping him make his decision. She asks if it helped. The two move to the couch and talk about what it was like the first night she came back, how they couldnít keep their hands off of each other. Ridge comments that they still canít. Taylor thinks that should tell him something. He tells her that he really feels like the biggest jerk in the world right now for putting her through this. After all that she did to get back to him. Taylor tells him not to feel that way. He wouldnít be the man that she loves if he didnít take into consideration everyoneís feelings. He thinks that she must be disappointed. She tells him that she is never disappointed in him. She is going to love him through this decision, and every other decision he ever has to make because that is what it means to be his wife. she calls him her Ďdearest husbandí. He calls her his Ďdearest wifeí. They kiss and enjoy each otherís presence.

Stephanie watches through the window and worries that Ridge will mess up again.

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