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Sorry this is so late tonight. I haven't been feeling well. So much happened on the show today though, I had to get this out tonight..:) As they say....On with the show:

Forrester Creations:

In Ridge’s office, Megan has rushed Taylor back in the door explaining that a press conference has been called to announce Taylor’s return. Taylor is upset because she wanted to find her father before the media was notified.

Megan explains that Eric called it because when Eva saw her earlier she just couldn’t stop talking and the whole building knew of her return within 10 minutes. Taylor is disappointed, but realizes they need to do this. Ridge goes off with her to pick out something for her to wear.

The showroom is filling up quickly with the reporters. Eric and Stephanie watch from backstage. Eric is upset that word got out so quickly. Stephanie thinks that Ridge planned it this way, that is why he had Taylor meet him here. Eric asks if she is so certain that Ridge is going to pick Taylor. Of course she is. Brooke has entered the room and heard Stephanie’s comment. She tells her not to be so sure. Stephanie is upset to see Brooke still there. Brooke tells her that she can think of several reasons for her to be there. Stephanie guesses that if Brooke wants to be publicly humiliated, that is up to her. Ridge announces that Taylor is almost ready. Megan comes to tell them that she can’t hold the press much longer. Eric offers to make the announcement, but Stephanie insists that this has to be done by Ridge. It is his only chance to control the situation. This is his and Taylor’s story to tell. She then runs off to get Taylor as Ridge prepares to take the stage. In the showroom, Megan starts to shut the doors and finds a man looking as if he doesn’t know where to go. She asks if he is with the media and explains that she is going to be shutting the doors. Dante catches on quickly and lies to her, saying he is with the media and enters the back of the room. Megan shuts the doors just as Thorne and Darla arrive also.

Ridge takes the stage and starts off by joking with the media a bit. They are in no mood for joking, they want to know what is up with all these rumors. Jarrett is there, of course, and immediately ask about the rumors about Ridge’s ‘wife’. He isn’t talking about Brooke Logan either. Brooke watches from backstage and is a bit shocked at the question. Eric and Stephanie also react to the question as does Darla and Thorne. Jarrett tells him that they have heard rumors of grave digging. Ridge asks the audience if any of them believe that if you pray hard enough for something, it will come true. Jarrett and the rest of the reporters can’t believe that Taylor could come back. They all know that there was a funeral and a burial. Ridge sees that Taylor is now ready and tells the audience that they can see for themselves.

The whole audience reacts in shocked surprise when Taylor takes the stage. Dante perks up and pays close attention to Taylor. Chaos breaks out as all the reporters react and start snapping pictures left and right. Stephanie comments on how much Ridge loves Taylor. Eric tells her to give it a rest. The audience starts to calm down and Jarrett asks Taylor how she came back from the dead. Taylor explains that she was in a coma for a very long time. Ridge tells them all that they will have a statement later. They all get upset wanting to know more now. Jarrett asks what they have to hide. Taylor explains that she had asked that no one be told because she was trying to find her father first. As she looks around the room, her eyes lock with Dante’s. She is thrown off balance for a second and Ridge becomes concerned. He asks if she is okay. She turns to tell Ridge that she is fine, but when she looks for Dante again, he is gone. She isn’t quite sure if she saw what she thought she saw. She continues to explain to the press that she doesn’t know where her father is. From the back of the room, Jack enters and tells her that he is there.

The press eat it up when Jack joins his daughter on the stage and the two reunite. Brooke flinches slightly when Ridge asks the press to give his ‘wife’ and her father some privacy. Taylor and Jack leave the stage. Ridge starts to take questions from the audience. Jarrett asks how he felt when he first saw Taylor. Ridge tells him that he can’t express in words what he felt. Jarrett then asks the question they have all dreaded. Who is Ridge really married to now? Ridge tells them it is a complicated subject. They ask to talk to Brooke and see how she feels about all of this. Eric sees that things are getting out of hand and he relieves his son from the stage. He tries to quiet everyone down, but now that the question has been asked, they all want an answer. They ask to see Brooke again.

Brooke bravely comes to the stage and tells Eric she will talk to them. Jarrett asks Brooke how she feels about having Taylor back. Brooke tells them that it is a miracle to have Taylor back with her children. Jarrett then goes for the juggler and asks if this doesn’t mean that her marriage to Ridge is invalid. Eric is angered when he hears this and Brooke leaves the stage truly shaken. Eric tells everyone that is enough, the press conference is over. All of them mumble and grumble, but Eric has spoken.

He runs backstage to comfort Brooke. She freely falls into his supportive arms as Stephanie watches from across the stage.

Backstage, Ridge is chatting with Taylor and her father as Stephanie listens in. Jack tells them that he has been in Africa. He explains that Massimo found him and made it possible for him to be here. Eric comes to Ridge and tells him that the press has really played a number on Brooke. Ridge is concerned and quickly goes to Brooke’s side. She tells him that the press is making fun of them and laughing at them. She needs to know now if they are going to continue to be married. Ridge tells her that they will spend that day at the beach house so that they can reconnect. Stephanie overhears this and doesn’t like it at all. Ridge tells his mother of his plan to spend one day with Taylor, and one day with Brooke. Eric drags a complaining Stephanie out of there before she can get involved.

Brooke tells Ridge that she really needs his support right now. Ridge kisses her and holds her as they continue to talk. Jack sees what is going on and can’t believe that Ridge is acting like this right in front of Taylor. He starts to put a stop to it right now, but Taylor stops him. She explains that Ridge built a life with Brooke when he thought she was dead. Jack still doesn’t like it, but Taylor convinces him that the love her and Ridge share will survive this. As she hears the whispering and watches the two of them together, she isn’t so sure that she believes what she just told her father.

Eric & Stephanie’s:

Thomas has seen Gaby home. They are both on a very high note after their wonderful night at Bikini Beach. Gaby sees that she has a letter from the Dean of the college her and Thomas plan on going to. She is nervous to open it, but Thomas convinces her to open it so they can celebrate some more. She is horrified to read the letter. It tells her that her application is being put on hold because her paperwork has expired and she is now an illegal alien. She is very upset, she doesn’t understand how this could have happened. She thought her mother took care of all of this. Thomas tells her not to worry, he will take care of all of this. He calls an attorney that is on the Forrester payroll, Connor. When Connor arrives, he goes over some paperwork and makes a few calls before delivering the bad news to the teens.

It looks like the college is correct. Gaby is an illegal alien. She will have to go back to her home country and apply to return. It could take up to 10 years for that to happen. Gaby is devastated. She sees all of her mothers dreams for her washing down the drain. She knows no one in her home country. She has lived all her life in the United States. Connor tells her that because she was not born here, she is not a citizen. Gaby feels like her whole life is over. Thomas takes Connor aside and tells him that he knows there has to be some other way. Connor doesn’t believe that he is telling Thomas this, as it is illegal, but there is only one way that Gaby could stay in the U.S. She must marry someone that was born here. Thomas thinks about this option.

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