B&B Wednesday Update 6/15/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/15/05


By Boo
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Before I give you the update today, I have to tell you that it is getting harder and harder to hold my tongue and just report to you what is happening. I would very much welcome some of your comments on the show lately. Okay, on with the update..:)

Bikini Beach:

Thomas sits at a table sketching while he waits for Gaby to show up. When she gets there, she tells him that she is happy that he called, she had been thinking about him. Thomas is happy to hear that. She tells him that she needed to smile, and he always makes her smile. He notices that she brought a book with her and jokes that she thinks he is boring. She explains that she only brought it because she didnít know which of them would get there first.

She notices the sketches and sees that he had the same idea. She wonders how things are going at Spectra. Thomas tells her that he really wants to do some wonderful things at Spectra and wants his designs to be something special. Gabby tells him that she is already sold. Thomas asks if she is more than a fan. She tells him that she is much more. The two hold hands and shyly smile at each other. Thomas tells her that he is happy she came out to meet him tonight. Gaby tells him that no one could have turned down Spectraís hottest talent. Thomas knows that Sally keeps telling him that he has fashion running in his veins, but he is really hoping for some guidance from Thorne and Clarke. Maybe there wonít be too much pressure because he only signed up for the summer. Gaby playfully asks what will happen after summer. Thomas tells her that they will both be going to Larchmont College. He knows that Gabyís education is important to her. She tells him she just wants to do good so that her mother will be proud of her. Thomas has confidence in her. They make a pact to help each other make their parents proud. Thomas reminds her that she has to remember to have fun too. She flirtingly asks him to show her how to have fun. Thomas hopes she doesnít mind sand between her toes. He drags her outside to look at the ocean.

There is a blowup mattress with huge pillows on right on the beach. The two of them fall on the bed and talk about how beautiful the stars and the ocean are. Thomas leans in and kisses Gaby, telling her that he has wanted to do that all night. She admits that she has wanted him to do that all night also. They both agree that they feel something special is forming between them. They continue with the kissing.

Ericís office:

Stephanie thinks that Brooke really did a number on Eric. Eric canít believe that she always find a way to blame everything on Brooke. Stephanie tells him that is because it is Brookeís fault. Eric tells her that he doesnít even know the woman that is standing before him. He asked her several times to stay out of Ridgeís decision and she just couldnít do it. He is really upset with her for telling Taylor about Brookeís mistakes. He asks her point blank when all of this is going to stop. She tells him flat out that it will stop when she is rid of Brooke for good. Eric canít believe that she even tried to push Brooke off on Nick, his daughters husband. Stephanie reminds him that the two arenít married yet. Eric realizes that Stephanie has already gone to Bridget with this and his blood boils. Stephanie claims that she is worried about Bridget, but Eric isnít buying that at all. He knows that this all about her vendetta against Brooke. Stephanie prays that Ridge makes the right decision in there. She thinks the alternative is totally unbearable. Eric tells her again that this is Ridgeís decision and they will have to accept whatever decision he makes. Stephanie will accept it, but she wants Eric to accept the fact that when he chooses Taylor, Brooke will run right to Nick. Eric canít believe that Stephanie is being this hurtful to Bridget. Bridget and Nick are in love and happy.

He tells her that this all has to end. She tells him that what has to end is Brookeís hold of him. Eric tells her that the history between him, Stephanie and Brooke have nothing to do with Ridgeís decision. She tells her husband that she is not going to stay out of the decision. Brooke stole Eric away from her, that is something she will never forget or forgive. She compromised when Taylor was gone for the childrenís sake. Taylor is back now though and that means that the war between Stephanie and Brooke will never be over. Eric asks her where that leaves their marriage. He wonders when she stopped caring about him. He tells her that he has lost the loving, caring woman that always put him and their marriage first. He pleads with her to stop all of her meddling. Stephanie tells him that it isnít her that messes up all the time, it is Brooke. If what Stephanie says is true, why would Eric still think so much of Brooke. Stephanie tells him that is something she has tried to figure out for years. Eric tells her that Brooke is a living, feeling human being. Stephanie takes exception to his words. She canít believe that he would insinuate that she isnít a feeling human being to her face. Eric tells her that he needs her, his friend. He doesnít need Stephanie the warrior, or Stephanie the manipulator. She has turned into a person that is so full of hate. She has turned into someone that he wants absolutely nothing to do with.

Ridgeís office:

Brooke steps in now and asks Ridge for his decision. Who is he going to spend the rest of his life with? Ridge tells them that he has two beautiful, intelligent women in his life. Both have touched his life in so many ways and given him everything a man could want. No matter how he tries to look at this though, Brooke completes his sentence for him by saying that one family will be destroyed. He tells them both that is the last thing he wants to happen. Taylor reminds him that he canít keep both women. Ridge is painfully aware of that. He knows that none of this is fair to any of them, especially the children. This is a really hard decision to make. He tells them that he hopes they both will always remember that they have each captured his heart. They both promise that they will never forget that. Ridge tells them that his trip to New York gave him clarity as to what he needs to do. He just isnít sure that they are both going to like it. Brooke asks what he means. Ridge tells them both that he needs more time with Taylor. They have been separated for so long, he needs time with her to reconnect. That is what Taylor has wanted too. Brooke asks if this means that he hasnít made a decision at all. Ridge tells them both that he has, and he hasnít. He needs to spend time alone with Taylor, but he also needs to spend time alone with Brooke.

He commends Brooke for welcoming Taylor back into her home and allowing her time with the children. He wants to spend time alone with Brooke also. Taylor asks how he plans on doing this. Ridge wants to spend one day alone with Taylor at the beach house, and then one day alone with Brooke. Brooke tells him that she thinks it is a good idea. He needs time away from outside influences to make this important decision. He asks for a minute alone with each of them right now. Brooke offers to wait outside so that he can have time alone with Taylor. After she leaves, Ridge apologizes to Taylor about asking for more time. Taylor tells him that if he means that, donít ask for more time. She feels like she is still his wife. They have been married a long time. She wants her life back the way it was. She tells him that all the love they have shared is still alive inside of her. He tells her not to doubt that he feels the same way.

Then lets keep it she tells him as she tenderly kisses him. Brooke knocks on the door and comes in expecting her time alone with Ridge. Taylor grabs her purse and leaves without saying a word. Brooke tells Ridge that Taylor is upset because she and Stephanie thought he would choose Taylor at the drop of a dime. Ridge asks if she is upset with him also. Brooke tells him that she isnít upset. She sees this as a positive thing after all the horrible things Stephanie has said. She has faith in their love and their marriage. She is going to be everything he has ever wanted. Ridge reminds her that he hasnít made a decision yet. Brooke admits that she felt a little intimidated that he chose the beach house at first. She knows that Ridge and Taylor share a lot of wonderful memories there. She playfully tells him that she changed her mind because she knows that she can make him forget those memories when she is there with him. He tells her that isnít what this time alone is going to be about. She just smiles and says they will see about that. Ridge is amazed that she can still be so charming (horny might be a better word) during times like these. Brooke explains that she takes tonight as a victory. She has her confidence back and she is sure that their love will prevail.

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